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Turn 'em on. Turn 'em on. Turn on those sad songs -- and stock up on tissues, as it was a super sad week in Salem! Not only has Abigail gone to the great soap beyond, but Tripp has left the building, too. Let's mourn this double dose of sadness in this week's DAYS Boohooing Two Scoops!

What. A. Week. Yes! What a week last week was, and I don't know about anybody else, but I'm going to follow the doctor's orders. That is, Marlena suggested, "Why don't we just have some cupcakes?" Nailed it, Doc. We could certainly use comfort food. And more tissues, though I might be all cried out. I'll get back to you on that one, but let's keep those Sweet Bits coming. Calories don't count when in mourning, after all.

SO! Abigail is dead. Chad's a mess. Jack and Jen are a mess. Salem's a mess. I'm a mess. You're a mess. We're all messes. And everyone looks a bit sus, but first things first...

Congratulations to the cast and crew! In only three episodes, last week packed a helluva gut punch. I'm confident the brilliant Billy Flynn just found his Emmy material, and Cady McClain just won her next Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Guest Performer." And Matthew Ashford? Well, as epic as always. So were Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans! Dan Feuerriegel, Lauren Koslow, Bryan Dattilo, Emily O'Brien, Camila Banus, and Brandon Barash also had spectacular moments in the sun. Okay. I could list everyone, so I will simply say I was in complete wonderment of the entire cast last week and have a box of empty tissues to prove it.

Also, I'd like to send a titanic thank you to Marci Miller. I've loved every minute of her time as Abigail. In last week's Two Scoops, Laurisa lovingly praised Marci's talents and choice to move on. I wouldn't try to say it better, so I'll just say, "Ditto! What she said." And cosign that with lots of admiration.

Now. Like Chad and the rest of Salem, a lot of people are still in a saddened state of shock. Perhaps angry, too. There's a lot to unpack when it comes to the premature death of a legacy character. I think I've gone through every emotion I have in those three episodes. From "What the hourglass just happened!?" to "I sort of get it," I've been there, back, there again, and back to somewhere I can agree with Gabi -- "Let's find the son of a bitch who did this to Abgail and make them pay!"

While we don't have a solid suspect yet, I'm beyond thrilled that Steve is offering his help. He's a one-eyed private eye I'd place my money on. He not only loved Abigail, but he's competent, too. So, he's already steps above the Salem PD, who missed a tampered-with jewelry box sitting on the victim's dresser, feet from where she was found stabbed. Really, gang? But I digress.

Steve is a big "Yes, please!" and I'm oddly excited to see Gabi stepping in, as well. There's a fine line between love and hate, and I do believe she and Abigial did a delicate tightrope walk on it. Li's quote that, "The shadow cannot exist without the light" perfectly summed up the pair.

Plus, while Rafe and Steve follow the letter of the law, Gabi isn't above spelling out her own terms to get the job done. If she doesn't entirely obstruct justice, her special brand of dealing with things might come in handy. She's on a mission. And Soap Gods help those who stand in her way.

What we do actually know is that Abigail herself lent a mighty clue. She said, "They had a knife." Who is the "they" in Abigail's nearly last words!? In 2022 (or 2023 in Salem), "they" has so many meanings. It's a personal pronoun. It's plural for more than one person. It can generally be used to describe a person of unspecified gender. So, are we looking at a "they," a more than one "they," or a "we don't know who "they" are they!?" Rafe needs to start asking around for everyone's pronouns. Okay. We'll get Steve or Gabi to do it. We want the case solved.

Also beating Rafe and the Salem PD to the punch, Laurisa started a solid suspect list last week, and I'm going to add to it. We're kind of Two Scooping sleuths like Black Patch, only we can be paid in bottles of wine and baked good. Anyway. Listed already are Gwen, Leo, Lucas, Kate, and -- twist! -- No One! My first addition is also the first person I thought of:

Jan Spears -- she's killed before, and, to someone unfamiliar with the DiMera mansion, especially after being a bit out of it due to a recent sedation, did Ms. Spears think she was shanking Belle? Was this a big whoopsie!? Jan's sneaked out of comas before, so a little anesthesia nap is nothing. If this is the case, Jan will be dreadfully disappointed to know she didn't take out Tink nor did Belle end up in bed with E.J. (which might have been a death blow to "Shelle"). Again, whoopsie!

Andre DiMera -- no stranger to stabbing people, could an alive Andre be the culprit? He does have a little bone to pick, well, martini shaker urn to smack with Abigail. You know. Grudges and all. While we saw him turn into dust in the DiMera mausoleum recently, we've also seen him lost in quicksand, shoot himself to frame John, mauled by a circus tiger... he even turned off his own life support once, and well, you can't keep a good or bad DiMera down for long.

Vivian Alamain -- when Gwen and Leo were slinging accusations at one another, it dawned on me that Auntie Viv is in Statesville, too. That is, Gwen and Leo could both agree that Abs died in the same manner Gwen had described before. Was Viv listening in and had Abigail executed!? She certainly wasn't an Abigail fan and was totally Team Stefan. It's an out-there theory, but wilder things have happened in Salem, especially when Madame Alamain is involved.

"Renée DuMonde" -- Combining a Not-So-Dead-Salemite and a mistake in identity, could Abigail have been stabbed because someone thought she was, say, Anna!? It was stated several times that Tony and Anna were out of town. Still, a figment of someone's broken psyche was recently ready to rumble with Anna, believing Anna stole Tony from her. We assumed Sarah's sanity was restored, but she mentioned nearly harming Victor a few weeks back. Did she slip back into Renée DuMonde mode for a moment?

Another Story Subject -- Abigail was an active journalist. I'm sure there were others who, like Lucas, disliked what she was investigating. Did someone take matters into their own hands to kill the story? This would be an exciting time for Will to dig into Spectator stories and assist with the investigation. Abigail's laptop was left behind, after all, and I love the idea of Will, Gabi, and Sonny teaming up to help Chad.

Like Communism, at this point, I feel like Lucas "What Did I Do!?" Boohoo Horton is a red herring. Had he (or I guess "Another Story Subject") killed Abs, wouldn't they have taken or destroyed her laptop? Perhaps I dead-ended my own theory. Drats.

However, like Laurisa pointed out, Lucas and Drunk Lucas are two different beasts, and he wasn't exactly drunk the months he kept Sami locked up. So, never mind. Let's keep this lush on the list. And the other unsub, too.

While we should keep them on the list, I don't believe Gwen or Leo killed Abby, either, at this point. I believe they both did some shady things that night, but I don't think murder is one of them. It seems too obvious, especially considering Leo has his hands dripping with Abigail's bling. It's too hot to sell at the moment, so I suspect he's basically going to keep playing hide the bag until someone else snatches it and blackmails him. He deserves that.

Speaking of Gwen, forget her being a possible murderer (possibly again). I think the bigger question to ask is: did she show genuine compassion toward Jack by lying to him about the broken mug, or was she simply taking the blame to avoid being blamed for something more sinister? You know, murder! Emily O'Brien slayed those scenes. Her ability to make Gwen enigmatic is marvelous. Ms. Rizzy-Chick's vest must be overflowing with all she holds close there.

Okay, this Two Scoops is quickly becoming overflown with finger-pointing, so while this investigation remains open, let's close the conspiracies to end with some praise! Chad and E.J.'s scenes were amazing. The brotherly chemistry between Billy and Dan is spot-on. I really want Chad and Eej to be okay once the truth comes out, as I like them playing nice.

I also thought it was beyond classy that Jake showed up. He had every reason not to, given how he's been treated, but at the end of the day, he was there for his brother and Abigail. I hope this is the beginning of something good between Chad and Jake.

Chad and Kate's scenes were gritty and tense, but the love was there, too. It's always complicated with Kate, yet I always believe in their bond. These two terrific thespians could read the phonebook to one another, and I'd be at the edge of my seat.

Kayla delivering the news to Chad was heartbreaking. I also enjoyed Kayla and Steve's support of Jack and Jennifer. It was so tender. When Kayla and Jennifer joined hands and Sweetness said, "I gotcha," I lost it. I lost it then and when they did it again as she walked out of the room where Abigail's body was laid out.

Here's some comforting food for thought to conclude this section. While most of us are still sad, we must remember we're not only talking about a soap character, but we're also talking specifically about a DAYS character. That is, they always bounce back from the great soap beyond. Like, I've been killed off twice and resurrected throughout this Two Scoops so far. So, never believe in never. Never rule out Dr. Rolf. And, as Marlena might agree, never underestimate the miracles of medicinal cupcakes.


Get out your French fries and hot sauce. We need more comfort food. Not only has Abigail gone to the great soap beyond, but Tripp is gone, too. He's headed to Seattle to bond with Stephanie and Joey. Right in time for Father's Day, Steve hit me right in the feels when saying goodbye to his son. Yep. I boohooed again. So, let's unpack this...

One, I'm not a fan of saying goodbye to Lucas Adams again. He's an extraordinary talent, and I simply adore the Johnson family scenes. The one a few weeks ago of them eating pizza at his hospital bedside to bolster his spirits was adorable. I love how much they love each other. I'll always ask for more, please.

Still, I understand Tripp's decision. He's on the mend physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can see why he'd want to focus on positive things like getting to know his siblings. In fact, I like his general "don't put off things until tomorrow because there might not be a tomorrow...especially if you allow Satan to possess your body and you toss yourself out of a stained-glass window" attitude. You go, Tripp! Just, um, make sure you live up to your promise and come back.

I'm also telling myself that Steve and Kayla can both feel relieved that Doctor Tripp will be in Seattle with Sunroof Steph and, well, dim but loveable Joey. Good decisions are not their best friends. Tripp's maturity may help keep them out of trouble, out of jail, and inside cars. Or he'll at least be able to patch them up if not.

Allie stated, "Tripp and I were over a long time ago." Alliesaidwhatnow!? Her definition of a "long time ago" and, well, the actual definition of a "long time ago" are vastly different. Vastly.

I was a kid who loved spending time with my grandmothers (my maternal grandmother and her bestie Mary, my unofficial but officially loved "grandma"). So, I thought there was something sweet about Johnny with Susan and Marlena. Johnny's funny side is also much more appreciated than when his ego Hulk's out. I cracked up when he responded, "Oh, yeah. Yeah. That was super fun," after Susan asked him about running into Allie at the bakery. Let's keep this Johnny, okay?

Li stated that he's all in on all things Gabi. She didn't exactly reply the same. Always a good sign.

Just putting this out there in the universe, but this would be a wonderful time for Chelsea Brady to return. Not only was she Abigail's original bestie, but her spunk, tenacity, and sharp tongue would surely be a match for Gabi should they team up to find a killer. If the Artist Formerly Known as Swamp Baby Georgia would use that sass on Shawn-D and Belle, too, well, that'd be a bonus. She also has a nephew to meet! So, c'mon, Chelse. Come back to Salem.

Extra Scoops

Bravo, bravo, bravo, Billy Flynn! He masterfully delivered many gut-wrenching performances that will surely be remembered on many "Best Of" lists for years to come. Again, bravo, Billy!

Great. Someone changed the definition of "fortress" and didn't tell anyone. That's the only way the claim "the DiMera mansion is like a fortress" makes sense, because security there is a joke. So, fortress must now mean joke. Right? Like, Michael Myers would walk past and shrug, "Too easy." It was stated that Harold was not home at the time of Abigail's death. So, the overworked, elderly butler is also in charge of security!? I'm beginning to think Harold is the illegitimate child of Alfred Pennyworth and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Really, though, they need to up the game.

Johnny (to Susan and Marlena): "No. No. I'm not uncomfortable. I'm scared. If Mom ever finds out that Aunt Belle likes my dad, I'm not sure either of them are going to make it to their next birthday."


Having watched this video earlier in the week, I was totally thrilled to catch another DAYS Easter Egg! It was a sweet shout-out to a new-ish team member when Li said, "Good work on the press release, Lia." Watch the clip. It'll totally make sense. And congrats, Lia!

Ha! The look on Marlena's face before she suggested they eat cupcakes was priceless. I've said before, and I'll say it again -- funny Mar Mar is the best.

E.J. and Johnny's hug was sweet. I also like that E.J. is growing into a real person. Dan Feuerriegel is amazing at peeling back E.J.'s layers, even if it's only for a glimpse of Eej's humanity.

Perhaps Shawn-Douglas will suggest the name "Abner Joseph" for his little boy in honor of Abby. "A.J." for short. Perhaps.

To support my "Jan Did It!" theory, Belle was traumatized by seeing Abigail. How much more traumatic will it be if she discovers she was the real target!? Martha Madison rocked those scenes, and I especially teared up when Marlena comforted Belle.

Johnny said, "Aunt Jennifer" and "Uncle Jack." I don't mind it. Seems like a respect thingy, but is it an actually thingy?

Kayla telling Steve about Abigail hit me hard.

Making sure Jen got sustenance was important, but you'd think she and Jack would want to head to Jarlena's to see the tots.

Why is Ava so invested in if Gwen killed Abigail? More material to hold over her head, perhaps? Hmm.

Unless I missed something, well, did anyone call J.J.!? The last we knew, he was in Joburg with Theo. I think Hope is there, too. He'll certainly need the support.

This would be an amazing time for Hope to be around and support Jennifer. Their cuz love was always one of my favorite bonds on DAYS.

I don't think Chanel's comment to Tripp was necessarily "too fresh," but it was random and a bit cringy. Allie's look perfectly memed that moment. "When your ex-girlfriend talks about not having sex with your ex-fiancée."

Speaking of innerweb trends, when Chad exclaimed that Dr. Rolf could use *whispers* Resurrection by Wilhelm on Abigail, it was a total "Tell me you're from Salem without telling me you're from Salem" moment.


So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for June 20. Between Pride, Juneteenth, Father's Day, and next Friday's Daytime Emmy Awards, there's a ton to celebrate. See, it's not all boohoos! So, raise a glass of something bubbly to any and all of those things and the amazing cast and crew of DAYS!

In a programing note, due to Soap Central's Emmy coverage, Laurisa and I will be back together next week to present a midseason review of all things DAYS. Kind of like a miniGolden Donut or Alex North Memorial Awards. The Golden Donut Holes? Anyway! I'll be back with a traditional Two Scoops in a few weeks. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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