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Are you enjoying the possession storyline? Do you think Marlena is the ultimate target? And, if she is, whose secrets are going to come out? Let's talk about it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

I've heard from more DAYS viewers (past and current) in my personal life over the last two weeks than ever before. Everyone wants to talk about the possession. Like my partner, Tony, I am here for this storyline. But I'm here for slightly different reasons. I'm here because I wasn't around for the first time -- not as a regular viewer.

I remember hearing about it from friends. I remember being in the high school cafeteria after school (we were waiting for practice to start), and my friend Liz gasped when Marlena was zipped up in a body bag. I remember wanting to know more.

So, I'm a little tickled that now I can. It's like our team made the playoffs again with the team that can win. I love how this storyline encompasses so many characters. Marlena, John, Doug, Julie, Tripp, Allie, Chanel, Johnny, Kayla, Abigail, Tony...and soon Ciara and...Ben (!!) will be in the mix. I completely second my brilliant partner's Two Scoops last week, where Ben's talk of passing evil onto his child will soon have momentum when Satan counsels Ben and takes on a new pupil.

And that makes me wonder if this new imagining of the story will be Ciara (with John and Marlena's help) exorcising Satan from Ben. Or, perhaps if February Sweeps and DAYS premonitions have their way, the whole lot exorcises Baby Bo from the demon. So incredibly soapy!

To all my friends who have lamented that Marlena is possessed again, fair. However, if Ron has taught us anything, it's to learn not to trust what it seems at first (or second...). I think there's another man behind this curtain.

Marlena counseling people while possessed is a fantastic way to get a lot of secrets out there. Something tells me Paulina's secret is not going to be under wraps for much longer. And Tripp may find out in the harshest way that Allie isn't totally over Chanel. I mean, can you imagine getting dumped via the devil? Harsh!

I'm utterly entertained right now by this storyline and excited to see where it goes next.

Loose Ends

Gwen and Xander made it "boyfriend/girlfriend" official, which would be cute if I could see what Xander sees in Gwen, save for someone who is literally worse off in the morals department than he. (And that's a low bar!) I don't know. Maybe I'm holding onto the main fact that Xander's crimes are out there, and he's owned them -- and Gwen is still scheming.

Joking Chabby is my favorite Chabby! I loved their playful scene about Abigail's past as a thespian pancake. These two have had such heavy storylines recently, it was nice to see them smile.

Philip and Chloe had a nice moment about meeting 22 years ago. First, this romantic Casanova look is much better on Philip than his jealous hothead look he sported before. Second, exactly how old am I, as I remember their storyline like it was yesterday? I must have anti-SORASED myself.

E.J. asking Nicole out on a date has disaster written all over it. Still, the chemistry between the actors is there. And at least they are both totally honest about this date -- both know this is a distraction and are treating it as such.

Kate announcing she's taking a break to concentrate on her family should strike fear into the heart of every DAYS viewer. That's like McDonald's announcing they're going to take a break to concentrate on Big Macs.

Extra Scoops


Yes, yes, yes to Philip and Ava teaming up! This move gives Philip something much better to do than worry about Chloe and taps Ava back into her mafia roots. I don't want her to go full evil again, but it wouldn't hurt for people to remember who exactly they're messing with. Plus, this gives Brandon Barash some good material to sink back into. It was a smart move tying it back to the ledger Gwen stole from him awhile ago.


Johnny is exhausting. He was horrible to John (his namesake, and someone he claims to love), saying that he's still going to make the movie, no matter what. I didn't love how he needled Abigail about her affair with E.J. And while Roman was right to tell E.J. that trying to control his son is the easiest way to drive him away, I'm not so sure E.J. isn't absolutely correct about Johnny's work ethic. Deciding to be a film director when rockstardom didn't work out doesn't sound like solid life choices. The only time I don't find him exhausting is when he's with Chanel. Maybe I like Giovanni, just not Johnny.


Jack (about Gwen) "She made some bad choices."

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty!


Shouldn't Allie and Chanel be wearing hair nets? Their attire can't be to the food-handler's code.

Wait, is Andre actually Tony's brother? I thought they retconned that a few years ago and made Andre to be Stefano's son, and thus Tony's brother... I guess it still may not matter, since Tony isn't Stefano's biological son, but those of us who follow family trees try to keep up with those things.

I'm surprised Ben never changed his last name. The "Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weston."

Ha! Bringing up the idea that Will may have had a crush on E.J. was a nice easter egg.

Okay, it was cute that Johnny wanted to be an FBI agent. He always had the jacket.

Thanks to Lucas, again, for being the only one to mention how odd it is that Sami has completely disappeared.

Tripp's not a real doctor yet, but at least people are going to him rather than Googling their own diagnoses.

I would like the Amazon link for where Abigail bought her dress with the cute gold details on it.

Is there anything more 21st century than having the devil possess an electronic device? No. No, there isn't.

That's it for this week. I hope you're enjoying the wild ride! Tony will be back next week to make sure Julie's okay. Yup. He sure will. And not giggle at all.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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