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Arianne Bethene Zucker was born in Northridge, California, and raised in Chatsworth. She began her career as a model at age sixteen. Modeling provided her with several opportunities to travel. Her favorite assignments included print jobs in France, Australia, New York, and Japan.

Zucker began her studies as an actress at Pierce College in Los Angeles. It was there that she first acquired her love for theater. She was involved in several workshops that included her performances in Beth Henley's "Crimes of the Heart" and Neil Simon's "Last of the Red Hot Lovers." She continued her studies at the highly reputable Howard Fine Studios where she has been a student now for many years. Zucker got her first role in a student film at AFI (American Film Institute) and, two months after shooting, auditioned for the role of Nicole Walker on the long running soap opera, "Days of our Lives." Four months later, Zucker became the newest member of "Days of our Lives" and won the Soap Opera Digest Award in 2004 for Outstanding Villainess.

Zucker has also worked on "CSI Miami" and in 2007 did a feature film called "The Last Resort" scheduled for release in 2008. Since then she has done a pilot, "Life in General" for scheduled to air in 2008 as well. During her time on "Days of our Lives," Zucker also worked on the stage. She co-starred in a film-noir spoof written by Frank Semerano and John Rustan called "The Tangled Snarl / Murder Me Once," performed at The Fremont Center Theatre in South Pasadena. She received rave reviews, most notably from the Los Angeles Times, portraying the character of Myra Fontaine. The show ran for seven consecutive months and received six awards at the ADA Awards (Artistic Director Achievement) including Best Ensemble Cast-Comedy. The play has since been published at Samuel French Inc., The House of Plays.

In addition to her career as an actress, Zucker is also an active board member for a non-profit theater company called the Virtual Theatre Project. The company creates opportunities for actors, playwrights, directors, designers, technicians and students to express their talents in original play development and production. The company is known for its very successful play writing competition, The Pen is the Mighty Sword. Zucker believes in the idea that new talent and ideas need to be heard, and ultimately expressed, through the love and joy of writing.

Zucker devotes her time to several charities and other organizations that allows her the ability to give back to a world that has been so giving to her. She joined the USO Tour, traveling to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2004 in order to support our troops during the war effort. In more recent years, with her ever-growing passion for charity work, Zucker has become an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity in San Fernando Valley, CA and has traveled to major cities around the country leading teams in Habitat for Humanity builds. She has worked closely with co-founder Zack Rosenburg of the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans building homes in the 9th ward and raising money for families who have been displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. Zucker has joined the Step Up Women's Network and taken part in the effort to represent and support a year of after-school college prep and career-readiness programming for an underserved girls. She has acquired relationships with other amazing organizations such as Miss World, Global Citizens, Global Volunteers, and Amigos de las Americas. Her dedication to making a difference in this world has resulted in the recent launch of Arianne's new passion project, LifeCHANGE Leadership Programs ( The mission is to give young adults the opportunity to challenge themselves and each other to the highest possible degree.

For a brief period of time, Zucker used an alternate spelling of her show biz name -- Zuker. She celebrates her birthday on June 3.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION

Life in General
Winifred Marshall

CSI: Miami
Brenda Collett

Days of our Lives
Nicole Walker Kiriakis
February 27, 1998 to February 10, 2006; April 2, 2008 to October 20, 2017

Acting Portfolio: FILM

Looking for Bobby D

Awards & Acclaim
Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actress (2020, 2022; for Days of our Lives)
Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2010, 2013; for Days of our Lives)

Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (2014; for Days of our Lives)
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2003, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2018; for Days of our Lives)
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Northridge, California

DATE OF BIRTH: June 3, 1974

HEIGHT: 5' 9"

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