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From truth bombs to an actual bomb, DAYS was an explosive hotbed of, well, bombshells! Tripp tripped up Ava's explosive revenge plot, but will either of them live to tell the tale!? Will any of the Salemites caught in the blast survive? Let's dig through the rubble and see what we can salvage in this week's fiery DAYS Two Scoops!

I've got one! What happened when Ava tried stand-up comedy? She bombed! But seriously, folks. No need to let your heads explode over that one; Ava will take care of that for you. Ba dum tss! At least she's living up to her avenging ways -- go bomb or go home. Okay. I think that's all out of my system. Sorry. I'll show myself out.

Nope. I've been told I still need to Two Scoops. I must stay.

So, Ava's having a blast with her revenge plan. Again, sorry. She's being especially spiteful, but it all blew up in her face when Tripp arrived at St. Luke's. Actually, we should probably talk about that Tripp-sized elephant in the room first...

One truth can ring like fragmented bells all over the church lawn, and that is when Tripp goes to St. Luke's, bad things happen. At least he didn't throw himself out the stained-glass window this time. He just might have been blown through. There's that little holiday nugget.

Yep. Tripp at St. Luke's ranks right up there with a character seen in a car or a Sweeps month wedding. Nothing good is going to happen. Ever. And this time, it's all Ava's fault, but aside from the obvious who lives and who dies (and who comes back from the dead a few months later), I'm curious as to where this will go.

Clearly, Ava isn't playing with a full crypt of DiMeras. She's been spending more time chatting with Dead Charlie than actual living people. It doesn't take a Marlena to see she's gone a little loony again. Will she live for a redemption arc or die --- or Salem "die" -- in the blast?

I might be in the minority here, but I hope Ava lives! Tamara Braun is just too terrific in the role to back-burner. Ava's given E.J. one of his best rivalries in years. A redemption arc or alliance with a new foe to fight the DiMeras might be more interesting than a dead-not-dead type thingy. Still! We don't know who will or won't survive the blast, as we've been cliffhung until Monday in the best way possible.

I love these big soap moments! Sure, DAYS takes some of the wind out of the suspense sails because there's always *whispers* Resurrection by Wilhelm, but the big group scenes that encompass a lot of the cast are great, nonetheless. The building tension until it explodes. Literally in this case. It's great soap stuff.

Though. Oh, gee. I hope nothing happens to Sister Mary Moira. That would be terrible.

Unrelated, if one prays that a bomb renders a nun mute, is that actually sacrilegious, or is one just following what Sister Mary Moira would want them to do? You know. Prayers and such. Asking for a friend, of course.

Johnny and Nicole's pre-blast chat about Susan was great. I loved that he could celebrate her Susan-ness. He said that she was truer to herself than anyone he knew. Word. She was. She really was. "Faith, family, and the king," for sure.

Jo-Ro and Ms. Walker also spoke of her time as his stepmother. I enjoyed this chat, too. And holy holiday shocker! Johnny brought up his eye surgery. What a dig into the books. Still, I hope this is just painting a reminder that they have a good relationship and not an Eve and J.J.-like scenario between the two, if you know what I mean, mean, mean. Without Sami around, I don't think this hit as hard -- and Sami wouldn't be there to double-slap Nicole hard. Again!

I'm one thousand percent giving E.J. the slow clap for telling off Kristen! I loved this. He's right. Kristen didn't give a pair of flying false teeth about Susan or him. Baby E.J. was a pawn to keep John. He shot down her claims of "family first" fairly fast, and it needed to be said. Her agenda is "Kristen First!" and feign feeling bad about collateral damage later. E.J. had her number and it was 1-800-YA-BUSTED. Elvis mic dropped.

So, who will survive this pre-holiday blast, and who won't (for a limited Salem time)!?


And going with the theme of bombshells, several more were dropped about Salem. Let's look at some more of them...

First, I enjoy Brady and Eric's brotherly bonding moments. They're in a great place. They're past their former fallout. They've made amends. They're not walking on eggshells anymore. They're just honest bros who love each other. I love this! And Eric Martsolf and Greg Vaughan have a great rapport, so it's a win all around.

Second, I also love that Brady finally blurted out the truth to ex-Padre McPouterson. "Bender Bad Decision Fun Eric" might be the special blend of bitter Brady needs to defeat Kristen. Eric has a lot of pent-up rage right now that could be redirected to Special K, who is also a trigger for him.

Speaking of Special K, I know John is playing her, but I couldn't help but walk down memory lane when he called her "Kristen Blake" and brought up her social working past. Her fall from grace arc was really something special. Part of me wonders if John is a little hopeful he can not only get the truth from her, but also inspire her to be Ms. Blake again. After all, John is a hero, and he could be performing two acts of good for the price of one beer.

More so, I love John and Marlena teaming up to take down Kristen. They're usually reactive to schemes. To see them set one up is rather fun!

With all this talk about ex-Father Eric not being a father, are we headed for another baby bombshell? As in, minus one Jada and Eric baby but plus one Eric and Sloan whoopsie? Either way, I hate this talk that Eric hasn't been a father. He's been a stepfather. Love is love. DNA is very over-important on soaps.

Not so much a bombshell as it is a ticking timebomb, Sonny and Leo continued their "We're Pals Now!" tour. Leo's real-real sorry, y'all. Ugh. Leo is becoming Sonny's Kristen. Jackson needs to talk to Cousin Brady pronto. Yes. Brady spreading wisdom is now a thing. I love that for him!

Also, can we just trade Leo and Sonny scenes for Leo and Gwen ones? They're more fun together. There's far less of an ick factor there, too.

Oh, Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. I know a blackmailer with an orchid who certainly didn't do anything shady, either, that you can be proud of, too. Oof.

Jack and Sarah are both going to have a lot of regrets after this Xander and Gwen bomb explodes. I know Sarah will be super steamed, but I fear Jack will just walk it off and reward the dumb dumbs for acknowledging they've done dumb things. I do love Jack's compassion, especially considering his own sordid past. Still. There has to be some growth somewhere, or else he just keeps looking like Charlie Brown running toward that football again and again.

In real life, we rarely if ever condone violence, of course, but Brady punched Stefan. Hold on. I need a moment. You know that inappropriate laughter you try suppressing in a situation where you absolutely shouldn't be laughing? That. Just that.

Conversely, I need to run into the kitchen for a second. You might hear a guffawing sound. That's just The blender! Yep. My Vitamix sounds exactly like me cracking up over Stefan getting slugged, but I assure it's just my -- let's say -- malfunctioning machine. Right. Hands are for hugging not hitting. Bad, bad Brady. I guess I'll have to take Mr. Black to the Brady Pub and buy him some absolutely not congratulatory thank you go along with the milkshake...I was the kitchen.

Okay. I know I should feel bad for Bonnie, but is a five-minute clown kidnapping a big deal in Salem? I mean, talk to Mar Mar. She's been in a giant bird cage, a pit in a warehouse, a castle turret, several island captivities, and, well, she's Doc. Although Gabi made a run for the title a few years back, she's still the Kidnapped Queen of Salem.

Also, Gwen hit Bonnie with a rock. D'oh! What's that sound? Oh. It's an emergency in the kitchen again. Gotta run the blender again. Be right back.

Extra Scoops

I'm with E.J.! I prefer Nicole with a drink in her hand and the version who's not afraid to tell off a sanctimonious nun. As Eej said, "You handled that swimmingly. It was nice to see that side of you again." Indeed. Welcome back, Ms. Walker. Let's hope it lasts!

Oh, right. It only lasted a day. Then Nicole went ham on Eric after she tracked him to Sloan's apartment. These two really are trying the entire Christmas sampler box of bad ideas. Lots of stale nougat-y stuff in that box, I tell you.


Brady (to Eric regarding Kristen): "I'm attracted to vodka, too, all right, but I manage to contain myself because I know that road leads to disaster."

Leo (to Sonny): "In English, Jackson."

Kristen (to Brady): "You made out with a nun?"


There's been a lot of Sami digs lately. Sure. Sure. It's safe to take potshots at Scami Gene when she's not around, but go ahead, Salemites, say it to her face. Any takers? I didn't think so.

Jeannie T got a bad girl shout-out, too! I love when they remember Theresa. She really needs to visit Salem soon.

I enjoy Kate and Jada's friendship, but I miss Ms. Roberts-Brady being more front and center. Remind me. When are she, Anna, and Paulina starting a business together?

I feel that $300.00 is a random number. Like, that seems a little bit low for a scheme that could land one in jail, right? Desperate times, measures, and all, I guess.

I wonder if Harold did Nicole's hair while he caught her up on mansion gossip.

I enjoyed that E.J. spoke to Roger. He was a good egg. Or in this case, a good peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich.

About that! DAYS definitely has had some delicious dishes and desserts over the years, but would you try a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich?

Also, I can never not sing "B-A-N-A-N-A-S" when speaking of that fruit.

Brady talked to his little spud, Tater Tot!

The amount of sass in Marlena's voice when she said, "Hello, Nicole," was spectacular. There's a translation for what Mar was really conveying, but I cannot write it and maintain a PG-rating.

E.J. stated, "Grief is no excuse for bad behavior." Color me shocked, but I'm not sure he practices what he preaches.

Leo's beginning to have as many strange backstories as John Black! An artist. A clown. A con man.

Regarding John, I love that he loves to day drink. I guess when you've had as many faux backstories and mind erases as him, you deserve to crack a cold one when at "Whenever You Want O'clock." Cheers, Agent Black!


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for December 19. The promo for DAYS next week is amazing! Holiday fun, Victor love, AND the much-anticipated visit from Lamon Archey as Eli along with the twins!? Yes, please!

Also, next week, it's a BOGO! Two Two Scoopers for the price of one doughnut! Well, as in the Sixteenth Annual Golden Donut Awards: The Best of 2022! Our little cyber celebration of all things DAYS can officially drive (hopefully better than Jennifer and Ava). Where did the time go!? Anyway...

It's my favorite column of the year. Laurisa and I get to work together. There's usually wine and merriment. And snacks! Plus, we get to praise DAYS. What's not to love!? Oh, well, there are things not to love, but we'll get to that in the following week's Alex North Memorial Awards, of course.

Until then, I hope everyone has a fun, fantastic (and safe) week and holiday season! I'm looking forward to more Two Scooping in 2023. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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