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Weddings are big business in L.A., but so is divorce. Like Mama said, marriage is like a candy bar: sometimes you feel like putting up with a nut; sometimes you don't. When you don't, it's cheaper to cancel it before you legalize it. Let's scoop on how last week's featured unions ended and revisit five epic wedding altar breakups that saved the couples hefty divorce bills.

Who doesn't love a good wedding? As proven last week, romantic nuptials are the Bold and the Beautiful's specialty -- and so are breakups. Whether it's annulments, fax divorces, document destruction, or humiliating defeats at the altar, B&B excels at creating soul-crushing and humorous breakups that we might not have seen coming.

Let's get two scoops deep into how the marriages of last week's five featured brides and grooms eventually crashed down around them. We'll compile a list of five outrageous altar disses that incredibly left the brides and grooms going back for more. As a bonus, we'll preview next week's throwback theme. Hint, it's the one thing that, amazingly, B&B does better than weddings!

Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm gone!
Soap veterans know that weddings and marriages' shelf lives are only so long. If you're new to soaps, save yourself some heartache by not investing in a soap marriage. Few soap marriages endure, except for the likes of Tridge, Queric, and Batie, who enjoyed long-running marriages. All good romances must come to an end -- even if only temporarily. Below, we have the lowdown on how the marriages ended for the couples who starred in B&B's wedding theme week.

Illegally yours
Brooke and Ridge's 1994 Point Dume wedding, with its horseback princess bride, was, in many ways, a fairytale. Like a fairytale, it had its regal trumpets, ribbons, and romance. Unfortunately, we'd soon learn that, like a fairytale, it was just a fantasy. Ridge and Brooke compared their love to the enduring mountain and ocean beside them; however, it was more like their castles in the sand because, unbeknownst to them, Ridge was still legally married to his previous wife, Taylor Forrester. Taylor's return from the dead invalidated Bridge's fairytale wedding. (September 1994)

Papa, don't cheat
Steam's 2017 wedding Down Under was one of B&B's most memorable on-location shoots. It was the couple's third wedding, but everyone knows Steam's problem has never been getting married. It's staying married. During Ridge's ceremony speech, he said Liam was marrying someone who'd do the unexpected and completely insane. As her father predicted, Steffy did just that. She unexpectedly and insanely slept with her father-in-law! Steam's marriage ended the moment Liam discovered paternity test results in the purse belonging to his newly impregnated wife. (March 2017)

Child's play
Katie and Bill's playground wedding was a girl's dream come true until Katie's obsession with Bill's obsession with Brooke turned it into an infidelious nightmare (I made that up). Bill and Katie's marriage started out innocent and childlike, but two affairs and several spy cams later, Batie hit the bitterly adult wall of divorce. Suddenly, the woman who'd wanted to give Bill her everything was hellbent upon taking his everything as punishment for his betrayal with her sister Brooke .(November 2009)

Full of hot air
Brooke and Eric sailed into the sunset in a hot air balloon after their long-awaited wedding, but their love deflated after Ridge and Brooke's chemistry in the lab produced the BeLieF Formula and possibly a new baby daughter named Bridget. Sheila Carter, desiring to have Eric for herself, tampered with Brooke's paternity test, and Ridge was deemed Bridget's father. Brooke and Eric's marriage ended when Eric divorced Brooke and proposed marriage to Sheila. (January 1991)

The right to incriminate yourself
Hope and Liam's Puglia wedding had to be B&B's most scenic wedding of the decade. Everything about the setting was romantic and perfect -- except that ugly cockroach ring Ridge gave Brooke, but anyway, I digress. While the entire town escorted Liam and Hope to their wedding, it became amazing to any viewer that, not 30 minutes earlier, Liam had been rolling around in bed with Steffy, recorded by a tablet he was too stupid to know was filming! (June 2012)

Hope saw the footage once the newlyweds arrived home from their honeymoon, and she ripped up the papers they needed to file to make their international wedding legal. And just like that, folks, Lope's first and only successful wedding until 2018 was null, void, and canceled!

Take these vows and shove them!
Next up are brides and grooms who really want to say their vows until someone or something intervenes to show them that they really don't. Below are some of the most memorable and gratifying canceled-at-the-altar debacles I've witnessed over the years. Amazingly, most of these couples eventually rebounded to successfully marry each other in the future -- sometimes more than once. I'd love to read about your favorite halted-at-the-altar weddings in our comments section.

Wedding mistress fallout

In 1987, Caroline's heart wanted to say "I do," but her mind said "I don't" when she fainted at the altar, minutes after learning that Ridge had slept with another woman. Prior to Caroline and Ridge's scheduled nuptials, Bill Spencer Sr. procured intimate photos of Ridge with an old flame. Ridge refused to let Spencer blackmail him out of Caroline's life with the evidence, so, moments before her wedding to Ridge, the elder Spencer showed Caroline the photos.

No one expected Caroline to soldier through something like that, and ultimately, she didn't. Determined to marry her love, Caroline persisted, marching down the aisle -- only to faint from the fumes of Ridge's infidelity. Just shy of the altar, Caroline was rushed to the hospital. There, doctors re-engaged her brain, and she decided she wouldn't marry the philanderer, after all. Caroline went on to marry Thorne, a decision she regretted once she saw Brooke cozying up to Ridge.

Fall of the duplicitous bridesmaid

In 2014, Brooke and Ridge tried for the umpteenth time to make destiny appear for their mansion wedding. Previously, destiny had been spooked away because Ridge had learned that Brooke had had an affair with Bill. Ridge's attempt to console Katie about it turned into a full-blown crush, and Liam urged Katie to go for Ridge before it was too late.

Katie was leery about being Brooke's maid of honor, but at Brooke's urging, Katie stood up for her sister. With each passing wedding speech and vow, Katie grew more unsettled about the event. Carter launched into Ridge and Katie's favorite prose, and Katie collapsed at the altar.

Hope suspected a rat and confronted Katie. Ridge and Katie confessed to having feelings for each other. Hope hustled her mom out of town to give Katie and Ridge a chance to get their acts together. Destiny delayed was destiny denied for Brooke when Ridge chose to explore his feelings for Katie instead of marrying Brooke. Well, at least Katie got picked first for once, right?

Man and Horse

In 2009, Brooke galloped for miles to put an end to Ridge and Taylor's wedding upon learning that Steffy and Thomas had been derailing a Bridge reunion. It all started when Brooke dumped Ridge after he had drugged sex with Taylor. Brooke changed her mind, but Steffy and Thomas were determined to keep their parents together no matter what texting and data fees might apply.

Desperate to reunite their family after Phoebe's death, Steffy and Thomas intercepted Brooke's text messages to Ridge. Steffy, pretending to be Ridge, tried to convince Brooke that it was over between them. The day of Ridge's wedding to Taylor, Steffy lured Brooke to Point Dume for a bogus Bridge reunion. After a long wait alone on the beach, Brooke called the number that had sent her the reunion texts, and she fumed when Steffy's voicemail answered.

Viewers learned the true meaning of "horsepower" when Brooke literally drove her horse through mud and trees to make it in time to stop Ridge's wedding. Brooke's horse stomped up the porch just as the ceremony was concluding, causing the officiant to pronounce Ridge and Taylor "man and horse." Taylor called off the ceremony, and eventually, Ridge and Brooke made their earlier beach wedding, which had been unprocessed due to a filing error, legit. Dontcha hate when that happens?


In August 2012, Hope believed Liam no longer deserved her after he showed up on their wedding day with dyed hair and tattoos from a night of partying with Steffy. Hope's wedding redos usually turned into wedding "she don'ts" once Liam somehow deemed himself unworthy or the day was marred by complications with Steffy. From annulment refusals to unplanned pregnancies, there were plenty of wedding roadblocks. This time, however, Hope flipped out due to more than her groom reeking of beer and being unrecognizable beneath the fake tattoo and red and black hair.

It turns out that Hope disliked the friends Liam chose. Hope felt disrespected that he'd partied with his ex the two consecutive nights prior to the wedding. Liam begged on his knees in nothing but his drawers, but before a house packed with guests, Hope denied him, saying, "You don't deserve me. I think you should go."

Bill was embarrassed by his son letting a little girl publicly humiliate him, but little did we know, this was just one in a long line of humiliating wedding days for Hope and Liam. Check out my column on all the Lope weddings to remember all the non-nuptials of Hope and Liam.

Double "O" no wedding

Be forewarned -- interrupt Bill Spencer's elaborate elopement plans, and you'll be swimming with the fishes. In 2014, Ridge, despite his promise on a string to Katie, did just that when his James Bond scheme to abscond with Bill's bride literally landed him in a sea of trouble.

For his second wedding, Bill Spencer didn't settle for some playground barbeque affair. He chose to get married Dollar Bill style in the most luxurious place on earth: the United Arab Emirates. Ridge, compelled by his need to curb Bill's influence in R.J.'s life, found his raison d'interrompre when Quinn sent him a bedroom selfie with Bill. Ridge commandeered planes, boat-tanks, and helicopters in his grand plan to bust up Bill's wedding and take Brooke back to Los Angeles.

Faster than the couple could say "I do," Ridge invaded the wedding in the sand, showed Brooke the incriminating photo, and dragged her down the beach to the waiting helicopter. Unbeknownst to Ridge, Justin was piloting, and with one signal from Bill, Justin banked the copter and tossed Ridge out over the gulf. Brooke forgave Bill for his indiscretion with Quinn, but it took awhile for Brooke to accept his attempt to murder Ridge. Brill eventually approached the wedding aisle again, but Bill reneged on his promise about not questioning Brooke's feelings for Ridge.

In a look ahead: B&B Fashion Week

As theme weeks continue during the COVID-19 filming hiatus, The Bold and the Beautiful pays homage to the brightest and most larger-than-life character of the show -- Fashion! The designs, the collections, the showdowns, and the passion! Sigh...swoon!

Soap Central has your full week's itinerary right here, so click on the links in the article to catch up on the drama and angst surrounding the events. Hopefully, the producers will treat us to even more glamorous shows, including some of my favorite in-house shoots.

For me, the best home fashion show of B&B's history was the 2015 "California Freedom" fashion event, featuring the glorious transgender models who helped Forrester celebrate uniqueness without judgment or fear. Unfortunately, it was all a little too much freedom for Aly Forrester, but that's a re-scooping for another day.

When I think of fashion shows, surprise wedding proposals pop into my mind. The best surprise proposal had to be Ridge's 1996 switcheroo proposal from Brooke to impromptu wedding gown model Taylor Hayes. I'd rank Liam's cue card proposal to Hope Logan in 2011 second. Ridge also proposed to Brooke in 2007 on the runway, though Nick called it a promotional stunt. So, do you agree? Was Ridge's runway proposal to Brooke just a stunt to promote Forrester Originals?

Let us know what you think and what your favorite fashion event is from the house of Forrester. You might have adored the line that Caroline and Rick fell in love creating. Perhaps you were awed by the magic of Brooke's Bedroom or seduced by "Taboo." Maybe Jackie M. and Spectra lines were more your thing.

Before we scoop again, remember that maintaining six feet of social distance brings us that much closer to the new The Bold and the Beautiful episodes. Wearing a mask for the cause is bold and beautiful, baby!

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