Zuker target of false firing rumor

Posted Sunday, December 14, 2003 9:53:58 PM
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Zuker target of false firing rumor

Overzealous Days of our Lives fans have again created incorrect stories regarding a popular performer's future with the show.

In recent online postings, fans have indicated that Arianne Zuker (Nicole Walker) will see her character fall victim to the Salem Serial Killer. While it is not usually show policy to comment on performers' contracts, a DAYS spokesperson did release a statement assuring fans that tales of Zuker's dismissal were not true.

A show insider tells Soap Opera Central that show execs are secretly pleased - and miffed - by the rampant internet rumors. The fact that fans are discussing the show so actively hints that the controversial serial killer storyline has accomplished its goal - it's gotten fans talking. However, obviously, misinformation can detract from the actual storytelling.

The rumors of Zuker's firing are not the first to plague the show since the serial killer storyline hit the airwaves. In September, the 'net was flooded with talk that Drake Hogestyn (John Black) had been fired.

Zuker joined the cast of Days of our Lives in 1998. She is married to her DAYS co-star Kyle Lowder (Brady Black)

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