John Callahan returns to DAYS, but in a new role

Posted Thursday, October 23, 2008 7:21:42 PM
John Callahan returns to DAYS, but in a new role

It's another case of look-alikes in Salem. Veteran soap opera actor John Callahan returns to Days of our Lives next month, but it will not be in the role that he previously played back in 1989. Callahan is known for his long-running role on All My Children, as well as for work on General Hospital and Santa Barbara.

Though unconfirmed by the show, Soap Central has learned that soap veteran John Callahan will appear on Days of our Lives beginning next month. Callahan will play the role of Dr. Baker, a doctor whose path will cross with Nicole.

Callahan is no stranger to daytime television -- or Days of our Lives, for that matter. Despite his numerous soaps roles, Callahan may be best-known for his 13-year run on ABC's All My Children. From 1992 to 2005, Callahan portrayed Edmund Grey, the cast-aside son resulting from a Hungarian royal's affair with his housekeeper.

Prior to his long-running All My Children role, Callahan had appeared on General Hospital, Santa Barbara, and Falcon Crest. Also in his list of past credits is a previous journey through Salem. In 1989, Callahan made an appearance as Artie Doyle. The previous DAYS gig shouldn't be a problem for the show's writers: at least two other recent stars had previously appeared on the show in different roles. Judi Evans appeared as Bonnie Lockhart and then a few weeks after exiting the show reprised her role as Adrienne Kiriakis. Josh Taylor may be known as Roman Brady, but 21 years prior to taking on the role of Roman, Taylor was known on-screen as Chris Kositchek.

Since leaving daytime television, Callahan has made a handful of primetime appearances. The most notable may be his guest-starring role on Desperate Housewives in 2006.

A DAYS spokesperson tells Soap Central that Callahan's role will be recurring. Though the length of his stay is only short-term, Callahan will make his Days of our Lives "debut" on November 24th.

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