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I got my "Bope" back. Gwen's in jail. Besties, how you feelin'? Feel good as hell in this week's Happy Dance edition of DAYS Two Scoops!

I wish we could all converge on Salem and have a DAYSchella music festival because there are a lot of reasons to Happy Dance after last week. My mind's a bit blown from all the brilliance that happened on- and off-screen. Like, wowza! Let's start with that off-camera thingy otherwise known as...

Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell are retuning as Hope and Bo for the next Beyond Salem!!! Yes. Three exclamation points. Let's dance it out for a second to celebrate.

Okay. And back! That announcement defines "epic." It's "Bope," and it's been reported over the years, in no uncertain terms, that neither actor would likely reprise their roles, which meant it was even more unlikely that they both would at the same time. Zero plus zero equals Gwen's intelligence. Whoops. I meant "zero." That's simple soap math.

Sure, diehards continued to hold on to, well, hope that this moment "might happen someday," and most of us believe you should "never say never," but it looked grim, friends. Until last week! That "someday" is now set for July. Go ahead. Squeal with excitement again. I'm doing the same thing. I'll wait.

Simply put, I'm going to savor this moment and thank Kristian, Peter, and all the DAYS people who made this happen. They've made so many people happy, and the world needs all the happiness it can get right now. So, from my "Bope"-loving heart, thank you, Kristian, Peter, and all the peeps at DAYS! If love was your message, it was received loud and clear.

And before we get into the "Wait? How is Bo alive?"-ness of it all, the answer is simple. I don't care. It's DAYS. They bring people back all the damn time. And who's to say Bo's alive. He might be "Beauregard the Friendly Ghost," but Peter Flippin' Reckell is returning to the role in some form or another, and that's as good as hell! There's nothing wrong with that. Nothing. Logic be damned. The band is getting back together, and as the Lady of Gaga proclaims, "Just dance, gonna be okay."

Also, tracking down an Alive-All-This-Time Bo might be the best possible reason for Hope to have missed big family moments over the past few years. I suspect Shawn and Ciara would agree, too. I know those flights from Joburg can be tricky, but Hope's pretty tricky herself, especially when on a case. Detective Fancy Face, we're looking forward to your debriefing come July.

Oh, and, yeah, there's going to be a second installment to Beyond Salem! That in itself is headline happy dance news. I'm in love with all of this, and the cherries on top are that we got to witness the downfalls of Mr. Leo and Ms. Rizzy-Chick.

Like, "Oh, yeah!" the on-screen drama was amazing. The doomed double wedding was exactly what the DJ needed to keep the happy dancing going. The scripts and acting were a shining example of what makes Team DAYS the best in the business. Wednesday and Thursday's episodes especially are two for the history books and any DAYS "Best Of" countdowns. They're going to live on my DVR forever. Or until I move. Either way, they were fairly flawless and overall outstanding.

On a superficial level, the cast looked amazing! It was like a little Salem fashion show. When Chloe walked out the doors of the Salem Inn, I literally shouted, "Oh, my God, it's a jumpsuit!" Loved it. Chad was right. Abigail did look great. The grooms looked smashing, as did the sole bride. Leo's outfit specifically might go down as one of Salem's most memorable ensembles, along with Hope's wedding gown and Lexie's infamous red dress, to name a very few. It was very "Leo!" meets Calliope Jones-Bradford.

Of course, on a deeper level, these episodes were what fans have been waiting for! The dramas were brought. All of the dramas and more. Again, the scripts and the cast were amazing. I could fill up the rest of this entire column with nothing but praise for the performances. Instead, I'll suggest a giant cyber group hug and a huge bellow of "Bravo!" to the cast and crew. Just when you think they can't impress you more, they do. We're lucky fans, we are.

Since Jackie Cox isn't officially a cast member, I will point out their guest spot was fantastic and give a spoiler alert that Darius Rose might need to clear a space on their cyber mantel come the end of the year. Say, around the Golden Donut Awards time. I sincerely hope they aren't a stranger to Salem, as I wouldn't mind a repeat performance, even if we have to pay full price for it like Chad and Abby. They were worth the price of admission and more!

Unsurprisingly, Leo was long-conning Craig all along. It was all detailed in fabulous dramatic fashion, and I recommend rewatching, as it's worth a second viewing. From Chad ushering in Jackie to Craig breaking down in Chloe's arms at the end, it was all enthralling. That last scene, though... Kevin Spirtas and Nadia Bjorlin brought it and then some. My eyes were certainly not dry. Hat tip to them!

And hold on to your hats, as Gwen finally got what was coming to her! It was glorious, and the charge was gloriously led by Marci Miller. She slayed as Abigail stripped everything from Gwen. THIS was Abby's moment, and it was marvelous. It was also a nice reprieve to fans who thought that intimate scene in the Horton living room last time Gwen was outted wasn't enough. Oh, this made up for it. And then some. Sorry, not sorry, Gwenie.

Also, well played, Ms. Vitali! I'm not upset one bit that Ava is a free agent (of chaos) again. Was her tactic dirty and underhanded? You bet! But if Trask is fine-ish with it, who am I to complain?

Now we're left with (a lot of) the truth exposed, and that leaves me wondering what's next for Gwen. She's been sent to jail. In Salem, that's usually a week or two, at best, so what will her "Get Out of Jail Free Card" look like?

Jan is playing the "Baby Card" right now, so another Salemite doing that would be redundant, perhaps. Though Ron does like to Noah's Ark his storylines. Two doppelgängers. Two affairs. Two babies. Two weddings, and so on. So, I wouldn't be shocked if she played that game. She and Xander did have an active love life, and I'm sure if that didn't pan out, maybe Matty would help her out. By that, I mean help her fake a pregnancy or something. There are a lot of awful options there.

Of course, Gwen might also still have the antidote that Sarah needs. Though Sarah was mentally around five-ish when she left. That was a few weeks ago, so, with SORAS-ing, she might be back to regular age by now, but I digress.

There's Doctor Rolf. He could whip up some more magic mind juice, but I'm sure there will be a reason he can't. That leaves Gwen holding all the cards. Um. Well, holding the syringe. Deals have been made for less, so will this be Gwen's next acquittal?

Finally, while Abby got to celebrate for a second, Gwen sort of rained on her parade a bit by confessing that she killed Laura. As she whispered in her sister's ear, "Just so you know, your precious grandmother -- I killed that old bitch on purpose." Boom!

That leads to another round of questions. Was Gwen telling the truth, or did she lay claim only to crush Abigail!? I could see it either way, but until we get that sorted out, what will Abby do with the info? What CAN she do with it? Yep. My mind was blown, and I'm ready for more.

So, to recap before we wrap up this section, we've got the return of Bo and Hope, we've got another installment of Beyond Salem, and we wonderfully bore witness to the downfall of two terrible Salemites in terrific fashion!? Yes, please! ALL of that DAYS deliciousness and discounted Easter candy!? Last week -- ya good!


Though I have very mixed feelings about Bonnie, I love that she is totally "Team Nancy." And the Big Bon Bon and I having something in common might be proof that positive changes are afoot. Lions and lambs and togetherness and all. We're not friends, Bons, but some FroYo might be a nice gesture should you want to put another foot forward.

Yes! "Broe" are "officially a thing." Add that one to the happy dance playlist, please.

I think it's official. Nicole must be a superhero with immunity to electrical blasts. She throws so much side-eye at other Salemites who've claimed they've changed and never fears being struck by lightning over the hypocrisy of it all. Yes, Clyde did kidnap Roman's great-grandchild. Though Ms. Walker-at-the-time-DiMera had a great old-time kidnapping of Ro Ro's granddaughter Sydney (otherwise known as her ex-husband's niece). So, do we believe in reform, Nicole, or is it just a you-only thingy? I need this cleared up. Anyway...

I felt like some of Eric's facial expressions read, "Whew. Bullet dodged!" as Nicole shared her life updates. Maybe I'm wrong. He's a good man who probably doesn't have those thoughts, but -- lead buried -- Greg Vaughan is back, and like Laurisa, I couldn't be more thrilled! This guy is one of the greats.

Laurisa also posed some perfect ponders in her last column about the good padre, and we can answer at least one question -- Eric is still a priest. Sorry, folks. He's off the market. God's his one and only boo. For now.

And Eric's back because he missed everyone. Same, Eric. Same. We missed you, too. Oh, okay. He was talking about his loved ones in Salem, but his return comes at a perfect time. His loved ones need him, too, especially his possessed niece. My money is always on Eric. He's made of win. So, help me with the chant of, "Let's go, Eric. Let's go! *clap clap*"

While I'm ready for the lingering possession storyline to be sent back to hell for a spell, I must say Lindsay Arnold is spectacular as Satan! She's selling the sinister and sassiness just right. I'd say her version of Allifer might be the bang to go out on.

While Johnny cringed as he watched Chanel and Tripp, I didn't mind them. I've always enjoyed the chemistry between them as budding friends. And, really, this is all the devil's work. The real quandary will set in after Satan's said see-you to Salem. Who will end up together!? There are only so many ways this can turn out.

Okay, sure, Satan poisoned some tea and such, but the real CIN news: they've decided to name their upcoming baby boy "Bo 'Something' Weston!" We expected this, but I love it, nonetheless. It fits. So, what should the "Something" be? Here's a bit of my brainstorm wish-list...

"Douglas" is always a nice nod to Doug as well as Shawn-D. "Evan" would work as a tribute to Marlena, but that was sort of ruined by Mr. Frears (a.k.a. Christian Maddox). Jerk. So, "Marlen?" Not sure about that one. "William" reps Hope's maiden name (and Will, one of Ben's besties). Or just Bo "Brady" Weston. Kind of a groundball, but it works. "Forest" is an option as in "forest cabin that never can be destroyed." Maybe not. "Victor?" Oh! I got it. "Ty." Bo Ty Weston. Kind of a nod to Necktie. I kid. I kid. How about "Beauregard Oliver" and then his initials would spell "Bo," too. A twofer. What do you think?

I think we can all agree that we're glad CIN shot down "Clyde Benjamin Weston Jr." Though he wouldn't have been a junior, as Ben's real name is Oliver. Clyde even calls him Ollie all the time, so, yeah. I don't think any of them understand the name lineage process.

Here are a few more things Clyde need not do in addition to not naming babies. One, mess with Nancy. Nope. Just no. He's right to worship her, but the moment he mistreats our Nance, I'm calling pistol-packin' Kate. Also, Clyde need not mess with E.J., either. Though I love watching these two and feel Eej can defend himself, I'm putting Clyde doubly on notice. You warned, fool.

Clyde also seems to have something up his sleeve. He always does. This feels like it could lead to the next big storyline, given his amoral ambitions and extensive con connections. What do you think he's planning?

Letting something simmer often makes it more fun. Jake and Ava aren't fun at the moment. They have fun potential. The actors are amazing and have chemistry, but the arrangement is forced. I'm waiting for her to fall off a stepstool so he can catch her, or a good-natured flour fight in the kitchen, and he'll have to wipe some off her face. Simply chatting over Chinese is a better route. They're takeout and beer kind of people. They need simmering, not clichés, to properly heat up.

When Abe stated, "I don't want my heart to be broken again," I just wanted to call the gang and have them meet at the pub for day drinks and support. Both Steve and John seem to have the free time, and Roman is there, anyway. Let's go, vets! Oh, and bring Kayla along, maybe; she needs something to do, too.

Still, I get Abe's stance. I adore Paulina, but unless all the cats are out of the bag, I'm Team Abe on this one.

Speaking of Paulina, why is she even entertaining T.R.? I hope she's stringing him along to get information as she suspects he's up to no good. "No good," which he admitted to being up to. She's too much of a powerhouse -- even at a low point in her personal life -- to get swindled by this skeevy schmuck. C'mon, Auntie P, show us your Star Island sparkle again!

Also, c'mon, Beth! This time I mean "C'mon" in the "Seriously!" sense. She's not a good famewhore. She could make more headlines turning in T.R. than she could staying silent to act in a movie that's barely getting off the ground. She's the recast of a character that was intended to be played by an early-twentysomething-year-old woman with no professional acting experience. Hardly the backbone of the film. Instead, she could be a star witness, write a book, do the talk show circuit, and then field her 15 minutes of fame offers that'll surely come in. That's showbiz, baby. Oh, yeah. And she'd be doing the right thing. That, too.

Extra Scoops

I don't think I've said this in a non-sarcastic way in a long time, but, really, "It's all good." Great, even. Life in plastic, it's fantastic. Celebrate good times, come on! Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh, yeah. You can dance. You can jive. THESE are the Days of our Lives. Woot! 'Er body get on the floor and break down that DAYS happy dance!

Work call or not, Sonny not being present for Leo's downfall was an epic fail. Surface level, the dude asked some gigantic favors from loved ones to get the job done. His bestie got his bare butt ogled by Leo, for soaps sake. Deeper, though, Sonny literally had a Shakespearean monologue about the depths at which Leo's actions hurt him and changed his life. Leo nearly un-Care Bear-ed Sonny. So, for Mr. Jackson not to be there was, well, a blatant "NOT."

Xander: "Salem weddings are notorious for drama, but I didn't have 'bigamy' and 'drag queen wedding crasher' on my bingo card, did you?"

Abigail (to Gwen): "Oh, can it, bitch."


Chloe stating, "Since I'm Ghoul Girl" and that little hand gesture was one of the best things last week. I cracked up.

I loved learning that Xander is taking care of Alice's garden. Warm meet fuzzies! Of course, mere mentions of Alice are happy thoughts, but I also like the nod to Xander's history with gardening.

Kevin Spirtas SOLD the moment when Craig spotted Nancy at the wedding. It was an eye-welled-up moment, for sure. I'm looking forward to their next phase as friends and co-parents, though I also like that Nancy recognizes that she doesn't have to be his rock anymore. She just needs to rock for herself.

Oh, Melinda Trask. Always thinking of others, you are.

Gabi asking Rafe if he was human was perfect.

If Hope was on the case to find an alive Bo, I hope Theo was her "guy in the chair" for tech support and Claire was the Robin to her Batman.

I'm sad I missed out on the single malt with Xander, Jack, Craig, and, I guess, Leo.

Abe serenades babies to sleep. That tracks. He's magical and now delivers milkshakes and sandwiches, too. He's the best.

They're rotten people, no doubt, but Gwen and Leo's friendship is fetching somehow. I'm looking forward to more of the terrible twosome teaming up.

I've noticed this a lot on DAYS lately, so I have to ask: do you let people linger in your home after you've gone out or go to bed? Like, aren't "I do have to run..." or "I'm going to turn in..." usually polite ways to say, "Go on now" and "don't stick around"?

Clyde signed up for a dating app within a few days of being sprung from Statesville. I get it, but Clyde on an app seems strange. I'm surprised he didn't use one of those convict and civilian pen pal type websites to chat. That seems more his speed.

Gabi and Gwen's conversation was fun. I like their dynamic.

I actually thought Jen was going to wear a flowy white dress to the wedding there for a moment.

Johnny's line about the "freakin' cake" was hilarious!

I forgot that Jack and Craig had past run-ins. Their reunion was played perfectly by Matthew Ashford and Kevin Spirtas.

I'll never not love "Little Baby Bo." Too cute.

I'll also never not love Jack and Xander's friendship. It probably shouldn't work, but it does. That "dad" banter was amusing. I hope they stay mates. Well, they have being disgusted with Gwen in common now, so I guess that's even more to bond over. Yeah!

"And Billie Reed enthusiast." Loved. It.

How utterly adorable was Chad taking the second to compliment Abigail as he rushed to stop the wedding!? He said, "Baby, you look great!" She did. Absolutely. And this is why Billy Flynn is the best.

Breaking News: DAYS fans everywhere are now trying to work "flimflam" into everyday conversations.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for April 25. If your feet hurt from doing too much happy dancing, take a disco nap and join us back on the floor later, as I'm sure this party will Lionel Richie-style all night long. And fear not of FOMO as Laurisa is back next week to drop the latest Two Scoops beats. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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