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Victoria and Nikki watch as the stables -- and possibly their lives -- burn down
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Victor was arrested for J.T.'s murder shortly after he was discovered hiding Nikki in "plane" sight. Will Rey ever begin an actual investigation to find the murderer? And why would the detective believe that Victor was stupid enough to hide evidence in his own stables? It's happy New Year in Two Scoops.

Come on... did anyone really believe that Victor, Nikki, and Nate were all going to fly away to another country when Eric Braedon had just returned from his vacation? Genoa City had practically turned into a sleepy little town without Victor's presence. And how many more times will Victor attempt to use that private airstrip for another dramatic exit? I'm still trying to recover from Chloe's departure, since she got everything she had wanted in the end -- even after she murdered Adam. I would have been happy never to have seen that airfield again. But Victor whisked Nikki away -- in an ambulance, no less -- to take her to the plane in order to keep her safe and sound from Reed, except, of course, he didn't know that the horrible savage who had run over his wife was his own grandson.

But the cavalry, led by a charging Rey, arrived just in time, in glorious fashion, to prevent the plane's departure. Ahh, I still miss the days when our hero Paul and his boy wonder, Dylan, would ride to the rescue. Sigh, those were the days, weren't they? Yeah, Rey is just not the same, but I guess the town needed some new, younger blood. So, Rey escorted Victor, Nick, and Nate back in handcuffs, since Nick hadn't yet had his chance to leave the plane. Nikki should consider herself fortunate that Rey didn't shackle her up, also. A fugitive's life just wasn't in the cards for them.

It would be just plain silly for Victor to try to hide someone else in plain sight on the company plane. Shoot, it's probably be the first place the cops will look now, since he's done it several times already. I guess that's the drawback to owning a company jet. Hey, I've got to think of some reason not to envy the Newmans, even if it is a pathetic one. That kind of reasoning is almost as lame as every guest arriving at the exact same time to Devon's New Year's Eve party. They must have all carpooled together. So, the police cars stopped the plane from exiting the runway, and Y&R fans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief.

And it was also no surprise that Rey would use Victor's attempted getaway as a poor excuse to charge him with J.T.'s murder, especially since he was counting on the planted evidence discovered in the Newman ranch stables as proof. What? No charge of arson, too? If Victor was supposedly trying to hide the evidence by burning it up along with his stables, he should get slapped with a felony arson charge, also. Rey keeps proving over and over just how little he really knows. Victor would never be so stupid as to leave something behind like that if he had really killed J.T. Unless, of course, he suspected that Nikki had done the deed. But even if that were the case, Victor would pin the crime on someone else. Seriously, that would be the Victor thing to do.

And Victor made it very clear that he didn't know who killed J.T. when he asked Nick if he was the one who had snuffed out the vermin's lights. So, Victor had no reason to set his property ablaze. I couldn't help but notice that Nikki's indignation about Rey not finding the real arsonist or the driver who had hit her did not include finding the person who had actually killed J.T. Hey, if Nikki had her way, that little tidbit of information would never see the light of day. And the way this storyline is going, it probably never will.

So, while Victor was trying to hide his wife from the monster who ran over her, Reed finally confessed to Victoria that he had indeed been the dirty, rotten culprit. Or, in other words, it had been a horrible accident. Reed had no malice against his grandmother and certainly didn't want to cause her any harm. And at first, Victoria wanted to cover up that act, too, but then she thought better of it and had Charlie and Reed both confess -- to Nikki. Of course, they weren't going to tell the truth to the police. That would have been silly. Let's just add another cover-up to the pile, shall we?

But I give Nikki credit for taking ownership of her own mistake in getting drunk that night. She provided the two impressionable young men with an excellent example of taking responsibility for one's actions. But then, Nikki went too far and told Victoria she was going to turn herself in for J.T.'s murder. Of course, we knew that wouldn't happen. Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria have been taking turns in claiming that they would spills the J.T. beans to the police, but their claims remained sealed tightly in the can. It's becoming frustrating and annoying. Let's face it. The only way the truth will come out about the mystery of what happened to J.T.'s body is for Rey to discover it, but he would have to actually begin an investigation of it first.

So, going by Rey's success in determining J.T.'s murderer, Victoria can, at least, take comfort in the fact that the clueless detective will never figure out that her son was the hit-and-run driver. Rey seems to select a culprit and then fit the evidence to his version of the crime rather than let the investigation lead him to the actual offender. With Detective Rey on the case, rest assured, the case will never be solved. New secrets may come and go, but the J.T. mystery will linger on and on and on, which is such a shame, because J.T.'s death really has been a good storyline that involved many of our beloved characters. But now, the ending will be quite anticlimactic -- if it ever ends.

When she first learned that her son had plowed down her mother, I was waiting for Victoria to find comfort in Billy's loving arms and was totally shocked when she found it in Cane's lips instead. Okay, I would have been more shocked if I hadn't seen the coming-ups on Monday's episode, which should have been the previous Friday's but was pushed to Monday due to an episode being preempted several weeks ago. Ah, yes, Cane and Victoria's smooch was just like one of those Sam and Diane moments on Cheers. Victoria and Cane had so much passion coming through in their anger and their almost-hatred toward each other, they were totally turned on. Most of what they said was very vicious and hurtful and had happened way back in the past, anyway. They seemed to be looking for an excuse to turn to each other.

Cane was feeling lonely without Lily, and who can blame him for that? Certainly not Devon, who understood completely. Somehow, I doubt if Devon would understand this twosome locking lips, though. Hey, I'm still trying to understand it. I mean, those were some nasty things they said to each other. You would think those awful words would have been like a cold shower to cool them off quickly. It seemed that Victoria and Cane were trying to one-up each other with their next set of brutal insults. But, hey, if it was good enough for Sam and Diane, it's good enough for them, I guess.

But, thank goodness, Victoria thought twice about doing the horizontal mambo with Cane and wisely ran out of the house. Even Billy could see there was something more going on between Cane and Victoria, and wouldn't they make a rather intriguing, although somewhat bizarre, triangle? Lily's not going to be around for a while, and Cane should have something more to do than to languish around on the backburner. And Billy needs a life without Phyllis -- enough said. Since Jason Thompson has made Billy his own character, I am liking his version more and more all the time. I can see Billy back with Victoria, especially after the two of them kissed. But it can't be too easy, right? Nothing on soaps ever is.

And Billy learned that quickly when Victoria decided that they should go slowly -- very slowly -- in their new romantic beginning, with no crazy plot twists. I don't blame Victoria for being in a once bitten, twice shy frame of mind. And if Billy wanted to truly show how much he has changed, the mature, thoughtful, careful, and steady way to do that would be to not rush things. I sure hope they work toward reuniting. I need another couple to root for, and I would prefer Victoria not be with Cane. I have always liked Cane and Lily as a couple, and that still holds true, even with Lily off-screen. Besides, Victoria looked so chic in Billy's new hat.

Kyle had to bend over backwards and jump through hoops to win Lola back, since he was guilty of the worst of all offenses in buying his girlfriend a fancy and expensive gift for Christmas. The cad! I can see where Lola might be a little concerned over the amount of money he spent, but the girl became totally unglued. She saw Kyle's effort as showing her how much he cared through money, but what's wrong with that? Men have been doing that forever. Lola should have been gracious enough to accept his gift, but then she could have informed Kyle that it was not necessary for him to buy her love. After all, there's a common courtesy in accepting presents as well as in giving them.

When Mariah acknowledged that she had thought of herself as a nice, funny person who tended to hide behind her jokes but then realized that may have indicated she was uncaring, it showed just what a caring person Mariah really was. Mariah didn't want to be like Hilary in doing a story for GC Buzz just to grab the ratings. She saw she was wrong in reporting that Victor had been arrested for J.T.'s murder without providing the other side of the story, especially since she knew he wasn't the killer. But Mariah wanted to be a better person, which will make her a terrific reporter -- once she tones down the snark and starts reporting the truth along with the entire story. Good for her.

As much as the writers first tried to write Mia up as a horrible, unlikable person, the tides have somewhat turned now. Noemi Gonzalez has somehow been able to make Mia sympathetic, and she's becoming more pleasant and interesting all the time. Maybe that's why Rey has suddenly become enamored with his wife again after chasing after Sharon for months. The intent seemed to have been to try to make Rey appear to be too good for his wife, so he could leave her and run to Sharon. However, Mia's probably starting to win fans over, and Rey jumped aboard her train while he still had the chance. Smart move.

Oh, my gosh, the more Kerry heard about Jack's past history as a playboy, the more she looked like she was ready to head for the hills. I never realized Jack had been married to most of the women in Genoa City. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration; however, it was also pretty close to being true. Jack has always been considered quite a catch, even if he once (or twice) did the deed with Jill. But Jill was right. That was ancient history. Oops, I meant history. Sorry, Jill.

Other notable (or humorous) things that happened during the week:

Why on earth the ladies in Genoa City still ask Phyllis for advice, I will never know. And Victoria should be smart enough to never listen to Phyllis' opinion on Billy, anyway. Phyllis can't possibly be objective about the one man she still appears to love, no matter what she tells Nick and everyone else.

No, Mia, you are right. You can't rush perfection. Maybe Victor could learn something from you after trying to zip Nikki out of town.

Jill picked a perfect time to return -- when both of her boys, Billy and Cane, will really need and welcome her "impeccable" advice. Sadly, that's not always the case. But Jill and I have always been on the same page in not wanting Phyllis with Billy. We are both Team Billy and Victoria all the way.

With yet another changing of the guards due to Mal Young's departure as executive producer and head writer, maybe we can finally get the resolution to the J.T. murder mystery -- if he's actually dead, that is. And could we see fan favorites such as Doug Davidson and Eileen Davidson return? Time will tell.

Until next time, please stay tuned -- and keep on buzzing.

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