Drake Hogestyn returns to DAYS post injury

Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2016 5:10:00 PM
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Drake Hogestyn returns to DAYS post injury

After recovering from a serious injury, Drake Hogestyn (John Black) has finally returned to Days of our Lives.

Fans have been concerned about the status of Days of our Lives Drake Hogestyn (John Black), who suffered an on-set injury back in May that forced him to be written out of story. But the actor has recovered and is finally back on set.

Writer Dena Higley took to Twitter to announce the news, writing: "Drake in studio today. Great that he's back."

In a statement made back in July, lawyers for Hogestyn claimed he was injured on set on May 5 while filming a stunt that required him to "break" through a prop door that had not been "properly prepared." The veteran actor reportedly "smashed headfirst" into the door and suffered "severe head injuries." He was quickly hospitalized after the accident and has been recovering for the past several months.

There's no word yet on what kind of court proceedings, if any, have or will result from the reported incident, but the fact that Hogestyn is back to work is viewed as a good sign.

Are you relieved to hear Hogestyn is back at DAYS? Did it feel like Salem without him? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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