DAYS' Kate Mansi on why you never kiss and tell on a soap opera

Posted Tuesday, December 04, 2018 12:21:06 PM

Days of our Lives' Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) opens up about the humorous nature of romantic connections on soap operas.

Some people call it the mattress mambo. Others call it a roll in the hay. But no matter what phrase one uses to describe lovemaking, there sure is a lot of it happening on daytime -- so much so that it's often difficult to name more than a handful of characters any given character on any given soap hasn't slept with. One would think that situation would make for countless uncomfortable run-ins every time said character left the house -- but somehow, each character's romantic history seems to fade away like water on a duck's back.

"It's so funny, because in real life, you'd be like, 'Whoa, you slept with my ex-boyfriend!' And that never happens," says Days of our Lives' Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) with a laugh.

She also adds that much like the characters on the show, the actors themselves don't generally discuss the "who's who" of their on-screen boot knocking -- mostly because there's just simply no time for it.

"I don't think we really talk about it, because the funny thing about DAYS is you would have a love scene, and then two minutes later, you'd be in another episode. Or you would be in a love scene, and it feels really important, but then like, [your costars have their own big stories]. For example, I remember when Kristian [Alfonso, Hope Brady] was doing the warehouse scenes [back in 2015]. I remember that whole month, when she was working so hard on the warehouse scenes, I had no idea what she was doing. And nobody had any idea what I was doing in the cabin scenes [with Robert Scott Wilson's Ben Weston]."

She continues: "It's like being an athlete: you just have to get there and work, and in your own personal life, maybe, you'll comment on it later. Like, 'Oh, yeah, I did this today. That was interesting.' [Laughs] But I feel like love scenes and on-screen partners are not something you talk about when you're working, at least from my perspective."

So, there you have it, the reason why actors don't kiss and tell on soap operas: they just don't have the time!

What do you think about the nature of romantic connections on soap operas? How would you react if every time you left the house, you ran into someone you'd previously been intimate with? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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