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It was a week of uncomfortable truths and explosive consequences as several storylines reached a climatic conclusion with jaw-dropping results. Our columnist has a lot to say, so let's jump right into Two Scoops of wonderful soapy drama.

Ooh, baby, General Hospital has been on fire lately. All this week, I eagerly tuned in to see what would happen next, and none of the days disappointed me, especially the epic face-off between Carly and Nina.

Nina's lies have caught up with her, and the fallout has begun. She ran into Sonny at the cemetery, which did not go as well as she clearly had been hoping. Nina desperately tried to persuade Sonny not to give up "Mike's" life, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Like others before her -- except Carly -- Nina believes that love can transform Sonny into a law-abiding citizen who is happy to run a coffee empire. She fails to understand that the coffee business is a front and that Sonny's true calling is running a criminal empire.

As Sonny told Nina, if he had wanted to be a bartender, then he would have stayed in Bensonhurst. Sonny has chosen, time and again, to be a mob boss. He's had opportunities to leave the life, but he's always chosen to stay. Sonny enjoys the power, the danger, and the respect he garners from being the most powerful godfather of the eastern seaboard. He didn't give it up for his six kids; he's certainly not going to do it for Nina.

Nina already failed the most crucial test for Sonny. She lied. Sonny hates liars. He's also not fond of people who hurt his kids. Nina did both.

Does Sonny have residual feelings for Nina from his time in Nixon Falls? Possibly, but I promise that any love that Sonny felt for Nina doesn't come close to the passion he feels for Carly. If Sonny is trying to protect Nina, it's only because the side of "Mike" that Nina saw in Nixon Falls has always been a part of Sonny. It's why his friends and family hold him in such high esteem. Despite what he does for a living, Sonny does have a code of honor. He doesn't peddle drugs, he doesn't target innocents, and he places a high value on loyalty and honesty.

Nina violated several of Sonny's tenets, but she's an outsider to his life, and even though she lied, he feels sorry for her. Plus, I'm pretty certain that Sonny wouldn't want to hurt Phyllis after she's already lost Lenny and the ugly bar. If Nina had been one of his goons, she'd be on a one-way trip to the Pine Barrens with Jason.

Instead, karma appears to be riding shotgun with Nina, and I love it.

I don't feel sorry for Nina. She initially acted out of spite because Carly was mean to her on the phone. However, it became clear during Nina's verbal smackdown with Carly that Nina also feels that it served Carly right because of what happened with Nelle. Nina is still bitter that Carly didn't go running to Nina the second that Carly realized Nelle was Nina's child. Also, Nina is resentful that Carly didn't tell the truth about the last minutes of Nelle's rotten life.

Nina needs therapy because she has turned Nelle into a poor, misunderstood martyr in her mind. It's just not true. Nelle was evil to the core. She delighted in manipulating people's lives, she considered murder to be a viable solution to her problems, and she didn't give a flip who she hurt, children included. Nina should thank her lucky stars that Nelle didn't know that Nina was her mother because Nelle would have made Nina's life miserable. It's just who Nelle was.

The showdown with Carly was everything that I had hoped for and more. If I could have changed anything, it would have been the timing of Jason's arrival. I wouldn't have minded if Carly had clocked Nina before Jason had pulled Carly away because it's what Nina deserves.

Punishing Carly is one thing, but Nina hurt a slew of innocent people to do it, and one of them was her own grandson. Nina keeps trying to justify her lies by blaming Carly. Carly was mean. Carly lied about how Nelle died. Carly kept the truth from Nina. Carly even got Jax to lie to Nina. Carly, Carly, Carly, but Nina is the one who made the choice to keep Sonny hidden in Nixon Falls, knowing that people were hurting and grieving. As Carly pointed out, poor Donna's memories of her father had faded.

Let's be very clear, Carly did not kill Nelle. In fact, Carly tried to save Nelle, even after Nelle tried to kill Carly in the clearing just a few minutes beforehand. Had Carly told the truth, it wouldn't have made a difference. Nelle would still be dead, and her body would still have been washed away. It sucks that Nina didn't have a chance to raise her only child, but she should rejoice in the fact that she does have a grandson who has his whole life ahead of him. She could have poured all the love she wanted to give to Nelle into Wiley and spared him the burden of growing up the child of a murderer, but she didn't.

Nina didn't waste time telling Wiley the truth about Nelle, and she chose vengeance to deal with her grief. She doesn't just get to walk away from the wreckage in her wake.

Laura Wright and Cynthia Watros should definitely be considered for an Emmy for their performances during that intense exchange in the Quartermaine living room. Both brought their A game, and they absolutely blew me away. The confrontation had me riveted from the moment that Carly barged in and hurled "bitch" at Nina. I would have been perfectly content if the whole show had been centered on the showdown between the two; it was that good. When Nina tried to throw Morgan in Carly's face, I looked at my hubby and warned him, "Now, she dies."

Seconds later, Carly flew across the room just as Jason swooped in like the dark knight he is.

That brings me to Carly. I get her anger at Nina, but there's definitely something else at work there. I suspect that the true root of Carly's anger -- and frustration -- is that she has to give up Jason.

The difference between Sonny and Carly's situation is that Carly thought Sonny was dead, and she had to let him go. She made peace with his "death" and was ready to move on -- with Jason. Carly didn't tell Jason that she loved him on their wedding night, she told him that she was in love with him. She meant it. That feeling didn't just vanish because Sonny walked through the door.

Ned asked what happens to Jason now that Sonny's back, and I think Carly is wondering the same thing. For Carly, there hasn't been an adjustment period. She went from getting ready to hit the sheets with Jason to welcoming Sonny home in the next breath, so her emotions are all over the place. At some point, Sonny is going to learn the truth about Jason and Carly's decision to have a real marriage, and it's going to raise all kinds of uncomfortable questions.

A marriage of convenience is one thing, but I don't think Sonny is going to take too kindly to learning about what was really simmering between his wife and his best friend. It won't matter if the relationship was consummated or not; it's the feelings that will be harder for Sonny to get past. Sonny is a jealous man, so I can't see this going well. Then again, maybe a part of him already knows.

Sonny had to have noticed that he had walked in on an intimate moment between Jason and Carly when he entered the bedroom, and I found it a bit strange how interested Sonny had seemed in pushing Jason to try to patch things up with Britt. Was that the real reason that Sonny slept in another bed the first night he was home? Sonny knows Carly better than anyone else, and she's had a tortured expression on her face ever since he returned.

It's not like Sonny is really in any position to judge. Not only did Jason and Carly genuinely believe that he was dead, but he isn't exactly innocent. I'm not sure why Carly hasn't figured it out yet, but she is bound to find out that Nina is in love with Sonny and that their relationship during their days in Nixon Falls wasn't exactly platonic. Things got quite hot and heavy, and I'm not referring to the inferno in the Tan-O.

I foresee some rocky times ahead for Sonny and Carly, but I do think they can get past this. They get each other. Carly understands that Sonny is who he is, and there's no changing him. When given the choice, Carly, too, held onto the reins of Sonny's organization, so she truly is his perfect mate in every way that truly matters. Women like Brenda Barrett, Connie Falconeri, Olivia, and Nina always hope that love can conquer all, including the mob, but it never does. Not with Sonny.

Meanwhile, will Jason get that second chance with Britt? I have little doubt, but it appears that she's going to make him work for it. As he should. Jason might have had his reasons for ending things with Britt, but he pretty much blindsided her and broke her heart. It's going to take a little bit more than 'I'm sorry, my bad' to rebuild the trust that was shattered. Plus, Jason needs some time to unload a little emotional baggage before he's ready to be in a relationship with anyone.

I know there are those who are still holding out hope that Jason and Sam find their way back to each other, but I'm not one of them. I think Sam has a lot of unfinished business with Drew, and he's just weeks away from returning home. Sam and Dante are fun, but I feel that they are more of a transitional relationship rather than a lasting love.

That brings me to Austin Holt. I find myself liking him more and more as I get to know him. He's not acting out of malice by trying to lay claim to his father's portion of Edward's estate, and there's a kindness about him that seems genuine and pure. It's a shame that Austin and Brook Lynn are cousins because sparks definitely fly when Roger Howarth and Amanda Setton share a scene.

However, I do not ever want to go down the road of Jimmy Lee Holt and Celia Quartermaine again. Ever. Yuck.

It's not that I don't see possibilities between Austin and Maxie. I do. It's time for Maxie to find a genuinely nice guy. I miss what she and Nathan shared, and even though we can't go back, I would like to see her capture a similar kind of magic with someone. It's just that I'm not sure Austin is that guy for her. I guess it will depend on how Austin reacts to learning that Maxie has been hiding Louise under everyone's noses at the Quartermaine mansion. I'm more interested in seeing Maxie reunited with Louise, and Brook Lynn freed of the shackles of deception, than I am in Maxie finding romance at this juncture in her life.

With any luck, Victor kills Peter to impress Liesl. I'd throw the man a parade because Peter has now fully embraced his evil side. There's no going back for Peter. He is officially a supervillain the likes of his father, Cesar Faison. It's time to vanquish Peter once and for all.

Things in Greece are definitely heating up. Chloe is sedated in a hospital, and her doctor answers to Victor. Poor Chloe, I do hope she can be saved because she was truly innocent in all of this. She just happened to be a qualified nurse in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have no idea why Victor foolishly sent Liesl to the same prison where Drew has already helped one person escape and broke out one other time long enough to make a phone call. However, I am grateful that he did because I can't wait to see Liesl and Drew team up. Will Liesl find out who the woman being held down the hall from Drew is? My money is on Holly Sutton. Not going to lie, Liesl, Drew, and Holly joining forces would be my dream trifecta. Nothing could stop them, especially Victor.

Not that Liesl and Drew need to worry, because there's a small battalion of people closing in on them, including my new favorite spy duo, Valentin and Anna.

Valentin and Anna flew to Crete and decided to take some time off from spy games to knock back a few drinks. Before long, Valentin had mustered up the courage to put his cards on the table by telling Anna how he feels about her. To Valentin's surprise -- and mine -- Anna admitted that she liked him. A lot. Valentin got her. He really got her. He understood that side of her that had driven her to do some less than honorable things, unlike the other men in her life like Robert. Their booze-fueled confessions led to a scorching kiss, but alas, it ended there.

Anna left Valentin ­- who was passed out in one the guest rooms -- in the care of the mandolin player with a familiar Cassadine crest tattoo, while she paid the hospital a visit. Will Anna return to find that Valentin and the mandolin player have vanished?

If I correctly recall, all the men who had sported that Cassadine crest tattoo had worked for Valentin back when he was Theo Hart. Did they all jump ship and go to work for Victor, or were they always in Victor's employ? I have so many questions, and I'm eager for this story to kick into high gear. Fingers crossed, that happens next week.

Finally, Spencer confessed -- and Esme has been exposed as the lying schemer that she is. Well, sort of. She still has something cooking with Ryan, but we'll get to that in a bit.

It all started with Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron cooking up the lie that Nikolas and Ava had booked first-class tickets to Bora Bora to celebrate not getting divorced. It was a trap designed to either catch two stalkers or clear a friend's name, and it worked rather brilliantly. A little too well, in fact. Spencer was crushed, but Esme was furious that he hadn't listened to her about stopping Nikolas from going after Ava. Esme decided to take matters into her own hands -- again.

Esme made the fatal mistake of tracking down Sonny (I'm still not sure why she went to the hospital rather than his home) and telling him that Nikolas and Ava were planning on snatching Avery then flying to Bora Bora. Sonny didn't even question this ridiculous story after Ava make it perfectly clear that the only way to safeguard Avery was to leave Nikolas and fly to another continent. Also, why would Ava book a commercial flight to Bora Bora with Nikolas and Avery? If she was going to leave town to hide from the stalker -- and Sonny -- wouldn't she use a private jet to a secret location?

Nevertheless, Sonny grabbed two goons and took a launch to Spoon Island. The Scoobys were forced to come clean when Sonny prepared to drag Nikolas off for a beatdown. Trina and Cameron admitted that they had lied about the flight to Bora Bora, and Spencer confessed that he and Esme were Ava's stalker.

I better see Mac head over to Spring Ridge to slap a pair of handcuffs on Esme for arson and destruction of private property on Monday's show. I also wouldn't mind if Sonny paid the little liar a visit in jail to scare the bejeebus out of her. I'm getting pretty tired of that smug smirk she's been sporting.

I don't know what Esme Prince's story is, but it's definitely connected to Ryan. GH has an uncanny ability to find actors to portray parent and child that actually look like they could be related, and the more that I look at Esme -- especially some of her mannerisms -- the more I can see Ryan in her.

We recently learned that Esme was adopted, and it appears that she was raised by a reasonably wealthy family, since she met Spencer in an elite boarding school in Paris. Ryan would make certain that any progeny of his was safely tucked away from Kevin but given every advantage that money had to offer.

It certainly would explain Esme's obsession with Ryan, whom she has sought out several times now. Harmony said that Esme's presence had upset Ryan. Is that because he's afraid her true identity might be discovered or because he knows that she's a chip off the ol' homicidal block -- or both?

It's true that setting a car on fire does not make a person a killer, but I can't forget how Esme had sounded when she wished that Ava was killed in a plane crash. It wasn't just words spoken for dramatic effect; she meant it. Why would Esme feel like that over someone she only recently met? Could Esme's hatred of Ava be personal because Ava was the reason that Ryan ended up in jail? It's starting to feel like it.

Now, that the truth is out, I hope Spencer decides to end things with Esme. He's already admitted that he likes Trina, which speaks volumes about his true feelings for Esme, and I can't imagine that Spencer it going to forgive Esme for siccing Sonny on Nikolas. Nikolas and Sonny have a long and sordid history filled with mutual animosity, so that was a dangerous move that might have gotten Nikolas killed.

Spencer and Nikolas might have a lot of issues to work through, but Spencer loves his father.

I'm not worried about Nikolas forgiving Spencer. That's a given. It might not be overnight, but Nikolas is going to be so over the moon that he and Ava no longer have to worry about the stalker that he's going to be eager to move on and work on fixing things with Spencer. Also, I have a feeling that Trina will play a pivotal role in helping Spencer get past his hatred for Ava, unlike Esme, who fanned the flames.

Random observations

Why does everyone act like Britt has Huntington's disease? It's my understanding that she just has the marker for it, and her uncontrolled hand twitching (which hasn't twitched in quite some time) was due to stress. Having the marker doesn't actually guarantee it will develop.

I love Ned, and I felt so bad for him when he tried to explain to Brook Lynn why he thinks it would benefit Leo to get tested. I hope he decides to talk to Monica, who might be able to help persuade Olivia that it's not about putting labels on her son but, rather, helping Leo to become the best version of himself.

Folks, I am really liking Alexis and Shawn. They had a wonderful relationship in the past, and now that they've reconnected, I would love to see them rekindle that romance. They are both in a different place, and I really do think they are good for each other.

Line of the week goes to Alexis when she and Shawn talked about Crichton-Clark. "This somehow leads back to the Cassadines. It always does." How right she is.

Reader feedback

Valentin as Victor's son? That would be brain melting, just picture Helena & Victor doing the nasty while hubby was off buying tubes for the weather machine. -- Frank Hodder

As the parent of an autistic child, I hope and pray that GH handles this well. Don't give Leo some fantastic talent (Rain Man, The Good Doctor), just let him be a regular kid who happens to need some communication and socialization supports. <3 this all goes well. They do have the denial part down -- I never had it since I'm the one that first brought up my son's neurological difference -- but I've seen so many parents who absolutely want to deny that their child is on the spectrum. They don't want their child "labeled." I tell them that they do indeed want the label -- the label leads to services which lead to helping your autistic child live the best life possible under their individual circumstances. -- MelindaK

I look forward to the Two Scoop columns for all the soaps on the weekends. I especially like reading all the comments and opinions on GH, and I have for couple years. So just a thank you to the writers of the columns and the commenters. In my opinion the long posts are well written, spot on and comical at times. I'm not much for social media so this site lets me keep up with other viewers' opinions. -- Deejohe

I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to leave a comment below or email me.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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