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Abigail told Jennifer that she wanted to remain in hiding. Sonny urged Adrienne, Justin, and Lucas to work things out with each other. Gabi told Chad she was going back to J.J. Kayla was upset about Jade's pregnancy. Theo tried to ruin things for Abe and Valerie's date. Blanca left town. Paul and Steve seemed baffled by the contents of Eduardo's shipment.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 21, 2016 on DAYS
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Justin pleads his case to Adrienne Justin pleads his case to Adrienne

Monday, November 21, 2016

by Mike

Gabi joined Dario for coffee in the town square and quickly found herself confiding in him about her love life. He didn't want her to get back together with J.J., but he insisted that she also needed to stay away from Chad. "Listen, sis, this is important, okay? If you want your family to have a new life -- if you want your father to succeed -- I'm sorry, you gotta make a choice: your family or Chad DiMera," he stressed.

After Gabi left, Dario contacted Blanca, who reluctantly agreed to meet with him. He tried to convince her to give him another chance, but she wasn't interested. He was stunned when she revealed that she had accepted a job in Chicago and would be leaving Salem later that night. He spontaneously kissed her in an effort to change her mind, but she pulled away and admitted that although she had enjoyed the kiss and was quite attracted to him, she couldn't allow herself to get sucked into another man's shady life. He sighed as he watched her walk away.

At the Horton house, Abigail joined Jennifer in the living room after J.J. left for work. Jennifer tried to talk Abigail into revealing to everyone that she was still alive, but Abigail remained determined to keep that information a secret. She admitted, in fact -- to Jennifer's dismay -- that she was thinking of leaving Salem again, since she couldn't stay hidden in the attic forever.

Abigail stressed that she never would have returned if J.J. hadn't been shot, but Jennifer suspected that Abigail had really returned because she had known, deep down, that leaving had been a terrible mistake. Abigail admitted that she had missed her loved ones. She insisted, however, that she couldn't just barge back into their lives and act like nothing had changed while she had been gone.

"[Chad's] moved on, Mom. He's...he's with Gabi now," Abigail explained with a sad shrug. Jennifer tried to assure Abigail that wasn't true, but Abigail was certain that it was, based on the way she had seen Chad and Gabi interacting in the town square. Abigail was also confident that even if Chad were still available, he wouldn't want her back after the way she had abandoned him and Thomas.

Jennifer thought Chad would forgive and forget easily enough, just as she had. Abigail still had her doubts, though, and she also sensed that she wasn't the only one who had noticed the connection between Chad and Gabi. Jennifer insisted that she didn't know if anything was going on between them. She added that what she was certain about was that Chad still loved Abigail and needed her back in his life, as did Thomas. "Don't you hide anymore, baby. You take your life back," she advised.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre tried to discuss a business matter with Chad, who was obviously distracted. With very little effort, Andre managed to get Chad to open up about what was bothering him -- his feelings for Gabi. "Chad, Chad, Chad. You're still in mourning. This is not the time to look for somebody else. Abigail's body's barely cold," Andre pointed out.

Chad complained that Andre was trying to make him feel disloyal, but Andre clarified that his point was that Chad wasn't disloyal at all. "Your heart is still with Abigail [and] all those loving memories [of her]," Andre reasoned. He added that even if Chad were ready to move on, it wouldn't be wise to do so with Gabi, of all people, given their history.

Chad insisted that Gabi had changed a lot since her days of being unhealthily obsessed with him. Andre conceded that his life experiences might be making him unfairly cynical about the matter. He maintained, however, that it would be best for Chad to focus on Thomas and the family business. "Gabi's a part of that business, so..." Chad pointed out. "Well, maybe she shouldn't be," Andre replied.

Later, at the Martin mansion, Andre contacted Laura to find out if Abigail had returned yet. When he learned that she hadn't, he revealed that he had figured out a way to track her down. After ending the call, he happily mused, "Ah, Abigail's in hiding. Just perfect. That way, I'm the one who's going to bring her back to Chad."

Meanwhile, Chad contacted Gabi and asked to see her. When she arrived at the DiMera mansion, he explained that he needed to talk to her about something important. She revealed that she actually wanted to talk to him about something important, too. They spent a few seconds trying to decide who would go first. Finally, he blurted out that he no longer needed her services as a fashion consultant. At the same time, she blurted out that she no longer wanted to work for him. They then began arguing about the announcements, each wondering what they had done to deserve the other's sudden dismissal.

Eventually, Chad and Gabi agreed that they had moved beyond an employer-employee situation and were getting a bit too close to each other for comfort. They also agreed that it was a bad time for either of them to be jumping into a new relationship. However, they started arguing again when he dared to offer her a severance package, despite her insistence that he didn't need to treat her like a charity case. "I don't want you to be nice to me!" she stressed. "Okay, fine, then I'm not gonna be nice!" he countered. They stared at each other for a moment then began kissing feverishly.

At St. Luke's, Justin begged Adrienne not to go through with the wedding, stressing that he was still in love with her. Sonny was unable to suppress a grin while watching his father fight to win back his mother. Philip displayed the opposite reaction as he grudgingly handed some cash to Kate to settle a bet they had made earlier about how the wedding ceremony would unfold. Lucas ordered Justin to leave, but Justin insisted on talking to Adrienne first, so she reluctantly agreed to hear him out, although she doubted there was anything he could say that would make her change her mind about marrying Lucas.

Justin wanted to speak to Adrienne privately, but Lucas refused to leave, prompting Sonny to volunteer to stay and act as a referee. Kate also refused to leave, and she insisted that Philip wasn't going anywhere, either. "Oh, for God's sake. Is anybody going to leave?" Justin asked incredulously. The priest confirmed that he was, and Steve also took advantage of the opportunity, anxious to continue talking to Joey. Kayla followed Steve and Joey out of the church. When they got to the lobby, Joey told Kayla that Jade was claiming to be pregnant with his child. Steve suggested moving to a different location to continue discussing the matter.

Meanwhile, Justin reiterated that he still loved Adrienne, and he guessed that, deep down, she still loved him, too. "Don't tell her how she feels! She's your ex for a reason!" Lucas protested. Sonny asked Lucas to let Justin finish talking. As Lucas reluctantly complied, Justin continued that he could tell, just from looking in Adrienne's eyes, that she still felt the same way he did. "From the first time I saw you on that park bench, crying, I knew that you were the one for me -- the only one. I know I've screwed up...but if I can -- if you'll let me -- I want to fix it. Will you give me that chance? One last chance?" he asked.

When Adrienne didn't respond right away, Justin added that they had a lifetime of memories together. "Yeah, and half of those memories have been painful as hell for her. How many times have you and Adrienne been divorced -- three or four?" Lucas countered. He continued that although he couldn't impress Adrienne with a Kiriakis-level bank account, he had an honest relationship with her that was based on more important things.

"You think you can just scream in here on your white horse and change everything at the last minute? What's the matter with you, man? Where you been? Where were you when Adrienne had her cancer scare? Where were you when your son was stabbed? I'll tell you where I was -- I was by her side, holding her hand [and] helping her through the whole thing, while you were in Dubai, hitting the sheets with your ever-loving Elsa," Lucas pointed out. He added that he and Adrienne had a lot in common with each other -- probably more than Justin was willing to admit -- and she could be herself around him -- a luxury she had never had with Justin.

Philip held his hand out expectantly, believing that the bet was back in his favor again, but Kate wasn't ready to admit defeat yet. Meanwhile, Lucas urged Justin to leave then asked Adrienne if she was ready to get the wedding back on track. When she hesitated, Kate complained, "Oh, for God's sake! I knew this would happen; I knew she would break your heart! She always goes back to that womanizer!" Sonny countered that although he was willing to give Kate a break out of respect for Will, she needed to take a step back. "Oh, come on, Sonny. Even you've got to see how ridiculous this is," Philip protested. Lucas told the trio to stay out of the matter, insisting that it was none of their business. Justin, meanwhile, tried to get everyone to take a deep breath and calm down.

"Stop! Stop, please! I can't think!" Adrienne shouted. Once she had everyone's attention, she tearfully admitted that she did still love Justin -- but she loved Lucas, too. "This isn't a two-for-one sale. Make up your damn mind, Adrienne!" Kate snapped. Adrienne hesitated a few more moments then dropped her bouquet and ran out of the church in tears.

Justin started to chase after Adrienne, but Lucas grabbed him and told him to leave her alone. When Justin made another attempt to leave the church, Lucas angrily punched him. Sonny and Philip stepped in before things could escalate further, but Justin and Lucas continued yelling at each other while they were being kept separated. Sonny eventually convinced Justin to leave with him. Sonny apologetically handed Lucas the wedding rings then started to follow Justin out of the church. Lucas urged Sonny not to let Justin go after Adrienne, insisting that she needed some time alone.

Kate told Lucas she was sorry about what had happened. She added, however, that she believed it was for the best. "You were right, Mom. You're always right. Break out the Champagne and celebrate. Go ahead," Lucas bitterly replied. Philip tried to say that he was sorry, too, but Lucas didn't want to hear either family member's words of comfort. He told them both to leave, and once they were gone, he broke down as he stared at the wedding rings.

Sonny found Adrienne sobbing in a secluded section of the town square. She insisted that she was an awful person, and she refused to listen when he tried to assure her that wasn't true. "I just broke Lucas' heart! And as for your father, what is wrong with him? Why did he wait so long?" she asked. Sonny gently replied that he didn't have an answer for that question. "But there's no sense in looking back. There's not. We just need to figure out what you're gonna do now," he added. "I wish I knew!" she said as she continued sobbing in his arms.

At the Brady Pub, Steve and Kayla voiced suspicions about Jade's pregnancy claim, noting that the timing seemed awfully convenient. "She said she'd take a test if I wanted her to," Joey muttered as he picked at a plate of food he had barely touched. Allowing for the possibility that Jade could be telling the truth about being pregnant, Steve wondered if Joey was sure the baby was his. "Yeah. I mean, she hasn't been seeing anyone else, [and it] times out about right, so..." Joey replied with a shrug. He added that Jade's parents had kicked her out after she had told them about the pregnancy.

Joey soon received a call from Jade and reluctantly stepped outside to answer it. After he left, Kayla fretted to Steve that Joey wasn't ready to be a father yet -- and they weren't ready for such a situation, either. She took Steve's glass of whiskey and gulped it down as Joey reentered the pub. He rejoined his parents and explained that Jade had called to ask for ginger ale and rocky road ice cream.

Steve wondered if Joey was ready to be a father. "I don't have a choice, do I? I just have to man up [and] find a way to take care of Jade and the baby," Joey muttered. He decided that he would probably drop out of college and get a job. "No more playing teenager. Time to be an adult, right? I have no one to blame but myself," he sadly acknowledged.

Adrienne can't decide between men

Adrienne can't decide between men

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

At the square, Justin was drinking in the café when Victor approached him. Justin told Victor how he had interrupted Adrienne's wedding to declare his love for her. "You always did have an interesting sense of timing," Victor said with a chuckle.

Justin started to comment that he knew that Victor did not like Adrienne, but Victor stopped him. Victor said he had learned recently that people could change for the better. Victor added that he could see how much Adrienne meant to Justin.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas sat at the bar and stared at the bottles of alcohol on the shelves. A tipsy Anne joked to Lucas from across the bar about his tough decision. "Unlike some people, I know what I want," Lucas retorted. Anne complained that she was drinking because her only friend, Theresa, had left town without a word. Lucas joined Anne at her table. Lucas explained that he had been jilted at the altar.

Anne ordered a mai tai for Lucas and placed it in front of him. After staring intently at the drink, Lucas pulled his seven-year sobriety chip out of his pocket and showed it to Anne. Anne apologized profusely. Feeling guilty, Anne grabbed Lucas' drink and sucked it down quickly. As Anne coughed, she smiled at Lucas. Anne asked Lucas why his bride had left him. Unsure, Lucas said he thought Adrienne had been confused.

At the Salem Inn, Adrienne wondered aloud what was wrong with her that she could not decide between her two suitors. Sonny listened as Adrienne blamed Justin for ruining her wedding then he sheepishly apologized for encouraging Justin to express his feelings. Sonny said he had not intended to encourage Justin to tell Adrienne during the ceremony. While Adrienne was in the bathroom, Sonny texted Justin and Lucas.

Justin arrived with a bouquet of flowers, closely followed by Lucas with a bouquet of flowers. The two men were annoyed at Sonny for interfering. When Adrienne exited the bathroom and saw the two men and her son, she started weeping again. Sonny explained that he would not let any of them leave the room until they figured out what they wanted. As Justin, Lucas, and Adrienne stared at one another, Sonny went into he hallway to wait and block their exit.

When Adrienne noted that she could not make a decision, Justin suggested that both he and Lucas plead their case to Adrienne. Lucas agreed, and after a game of rock-paper-scissors, Justin gave his speech first. Justin said that he knew Adrienne better than anyone, and he rattled off a list of things about Adrienne that he loved. Justin promised to love and be faithful to Adrienne for the rest of his life.

When Lucas spoke, he compared Adrienne's relationship with Justin to his with Sami. Lucas said that relationships like that were similar to alcoholism: a person would think the next time would be better, but it never worked out. Lucas said that he wanted Adrienne to look to the future with him instead of looking to the past to forgive Justin. Overwhelmed, Adrienne attempted to leave, but Sonny blocked her exit. Sonny pushed his mother back into the room and said that he would not let any of them leave until the situation was resolved.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi and Chad kissed passionately in the living room. The two pulled away. When Chad wondered aloud what they had been avoiding, Gabi shrugged and asked, "Why?" Chad and Gabi kissed again, and she pushed him onto the couch and straddled him. As Chad grabbed Gabi's hips, her phone beeped. Gabi broke away to check her phone. With a nervous chuckle, Gabi explained that the babysitter had texted her photos of Arianna. "This feels wrong," Chad said. Gabi agreed.

Gabi and Chad stood and straightened their clothes. Gabi noted that neither of them should drag their children into a rebound relationship. Chad suggested that they give one another space and time apart. Gabi added that if anything happened in the future, she wanted them to be sure it was what they both wanted. Chad urged Gabi to talk to J.J.

At the police station, J.J. told Rafe that he had cheated on Gabi, and she had dumped him. Rafe fumed, but he refused to punch or yell at J.J. Rafe explained that he had lost a sister, and he knew how devastating that could be for someone. Rafe added that if Gabi chose to forgive J.J., he would, too, because J.J. was a good cop and a good guy.

"I could tell you how special your sister is, but you know how strong and amazing she is," J.J. said as Gabi entered the station. Gabi listened from the doorway as J.J. said that Gabi had been the light in his life when he had been broken and lost. J.J. lamented that he had been one more terrible thing in Gabi's life that she had needed to overcome. As J.J. promised to be a better man, he noticed Gabi standing in the doorway, watching him. Rafe excused himself and left the two lovers alone to talk.

Gabi said she was devastated by J.J.'s betrayal and that she could not get over her broken heart. J.J. said that he could not change the past, but he wanted Gabi to forgive him and give him another chance. Reluctantly, Gabi said she believed J.J. meant what he said, but she was scared to trust him again. J.J. said he believed they could still have a great life together. With a small smile, Gabi reached over and took J.J.'s hand.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate walked into the living room and saw Chad staring at a photograph of Abigail. Chad sighed and said that he missed Abigail's advice. Kate reminded Chad that he had secured Mr. Bush as an investor on his own, but Chad countered that Gabi had secured the investor. As Chad talked about what a great asset Gabi had been, Kate smiled knowingly. Kate asked Chad if his dilemma was about Gabi.

Chad denied that he was interested in Gabi, but Kate was not buying his protestations. Seeing the look on Kate's face, Chad assured her that he and Gabi had worked things out. With a sigh, Kate said that she thought of Chad like a son, and she wanted him to be happy. Kate joked that her kids always picked the wrong person, and she shared the story of Lucas' failed wedding. Chad asked Kate if she was suggesting that Gabi was wrong for him.

"Your wife died, but you didn't," Kate said. Kate added that she had not seen Chad smile the way he had when he talked about Gabi since before Abigail had died. Kate encouraged Chad to treasure his memories but move on with his life. "If you love a ghost, you end up becoming one," Kate advised.

In the Horton living room, Abigail expressed her worry that Chad had moved on with Gabi. Jennifer disagreed and said if anything was going on, it was a rebound relationship. Jennifer encouraged Abigail to reach out to Chad, since she was doing well. Shaking her head, Abigail said that she had left in order to give Chad a chance to be happy. Jennifer countered that Chad would only be happy if his wife returned home.

There was a knock at the door, and a panicked Abigail ran into the kitchen to hide. Jennifer opened the door and found Andre. Andre insisted that he wanted to give Jennifer a statement for the paper about Hope's sentencing. Jennifer resisted, but Andre pushed his way into the house. Acquiescing, Jennifer pulled out a pen and paper and wrote down Andre's statement as he looked around the room. Andre asked Jennifer if she had company. Shaking her head, Jennifer said she had been having dinner with J.J.

Coughing, Andre asked for a glass of water. While Jennifer went into the kitchen to fetch the water, Andre slipped a fork from a nearby plate into his coat pocket. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, Andre looked out the window and saw Abigail sneaking past it. Andre called out that he did not need any water, and he rushed out after Abigail.

Andre caught up with Abigail in the park off the square. Concerned, Andre pressed Abigail for details about her dinner with Jennifer, since he had been the person that had helped her fake her death. Abigail swore that she had not told Jennifer about Andre or Laura's involvement in the scheme. Andre encouraged Abigail to reveal herself to Chad, but Abigail countered that Chad had moved on. With a groan, Andre said that Chad had a flirtatious relationship with Gabi and nothing more. Andre urged Abigail to tell Chad because she was the love of Chad's life. Abigail agreed.

In the square, Chad pushed Thomas's stroller past the café. As Chad stopped to fuss over Thomas, Andre and Abigail walked into the square and saw him. Panicked, Abigail turned to flee, but Andre grabbed her by the arm and held her in place. Andre claimed that it was fate that they had run into Chad. Andre pushed Abigail toward Chad and said, "Give him a purpose to live."

Gabi makes a decision about her love life

Gabi makes a decision about her love life

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

by Mike

While working at the hospital, Ciara and Claire exchanged horror stories about the things they had been asked to do that day, including reading Fifty Shades of Grey to an old lady and delivering unidentified specimens to the lab. Despite the somewhat traumatic experiences, they both seemed to enjoy being candy stripers; Ciara, in particular, was grateful that the job was keeping her too busy to spend much time worrying about her mother, whom she would not be able to see often because the prison only allowed a total of four hours of visitation per month.

Meanwhile, nearby, Abe gave Valerie a bouquet of flowers and wondered if she was ready for their dinner date. Claire overheard and quickly called Theo to tell him what was going on. He managed to get to the hospital in time to catch Abe and Valerie, arriving just as they were wrapping up a conversation about where they were going to eat. Claire and Ciara stuck around to watch the scene unfold.

"You're about to make the biggest mistake of your life," Theo warned his father, revealing that he had recently overheard Valerie lying to someone about where she was. Abe was sure there had to be a reasonable explanation, but Valerie admitted that the "reasonable" part was open to debate. She explained that she had lied to her department head about being in New York so he wouldn't know that she had canceled a lecture there in favor of staying in Salem to monitor Abe's recovery.

Theo suspiciously wondered why Valerie had felt the need to lie about such a thing. "I was trying not to stir up any trouble. And here I am, causing it [anyway]," she replied. "Yeah, you are," he agreed. Abe sighed and asked for a moment alone with Theo. After Valerie stepped aside, Abe told Theo to drop the matter, insisting that it was none of their business. Theo tried to protest, but Abe was adamant. He added that he also wanted Theo to be nicer to Valerie if they ever crossed paths again. Theo didn't make any promises, but he grudgingly remained silent as he watched Abe rejoin Valerie and board the nearby elevator with her.

Later, Ciara and Claire tracked Theo down in a break room and wondered if he was okay. He maintained that Valerie was playing Abe. Ciara thought Valerie's story had sounded plausible, but Claire disagreed, reasoning that no boss would be upset about an employee skipping a lecture to help a patient. She guessed that the department head hadn't even been on the other end of the phone conversation Theo had overheard, and he agreed. She suggested using the Internet to find out everything there was to know about Valerie. "If we find enough dirt on Shady Val, your dad will have to believe us," she told Theo, who was receptive despite Ciara's warning that meddling would be a bad idea.

Shawn arrived in time to hear what the teens were discussing. After sending Ciara and Theo away, he made it clear that he wanted Claire to stay out of Abe's personal life. Claire tried to protest, but he quickly stopped her. "Listen, if Theo wants to get involved in his dad's business, then that is his problem, [but] I mean it, Claire -- stay out of it," he stressed.

Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, Ciara again advised Theo to stop meddling, reminding him that Valerie probably wouldn't be around much longer, anyway. He pointed out that Claire shared his opinion that Valerie couldn't be trusted, but Ciara dismissively countered that although she loved Claire, the fact of the matter was that the whole thing was just a game to her. She advised him to be careful about letting Claire talk him into doing something he might later regret.

"She's not! I mean, I can make up my own mind!" Theo snapped. Ciara gave up and started to walk away, but he quickly stopped her and apologized for the outburst. Meanwhile, Claire rejoined them and claimed, when asked, that her father had just wanted to remind her to call her mother. She suggested tabling the Valerie conversation for the rest of the night in favor of going to see a movie. Theo agreed and invited Ciara to tag along, but she declined, claiming that she was too tired. She sighed as she watched Theo and Claire walk away with their arms around each other.

At the Brady Pub, Abe apologized to Valerie for the way Theo had acted earlier. "I think I told you that he's on the spectrum. He's very high functioning, but his thinking can be...pretty concrete," he explained. "Well, that aside, you know, any kid in his situation would have his guard up about me. I mean, my son would probably act the same way," she replied. He was surprised to learn that she had a son. "I wasn't trying to keep it from you; it just never came up," she explained. She added, when asked, that her son's father had left the picture many years earlier.

While camped outside Adrienne's hotel room, Sonny received a phone call from Paul, who wanted to talk to him about something. Sonny asked Paul to meet him at the Salem Inn. When Paul arrived, Sonny explained why he couldn't leave his post at that time. He then wondered what Paul wanted to talk to him about. Paul explained that the Hernandez family was supposed to receive a shipment of goods later that night -- and he and Steve planned to be at the docks to intercept it.

Sonny said he was sorry that the job required Paul to work such late hours. He wondered if Derrick was okay with the idea of Paul being out late that night. Paul said Derrick understood that being a private investigator meant working odd hours, and he added that Derrick's job was similarly demanding. "Good. 'Cause I -- I just didn't want to cause problems between the two of you," Sonny stressed. He thanked Paul for agreeing to do the job. "Anything for an old friend," Paul replied before walking away. A short time later, he returned with a pillow, a blanket, and a bag of snacks for Sonny, who was touched that he had taken the time to do such a thing.

Later, at the docks, Steve posed as a homeless beggar to distract a shipping crewman long enough for Paul to grab one of the crates the crewman was unloading. Once the coast was clear, Steve and Paul took the crate to a secluded section of the town square and opened it. Inside, they found a designer handbag that Paul quickly determined, based on his experience in the fashion industry, was a knockoff. Steve was pretty confident that it wasn't illegal to sell such items, provided that they weren't being passed off as the real deal. "Then why would Eduardo keep this such a big secret?" Paul wondered. "Beats the hell out of me," Steve replied.

At the police station, Gabi admitted that although she wanted to forgive J.J. for his one-night stand, she was worried about getting hurt again. "I deserve that. Trust has to be rebuilt. Put me on probation. That's all I ask. If you give me another shot, I will treat you better than any guy has ever treated any woman -- ever. I will never lie to you, and I will never hide things from you again," he promised.

Gabi still had reservations, but J.J. wasn't ready to give up yet. "I love you, Gabriella Adriana Josephina Hernandez," he stressed. Taken aback, she wondered how he had learned her confirmation name. "I asked your mom 'cause I want to know everything about you," he explained. He assured her that his one-night stand never would have happened in the first place if he hadn't been distraught at the time due to Abigail's death. "Can we please, please try again?" he asked. After a moment of hesitation, she smiled and agreed to give him another chance. Thrilled, he promised she would never regret that decision.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad started confiding in Thomas about his feelings for Gabi. "Thanks. You're a lot of help," he muttered when the child failed to respond with sage advice about the matter. Meanwhile, just out of earshot, Abigail thought about greeting Chad but soon changed her mind and tried to run away. Andre stopped her and managed to talk her back into the idea of revealing herself to Chad, but before she could do so, Gabi approached Chad and asked to talk to him. Abigail watched for a moment then rushed off.

When Andre caught up with Abigail in a more secluded area, she fretted that Chad was clearly falling in love with Gabi. Andre tried to assure Abigail that she was the only person Chad truly loved, but she wasn't convinced. "You know, even if Chad was attracted to Gabi, that's because he thinks you're dead. You are the love of his life -- I know that for a fact. [And] what about Thomas? Even if it didn't work out between you and Chad, doesn't Thomas have a right to grow up with his mother by his side to guide him? Isn't he -- isn't he worth reclaiming your life?" Andre reasoned.

Abigail realized that Andre was right. She abruptly excused herself, guessing that Jennifer might start to get worried about her if she stayed out much longer. Andre handed her an untraceable cell phone so she could contact him if she ever needed anything. "Why are you being so nice to me?" she wondered. "'Cause you're the only family I have left," he replied. He asked if she was planning to stay in Salem. She confirmed that she was -- at least for the time being -- then rushed off without waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, Chad told Gabi that he wanted to talk to her about something, too. He urged her to go first, though, not wanting a repeat of what had happened earlier. She thanked him for suggesting that it would be best for them to just be friends. She added that she had talked to J.J. earlier and had decided to give him another chance. "Great. That's great," Chad replied, trying to hide his disappointment.

Later, after contacting Sonny, Chad joined him at the Salem Inn, armed with a six-pack of beer and some sandwiches. Sonny explained why he was guarding one of the hotel rooms then changed the subject, wondering how Chad's life was going. "Tonight? Not so good," Chad admitted. Realizing that was why Chad had offered to deliver beer and food to him, Sonny braced himself for the gory details. He was surprised to hear that Chad had developed feelings for Gabi. Chad said he wasn't going to try to compete with J.J. for her affections, not just because she had told him she loved J.J. but also because J.J. was Abigail's brother.

"Well, I think you made the right decision. Being alone is not fun, but..." Sonny said before letting his voice trail off. Chad seized the opportunity to ask about Paul. Sonny explained that he had told Paul months earlier that he just wanted to be his friend. "And now he wants the same thing," he added. Sensing a hint of disappointment, Chad guessed that Sonny had since changed his mind. "Doesn't matter. He's seeing someone," Sonny replied with a shrug. "Well, we're in the same boat. Life sucks," Chad concluded.

J.J. ran into Gabi in the town square and wondered if she and Arianna would like to spend Thanksgiving at the Horton house. She happily accepted the offer, but when he added that it would also be a celebration of Thomas' first birthday, she realized that Chad would be there, too. "Is that a problem?" he asked. "No. Not at all. Sounds like fun," she replied.

Abigail returned to the Horton house and started to go to the attic, but she stopped herself when she saw a birthday present sitting in the foyer. "Maybe Andre's right. Maybe I do need to be with Thomas," she muttered as she stared at the boy's name on the package.

Thanksgiving Preemption

Thanksgiving Preemption

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

Thanksgiving Preemption

Thanksgiving Preemption

Friday, November 25, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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