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Love (and lust) was blooming in Salem last week! Though, while some relationships flourished, others began to wilt. Even worse, some thought they were sitting pretty but are about to be turned into mulch! Let's see what's growing and withering in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Okay, before we dig deep into the happenings of last week, did everybody see the trailer for Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem!? I think I've watched it an unhealthy number of times already. It. Looks. Amazing! I mean, any trailer that begins with a narration by Shane Donovan -- I repeat, "Shane Donovan!" -- and talks about Alamainia -- I'm sold. Like, my bags are packed, and I've already secured a ride on the jet with Tony and Anna. You can watch it by clicking here. I also heard there was some small Spiderman trailer out there, too, but it's being overshadowed by Beyond Salem. Go, Team DAYS!

Meanwhile, back in Salem, love and lust were largely on the agenda last week. There was some forgiveness, too, which led to a reconciliation. Yet most relationship statuses could easily be updated to "It's really complicated!" Let's start with the lovely then move onto the rockier ones.

In true fashion, our vets didn't disappoint with some love in the afternoon. Tony and Anna's magic made it clear why everyone celebrates when they're on-screen. Their passion still burns bright after all these years, much like Steve and Kayla. Heck, they're actually a status symbol now. Have "Stayla" at a function, and it earns a certified "Fresh!" score. Well, at least Bonnie thinks so, but we know what I think of her.

Actually, Sweetness strikes again with the good advice. Letting go of hurt and anger to find compassion is important. It's the only way to move forward. I get it, Steve. I get it, Kayla. Yep. Yep. Yep. I do. So, I feel bad for Calista Lockhart. Bonnie did her husband bad and maybe even killed him. Oh, wait. I don't think that's how it was supposed to work. Whoops!

So, Calista claims Bonnie broke a deal with Calista's hubby, Harrison, who worked at the corporate offices of Buddy's Burger Barn. There was a promotion. Harrison knew how to cheat the system but needed outsider Bonnie to rake in the big "Buddy Bucks." So, Bonnie did her best to scam off their agreed scam, took the money, and maybe or maybe not plugged Harry full of lead. At least that's what Calista said. Bonnie sort of just looked like a deer in the headlights. So, I guess if Bonnie's past ends up blowing up her engagement, that's a compassionate release for Justin? I think that's what Kayla meant. Right?

In happier couple news, it's good to be "CIN" right now. I think two weeks of happiness has been their longest stretch so far. I applauded the "equal partners, equal footing" start to their new life. And then they basically had sex, like, a lot and compared notes on their psychically bonded dreams while they were separated. Good for them. Mazel tov, "CIN!" Enjoy it while you can.

From "CIN" to "cringe." Oh, Philly. It's hard to root for "Phloe" when he says things like, "I can feel our connection getting deeper every day. It's only a matter of time before she's truly mine." And then he threw his head back, cackled "bwah-ha-ha!" and stroked the cat on his lap. Look. I get his insecurities. I even agree that Brady isn't respecting Philip's relationship with Chloe. But is Philip respecting it himself? Lines like that make me believe we're an armoire with a secret door in the back away from the Chlomeister becoming his "Queen of the Night." Then again, we can simply let Kate take this one. She commented on the lunacy: "Okay. Whatever you say." Mama does know best. Sometimes.

Meanwhile, Brady force-fed Chloe a trip to New York City. I mean, I'll go if she doesn't want to, though that's beside the point. I understand Brady has fallen for her again. She seems conflicted about her feelings, but he needs to stop and listen. Actually, this trio all needs to stop and take some stock. Philip's insecurities have him all clenched up, Brady is a second away from petting the rabbit too hard, and Chloe's starting to come off as a bit meek, which she is not -- and there's a dead cartel leader named El Noodle who can tell you that. Oh, wait. He can't. She shanked him. So, come on, Chlomeister and company. Be better.

Also in "conflicted relationship news," Allie welcomed all advice that came her way. She's lucky. She has Grandma Mar Mar and Aunt Kayla. They're good. Very good. Yet Allie won't exactly be happy until she's honest with herself. It's clear that even Tripp knows that. It doesn't seem lost that he thinks the lady doth protest too much. The "I don't know what to say" response to his declaration of love also probably brought that point home.

Granted, I'm with Kayla on this one. Allie shouldn't have returned the sentiment if she's unsure. I applaud Allie for not doing so as much as I applauded Kayla's movie speech. It was amazing. Sweetness' entire quote needs to become a meme. But I digress...

Allie seems smitten with Chanel, who's smitten with her and Johnny, while Allie remains smitten with Tripp, too, who -- and I might be wrong -- under different circumstances might allow himself to become smitten with Chanel (and vice versa), who Johnny is surely smitten with. Confused? It's cool. So are they. Though I'm eager to see which way this quad ends up.

I'm also eager to see if the recently reconciled duo of Abe and Paulina can weather their next storm. You know the one I mean. The entire "He's NOT the father!" saga. This still has me miffed. Why did a good man like Abe even have to be dragged into it in the first place? Tamara was in Miami and could have chosen someone else to be the pretend daddy. Abe didn't know a thing about Lani until she was an adult. It seems cruel of the Prices to let him believe this lie so late in the game. Abe loves hard. His bond with Lani will be okay, but I can't say the same for his reunion with Auntie P.

While Auntie P and Abe became a "we" again, Ava is not happy with Rafe right now. At all. Gabi surely didn't help the matter, but at the core of it, Ava questioning Rafe's feelings for Nicole isn't off. Even his buddy Duke the Bear can confirm said confusion. So, I'm kind of on Team Ava on this one. Rafe needs to be honest with himself and her, which is all kind of sad, as Steve just gave Ava an honest pep talk about believing in Rafe and feeling secure. I hope Allie and the gang are done with that table soon, as I suspect we'll need to take Ava out for some commiseration drinks.


In other "Philip Makes Sound Decisions" news, he hired Jake. That is, after Kate warned him and after he asked Jake point-blank if he's plotting Philip's downfall. To give credit where credit is due, Jake played him perfectly. Philip would rather think he made his own decision than let Kate be correct. Oh, Phil. Again, as your mom said, "Okay. Whatever you say."

Still, I'm a glutton for punishment and on Philip's side. I want him to keep his job, if for no other reason than I don't want Jake to win. Underhanded or not, Gabi's doing the heavy lifting. Jake's getting sex and expects breakfast will be waiting for him. Sorry, buddy, I like you and all, but you're not getting a participation ribbon from me for just showing up. As Britney sings, "Why don't you do somethin'?"

Honestly, I'm still unpacking Roman and Nicole's not-at-all-awkward conversation. There's a lot there. Nicole questioned his lack of understanding, and, to a point, I get that, but how understanding does a father have to be to the woman who cheated on his son? I say that as an unabashed Nicole fan. I'll always have her back, but I'll always straight shoot with her, as well. Sami's wrong doesn't negate hers. Sorry, pal.

Like most parents, Roman thinks his son hung the moon (maybe a little too much at times, but again, I digress). His son was humiliated. The "in public" aspect was all Sami's fault, but the, um, yodeling that started the avalanche was Nicole's infidelity. Even though Eric admitted that his hands weren't clean, either (props to him for that), I get why Roman's heart is broken for his son, especially considering Roman's heart was broken by the love of his life in a similar way.

Heck, Ro Ro's like the leading authority on long-term heartbreak. At least Eric is out of town and won't feel obliged to do things like close his business so his ex and the man she cheated on him with/eventual husband can privately celebrate their love. I know Ro says they are all good now, but stuff like that still has to sting. Ultimately, Roman is right. He said to Nicole, "You don't get to put a nice little ribbon on this." She knows this is true, too. Her heartbreak was real, and I do sympathize with her, but when it comes to appealing to the dad of the guy you just destroyed, the sympathy goes to the man mourning his son.

To nitpick, I did roll my eyes when Roman stated that Eric "flew all the way back from Africa." Yep. He did. To see the bride he left in the lurch for the better part of the year. Eric gets much sympathy, but showing up for his anniversary was his responsibility. I suspect Roman would give his son credit for babysitting his own children, if he had them. Nope. Doesn't work like that.

At the end of the day, I love Nicole, I love Ro, and let's be real, that wasn't their worst not-at-all-awkward scene together.

E.J. spent most of his time in Salem under Stefano's tutelage. Being "part of the family" was the Phoenix's mantra. So, I get why E.J. is projecting that onto Johnny, especially given how much time they've lost together. Still, he's being a big dummy. He should listen to Tony and Anna. Establishing a streaming service might make DiMera Enterprises billions if it takes off. He could make Johnny in charge of that while offering him a picture deal for exclusive content if they reach a certain level of subscribership. E.J could get what he wants while letting Johnny get what he wants. You know, that win-win thingy. Instead, he looks like he can't comprehend how Netflix, Hulu, and such work. What, have you been in a coma, Eej!? Oh. Right. Anyway...

E.J. "Two Steps Ahead" DiMera became Xander's lawyer last week. To be clear, E.J. -- who has overcome death and long comas -- still has a valid law license. Sure. Though, the years he spent marshmallow-headed makes me a little nervous that all his faculties are still fresh, but I guess Xanimal's choices are limited. So, E.J. used connections and trickery to get his million back and is supposed to put Xander back at Basic Black. Xander is now a free-for-now man.

Xander tried to celebrate with a shower, but Gwen interrupted, and they had some major appreciation sex. I'm going to put this out there now -- if they make it down the aisle, I don't think, but I could be wrong, that Julie will want to officiate their wedding. She is a smidge off-put by both of them. You know. Just a smidge.

Actually, Julie's new nickname is going to be "The Phone Book" because she's got Gwen's number. Like, seriously. I'm on standby to help Doug move the coveted Horton sofa out of the way so Julie can do an epic "I Told You So!" dance sequence in the living room once Gwen's dirty deeds are divulged. Be prepared. There will be sequins and Solid Gold-like backup dancers. The staff of Julie's Place have been trained for moments like this. They wear sparkly jumpsuits under their waiting uniforms.

Extra Scoops

Yes! I'm with Julie. The DAYSverse feels much better now that Tom and Alice's plaque has been restored in the town square. For real. That needed to happen. Thank you, Auntie P!

I got a case of the warm and fuzzies when Abe and Paulina made up as well as when she and Julie made peace in front of the plaque! Well, said "warm and fuzzies" didn't last long. Knowing that Paulina's next bombshell is bound to break hearts again has turned my brown eyes blue. I think this one will need a Kayla intervention, as letting go of hurt and anger to find compassion might be a tall order when LaniGate explodes. Then again, screw sound advice, I think this will be a full-fledged "we need Maggie's lemon bars and a comfy blanket" meltdown moment.


Xander (to E.J.): "You look well. A lot less vegetable-like."

Tony (to Johnny, in front of E.J.): "Try to understand where your father is coming from. He wants you to follow in his footsteps. He wants you to do something stable, secure, safe ... just like racecar driving."


Talk about some zingers! Eej roasted Clyde like a pig on a spit. Though, that's fair. The guy did sort of have him killed.

Chanel calling herself the "Salembury Doughgirl" was hilarious!

I love the chemistry between Jackée Harry and Marla Gibbs!

I repeat, can we get someone to turn Kayla's various advice into memes!? Sweetness is the best. I can see why Tripp, Allie, Steve, and, well, most of Salem listen to her advice.

DiMeraflix. Ha! I'm guessing it would be mob movies and reruns of The Sopranos until Johnny gets his project up and streaming. Maybe he should speak to Vivian and Ivan. They might know a thing or two about movie making due to their stint in Bollywood.

I think we've met Ray. Could "Ray" actually be Andre or, maybe, even Peter? I always thought it weird that out of all the pop-up DiMeras, none have belonged to Andre or Tony. I also still firmly believe there's an islander who looks a lot like Tony somewhere out there.

I love Eli. He cracked me up when he congratulated Abe and Paulina on their reconciliation, despite the hostility in the room. He tries. There's that.

Xander mentioned an impromptu Nashville reunion. I still want to see that show! That had to be one nutty ride, considering all the Salemites that were kept in that warehouse.

Has it been noted what was (maybe still is) wrong with Big Mama? If Doctor Rolf can't cure it, I'll have Nicole put Oracular Kid Holly on standby. She heals all.

I'm not an authority on children, but given Henry just had his one-year checkup, shouldn't he be in boarding school by now?

Reason 1,982 to adore Anna: When Johnny brought up Steven Soderbergh, Aunt Anna replied, "I loved E.T.!"

For a woman with a deep well of secrets, Paulina surely knows how to causally spill tea.

I feel like the Olympic hiatus lasted a decade, and I literally screamed, "Steve!" when he came onto my screen last week. I love the Patch Man.

Boo! Sonny can't come home for the wedding. Too bad Justin doesn't have three other sons to fall back on.

I like the new bar set!

Sure, she called him judgy, but I enjoy that Gabi still considers Roman family, nonetheless.

Okay, CIN. You're both on notice. If or when you have a child, Baby Boy Bo Brady-Weston has to happen. There's no other choice for a boy's name. If it's a girl, it must be Bobina Alice Brady-Weston. If you adhere, I promise free babysitting for life. By that, I mean I'll push the stroller in circles around Kayla until she offers to sit. You're welcome.


So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for August 30. Laurisa will be back in Two Scoops Land next week, as I'll be busy packing my bags to go beyond Salem! As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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