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Cop. Pricks. Kiss. Uh-oh. Stefan O. Lambert. And now, Victor and Xander only had themselves to blame as Maggie learned she was to blame. Rex attempted to sway Sarah while Kristen and Lani claimed, ''You would have done the same.'' Gabi had it coming when, after kissing Jake, she got kicked out of the garage. C'mon babes, let's play the Sweeps Setup guessing game as we discuss all things DAYS in this week's Two Scoops!

Hello, friends and fellow DAYS fans! Do you smell it? That spectacular scent of Sweeps in the air. Ah, May! At least in Soap Land, you're still a star.

Now, last week was an incredibly well-acted setup. There is so much ready to blow up, I can't even handle it all. There's also a ton to speculate about! We have a lot of partial information, but pictures are still blurry, and we'll need a hearty dose of May Sweeps to clear things week. Yep. We were majorly cliffhung, and I loved it. Thank you, DAYS, for our hourly escape from reality. We need it, and I, for one, want more. I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.

Thankfully, I have Jack and Jennifer to fill me in. I Two Scooped recently that my new favorite things are their spill-the-tea, catch-us-up gossip seshes, or as I like to call them, the "4-1-1 with J-n-J." We had another one on Friday!

This time, we learned Abigail has flown the coop. She's in the wind. She's not in her hospital room, and everything is not right with her again. She's a mess, mentally speaking, due to being drugged. I feel terrible for her and Chad, and Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn are knocking the material out of the park. The fears and frustrations they're portraying are heartbreaking and riveting. Someone needs to tell Kate that Chad needs him, pronto, and someone should get Abby's new bestie back in town. That would be Anna. I loved them together.

Though, I gotta say, I don't think Gabi is the culprit. She's way too obvious. Gabi's also being tormented right now by the presence of Jake. That leads me to wonder...who has a thing against both Gabi and Abigail? Or maybe Gabi and Chad are the intended targets. Let's look at some suspects...

Stefan? If Jake is Stefan and Stefan has resorted to his old ways, maybe he's out for revenge against Chad and is using Abigail as an unhinged weapon? I could buy that. Stefan did legit love Gabi, but she did legit do a number on him initially, and, well, egos can be fragile, especially ones dosed with a little splash of *whispers* Resurrection by Wilhelm.

Or, perhaps, it's someone working on Stefan's behalf or getting revenge on those who hurt him while he was alive. I know there was one sinister all-star schemer who slunk away into the night shortly after Stefan was shot. A mad madame could and would stop at nothing to avenge a loved one. Cut to Carly Manning throwing up her testament hands. I hear she's still picking dirt from her hair.

Then, there's Chad. Say it ain't so, but maybe he's still brainwashed. Billy's been brilliant at playing it close to the vest since Chad was deprogramed. Maybe getting Abigail out of the way and Gabi at the same time is his way to clear the path to ultimate DiMera rule. Maybe.

No matter how you slice it like Kristen, there are a lot of possibilities. Orpheus can never be counted out, nor can an undead Andre, for that matter. I'll keep wishing upon that Peter Blake star until it happens. Though before I get deeper into rounds of "Guess the Culprit," we should talk about the one thing we do know nothing about, and that's Jake!

Mr. Lambert sure looks like Stefan. There's that. He doesn't sound like him, though, or appear to have the pedigree. Still, Gabi believes Jake is Stefan and will stop at nothing to prove it. She kissed him and later demanded to see Dr. Rolf (cliffhung -- grr!). No matter what's going on, I can say one thing with confidence -- Camila Banus and Brandon Barash still sizzle, and their characters' banter is full of fun zingers. More, please.

Okay, but is this guy Stefan? On one hand, Gabi is right. It's Salem. Anybody believed to be dead could walk through the door at any second. That's just life, as it were, in the DAYSverse.

Still, that other hand keeps nagging me, and, perhaps, I'm okay with Jake just being Jake, who looks like Stefan but is a blank slate. I'll even settle for long-lost twin, a goon given the face of Stefan Oh, or, perhaps, a made-over Andrew Stark, Gabi's one-time henchman, back from the dead for some revenge!? Who knows at this point, but I'd kind of be okay with Stefan staying six feet under if sparks continue to fly between Jake and Gabi.

The best part of Stefan was really the actors who played him. Tyler Christopher got the ball rolling then Brandon picked it up and continued to slam-dunk it time and again. Hat tip to both good sirs for their superb work. So, if we can keep the best part of Stefan without all the bad baggage (insert: "You know what he did" look), I'm good with that.

On the topic of work, Ben works for Jake, and Ben was beaten because he was mistaken for Jake. Ouch. Someone was looking for something that Jake has. Hmm. At first, I thought Jake might have been mixed up with Zoey, and Orpheus sent the goons to teach him a lesson for hurting his daughter. Now that there's a "something he has" in play, I'm not sure anymore. Unless that "something he has" isn't so much of a physical thing as it is a secret. I repeat, "hmm!"

All in all, there's a lot of mystery brewing around Jake, and I'm eager to learn more about him as well as get to the real root of Abby's hallucinations, but in the meantime, I know one thing that is for real --

Maggie knows everything* about Mother's Day 2020! Let's just start with chants of "We're not worthy!" to Suzanne Rogers. Wow. That heartbroken, knowing look she gave at the end of the episode on Tuesday was simply devastating. The next day was worse (in the best way possible). Paul Telfer and Suzanne just sold the scenes, and I may or may not have been blubbering along with them. I knew they would be hard to watch, and they were, but, damnit, they were amazing.

Also amazing were John Aniston and Paul discussing the situation later as Victor and Xander assessed the damage. Despite the chaos they caused and the horrendous things they've done, something tender grew between Xan and Vic, and I adore it. Xanimal has what he's been searching for from Victor, and Victor now has a relative he can scheme with. It's rather perfect for both of them, and terrific to watch unfold in a bittersweet way at the moment.

"Terrific to watch" could easily sum up Linsey Godfrey, too. Her Emmy reel is done. Last week. Just last week. I've been a fan since day one, but Linsey's performances just keep captivating me more and more. Sarah was basically in a room all week, but Linsey took us on such a journey. It doesn't even matter to me that what Sarah's doing is technically wrong, Linsey is selling the struggle and the utter mental breakdown of the character. It's hard not to feel compassion for her. Okay. Rex might not feel the same way, but Kyle Lowder's steady hand as her ex was the perfect balance to Sarah's insanity. It was some of his best work!

Work. Job. Oh, yeah. Lani might lose her new-old job as she let bestie Kristen fly the coop after it was discovered Special K shanked Victor. We knew that. Most of Salem suspected it. And now, it's known, as she admitted it to Lanister while Vic told Eli. Oh. Eli. He's not happy with Lani, either. I loved the Theo shout-outs, though. Abe might not like them getting him involved, but I'm good with it. I wonder how he and J.J. are getting along in South Africa with Brandon -- and isn't Celeste there, too? Johannesburg Digital DAYS series, anyone? Yes, please. Anyway...

There are so many things being set up for next week. The possible implosion of Eli and Lani. There's Kristen possibly showing up at Sarah's door! Brady and Xander are on the freaking Titan jet -- together! That's got to get heated and awkward. Did Sarah leave in time, or did bumbling, nosy Jeanne Marie (the Summer of Paris) ruin everything? Will Maggie crumble or stand tall? Is Jake Stefan? Who's poisoning Abby!? Will Li Shin show up outside of my office window at Soap Central headquarters with a boombox playing "In Your Eyes"? I don't know. I just don't know. But, yep, so much is left to be Swept next week. Stay tuned!

*I believe Maggie knows everything about Mother's Day 2020, and I believe Xander believes he does, too, but I still don't think we (the audience) know everything. Until I see Summer the Bummer again -- and Soap Gods help me for saying that -- I don't think we've gotten the full story. The Bummer ruins things, but she might be the "get out of jail free/congrats, you didn't kill your niece-in-law and granddaughter, after all" card Maggie needs.

You guys, Eric and Nicole are a "we." I'm melting. My Eric-and-Nicole-loving heart is pitter-pattering off the charts, especially after that park scene. I'm trying to get the Salem High School marching band to help, but, nevertheless, I will dress up adorable Holly in a butterfly outfit and carry around as many umbrellas as possible if Eric and Nicole will just duet "ME!" in the park. They're Swift- Urie levels of cuteness. And I know that someday down the road (or in a few weeks, when Holly is a teenager), things will get ugly, as they do on soaps, but I loved when Holly called Eric "Daddy."

Keep in mind, I don't know anything. About storyline direction, that is. I can only speculate, but, if I were a betting Two Scooper, I'd say that it seems like some "Steve and Hope" waters are being tested. "Stope?" "Heve," perhaps? I don't even know how I'd feel about that idea at the moment, but two things are clear right now...

One, I adore their friendship. It finally feels like the real Hope-Hope is back in her element with a supportive friend. I enjoyed every part of Steve and Hope destroying the Stefano and Princess Gina paraphernalia. They were a hoot! It also looked like some fun therapy. And, true to Patch standards, day drinking was involved. That was a bunch of wins all around.

Though I kind of felt the same way about Hope tossing that tiara as I did about the old lady at the end of Titanic oopsy-daisy-ing "The Heart of the Ocean" into the North Atlantic. No. Just no, lady! Sell it, melt it, or donate it, but that much bling can buy happier things. I still consider "Old Rose" the main villain of that movie, but I digress, as I could tangent about that for hours. Moving on to number...

Two, lately, Kayla and Marlena aren't doing any favors for themselves, as both are coming across a little Mean Girls toward Hope. I get that Not-So-Sweetness is frustrated and lashing out due to said frustrations. She's more confused right now than when Brady has to do long division. It's rough. I also get upset with Princess Gina's actions, but Mar seems more forgiving of Steve, who mind-zapped and almost raped her under the microchipped guise of Stefano, than she does of Hope. I don't get it. Aren't vets supposed to get along? It just seems like there's a lot of hostility there, and I'm sure it's vexing that the source of it is on a microchip and that the only person to blame is Rolf, but none of it feels right.

Speaking of potentially controversial pairs, here's another one. I think. Eli and Lani are having problems. Kristen is on the run from the law. While I can totally see her making some sort of Salem plea deal (not pressing charges against Sarah if Victor drops the stabby thingy), I'm not sure she'll be bouncing back to Salem. That would leave Brady alone. That would leave him alone while Eli and Lani are having problems. Brady doesn't do well alone. Lani likes herself a man. I could see Mr. "You're The Love Of My Life" Black and Ms. "I'll Get The Selfie Stick" Price playing house together just in time for Kristen to return and blow a DiMera-sized gasket. I know that's a lot based on a quick scene and a hug from last week, but if any two people could hurt Kristen by shacking up, it would be these two. And, well, let's face it, sans the rapey stuff, Big Bad Phoenix Kristen can be more fun than the "I've Changed" version.

Justin is mad at Kayla for being all mixed up. Yeah. I feel his pain, but when she ends her love declarations with "for now," it's hard to say we didn't see pain coming.

Extra Scoops

I'm starting the hard clap for Team DAYS. The kind where you need to open wide and slap those hands together until it stings. Maybe jump up on a sofa or table to give that thunderous applause the extra volume it needs to properly praise these tremendous thespians. Add a celebratory "Woot!" in there for good measure. I'll wait. And, "Woot!" too.

Whereas a lot of last week was some Sweeptastic setup for things to come, I was completely enthralled with the performances. I'm actually dreading the Golden Doughnut Awards this year, as I cannot pick just one winner. How lucky am I to have that particular problem, though!? Simply put -- thank you Team DAYS for another amazing week. Cheers!

Oh, Jeanne Marie. Sweetie. No. Just no. She must have at least one friend who can take her to an ophthalmologist, right? There's a lot not right with that woman.

Jake (to Gabi): "Pack up the crazy and get the hell out of here."

Rafe (to Zoey): "Wow. What are you smoking?"

Xander: "How are you feeling, Uncle?"
Victor: "Like I got stabbed in the chest by a knife-wielding maniac."

Nicole: "Hey. I love you."
Eric: "It works out well because I'm crazy about you."

Yes, please! Sarah called out Kristen for sleeping with Brady while pretending to be Nicole. That needed to be brought up. *High-five* Sarah.

When Jake hysterically asked Gabi, "Rolf? Who is that? A Muppet?" I, one, laughed a lot, and, two, thought, "Well, kind of, at times, he's Muppet-like..." Mahna mahna.

All cases against Stefano are now closed, since he's been declared dead. That seems important to remember.

Is that really how evidence is handled once a case is closed? I want to see a montage of the unlucky policeperson who has to track down evidence again once a Salemite is resurrected. With as many times as Stefano has bounced back, there's probably an entire division for that.

Is Kayla allowed to say, "pisses me off"? That sounds like it violates the Sweetness Accords. I also feel like she needs to be dressed as Sandy at the end of Grease to do so convincingly.

I love the Hope/Steve friendship, but the day drinking screeched to a halt when he said, "Be grateful you didn't hurt Bo the way I hurt Kayla." Ouch, Patch Man. I knew what he was going for, but it came off a smidge insensitive. I think Hope would love the opportunity to hurt Bo because that would simply mean Bo's alive. I forgive you, Steve, and we'll chalk it up to the day drinking, but, you're on a Caroline Brady level of notice, my friend.

Zoey made an admirable attempt, but I'm with Rafe-A-Roni -- what was she smoking!?

My heart hurts for Rafe. He deserves David. Poor guy.

Speaking of Hernandez men, could Dario be Zoey's baby daddy?

I love how smart Maggie is. She knew Kristen was triggered by something. One of these days, everyone will realize Maggie is the strong and smart one, and the only thing crumbly about her are her lemon bars. At least she'll have Will to talk to. He's on the way to visit her. I like this.

I wanted to see more of Sonny vs. Zoey! Also, horrible at keeping secrets must run in the family. Evan-Christian was obvious, too. I'm curious as to what she knows.

I couldn't get enough of Justin and Ciara's scenes. Wally Kurth and Victoria Konefal played family perfectly. "How did our family become such a mess?" indeed, Ciara.

Stacy Haiduk and Sal Stowers have great camaraderie chemistry!

Jake calling Gabi "the widow DiMera" was hilarious. Yep. His zingers are still pretty fresh.

But, really, who is Jake's serious ex? Zoey? Jordan? Twist -- could he be Will's one-time L.A. lover!?

How massive was that flippin' flood at Hope's house!? The place looks entirely different. No cool staircase, and that awesome green vase is gone. Boo.

You know Kristen means business when she breaks out the leather and animal prints.

Sarah's look has gone from Mystic Pizza Julia Roberts to "Too Hot" era Alanis Morissette. I love it!

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for May 11! I hope everyone is feeling healthy and safe -- and making better choices than Sarah would right now. I'd be a bad son if I didn't wish my DAYS-watching mother the very happiest of Mother's Days. She got me hooked, after all, and well, I love her. And happy Mother's Day to all of you moms, mums, mommies, mommy dearests, and mas out there! One of my favorite mothers (and the best coworker ever), Laurisa, is back with an all-new Two Scoops next week to answer all our burning Sweeps questions, and "That's a fact." As always, thank you for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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