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The dead are living, the presumed dead are captured, a young girl has an odd liking for a serial killer, and so much more in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, do you remember when Peter died, and people complained about the lack of drama? I heard things like, "That's it? All those months of buildup, and then Finn just pushes him down the stairs, and it's over? No murder mystery? No whodunnit? Nothing?"

But the GH writers broke the cardinal rule of soaps. In the soap universe, no body = not dead. If someone is presumed dead, but a body is never found, we know they will show up again, in some shocking manner, and reveal they are alive.

But with Peter, there was a body. A body with a bleeding head. A body that was declared dead by two medical professionals. No pulse. Bloody head. Declared dead. Dragged into a freezer and the door shut. He was, by even soap standards, dead.

But nope. Peter is in Nixon Falls without even a scar or a hair out of place. How did he get out of the freezer? How did he get out of the GH sub-basement and out into the world again without being noticed?

I don't know, but here he is. Peter was skulking around, following Maxie when she stopped in Nixon Falls to visit Nina. Peter met "Mike" and saw Nina and decided to use her secret to his advantage. And Nina let him. They formed an unholy alliance to keep both of their dark secrets.

Nina's lie about Sonny has become more important to her than anything -- more important to her than her precious brother Jay's widow. When Maxie asked to stay in Nixon Falls awhile, Nina refused. Nina couldn't get Maxie out the door fast enough. Her secret life with "Mike" is more critical than calling the cops on a madman who has risen from the dead.

She let Peter stay at her place! Would you knowingly let a murderer stay the night at your house? Sure, I think she is genuinely worried about James, but she's also concerned about losing her secret life. When Nina told Aunt Liesl the story of Peter's reemergence, she conveniently left out the part about Peter threatening to tell Carly that Sonny is alive.

So, Liesl will lure Peter to St. Lucia, sign into her conference, sneak out, murder Peter, and get back to the conference in time for the cocktail mixer. Is that the plan? And we know that Scotty will be all in for that plan, since Peter killed Franco. I'm ready to see this play out. I hope GH ponies up the money and goes to St. Lucia, but if not, they could at least film some beach scenes in Malibu and fix the water color in editing. I want to see Scott and Liesl frolicking on the beach with mai tais, celebrating their crime.

But what about Finn? We know he is not a murderer, but he does not know he is not a murderer and is still racked with guilt. Do you think anyone will let him know Peter is alive? I believe when Sonny gets his memory back, he could be our best hope at this. Nina won't tell him, Scott and Liesl won't tell him, but Sonny or Phyllis might say, "Oh, that's the guy we met at the Tan-O in Nixon Falls!"

Speaking of people coming back from the dead, I love Cameron Mathison as Drew. Readers, you know I adore Billy Miller. I loved him on The Young and the Restless and on GH, but if he couldn't come back, I am glad we got Drew back, and I think Cameron is doing a stellar job of drawing us into Drew's pain. He is fighting to stay alive to get back to Scout, and when those reunion scenes finally happen, I am probably going to cry.

What shocked me more was to see Nurse Chloe in that cell with him because I would have sworn that the cops back in Port Charles told us they found Nurse Chloe's body and that she was dead. Did I hallucinate that? But, whatever, I'll take it.

Who is the third prisoner in the house of horrors? Is it Holly? When Robert and Ethan went looking for her, we saw her in a cell. If so, can we get Robert and Ethan back? I miss them. And then make it so that Ethan is Robert's son, after all, since Luke is retired. Or is it Hayden? Is this why no one can find her or reach her, and why Violet doesn't have a Mommy?

Sam believes Drew is alive, and if she enlists Curtis and Spinelli, maybe Jason and Anna -- perhaps they can figure out where he is and rescue him and anyone else locked in Peter's prison. And that's me assuming it is Peter's prison. Maybe Faison is still alive and running the prison. Anything is possible.

I mean, even the moss disappeared this week and turned into a bowl of water lilies or gardenias or something. Maybe Carly is going to use the moss for her bridal bouquet.

Readers, don't hate me, but the scene with Jason and Carly reminiscing about their beginnings yesterday made me happy. Sure, Carly eventually married Sonny, but she and Jason were lovers and friends before Carly knew Sonny existed. The role of Carly has always been a passionate one. Sarah Joy Brown was phenomenal in the part. When she left, I could not imagine a recast. But then Tamara Braun came in and owned it, and I loved her take on Carly, too. Then -- the Carly who shall not be named made a brief appearance. Let's just leave that right there. Then, Laura Wright took over, and she has owned the role since day one, so much so that the previous Carlys came back to GH as other characters, and I didn't bat an eye.

I don't talk about Laura Wright as often as I should. She is masterful in her harrowing scenes and heartbreaking in her tender scenes. I know some GH fans complain she is on-screen too much, and they think other characters don't get as much airtime. That's possibly true, but it's because Laura Wright can command the screen and has chemistry with every character she interacts with, male or female. She's a phenomenon, and I just want to go on record as Team Carly. I would bet on Carly against anyone who takes her on. I love the character. If it's Carly and Jason vs. the Five Families, my money is on Carly and Jason. Side note: I think Madame Wu is sensational and deserves her own storyline.

Readers, is there something wrong with me? I am rooting against Jax, even though I know he's right. I wouldn't want my daughter mixed up in the mob life. I would be campaigning for her to get far, far away from that world, too. So, why do I wish Jason would give in to his worst impulses and punch Jax in his stupid face? Do any of you feel the same?

I also kind of wanted Chase to sucker-punch Michael, but I knew he wouldn't. He's too nice of a guy. I'm glad this is all out because I was tired of Michael and Willow sneaking around, but by the same token, I will miss Chase and Willow. I preferred them as a couple to Willow and Michael. I hope Chase ends up with Brook Lynn, who will bring some passion and loyalty into his life.

Brook Lynn must worry about her own mess right now, though, and the fallout when Valentin finds out the daughter he has fallen in love with isn't his. I was happily surprised when Michael gave Edward's letter to Austin. Michael erred on the side of doing the honorable thing, although he will probably regret it. While Michael is speculating about Valentin's business acumen as CEO of ELQ, imagine what Valentin will do to ELQ when he finds out Brook Lynn has lied to him for months.

Or perhaps due to his guilt over Peter, Valentin will understand and forgive Brook Lynn. But hopefully not immediately like Chase forgave Willow and Michael for cheating on him while he was in a wheelchair at a baby's birthday party. I mean, who does that? "Sorry, Wiley, Mommy and Daddy just can't resist doing it while you play pin the tail on the donkey. Mommy gets especially lusty when her cult leader mom comes to visit." Yikes.

On to other weird soapy topics. What is up with Esme the devil child and Ryan Chamberlain? Does she know him? Are they somehow connected? Did Ryan murder her mom, and she's out for revenge? Did she intercept Ryan's letters to Spencer, and is his murderous accomplice carrying out car fires to scare Ava? I guess that would explain how she just happened to have the materials to start a fire in her handbag. It seemed to me that Ryan was almost scared of her. Is Esme crazier than Ryan?

I know Spencer is a handful, but he's not pure evil. I see his tender heart beating under all the subterfuge.

Spencer and Trina have mad chemistry, and I can't believe GH will waste that. I think it's only a matter of time until Esme's true darker nature is revealed, and "Spence" dumps her. But probably only after she has terrorized his friends and possibly physically harmed Ava, trying to impress him.

I can't decide on GH right now -- will they wait for this to all blow up in November during sweeps, or is there is a quicker timetable? Will Sonny be home before November? Will Ava and Nikolas be reunited before November? Will Peter be dealt with before November? We know Jason and Carly's wedding is scheduled for September. I can't decide if the writers will let them get married, spend two months falling in love, and then bring Sonny home, or if the wedding will never even happen. What are your guesses?

Cyrus has put a hit out on his siblings, and they have had to flee Port Charles. I wonder if they will return after their vacations, rested and bonded for life as brother and sister? The good thing is this probably means that Jeffrey Kober will be back as Cyrus at some point. What fun is it to mention him and not see him? Of course, by the time Martin gets back, Valentin may have wooed Anna, so he probably only had that one shot to flirt with her.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Nelle Jr., oops, I mean Esme, somehow get a job at the prison and become Ryan's new translator? Will Austin double-cross Valentin and take over ELQ for himself? Will Scott and Liesl's tropical vacation turn into a murder mystery? Will Joss, Trina, and Cam recognize that Esme is the spawn of Satan? Will Nina tell "Mike" the truth before Peter does? Will Maxie plan the wedding of the century, only to have it turn into a mob war? Will Jax kidnap Carly's maid of honor to keep her out of harm's way? Will someone please rent out a rooftop pool for me, with a bucket of iced brewskis, and let me unwind from my hard week? Will Phyllis come to Port Charles and work at Mob Pasta after this all falls apart?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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