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Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-ee! DAYS brought it and then some for the second week of May Sweeps. From over a cliff to cliffhangers, there was a little something for everyone, and a lot of crying for all. Let's grab some tissues and get swept away in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Wowza! What a second week of May Sweeps, am I right!? Ron Carlivati is doing an epic job of keeping the drama flowing from the beginning of Monday's show to the end of Friday's episode. From over a cliff to cliffhangers, the Sweep sure has been brought to May. The wait until Monday is driving me crazy, though. Not Claire crazy, but close. And as much as I'm eager to know what happens next, let's talk about last week first.

So, Salem is mourning the "death" of Holly "Oracular Babe" Jonas. Don't worry! She is not dead. She's not even fake dead. She's off to a new home, despite most of the town thinking she's gone to the great soap beyond. And that's created a lot of crying and chaos.

For starters, Arianne Zucker's Emmy submission reel is done. She needs only to submit last week's work. Seeing Nicole miserable is nothing new, but Ari always delivers the gut punch. In my best Stefano impression, "Brava, bellissimo! Brava!"

As for Nicole, eek. She's one in-mourning, hot mess, mad mama, and there are a lot of passes that come along with that, but she's -- almost curiously -- a little too onboard the Blame Eric Express. Absolutely, the grief is talking, but she's bringing the full force of Mj÷lnir down upon him. Heck, even Brady believes she's being brutal, and, heck, even Brady accepted responsibility for his past misdeeds that bled into the recent drama. For the Bradster to believe Nicole is being too harsh on Eric, that says a lot. Again, it's "almost curiously" guised in a grief wrapper. Hmm. There's a lot there. I suspect there's more to the story.

Of course, Maggie has also fallen hard down the anguish rabbit hole. I'm more worried about her than Nicole right now. Fact, so is Nicole! She ended up consoling Maggie. This led to some amazing scenes between Ari and Suzanne Rogers. I just want to give them a group hug. I love that the old gang is back together.

However, Maggie is plus a vodka and minus a stubborn, cantankerous Victor. Those are not good odds. Ms. Walker needs to loop Brady in on the Maggie front, and he needs to whisk her away to an A.A. meeting. Maggie deserves some of the deep love back that she gives out so freely (unless you're Rex). Do you hear that, Victor?

Oh, Vic. What are we going to do with him? I think I uttered the word "damn!" five or six times during Victor's assault on Nicole. He was ruthless. I mean, sure, I'd be a bit prickly, too, if someone had once convinced an unstable teen, who would one day graduate to "Love Cage" fame, to fry me as I bubble bathed, but he showed no remorse. He went in for the kill. Okay, he did have some vintage Victor zingers in there, but, well, damn!

But, damn! Did Sarah give it to Victor good or what!? She was just as brutal back to the tetchy tycoon. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I want Sarah to have my back. Unless you're her fiancÚ, you can totally count on her to catch you in the Trust Fall game. High-five for Sarah!

Though, none of this spells "Magic" for Victor and Maggie. They're in a bad place. Usually, he's simply stubborn and harsh. She scolds him or makes him sleep in the guest room, and eventually all is mostly forgiven, but this bout maybe harder for them to bounce back from. He's digging in and adding completely cruel to his repertoire. Like, Vic, go home with Maggie! I can't believe he didn't. That was not cool. At all.

Of course, all this leads to great material for the divine Ms. Rogers to sink her teeth into. I love that she's getting center stage in a storyline again. It's been far too long. So, yes to the please!

Still, there is a lot going on with this storyline. Xander is working with someone very, very menacing. Ted said Xander's plan is "cruel and sadistic." Xander replied, "and just beginning." Yep. We have no idea what's going on yet, but there's a giant shadow looming over this storyline, and we're inching our way toward the door to see who this mysterious silhouette turns out to be. I'm in. I'm ready. Bring on the big baddie. I want answers!

In the meantime, we can speculate. Nicole mentioned all the pain and surgeries she went through to get back to Holly. To get back home. I'm curious, though...

Xander made it out. Nicole made it out, too, though not unscathed. There's no reason to believe Kristen didn't. But if Xanimal and, possibly, Kristen were alive, would they let Nicole escape just like that? Sure, they may have lost track of her for a moment during the confusion, but there's rarely a moment when a determined DiMera doesn't know the dirt on their enemy's whereabouts or well-being.

That makes me believe they let Nicole return to Salem for a reason. Was it to torture her over Holly's death, or did Ms. Walker get the old Dr. Rolf brainwash treatment to wreak havoc on DiMera enemies? Or did Nicole really make it out at all? Someone could have had similar injuries and surgeries. Ron does love his doppelgńngers! I repeat, "Hmm."

Mid-nineties Me loves the throwbacks to all things Victor and Kate! They were kind of fantastic together -- and still are. While I don't want to see them romantically involved again (at least I don't think I do), I enjoy the fact they can be real with one another. They're downright brutal -- and rather hilarious. I cracked up right along with them when she said, "You do know, I do not involve myself in my children's personal lives." The knowing looks on their faces prior to their laughter was amazing. Oh, Kate. Never change. Well, maybe just a little.

I chuckled when Marlena said something about not wanting to get in the middle of things Eric and Sarah. Seriously, Doc? You've been steadfast there this entire time, pompoms and all. Regardless, Mar needs to have a no-holds-barred, tough-love talk with Sarah, especially since Sarah said things like, "I have to. I committed myself. I said, 'Yes.'" Sure, sure you did, Sarah from the Block, but hours earlier, she was ready to ditch that commitment for a hot piece of Eric. Sarah's never struck me as the type that's afraid to be alone, so I'm not sure at times how to reconcile amazing friend, adamant avenger, and fierce fighter Sarah and "Sure, why not? I'll marry him, anyways" Sarah. I'd ask Marlena for help with that, but, you know, she wants to stay out of it. Right.

I know Nicole hasn't been back that long, but someone seriously needs to explain all things Chloe to her. When she said, "...the cartel Chloe was stupid enough to get caught up with," I'm pretty sure I exclaimed, "Whatsthatnow!?" Yes, all one word. I know Nicole's a basket case, but Chloe was victimized by the cartel. Maybe someone could even mention what they did to Jeannie T and that neither the ISA nor Victor could bring them down, but Chloe eventually did. She shivved El Noodle and rescued her rescuers. Me? I'd want Chloe on my side!

Umm, I know Rafe is hurting, but not to call Lani -- the overly eager friend who's babysitting the baby he's babysitting -- is a no-no. A big no-no. But at least I can give Eli a big "Yes!" for telling Lani he simply loves and misses her. That direct approach is a much better look on him than pouting that she can't hang at the pub with him.

And from a good boyfriend to the opposite. Oh, hey there, Tripp. I can't say he's wrong for suggesting she seek some counsel from Grammy Mar Mar. Claire is cray. No doubt. Though I'm totally living for Olivia Rose Keegan's performances. She's nailing the fire-loving psycho chick schtick right now. And while Claire is doing her fair share of wrong, I wish she was just a little more right in the head so that she could see the object of her affection obsession just isn't that into her and that she should accept his breakup and run with it.

I know she hasn't been gone for long, but I was happy to see Jenny Bear back in Salem! Any Reeves/Ashford scene is a great one, and I particularly love watching Jennifer take Jack's ego down a few pegs at the moment. When Jack accused her of returning just to vote against him, her comeback was a complete mic drop. She declared, "I came back to cast my vote for Abe." Boom.

And while Jenny mic dropped, Haley picked it up and announced to the Salem voters that she duped Tripp into their marriage. Well. Eve blackmailed her into doing so. There's that. This storyline is delivering drama, but it's lacking in oomph. Had we known Haley longer or some of the characters involved weren't being written so out of character, I'd be more invested. As in, I'm kind of like, "Yep, this is happening."

That doesn't mean the cast isn't doing an amazing job with the material, though. They really are. I'm all in for the incredible performances, and last week, I was cheering when Kayla burned Jack with, "Are you for real?"

Victor and Maggie aren't the only couple at odds. Rafe tossed his ring into the ravine. Before that, he suggested that he and Hope make their separation permanent. Hope didn't really fight him on that. Okey-dokey. I mean, if that's what they want, I'll just have to somehow fully respect their decision and move on. You know, somehow. Conversely, if you need me, I'll be scanning the Edible Arrangements website for "Congrats on the Impending Divorce!" bouquets. Umm. You know. For a friend.

Extra Scoops

An Abe and Nicole scene followed by a Nicole and Maggie one? Yes. Yes, please.

Also HOT, a huge congratulations to Kyler Pettis for his Daytime Emmy Award win for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series!

I can earnestly say I'm not salty that DAYS didn't win more Emmys. Disappointed for the cast and crew? Sure, I adore them all and wish nothing but good things for them, but I sincerely applaud all the nominees and congratulate the winners. Everyone in daytime works hard, and any laurel they receive is warranted. With that, my actual "NOT" is the Emmy cast...

THAT was rough. It's already frustrating that the awards celebrating "excellence in American daytime television programming" handed out by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences aren't, you know, televised, but the streaming glitches were kind of a slap. I was waiting for that screechy early-Internet dialup sound to go off. Come on, Academy, Daytime deserves better! Next year, pony up for something better than the AOL free trial disk you found in the everything drawer amongst the menus, condiment packets, rubber bands, and maybe-or-maybe-not used batteries.

Victor (to Eric regarding Nicole): "Don't take bubble baths with this one around."

Sarah (on Victor and Philip's feud): "Oh, he treated him dismissively and then made him feel unloved, shunned, and disrespected?" #nailedit

Tripp: "You hate her [Haley], don't you?"
Claire: "I really don't like her, no."

Major applause for the set design crew! The crash site scenes were very well done, especially considering DAYS' tight budget. I was impressed!

Well. The Emmys happened. There's that. While Team DAYS didn't bring home as much gold as I'm sure we would have all liked, we know who's really the best of the best, and that's all that matters. Viva la Team DAYS! Plus, we got huge Emmy night news that's amazing -- several beloved Salemites are heading back to town! I consider that a win if there ever was one.

There has been a lot of Philip talk lately! I haven't heard any spoilers about him returning (and similar stories are shared months in advance), but somewhere out there, one of the many faces of Philip must be readying to head back to Salem. Is it too much to ask him to bring Chelsea with him? Please and thank you.

I want a glance at that DiMera contact list! I'm assuming J.J. isn't the EMT, but I'm certainly curious as to who else is on there. A safe bet would be mean manager Fran. He or she has to be a DiMera mole. I bet the expressive bearded extra and the red-haired woman are also on there. They love a good fight and seem to pop up when the hot stuff is happening!

RIP, John and Marlena's strawberries and cream scenes. Let's pretend I said they will be missed. Deal?

I never tire of Melanie references. She needs to pay a visit to Salem. If for no other reason, I just love a good Suzanne Rogers/Molly Burnett scene. They can eat lemon bars at Chez Rouge and catch up. That would be fine with me.

Sarah overuses the word "fine" when speaking of Rex. Our life will be fine. We are fine now. His casseroles are fine. That's all fine, but she really needs to move on to finer things and let him do the same.

Tripp won't kiss Claire in her Pop-Pop's living room, but Haley thinks it's okay to make out at the hospital. I don't think she gets how this keeping up a fašade thingy works. At all.

Yes! A Brandon Walker mention. I'll take it. I'd also be okay, I guess, if Matt Cede˝o returned. By "okay" and "I guess," I mean cartoon hearts just drifted from my eyes. *sigh*

Ooph! That was a direct hit to the old tear ducts when Hope replied, "You don't," regarding getting over the loss of a child. Like Ciara, I instantly thought of Zack and, more specifically, those scenes at the hospital when Bo was literally holding up Hope after they found out they lost their Tiny Man. I can't think about it, or I'll ugly cry. Wait. Too late.

Kate's fabulosity knows no bounds. She assuredly asserted, "I was magnificent, wasn't I?" Yes. Yes, you were, Katie. And still are!

Rafe really is a moron. He should have pawned his wedding band and gotten himself a new watch or something. Maybe a month's subscription to the Salem Singles app?

D'oh! Ted is a dummy. He left a very detailed voicemail. You never leave a detailed voicemail. Amateur.

Suzanne Rogers and Linsey Godfrey make excellent sparring partners! Their characters each have huge hearts, but they're not afraid to get ugly with one another. As far as mother/daughter chemistry goes, they win this round!

Kate's inner Mama Bear hasn't feasted on one of her children's suitors in a while. When Victor told her of Sarah's tryst with Xander, she was nearly salivating to seek revenge. Of course, she wouldn't want to alienate Rex. Kate would never do that.

Eric's neighbors must love him! There's never any screaming, crying, or shenanigans going on at his place. Never.

Abe is minus Valerie. Will he be a plus Melinda? Hmm.

Hope needs to call Jennifer. Like, now. Right now. She's not using her fancy mind by lamenting to Ted. Of course, he's going to cheer on a separation. I'm not not cheering it on, but I don't want him to be with Hope. Ted does! She needs a more objective opinion. 1-800-CUZ-LOVE. Dial it with me, Hope!

It kind of hurts my head that Abe (as brilliant as he is) says things like it was a private moment caught on camera. Yes, but a private moment in a public place on election eve. Oh, Abraham.

I wonder if Sarah has met Summer the Bummer. Eek! I won't mention her again. Saying that name twice more may conjure her up like Beetlejuice, and nobody has time for that.

Dang! There're eleven wings to the mansion. That place is going to fly away.

I legit thought Mar Mar was going to cry when she read the sign that said the pub was closed. She, like, lives for that place. Maybe she should ditch the penthouse and move in upstairs.

I like that Brady went to visit Will.

Ugh. Not in front of the Tom and Alice plaque, Eve and Jack. Not there. You are warned.

I know it was not the time or place, but I kind of cracked up when Nicole said, "I'm just so stunned that Brady was the voice of reason."

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for the week of May 13! I'm off to find two red leather jackets like the one Marlena's been sporting and then to spring Hattie from Statesville in hopes we can convince Mar Mar to join us in a Del Rubio Triplets tribute band. Meanwhile, the marvelous Laurisa returns next week from her business trip to Chicago. And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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