"Some progress" made in getting Peter Reckell back as DAYS' Bo Brady?

Posted Friday, October 10, 2014 2:59:51 AM
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Peter Reckell
Could Peter Reckell be on the long and winding road back to Salem? It's too soon to say for sure, but the Emmy-nominated actor has reported that there is some movement on that front.

It's been nearly two years since Days of our Lives fans caught their last glimpse of Peter Reckell (Bo Brady). Might that be able to change? While it's too soon to say for certain, the Emmy-nominated actor took to Twitter to report "some progress."

"I very much appreciate your comments & keeping me up 2 date," Reckell posted, referencing fans who update him on the goings-on in Salem. "Not promising anything but, there maybe some progress!"

Adding later that he can "understand the frustration" fans have with not seeing him on-screen, the comments came nearly six months to the day after his previous public statement on his alter ego's missing-in-action status on DAYS.

"Going back to DAYS, I don't think that will ever happen as a long term commitment," Reckell said in April 2014. "Going back to close out Bo's story in a respectful way??? I would do that for you. You deserve better then what they have done to Bo. You have been very faithful and dedicated for years, decades!"

In current DAYS story, Hope filed for divorce from her errant husband, who is in parts unknown, working on a secret case. Hope has since caught the attention of (and feelings for) Aiden Jennings.

Reckell originated the role of Bo Brady in May 1983. He later left the show in 1987, before returning again from 1990 to 1992. His most recent return began in 1995 and ended October 30, 2012. Reckell earned his very first Daytime Emmy nomination, an Outstanding Lead Actor nod, in 2009.

UPDATE (October 13)
Reckell returned to Twitter several days after his original postings to clarify his previous statements.

"Sorry if I got your hopes up (about) DAYS. When I said there's movement, it's for something else," Reckell explained. "That old saying about doors opening and closing."

"With the connection Bo and Hope have always shared, I thought he could give her the OK to move on with her life, in a dream or something," Reckell added. "But the writers have written far ahead, and my suggestions are a bit too late. Which makes sense, so nothing came of that conversation.

Reckell also reiterated that his reasons for leaving DAYS were "the same as David Letterman's," to spend time with his family. "Money was NOT the issue."

Would you like to see Peter Reckell return, even if it's to phase Bo out? Should the show consider recasting the role? Tell us what you think in the Comments area below, or you can also click here to submit feedback.

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