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Diamonds are forever, but are triangles? As past triangles form again, a Ridge/Sheila/Taylor triangle emerges, but will one actress' contract status nip the Shaylor romance in the bud? There's no party in Eric's pants, and that means Carter's key just might wind up back in Quinn's bra. Plus, who died and made Liam Steffy's husband? Get the two scoops on why you should be miffed about Liam playing Steffy's pretend hubby on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Welcome back, Scoopers! What a week it's been! Steffy thinks Liam is her "sweet husband," and Taylor looks about ready to beat up Liam's real wife if she disagrees. Ridge learned that he once again can't get rid of a family enemy, thanks to the woman in his life, and Deputy Chief Baker showed us his suave bedside interviewing techniques.

Baker's techniques yielded results with Steffy's memory. It made me wonder if Taylor should get a make-believe annulment for Steffy's pretend marriage and then prompt Steffy with tangible memories of Finn instead of letting her make fake ones with Liam. Perhaps Hayes, not Liam, is the key to Steffy's memory recovery.

Speaking of keys, thank the Soap Gods for keys and ED! Due to these items, Quinn caught Carter canceling his fling-to-nowhere with Paris, and Quinn and Carter admitted that they are secretly simmering for each other while on the backburner. Maybe it's the return of another triangle, since triangles appear to be making a comeback. In fact, a new triangle is on the horizon between Ridge, Taylor, and Sheila, but will Kimberlin Brown's contract status kill the Shaylor romance? We'll look at what Brown has to say about it in this week's Two Scoops.

Plus, who died and made Liam Steffy's husband? I'll offer you the lowdown on why you ought to be as peeved as Brooke is about Liam playing Steffy's husband last week on B&B.

Mr. Rogers returns to the land of Make Believe

Leave it to Rescue Ranger Liam to dive in butt-first when he learned that Steffy thought he, not Finn, was her current husband. Before the debate even started on whether he should pretend to do it, Liam slipped into his uniform, ready to pinch-hit for Finn. While Liam was in the land of marriage make-believe with Steffy, Hope was peering in like a cobra, daring that rat to make one false move with Liam. Or is she, rather, daring that rat to make one false move with Steffy?

Maybe the rat to watch is Taylor, who Brooke thinks is trying to drive a wedge between Hope and Liam. I don't blame Brooke and Hope for their suspicions regarding the two Hamilton women who declared war on the Logans behind their backs; however, Brooke needs love triangle therapy if she believes this is a ploy on Taylor's part. Sadly, it's probably just another in a long line of bad decisions Taylor has made that put Steffy in jeopardy -- decisions such as befriending psychopaths Morgan DeWitt and Sheila Carter or like buying a baby off a new friend in a two-room apartment.

After having Finn as a son-in-law, I can't imagine why Taylor would want Liam back. That's like going from a fresh cube of Bubblicious to a no-name wad of goo from under your shoe. Don't worry, Brooke. No one wants Liam. Bill once advertised Liam as a hot bachelor, but even then, only Amber and Hope were interested. Your son-in-law is safe with Hope, so you're free to loan him out like a library book with no worries. But I will say this: Taylor could learn to say "thank you" a little more and demand a man break his marriage vows to forsake all others a little less.

Does anyone know why Steffy would revert to Liam as a safe place? They haven't lived together married since before Steffy gave birth to Kelly. Which reminds me, I'd love to know why Steffy wasn't terrified of the walking, talking, five-year-old fetus that is Kelly. Now that I think if it, wasn't she just three or four when that cactus pricked her this year? She's growing faster than that half-alien baby from the eighties television mini-series V.

Selective memory holes aside -- even though Tay-Tay means well, bless her heart, I have a few reasons you ought to be just as upset with Liam pretending to be Steffy's husband as Brooke is. For one, the charade gives Steffy no motivation to jog her own memory. Instead, it's motivation for her to stay in her safe memory hole until Hell freezes over, which is likely the same day Hope will stop fighting her for Liam. That means the return of the dreaded triangle, and nobody wants that. Nobody. It is my dream that Hope fans, Steffy fans, Brooke fans, and Taylor fans can all unite behind the hastag #DeathToTheTriangle.

Second, it seems that no one but Brooke and Hope appreciates the toll the pretending is taking on Steffy's kids. Hayes is a baby, and separating him from his mother for even an hour just so Steffy can play with Mr. Rogers and his trolley is harmful to Hayes. It's precious time Hayes needs with his mommy, not time Steffy needs in a bubble with Liam. Hayes has already been without her since the night of the shooting as it is. Instead of wasting time with Liam, how about Taylor bring Steffy her baby and see if he sparks Steffy's memory about being his mom?

On a side note, I'd like to note what a dismal failure Liam is as a father for involving Kelly in this mess. He should have left her out of it and told Steffy that kids can't visit that hospital wing. Instead, while in the car, he probably had to tell the child not to talk about Finn or Hayes to her mother, which, as Hope imagined, probably confused the child.

I can't be sure because the car conversation between Liam and Kelly wasn't shown, but I find it odd that the child didn't ask about her stepfather, didn't say one word about her brother, and didn't bat an eye when her mom was calling Liam husband instead of Daddy-Finn. In fact, Kelly was the quietest little kid who hadn't seen her mommy in days I've ever witnessed. Liam is so dense, he couldn't even tell Hope whether Kelly was confused or not by it all. Upon this, plus the bunny incident with Douglas, I rest my case against Liam as a competent parent.

Lastly, you should be miffed about Liam playing husband to Steffy because it's detrimental to her emotionally, and it's insulting to her. All they've talked about is how strong Steffy is, but then suddenly, she's too weak to grapple with this for her kids' sake? Letting Liam play hubby to her robs her of her chance to mourn Finn in this moment. Li is making funeral plans now. Steffy should be furious if she misses out on it, and we should be furious for her.

This decision of Taylor's to make Liam into a subby hubby robs Steffy of her chance to heal with her son, Hayes. Steffy is nothing if she isn't a fierce mother. Nobody can tell me that she wouldn't throw down her own life and sanity for her kids. I believe that the moment she holds Hayes, whether she knows he is hers or not, she'll forget all about the "trauma" of being told the truth about Liam. It will be all about Hayes for her from that moment on.

Instead of Taylor pushing Liam to placate Steffy's traumatized mind, I suggest they take Deputy Chief's Baker's route and gently jog Steffy's memory. First, they should get a specialist in to tell them how to proceed with Steffy instead of letting Liam run everything like he's her real husband. Steffy's emo, rainbow-chasing mama has to go, too, since she gives such thoughtless advice and befriends psychos. Next, I suggest they show Steffy a photo of Finn. Let her have his bed shirt to smell. See what happens. Let her hold Hayes. See what happens.

That's far more productive than letting Steffy think she is with her living husband only to later have two husbands ripped away from her at once.

Which is worse for you, Ridge? Deacon or Sheila?

Ridge jumped out of the Deacon frying pan with Brooke and into the Sheila fire with Taylor. Taylor invited the monster who gunned down the Finnegans into their family and lets her waltz in and out of Steffy's hospital room, as if Steffy never feared the woman who shot her mother. At the same time, Taylor acts like she'll open a can of whoop-ass on Hope and Brooke if they don't continue to loan out Hope's husband. I repeat, "continue," because Hope is already complying.

Frankly, I'm scared for Hope and Brooke, who might be Sheila's next targets, since they are so irritating to Sheila's BFF. Or maybe Ridge will be the next target if he keeps ordering Sheila to go and be separated from the only person she thinks gives a damn about her besides Deacon. It's likely that Steffy will be the next target if she lets on that her memories are coming back.

How will Ridge feel once he learns the truth about Sheila? He'll have to come to terms with Taylor permitting Sheila to infiltrate their family, thereby compromising Steffy's safety. Taylor overrode his decision to expel Sheila, and Taylor opened the door for Sheila to possibly attack Steffy again. Deacon ain't looking so bad in comparison, is he?

Many fans like the Taylor and Sheila dynamic. On Krista Allen's last Bold Live, the fans buzzed about the sexual chemistry between the two grandmas. I don't know if playboy Ridge ever thought he'd lose a woman to another woman, but Allen agreed with the fans and said she and Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) played that chemistry up in their scenes together on the rooftop.

Viewers speculated that the Shaylor tango won't last long. Few fans see a pathway for Sheila to finagle her way out of her current crimes and still remain on the show. Brown is hopeful. When asked how long Sheila would get away with murder, Brown hinted that it might be awhile because she signed a long-term contract. Brown elaborated that the show has an option every three to six months. That means Sheila's stay could extend until Jaqueline McInnis Wood (Steffy) returns from maternity leave if Steffy leaves the country to treat her amnesia.

Would it be okay if Sheila remained on the show unpunished? If so, would you ship a Shaylor romance? Maybe Sheila and Taylor should compete for Ridge's affections? I'm ready for another twisted romance like Quinn and Liam's Adam and Eve, and no one could pull it off more explosively than Thorsten Kaye's Ridge paired with Kimberlin Brown's Sheila. What do you think? Shaylor or Shidge? With Brooke on the outer banks, either triangle will be scorching hot.

Is that a key in your bra, or are you happy to see me?

I surprised myself this week when I smiled at seeing Eric and Quinn back at work and in the swing of things. They seemed like a depressed couple, but I assumed it was because they were down about Steffy and Finn. As it turns out, there are troubles bubbling beneath the surface with these two, and when Quinn saw a somber Paris leaving a meeting with Carter, Quinn deduced that more was going on with Carter than she'd imagined.

It's about damn time Quinn got into the Parter romance and triangulated some spice into it. Zende's blind need to marry Paris isn't doing it. Grace's blind rage against Carter isn't doing it. But Quinn reaching into her bra for a key we all know she never wants to give up as she expresses that she knows what it's like to get over Carter? That just might do it for me.

Does Eric know Quinn was walking around with Carter's key in her bra? Well, I guess Eric would have to be accessing the bra to know that, and from the sound of it, he's not that interested. He's sleeping out in the guesthouse, probably with honey drops dancing in his head. Meanwhile, Quinn misses Carter's (cough) conversation (cough, cough).

As nice as it was to get out of the kiddie pool with Paris and Carter and into some adult swim with him and Quinn, I have to ask -- what kind of sorry dog is Carter? Did he really just say he got into a dead-end relationship with Paris on purpose because of his feelings for Quinn? Did he really tell that young woman he loves her when he knew it was going nowhere? Did he really sleep with his friend's love interest, knowing he was going to walk away?

Grace was right. All I have to say is Carter deserves what he gets now. And I'm predicting he gets a baby on the way once Paris agrees to marry Zende. Eric deserves what he gets, too, for firing Donna while Quinn gets to flirt with her plaything at work. Zende will get what he deserves, too, for creating a make-believe romance out of less than even Liam and Steffy have.

Odds and ends of the week:

Did anyone notice Steffy pretending to be asleep and then side-eyeing Liam and Hope as they left her room shortly before Steffy woke up and decided that he was her husband? Wasn't that suspicious? Tell me what you think about that in the comments section. Is Steffy faking?

Is the hospital really so big that Deacon and Bridget cannot run into each other? While I'm at it, isn't it strange that Deacon knew just where to find Sheila? She wasn't in her hotel room or at Il Giardino, but I don't know what made him think she's still welcome at the hospital.

The line of the week this week arrived when Sheila asked Ridge why he cared about what happened to her, and he said, "I don't care what happens to you. I really don't." All Ridge cared about was that she lived until they found the killer, which is ironic, since she is the killer.

Baker is anxious to interview someone about the shooting. He says Steffy is his only witness, but has he interviewed customers at the faux Olive Garden yet to hear what they saw? Has he interviewed the waitstaff? We do know that one waiter saw Steffy and Sheila go into the alley. Someone had to tell Finn to go there, too, or how else did he know where Steffy was?

It's surreal that Sheila gets to stand around the family and listen to all the conversations while being the murderer. She even sits in on interrogations. I had to laugh when the family was discussing how Steffy didn't have the emotional resources to deal with Finn's death, and Sheila was like, "I wish I could forget it." Yeah, I'm sure you do, Sheila.

Speaking of forgetting Finn, it looks like Trevor Novlan's photo dropped from the show's opening credits. That's kind of odd if you consider that pictures of the characters Flo, Justin, and Shauna still remain. What was the hurry to remove Finn's photo?

In a look ahead: Steffy finally gets some truth

According to Soap Central's The Scoop spoilers and teasers, Sheila prevents Baker from getting anywhere with Steffy, but Brooke and Hope might make headway with Liam, who, on Tuesday, tells Steffy the truth about Finn. Wonderful. Now the healing process can begin, and Taylor can stop bossing Lope's marriage around like they made vows to Steffy instead of each other.

Steffy and Sheila share a moment of solace together, but that doesn't stop Sheila from thinking about killing Steffy later. That's why no one should trust Taylor's judgment. I thought Taylor could look Sheila in the eye and know if she was still crazy? What happened to that?

Hope still worries about Liam and Steffy's connection, as well she should. Telling Steffy the truth doesn't mean Steffy will remember it herself. She's still thinking Liam is the love of her life, and as long as Taylor insists that Steffy's repressing her feelings of "true love," yeah, Hope better keep right on side-eyeing Steffy and Liam. Either that or get Steffy a Liam mannequin. If he starts waffling, just screw his feet to the base tighter, and problem solved.

That's it for me this week. I've done all the scooping I can do. Now it's up to you. Tell me what you thought about the week in the comments section below, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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