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Oops, she did it again! Claire flicked her Bic and went for the threepeat in an attempt to burn Ciara alive, but, instead, her family found out that she was not that innocent. It was a rather heartbreaking week in Salem, but there were fireworks, too! Yeah? So, let's celebrate the red, white, and boo-hoos in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Mr. Carlivati, tear down this wall, err, cabin! That nearly burnt-out bungalow has officially surpassed the pier and Kate in the kitchen as the most dangerous thing in or around Salem. Conversely, I still want to know what that place is made of. And invest in it. If Stefan wants to skyrocket DiMera to the top again, he needs to invest, too. We could make a killing. Sorry. Bad choice of words. And, right. I'm burying the lead...

Picking up where we were cliffhung the previous Friday, Claire had snapped. Big time. And something shocking was on the floor that Ben and Marlena stumbled upon. It was a great setup, and everything paid off in the form of tense scenes and amazing performances. Let's discuss!

For starters, that something turned out to be Tripp. No, no. Claire didn't kill him. As it turned out, Tripp tripped and knocked himself out during the shenanigans. I kid you not. I'm horrible. I laughed. I hope there's a video of Tripp knocking himself out so I can set it to some Benny Hill-type music and put it on YouTube. Sorry. I meant, "Poor Tripp."

That makes sense, though, from a storytelling perspective, as I don't believe Claire -- even an enraged Burn Monster Claire -- would be able to overpower Tripp and Ciara. But still, I want to see that video. Anyway...

Yep. Claire completely lost it, and now, all her loved ones know just how far her psyche has been fractured. Ciara was the first to hear Claire's feelings and why she did what she did. Claire even admitted she didn't know why she did what she did at times. It was impulsive for her. It was rough to watch (which is a compliment in this case). I felt bad for both of them. I don't think Ciara realized how her actions affected Claire. It seems she just thought she was sparring with her on equal footing -- one would hurt the other and then retaliate. Ciara had no idea until then she wasn't combating an equal but someone with serious mental issues.

So, sure, Claire's done some horrible things, no doubt, but it was all rather heartbreaking. Everyone's reactions to finding out were spot-on. The music, the tones, really, everything added to the eerie yet devastated feeling that continued to loom throughout the week. It wasn't just some random bad guy doing terrible things, it was our Claire Bear. And she needs help.

The severity of Claire's condition really hit home when she sat on the gasoline-covered bed and wanted to flick her lighter. It's always excruciating when someone, especially someone so young, thinks they have nothing left to live for. Oliva Rose Keegan and Deidre Hall were excellent in those scenes, as was Victoria Konefal later when Ciara realized that Claire's restraints weren't for protecting people from Claire but protecting Claire from herself. That was a well-delivered gut punch.

Actually, Olivia Rose Keegan was everything and more. Her performances fantastically blended unhinged, vulnerable, and, at times, downright frightening. She deserves every bit of accolades for her performances and then some. Bravo, Olivia! Bravo!

Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison also slayed me. I may (or may not have) misted up a bit from their performances. Rightly, Shawn-Douglas then, later, Belle were utterly shocked by the news. Brandon and Martha conveyed a parent's disbelief turned to pain, helplessness, and remorse flawlessly. When Shawn said, "I feel like I'm the worst father in the universe," I wanted to give him a hug. When he told Ciara that story about Claire's "angel," I wanted to hold him. I felt so bad. And Brandon Beemer for the Heartstring Pulling win!

Of course, if Claire's loved ones want someone to blame, Eve is a fair target. She didn't fracture Claire, but she didn't help patch her up. At all. In fact, Eve made things worse for her own selfish agenda. I think we're to believe from the flashback of Eve holding Claire that Eve, perhaps, at the time didn't realize the severity of things, but that's a hard sell. Eve was going to help herself regardless, consequences to Claire be damned. Still, if anyone can pull off the complexity of the role, it's Kassie DePaiva. She can sell anything to anyone with her always A-plus performances.

Nevertheless, Eve has done wrong. She's going to pay. John and Marlena got the ball rolling. They teamed up to verbally smack Eve around some, but, oh, I'm standing in line for the big fireworks. The grand finales. That is, when Shawn, Belle, Hope, Ciara, Ben, and *crossing my fingers* maybe Aunt Sami and Pop-Pop Victor get ahold of her. Any and all of that will be delicious!

Speaking of people who need another round of "Seriously!? You're an idiot!" Oh, hi, Tripp. To begin on a lighter note, I adored Tripp's scene with Kayla. I did. His speech to her (and her response) was touching. Yet, I enjoyed it just as much when Shawn-D took him to task for being a lousy person. When he said, "Claire needed help, and you ambushed her," my testament hand went up! Alas, I think Shawn could have raked him over the coals a little harder, but at least he got some shade thrown his way. There's that. But as I always say, "More, please!"

And Hope for the win! She snagged the "Oh, snap!" line of the week when she asked Rafe if he would comfort her like he comforted Carrie the night before. Damn, Fancy Face. Yep. She wins. But, you know, still kind of loses. It was a bad week to be Hope.

Confession! I was one of the handful of people who loved the idea of Rafe and Carrie back in the day. Their romance didn't get much further than a lot of yearning, a few kisses, and a prince and princess costume, but I liked them, nonetheless. They complimented each other well. So, I was a little eager to see them rekindle their would-be romance. And they did. For one night. I'm not upset. I'll take what I can get. And maybe Noah will get a sibling from the fling.

I loved everything about Carrie's scenes with Roman. It's too bad about Carrie and Austin, but the realism they played into the situation was an interesting spin. It was kind of a glimpse into after the "happily ever after," when drama subsides, and life happens. I guess they got bored. That'll happen without Sami around.

Oh. Eric really, really needs to start knocking loudly on doors and waiting at least ten Missouris before walking into a room. Maybe even hot glue some bells onto his old clergy collars so people will hear him coming. Really, that's for his own good. He's already surprised two siblings, uh, saluting the flag. Poor guy.

Congrats to Eli and Lani! They got engaged. It was a sweet, funny little park bench production. I totally dug it. They make a beautiful couple, too. It also doesn't hurt that Lani isn't afraid of Julie. For their wedding gift, I'm getting these two an exciting storyline if anyone wants to pitch in. Lamon and Sal totally need more than once-a-week appearances.

As much as I enjoyed Ted and Kate the first time, and as much as I enjoy their banter in the secret room, I don't need a repeat of their romance. That ship has sailed. Though I'm totally up for a little Hope/Brady/Rex vs. Kristen/Xander showdown.

Okay, I have big issues with Kristen's amateur outbursts. Really. What are those!? The Kristen I knew would never be so sloppy. Anyway. I have to say she still has her sass, and I sort of loved the way she verbally destroyed Chloe and took the cookies. That's how it's done, divas.

Extra Scoops

We need to get Ron Carlivati one of Eric's Sarah-Award-winning burgers as a thank you for pulling a Dr. Rolf and resurrecting the Brady-Horton Fourth of July Barbeque! Though the timing turned out to be bittersweet, given all the happenings in Salem, I was still all about seeing the red, white, and blue buntings and the cookoffs. Long live DAYS' traditions!

There was a picture of Eric, Sarah, and Rex beside the necklace that Xander gave her. Later, Sarah chose Eric's meat over Rex's. Literally. I mean. If anyone needs this storyline more spelled out, it's Soap Summer School for you!

Ciara (upon waking up tied to the bed in the cabin): "Oh, no, no. No. Not again!"

Kate (to Ted): "Hmm, I see. So, if Xander gives Sarah the necklace, and if Sarah wears it, and if Hope sees Sarah wearing it, then all we have to count on is Hope being a good detective. Well, trust me, my friend, you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together."

Xander (to Kristen regarding Kate): "Her morals are situational."

If I were Eve, I wouldn't drink anything that John gave me. Just saying. #stillbitterheblindedhisbestie

No, Carrie. Don't go! I did not like this. If she agrees to stay, I'll sweeten the pot. I'll give her my favorite Scotch tumbler, my still-working Zune, and access to my Soap Central Soapflix account, which is simply the site's owner humming and/or rapping various soap theme songs, but totally amusing if you fill the aforementioned Scotch tumbler. See! Carrie should stay.

You know, if we'd seen this charmingly goofy side of Rex and this indecisive side of Sarah last year, their inaugural storyline might have turned out much differently.

Given her estrangement with Austin, it was probably best for Carrie's safety that Kate was unavailable for comments. Or baking. She should really send Xander a "Thank You" card.

I love that Kristen brought up Theresa! And, yes, with the Basic Black relaunch, it would be a great time to bring Jeannie-T back for a guest run. She's still a designer. I think. Plus, Brady could use a playdate with his little spud Tater Tot. Well, maybe not so little. Tate could be thirty now. Soap time. Who knows!?

Jennifer is like Salem's own Scrappy-Doo. I adore when she gets plucky and says things like, "You're just a walking civics lesson, Eve." Ha!

It totally gave me the warm fuzzies when Doug called Eli "Grandson."

It also gives me the smiles that Rex calls her "Aunt Hope."

I had a fun flashback when Ciara said, "Eve freakin' knew." Vivian Jovanni's Ciara used "freakin'" a lot, too. It was like her version of Roman's, "Wud da' hell?"

Damn! Kayla does not mess around when giving gifts. She had that photo printed and framed within hours. She will expect that handwritten thank-you card within fifteen, Rex. Chop, chop.

Roman was totally in hog heaven having his two boys in town, duel barbequing. That was fun!

I loved Xander's Rex impression. Carry on, Xan. Carry on. You crack me up.

Haley called herself a "pretty tough cookie." Is she? I mean, is she? She seems a bit crumbly.

John said, "It's little Claire." That was cute. I always liked John (especially RoboJohn) and Claire's bond. Also, L'il Claire would be an excellent stage name should she want to switch up her music genre.

Victoria Konefal wins the award for most comfy outfit for that sweet sweatsuit combo on Wednesday.

Rex using fractions to explain Roman's happiness about the wedding is so vintage Rex. Well played!

I suspect Eric owns stock in a candle company. He's always lighting them up. Or maybe he just got custody of the town lighter from Claire. Eek. Too soon?

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for July 8! Laurisa is back in action next week as I'm off to Alamainia to check on the progress of the Vivian statue they're erecting. They'd better be done. Or else. *insert evil chuckling* And, "That's a fact!"

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