DAYS's Will Won't Exit After All

Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2005 4:05:12 PM
Updated Sunday, July 10, 2005 9:09:31 PM
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DAYS's Will Won't Exit After All

Do you think DAYS needed to 'age' the character of Will Roberts?
No. I thought Gerse was doing a fine job as Will. 36%
Yes. I think his age really limited storyline possibilities. 29%
In general, I am never in favor of 'aging' a character. 16%
I don't really care what they do with the character of Will. 8%
I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to see what's ahead. 7%
I would have preferred that they get rid of the character. 3%
Other 1%

Poll Posted: July 7, 2005
Young actor Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts) was to have made his final on-screen appearance on Days of our Lives, but due to some last minute changes the actor may very well be sticking around for some time to come.

Gerse joined the cast of Days of our Lives in October 2003. According to a setside source, the casting department had been actively seeking out a new actor to play the role of Will. Will was to have been shipped off to summer camp -- and then return later in the year with the role having been "aged."

Now, however, a DAYS spokesperson explains that Gerse still has some more days of DAYS ahead of him.

"As future storyline became available, the show reevaluated the necessity of having to age the character of Will," the DAYS rep said in a statement. "We came to the decision to keep the talented young Christopher Gerse on board and preserve the believability of Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo as his parents. "

"I have been so lucky to have played the role of Will in 78 episodes," Gerse said in a post on his web site before the news of his un-firing was announced. "During my work on DAYS I got to learn from so many great people, talented actors, directors and crew. I am so grateful to Mr. Ken Corday and Mrs. Fran Bascom for casting me as Will Roberts, plus to Alison Sweeney [Sami], and Bryan Dattilo [Lucas] for being the greatest TV mom and dad."

Gerse's final airdate was to have been June 21st, but the actor is scheduled to tape another episode on July 28th. That episode will air sometime in August. The actor is then scheduled to go on a summer break, but he will continue to appear on Days of our Lives on a recurring basis.

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