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Kate blackmailed Snyder. Lucas convinced Jake not to tell Kate about their breakup. Xander moved into the Horton house and found pills in Gwen's purse. Sami confronted Nicole about her affair with Xander. Ava and Rafe had sex. Julie gave Alice's doughnut recipe to Chanel. After a talk with Clyde, Ben signed his divorce papers. Marlena and Paulina bonded. Belle plead guilty. Chloe refused to kill Claire for Jan. Ben saved Claire from a fire. Philip rescued Chloe. Jan fell into another coma.
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Kate blackmailed Snyder, Ava and Rafe had sex, and Jan shot Chloe after Chloe refused to kill Claire
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PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air

Monday, May 31, 2021

Due to the Memorial Day holiday and NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, June 1, and picked up where the Friday, May 28, episode concluded.

Kate blackmails her doctor Kate blackmails her doctor

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

At Nicole's apartment, Sami accused Nicole of sleeping with Xander. "I don't know what you're talking about," Nicole said. Nicole stressed that she would never cheat on Eric, much less touch Xander. Sami was unfazed as Nicole argued that she had barely been able to walk after her night of drinking.

"Is that some sort of excuse?" Sami asked. Nicole said Xander had helped her into the hotel, but she had secured her own hotel room. "You must think I'm an idiot to believe a story like that," Sami said. When Sami laughed, Nicole argued that Sami had some nerve to accuse Nicole of an affair after Sami had cheated on her husband.

"I did not cheat on E.J.!" Sami objected. Nicole clarified that she meant when Sami had cheated on Rafe with E.J. Sami laughed nervously. Nicole argued that Sami had not changed. "I can't believe you're bringing that up at all. I thought my son was dead," Sami reminded Nicole. "Quite the aphrodisiac," Nicole joked. Sami told Nicole to shut up.

Suspicious, Nicole pointed out that Sami had been defensive about her marriage. "I'm not gonna stand here and listen to baseless accusations from you," Sami said. Nicole reminded Sami that she had stopped by to level an accusation at Nicole. "Why don't you do us both a favor, Sami, and get the hell out?" Nicole asked. Sami vowed to learn the truth.

In the Horton living room, Xander asked Jack if he could stay on the couch temporarily until his job at Basic Black came through. "You know life is more fun when I'm around," Xander said. Reluctantly, Jack agreed to let Xander stay. "Over my dead body!" Julie yelled from the doorway. Julie argued that Jack had already invited one unwelcome houseguest into the house, and she did not want Xander in the house, as well.

"You have every right to be distrustful. I mean, I displayed an unconscionable lack of decorum last time I stayed here," Xander said. Julie pointed out that Xander had been naked on the sofa where she normally snuggled with Doug. Xander promised to never be naked on the couch again because the last time he had been drunk had been because of his bachelor party.

When Julie reminded Xander that he had shown up at the restaurant drunk, as well, Xander looked to Jack for backup. Jack shrugged. Xander apologized to Julie for his behavior, and he explained that Sarah had left him. "When Sarah left, I was hardly in my right mind, and when you asked me to leave, I did," Xander said. Julie pointed out that Xander had stolen a bottle of expensive whiskey on the way out of the door.

"I advise you to be honest at this point," Jack said. Xander swore he did not remember stealing the bottle from Julie, and he offered to pay for the alcohol. When Julie said the bottle was $200, Xander asked Jack for a loan. Jack paid. "Why are you enabling him?" Julie asked Jack. "Because he's my friend," Xander suggested.

When Xander asked Julie if she was okay with him staying in the house, Julie noted that Jack and Jennifer owned the house. "What choice do I have?" Julie said. "That's the spirit. I, for one, am honored to be your housemate. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," Xander said. Xander held his arms out to hug Julie, and she backed away.

After Rafe and Ava had sex in her bedroom, Rafe asked Ava if it had been too sudden. "We have been living together for months now," Ava said. When Ava teased Rafe about sleeping with an ex-mobster, Rafe pointed out that everyone had a past.

"We did nothing wrong," Rafe said. "I do know someone who may disagree," Ava countered. Curious, Rafe asked who. "Your sister, for one," Ava said. Ava told Rafe about her conversation with Gabi. "She really does not like me," Ava said with a laugh. "My sister has never been shy about sharing her opinions, but that is not cool, and I am going to talk to her," Rafe said. Ava assured Rafe that he did not need to talk to Gabi, but Rafe insisted.

"So, you really don't care what your sister thinks of me?" Ava asked. Rafe shook his head no. Ava and Rafe kissed. As things heated up, Ava asked Rafe if they could pause the kissing and go get food from the kitchen. After Rafe whipped up some eggs, he went to the front porch to get the paper. Nicole was on the stoop. Nicole glanced inside the house and saw a lingerie-clad Ava holding two plates of eggs in the kitchen. Nicole handed Rafe his newspaper.

"What can I do for you?" Rafe asked. Nicole said she was there to see Ava. "So, this is a bad time," Nicole said. Rafe told Nicole to stay because he needed to get dressed. As Rafe headed back into the bedroom, Nicole apologized to Ava for the intrusion. "Just glad you hadn't showed up half an hour earlier," Ava joked.

"I'm so happy for you. I'm happy for both of you," Nicole said. Ava asked Nicole why she wanted to talk. Nicole told Ava about Sami's visit. "That guy that you told me about wouldn't happen to be Xander, would it?" Ava asked. Ava told Nicole that Rafe had seen Nicole in Xander's room.

"Promise me that you won't say anything to Rafe," Nicole pleaded. Rafe returned to the room. Uncomfortable, Nicole excused herself and left. "What was that all about?" Rafe asked. "I think she felt a little awkward," Ava said. Rafe asked Ava if she had told Nicole that they had slept together. Ava noted that she had confirmed Nicole's suspicion. "Are you okay with that? Do you mind that I told her?" Ava asked. "Why would I mind?" Rafe asked.

In the hospital waiting area, Gabi told Jake that she could see his guilty conscience. "It's not just guilt," Jake said. Gabi asked Jake if he intended to go back to Kate. "I will tell [Kate] the truth about us," Jake promised. Jake added that he needed to find the right time to tell Kate, but he could not hurt Kate when she was still in a vulnerable state.

"It is over between me and Kate, and I am going to tell her soon," Jake stressed. "Like hell you are!" Lucas objected as he walked over. "What is wrong with you two?" Lucas added. Gabi warned Lucas that Jake's relationships were not Lucas' business. "Don't waltz in there right now and tell her that you want to be with Gabi," Lucas growled. Jake said he did not want to hurt Kate.

"You will wait 'til [Kate] feels better before you tell her that you wanna be with this snake," Lucas said as he nodded at Gabi. "This snake happens to be the mother of your grandchild," Gabi muttered. Jake warned Lucas that his comment was uncalled for, and Lucas apologized. "I'm worried about my mother, okay? I want her to feel better," Lucas said. Jake stressed that he and Gabi wanted Kate to be well, too. "I still care about [Kate]," Jake said.

After Jake left to visit Kate's room, Gabi asked Lucas if he wanted his mother to be in a relationship with someone who did not want to be with her. "And I'm sure you didn't do anything to undermine my mother," Lucas said. "We are all adults here. We all make our own choices," Gabi said. Gabi asked Lucas how Kate would feel when she learned the truth.

"I will deal with the emotional fallout after. But right now, Jake belongs with her. That's his place," Lucas stressed. "What about your place?" Gabi asked. Gabi reminded Lucas that he lived under her roof, and if he opposed her relationship with Jake, then Lucas needed to move out.

In Kate's hospital room, Dr. Snyder examined Kate, and he determined that there were no physical problems with her eyes. When Snyder suggested that Kate's symptoms could be hysterical blindness, Kate rattled off the list of her recent traumatic events. Kate added Jake's infidelity with Gabi to her list. Confused, Snyder asked Kate about her memory problems. Kate admitted that she remembered seeing Jake with Gabi.

"Then it's fair to say your amnesia is exaggerated," Snyder commented. Kate sighed dramatically. Suspicious, Snyder noted, "You're not blind at all, are you?" Kate looked directly at Snyder. Kate admitted that her vision and memory were perfect. Snyder asked Kate why she had lied. Kate explained that she had overheard Jake and Gabi talk about their future together when they had believed that Kate was unconscious.

"I would not, could not let that stand," Kate said. "So, you decided to pretend you were blind and suffering memory loss?" Snyder asked. Kate warned Snyder that he could not tell anyone about her lies. When Snyder mentioned doctor-patient confidentiality, Kate said she was familiar with the history of complaints against him at the hospital. "Accusations only," Snyder said. Kate warned Snyder that if he told anyone about her condition, she would use all her contacts on the board to fire him from the hospital.

"So, straight-up extortion," Snyder noted. "I'd rather think of it as one colleague helping another. So, doctor, do we have an understanding?" Kate asked. Before Snyder could respond, Jake walked into the room. Snyder told Jake that Kate had sustained damage to the optic nerve.

"How we proceed from here is obviously up to Mrs. DiMera," Snyder said. "He means my attitude. My will to get better," Kate interjected. Jake asked about the memory loss. Snyder noted that the brain was often a mystery. Jake asked Snyder how he could help Kate. Kate prompted Snyder to answer.

"What Kate needs the most at this point is the love and support of the people that mean the most to her," Snyder said. Snyder announced that he needed to run more tests, and he walked out. "How are you doing?" Jake asked Kate. "I don't know. It's just overwhelming," Kate said. Kate sniffled back tears. Jake reminded Kate that she was one of the toughest people he knew.

"You can handle anything," Jake said. In tears, Kate confided that she needed Jake. Jake pulled Kate into a hug to comfort her. Kate dropped the fake tears as Jake held her close. Gabi walked in and saw Jake and Kate wrapped in each other's arms.

Sami returned home to the penthouse, and she grumbled to herself about Nicole's affair with Xander. "Eric deserves better," Sami muttered. E.J. called Sami's phone, and she asked him why he had canceled the money transfer. "Is there something you're not telling me?" Sami asked. Sami argued that E.J. had taken a big chance in taking back the money when Sami's life had been at risk.

When Lucas walked in the room, Sami told E.J. she had to end the call because Marlena had walked in. As Sami turned off her phone, Lucas imitated Marlena's voice. "That's really creepy and not funny at all," Sami deadpanned. Sami told Lucas that she had been on the phone with E.J., and she was concerned about what E.J. knew. Lucas was confident that E.J. would have confronted Sami if he had known that she had slept with Lucas.

Sami asked about Kate. Lucas told Sami that Kate still had no vision or memory of Kristen's attack. "What about that guy Jake? The breakup?" Sami asked. Lucas said that Kate had no idea that she and Jake were broken up. After Lucas told Sami about his conversation with Jake and Gabi, Sami called Jake a pig. Lucas noted that Gabi was unhappy with him.

"Really? Gabi wasn't happy at the idea of her boyfriend pretending to be with his ex? I'm shocked," Sami said sarcastically. Lucas explained that Gabi had kicked him out of the mansion. "Do not look at me like that!" Sami yelled. Sami argued that Lucas could not move into the penthouse after what had happened between them.

"Fine I won't sleep with you anymore! My bad," Lucas joked. Sami told Lucas about her confrontation with Nicole. "I'm going to find a way to prove that [Nicole] cheated on Eric," Sami vowed.

Belle goes to great lengths in an effort to save Claire Belle goes to great lengths in an effort to save Claire

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

by Mike

While passing through the town square, Marlena continued a phone conversation with John, who had been driving around with Brady "for hours" in search of Claire and Chloe. "I'm worried sick about [them, too, but] Brady is exhausted [and] needs his rest, [so]...please, just go home," Marlena advised John before ending the call -- just as Paulina approached with some luggage, en route to the nearby Salem Inn.

Paulina greeted Marlena and explained that they knew each other through Tamara Price. "I still remember when you used to come and visit --" Marlena began to recall after giving Paulina a hug. "Back when you and my sister were rooming together in college -- [and] I still had my retainer [and] wore my hair in pigtails," Paulina concluded for Marlena with a laugh. "You were a picture..." Marlena politely assured Paulina, also laughing.

Paulina admitted to having looked up to Marlena as a role model back then. "That's sweet of you to say -- I needed to hear that today," Marlena responded. "You having a tough time?" Paulina assumed. "Yeah, you might say that -- my daughter's got herself in quite a fix..." Marlena confirmed. "Sounds familiar..." Paulina grumbled before explaining what had recently happened with Chanel -- then listening as Marlena revealed what was going on with Belle and Claire.

Paulina predicted that Claire, like Jules and Carver, would be rescued eventually. "You [just] have to believe -- [that tactic] has served me well over the years; whenever something has seemed impossible, I have just willed [it into being]. Like this square -- I have big plans for it; [see], I bought a few of these buildings [already], and I intend to buy some more...[or, preferably], all of them. [And then] I have this vision to interconnect all the storefronts [and] unify the space into one shared marketplace [then] offer reasonable rents to a wide array of small business owners [so that], when I'm finished, this area [will] be a dynamic and inclusive community, one that honors and represents the true diversity of Salem," Paulina bragged.

" you approve of my vision?" Paulina wondered. "Well...I think it's great -- whatever improves the community... And I think that Tom and Alice would approve -- they'd be proud," Marlena responded. "Who are they, again?" Paulina stammered. "Oh -- they're the people after whom this square is named," Marlena clarified. "Why?" Paulina protested. "Oh... Well, they were the most respected people in all of Salem -- they were kind, they were generous, they had hearts bigger than the entire community, they had an amazing family and left us a living legacy... In fact, Eli is their great-great-grandson," Marlena explained. "That means the twins are their great-great-great-grandchildren -- [and] this square is Jules and Carver's legacy?" Paulina realized. "Exactly," Marlena confirmed. "Sounds like I got a lot to live up to..." Paulina muttered.

After parting ways with Marlena, Paulina finally took a good look at Tom and Alice's memorial plaque. "You seem like lovely people -- just like your friend Marlena... I almost feel guilty for lying to her just now about what I really have planned for this little square of yours..." Paulina mused with a laugh.

At the police station, Shawn and Philip waited anxiously outside one of the conference rooms, where Belle was meeting with Trask. "Do you think Jan will hear about Belle confessing to Charlie's murder and just...let Chloe and Claire go?" Philip challenged Shawn. "I don't know, [but] it's the best chance that we have right now," Shawn reminded Philip. "I can't believe we're pinning our hopes on being able to trust Jan," Philip grumbled. "We don't have any other choice," Shawn stressed.

"I [just] hope that Trask doesn't get suspicious about Belle's sudden about-face," Shawn fretted. "Why not just tell her it's all a setup?" Philip wondered. "Because I don't think she's gonna go along with it," Shawn explained.

Meanwhile, Trask questioned the true intention of Belle's sudden confession. "Why are you complicating things? Just enter the confession into the record [then] go out and give your big celebratory press conference!" Belle advised. "And then what? I make a big public deal about it, and [then] Justin uses it against me -- he [argues] that the confession was coerced [and] has it thrown out, and then, suddenly, my case is in disarray?" Trask guessed. "That's not what's happening here," Belle insisted. "Then prove it -- because unless we go to the courthouse right now [and] enter a plea of guilty, then I'll have no choice but to reject this confession," Trask countered.

"Changing a plea requires a hearing, [and] we don't have a court date --" Belle tried to object. "We were scheduled to begin your trial today, [so]'s very simple -- we appear before the judge [and] your attorney announces that you intend to change your plea, [and then] I'm sure the judge will be more than happy to save the taxpayers money and skip straight to your conviction," Trask reasoned. "I'm gonna have to talk to my attorney about this --" Belle attempted to protest. "I've already let him know that we're on the way to the courthouse. [But] you will change your plea, won't you?" Trask countered. "Yes," Belle reluctantly agreed, out of stall tactics.

Satisfied, Trask gave Belle a few minutes alone with Shawn and Philip to explain the change of plans. "This is one hell of a Hail Mary..." Philip warned. "You're with me on this?" Belle challenged Shawn. "I'm always with you," Shawn hesitantly assured Belle. "But what if Jan doesn't --" Philip fretted. "Jan's unstable, to say the least, but we know what it is that really matters to her --" Shawn began to predict. "Getting me away from you," Belle summarized. "And she knows that if she does anything to hurt Claire, then I'll never forgive her," Shawn concluded.

"No luck tracking down my mother's car?" Philip asked. "We've been reviewing traffic cam footage...[but], so far, there's no sign of the vehicle," Shawn replied. "[Then] we have to give Jan what she wants," Belle decided, and Shawn agreed -- but Philip was still clearly skeptical about the plan.

Ben went to Statesville to talk to Clyde, who was quick to note that it had been awhile since they had last seen each other. "[In fact], I haven't heard a peep outta you since you found that little wife of yours -- thanks to my help -- [and], you know, some folks would call it ungrateful for you to fall off the radar like that," Clyde grumbled. "But I give you the benefit of the doubt -- you [and your wife] had a lot to catch up on, didn't you? [I mean], it must've been a hell of a reunion..." Clyde somewhat suggestively added. "You could say that..." Ben vaguely confirmed.

"So, why break radio silence now?" Clyde wondered. "I'm afraid I'm losing my mind again," Ben fretted. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, son...but isn't this a job for your shrink?" Clyde argued. "It normally would be...but Dr. Evans' granddaughter is missing right now," Ben explained. "So...what, I'm plan B in Operation Mental Health?" Clyde dryly summarized. "Dad...I just...need someone to talk to," Ben tiredly responded. "All right," Clyde backpedaled.

"Vincent's brainwashing kickin' in again?" Clyde assumed. "No, it has nothing to do with that -- at least, I don't think he's the one that's making me see..." Ben tried to clarify. "Jordan," Ben continued after some prodding from Clyde. "Not her ghost, Dad -- it's like...when she appears to me, she's really there," Ben elaborated when Clyde jumped to the wrong conclusion. "Like a hallucination?" Clyde translated. "Yes -- [and] she tells me that she's a representation of my guilty conscience," Ben answered. "Oh, man, come on -- you have atoned for all of your sins over and over again; you got nothin' to feel guilty about anymore!" Clyde protested. "This has nothing to do with my past," Ben stressed with a sigh before telling Clyde about what had happened with Claire.

"What the hell are you freakin' out about? You put a stop to it, nothin' happened -- why are you beatin' yourself up?" Clyde incredulously challenged Ben at the end of the tale. "Because Jordan --" Ben began to explain. "Your conscience," Clyde skeptically recalled. "Keeps putting it on me for cheating on Ciara -- she keeps making me feel like I'm this terrible person," Ben concluded before changing the subject, ready to talk about the other troubling thing that had recently happened -- something that Clyde had already heard a bit about but had not yet been able to fully investigate.

Clyde was surprised to hear that Claire was the Salem resident who had recently been kidnapped. "And Jordan won't shut the hell up about how it's all my fault [and how] another woman might die because of me," Ben concluded. "I ain't no shrink, but I do know that waitin' around, listenin' for your dead sister to tell you what to do, is not a healthy thing, [so] need to take some action," Clyde advised. "Dad, I already told you -- the cops don't want my help finding Claire --" Ben reiterated. "[I'm not talkin'] about Claire -- [I'm talkin'] about your marriage," Clyde clarified.

"And what am I supposed to do [about that]? She wants a divorce, [and she] keeps calling me [and] leaving me messages, and I don't call her back [or] return her messages [because] I can't let her go -- [but] the more I keep banging my head against the wall, the more I feel like I'm losing my mind --" Ben fretted. "Then get on a damn plane to South Africa and go get your wife -- [just like how], when you were locked up in here, she stormed in [and] saved your life at gunpoint!" Clyde suggested. "She doesn't remember that anymore -- she doesn't remember loving me, [period] -- so, as much as I hate it, I think the best thing to do right now is just give her the space and let her decide what she wants," Ben admitted. "And if she decides it's over with you forever?" Clyde wondered. "Then I'll have to accept that," Ben responded.

"Man, the hell with 'accepting that'! Listen, how many times have you been sure that it's over between you and Ciara, huh? Not to mention when the whole world thought that girl was dead -- [except you]! You know me -- I was not a believer at first, but I am now; what you two got, that's fate...[and it was] from the very beginning!" Clyde argued. "Yeah -- I mean, if she hadn't crashed her bike, and if I hadn't found her on the side of the road and taken her to the cabin... My God, it's been almost four years ago to this day..." Ben conceded. "Long time," Clyde acknowledged. "[And now], every day, I walk past that bike in the garage, and I can't get it out of my mind --" Ben fretted. "Well, that's the problem, you see -- that's why you're hearin' all these voices; you're surroundin' yourself with these memories of the past!" Clyde decided.

"You just gotta get outta town!" Clyde recommended. "Dad, I already told you -- I'm not going to South Africa --" Ben maintained. "No, forget South Africa -- you just go...somewhere; get on that bike and ride [and] see where the road takes you! [Look], when you're flyin' down that road, man, it's all gonna leave you -- you're not gonna hear those voices anymore; you're gonna get clear! You just gotta ride and forget the pain! [Listen], as someone who would give his right eyeball to be out on the open road, I guarantee you, it's gonna make you feel better!" Clyde clarified. "You know something, Dad? I actually already do," Ben admitted. "No kiddin' -- so, your old man actually gave you some good advice, eh? Maybe I should use the rest of my time in here to get a degree as a therapist, huh?" Clyde joked. "Let's not get carried away," Ben warned with a laugh before thanking Clyde with a hug.

Jan entered a cabin, armed with a bag of groceries, and released a sigh of contentment. "I just can't believe how clean the air is up here! Oh, and the scenery -- so majestic! I don't get out into nature enough -- I must admit, it was a hike up to that general store, but...I found it invigorating; after spending all those years in a coma, I truly understand the rejuvenating power of nature! And, oh, to feel free for the first time in so long -- oh, there's nothing like it!" Jan raved. "Is there, ladies?" Jan prodded Claire and Chloe, who were each tied to separate chairs at the cabin's table and were also each gagged.

Jan removed the gags but didn't bother to wait for a response from Chloe or Claire. "I do have to apologize for the accommodations -- normally, I would pick a retreat that's less...charred...but I couldn't pass up the significance of this place," Jan explained. "What 'significance'?" Chloe snapped. "This cabin is where Claire tried to set her Aunt Ciara on fire -- twice," Jan clarified. "Shut the hell up!" Claire spat. "I am only answering her question," Jan innocently pointed out. "I have changed, okay? I am not that person anymore!" Claire stressed. "No matter how 'changed' you claim to be, you are still no better than I am," Jan countered.

Changing the subject, Jan produced a newspaper and bragged to Claire and Chloe that Belle had taken responsibility for Charlie's murder. "If my mom is going to prison, then you're free to be with my father -- you don't need me as a bargaining chip anymore -- [so]...does that mean that we can go?" Claire wondered. "It's true -- you have served your purpose -- but...there's only one problem... [See, Claire], I told you the whole story -- you know the truth, that I'm the one who killed Charlie -- you have to die," Jan responded. "You wouldn't kill me -- you couldn't," Claire argued. "You're right -- I [have to] keep my hands clean -- [so]...Chloe's just gonna have to do it for me," Jan countered. "What?" Chloe protested. "You're here -- might as well make yourself useful," Jan reasoned with a mischievous smirk while producing a gun.

"So, how do you want this to work -- should we take Claire outside, and you can kill her there?" Jan suggested after removing Chloe's bindings. "[Or maybe] in here is better -- although it might spoil our appetites..." Jan added. "I am not killing anyone, okay? I don't care what you do to me!" Chloe insisted. "Chloe, it's okay -- you have a son; do whatever you have to do to get home to Parker, [all right]? Jan is not giving you any choice -- you have to take that gun," Claire advised Chloe, who was confused at first but soon got the hidden message and agreed to do Jan's bidding.

"I am really sorry about this, Claire -- I like you, [and] in another life, we could have been friends... Just bad luck, I guess..." Jan explained to Claire with a shrug before starting to hand Chloe the gun -- then reaching for a nearby butcher knife instead. "You want me to kill her with that?" Chloe incredulously objected. "You didn't think I was gonna give you my gun, did you? I'm not gonna let you have a weapon to use against me -- I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid!" Jan matter-of-factly responded. "This is not right!" Chloe insisted. "What's the matter? A knife is your weapon of choice, isn't it? [I mean], I heard all about what you did with the drug kingpin down in Mexico -- very dramatic! [Seriously], I'm impressed -- it sounds really badass! So, go ahead -- I know you have it in you! Do what you did to him -- gut Claire like a fish!" Jan countered.

"I can't!" Chloe insisted. "I take it back -- you are useless!" Jan spat. "So, what are you gonna do now?" Claire wondered. "Well, I'm in quite the pickle -- I can't kill you! And if you won't help me out, [Chloe, then] what good are you to me?" Jan grumbled. "Well, if Chloe is of no use to you, and she wasn't even meant to be here in the first place, then why not just let her go?" Claire suggested. "I could, [since she's] mostly just in the way [now, and] I currently don't have any big beef with her..." Jan conceded. "Thank you?" Chloe stammered. "Except there's only one problem -- you know that I killed Charlie, and I don't trust you not to sing like the little songbird that you are!" Jan snapped at Chloe. "Which means I have two birds I have to get rid of, [so]...looks like I'm going to have to find a stone -- a big one," Jan summarized.

At the police station, Trask approached Philip and bragged that Belle was en route to Statesville. "Justice has been served --" Trask raved. "It wasn't 'justice,' you idiot!" Philip spat before telling a stunned Trask the whole story.

Meanwhile, at Statesville, Shawn took a picture of Belle and sent it to Jan -- who almost immediately responded with a phone call. "Your wifey looks lovely in prison garb!" Jan raved. "Listen, you got your wish, [so] now you can let Claire go --" Shawn stressed. "I appreciate you holding up your end of the bargain...but, unfortunately, I couldn't do the same. [Look], I'm sorry that you went to all that trouble, but...let's be honest -- even with Belle in prison, I know you could never truly love me. So, I made another plan -- [and], unfortunately, there's going to be some collateral damage..." Jan teased.

Jan was in a moving vehicle -- presumably Kate's vehicle -- at that moment, holding a gun on a silent Chloe, who was driving. Claire, meanwhile, was still bound and gagged inside the cabin -- which Ben had ended up at during a motorcycle ride and was about to enter, unaware that Jan had left a lit lantern sitting on a chair on the other side of the door, waiting to be knocked over and ignite a trail of gasoline that led straight to Claire's chair on the opposite side of the cabin.

Jan plots to get rid of Claire and Chloe Jan plots to get rid of Claire and Chloe

Thursday, June 3, 2021

by Mike

Chanel entered the Price-Grant apartment while Lani was eating cookies and reading an online article about Kristen's latest escape. Chanel was pleased to see that Lani was enjoying the cookies, which Chanel had baked for Lani and Eli as a way of thanking them for their hospitality. "I know they're not rent,'s the thought that counts, [right]?" Chanel reasoned -- and Lani conceded the point then raved that the cookies were delicious. "Thanks -- I call them 'Sweet Bits,'" Chanel responded.

"Speaking of...Eli said you walked in on him naked," Lani revealed. "And got an eyeful -- full frontal and rear views... I mean, you are one lucky lady -- I mean, the six-pack abs, and the --" Chanel recalled. "Okay, enough! [Listen, that's] really inappropriate [and] disrespectful -- [after all], if a man was going on, talking about a woman like that, wouldn't we say it was objectifying? Do you like it when men just talk about how beautiful you are and what a great body you have?" Lani snapped. "Well, I like when anyone talks about me that way, male or female..." Chanel joked, but Lani wasn't amused.

Chanel apologized and promised to stop saying such things about Eli -- but Lani wasn't just upset about that particular transgression. "You were only supposed to be here a couple of nights -- [and, like] I told you in the beginning, there's too many of us and not enough space here, [so] I was really hoping that you would have found a job...or at least started looking for now," Lani grumbled. "Actually...I have," Chanel teased before producing some paperwork and showing it to Lani. "I saw that your dad is starting this new initiative offering incentives to people of color to start small businesses, [so] I'm gonna submit this application," Chanel explained as Lani examined the paperwork.

"This is great, Chanel...but you're gonna need collateral [because] you have an abysmal credit rating -- and you and your mom are not on the best of terms, so --" Lani warned. "I won't need her -- rent is free at first, and startup costs are minimal for the kind of business I want to open," Chanel countered. "And what is that?" Lani wondered. "A bakery -- I'm thinking of calling it 'Sweet Bits,' [and I already] have, like, a million recipes ready to go. [I mean], if there's one thing I know how to do, it's baking...[and] I may not be the businesswoman my mother is, but one thing I know for sure is [that] people will always have to eat," Chanel clarified.

Chanel admitted that the idea of starting a business was terrifying -- but also exciting. "I'll be my own boss, and I won't be the rich girl who was just handed everything on a silver platter [anymore] -- I'll be an independent woman... An independent woman scared stiff she's gonna screw up..." Chanel elaborated. "Everyone screws up," Lani stressed. "Not my mother -- she's never screwed up anything in her life...except me..." Chanel grumbled.

At the Horton Town Square, Paulina continued examining Tom and Alice's memorial plaque. "If I had known [that] you were Eli's great-great-grandparents and that this square would be Jules and Carver's legacy, I might have played this a little differently... I didn't know we were all family..." Paulina admitted.

"Girl, you're talking to a plaque -- pull yourself together! You gotta be on top of your game -- that Abraham Carver, he is not as dim as you thought he was, [and] you gotta float a garbage scow past him and make him think it smells like roses!" Paulina mused -- just as Abe approached from behind and called out a greeting.

"Who are you talking to?" Abe wondered. "I was just giving myself a little motivational speech -- you know, screwing my courage to the sticking which I mean the Horton Town Square," Paulina stammered. "Well, I can see your trip to Miami didn't mellow you any..." Abe observed. "No -- but I did get all my affairs in, from now on, the Horton Town Square is my only priority," Paulina responded.

"I just hope that they approve..." Paulina admitted to Abe while gesturing to Tom and Alice's memorial plaque. "Oh, they would have," Abe guessed. "Everyone says that they were wonderful people..." Paulina acknowledged. "I wish you'd known them -- they thought of everyone in this town as [one big] family, and they would have made you feel the same way... [Anyway, yeah], they would have loved what you're trying to do," Abe stressed. "Eh, I'm not so sure..." Paulina argued. "Oh, yes -- they believed in change, progress, diversity; they devoted their whole lives to making this [town] a better place, just like you are now," Abe maintained, making Paulina squirm.

Paulina quickly changed the subject, bragging to Abe about having acquired several of the town square's storefronts while in Miami -- including the one known as 227 Lexington. "I think something bigger than me brought me here -- I didn't know it, but I needed Salem...and Salem needs me!" Paulina declared. "Well, congratulations... You know, I've been busy, too -- [see], I convinced the city council to change the zoning rules so we can create one big marketplace, [and] I've been thinking about what you said about encouraging small businesses with POC proprietors, [so] get the ball rolling and to attract new tenants, the city is going to offer tax breaks --" Abe began to reveal. "Oh, two of my favorite words!" Paulina raved. "And free rent to qualified applicants [for the] first year," Abe concluded. "Free?" Paulina stammered.

"I'm a businesswoman -- and me giving free rent to my tenants is not my idea of how to generate income!" Paulina protested, prompting Abe to point out that the entire project had originally been pitched as a way to stimulate the economy. "The stimulation of the economy is a happy byproduct of individual entrepreneurship!" Paulina reasoned. "Oh, I see -- so, you make a killing, and [you just] hope that somehow it all trickles down to the people...or on them," Abe summarized. "You cannot make me apologize for being a capitalist!" Paulina warned. "Oh, come on -- you didn't sell this proposition [by] talking about capitalism; you talked about multiculturalism and community. [And now it turns out that] you want that shining city on the hill...but only if you're the landlord," Abe countered. "What, am I supposed to be punished for my hard work -- my vision?" Paulina objected.

"Okay, look, enough of the rhetoric -- the tenants will not pay the rent, [but] the city will,'ll still get your money," Abe stressed. "[But] you're gonna set a lowball market rate," Paulina guessed. "Well, that's better than buildings sitting empty for weeks or even months," Abe argued. "You know, it would have been nice if I had been informed of all this altruism before I invested my hard-earned money!" Paulina grumbled.

"Then maybe you should have been more aboveboard about what you were going to do, [because] the problem here is [that] I believed in what you said -- that you were sincere in wanting to help the community --" Abe countered. "I am! And I don't like you saying that I haven't been 'aboveboard' --" Paulina protested. "You thought you were?" Abe wondered. "Well, no...but I hate you being onto me -- puts me at a disadvantage," Paulina admitted. "That's meant to be disarming," Abe assumed. "Did it work?" Paulina asked. "A little," Abe replied.

"Look, I'm kind of taken aback and un peu disappointed...but we're still in this together, and I'm sure we can make this work for the both of us," Paulina conceded. "What a classy way of saying 'we're stuck with each other,'" Abe translated, drawing a nervous laugh from Paulina -- just as Chanel approached.

Paulina and Chanel immediately started arguing with each other -- and Abe made several attempts to leave but was stopped every time. "I'm so enjoying this..." Abe muttered as Chanel and Paulina continued arguing, still upset with each other for everything that had happened when they had last shared a zip code.

Paulina and Chanel eventually apologized to each other and agreed to a truce -- but Abe still wasn't allowed to leave. Paulina listened with a look of shock -- or maybe horror -- as Chanel pitched Sweet Bits to Abe. "Don't look at me that way -- I'm trying to support myself and be independent; that's what you wanted...right?" Chanel challenged Paulina as Abe read the paperwork for Sweet Bits and sampled the cookie that would be the bakery's signature treat.

Eli entered the police station and greeted Philip, who explained why Trask had just stormed out of the building. "You think Jan's gonna buy [this ruse]?" Eli wondered. "She better -- everyone knows what Jan's like when she doesn't get her way..." Philip responded. "I don't like it -- I mean, it's obvious that Belle only confessed to try to save Claire, [and] Jan's gonna see right through that," Eli predicted. "I think Belle and Shawn are banking on the fact that when it comes to Shawn, Jan's delusional -- she's been telling herself she and Shawn would end up together for the past 20 years, in spite of the fact that Shawn hates her freakin' guts," Philip explained. "Like everyone else who's ever met her?" Eli guessed.

Eli assumed that if Shawn and Belle's plan actually worked, Jan wouldn't just release Claire but also Chloe -- but Philip had doubts. "She didn't intend to kidnap Chloe, and if she lets her go, there's no additional charges --" Eli argued. "You're talking like Jan isn't bat-guano crazy. [Look], I'm really worried -- Jan has despised Chloe since high school --" Philip countered. "That was years ago --" Eli protested. "The past is the present for Jan -- in her head, we're all still in high school -- and, from the very beginning, it was like Chloe made Jan nuts; Chloe was weird and wonderful and didn't give a damn what anyone thought about her, [and] I think [that], without even trying, Chloe makes Jan feel worthless...and that makes Jan dangerous," Philip clarified.

Meanwhile, Belle anxiously paced around Statesville's visitors' lounge as Shawn continued a phone conversation with Jan, who was still holding Chloe at gunpoint in their moving getaway vehicle. "You got everything that you wanted, and you're off the hook for Charlie's murder --" Shawn stressed. "You think I don't know you're trying to get me to confess to a murder I didn't commit? I know you're recording this call!" Jan snapped. "No --" Shawn claimed. "I have finally gotten the message, after all of these years -- you don't want me, [and] you never will -- [so now Claire is] gonna pay for the sins of her parents...and her own sins, too; that's why Chloe and I left her in the cabin where she tried to immolate your little sister," Jan revealed. "Is she --" Shawn stammered. "She's still alive...but she won't be by the time you get there," Jan warned before ending the call.

Shawn updated Belle then rushed off to the cabin. "I am so lucky that Shawn is so predictable -- he was born with that Dudley Do-Right gene..." Jan bragged to Chloe, who didn't respond. "Cat got your tongue?" Jan prodded Chloe. "Just doesn't seem like there's much for me to say," Chloe explained. "That's because you know I'm right -- he's probably already on the way to save his poor little girl...and then he'll be the one to knock over the lantern and watch his daughter go up in flames..." Jan summarized. "But you'll be responsible for it -- [and] I thought you and Claire were friends!" Chloe argued. "I did, too -- but she had other plans..." Jan grumbled.

"I'd worry more about yourself if I were you," Jan advised. "Are you gonna kill me, too?" Chloe wondered. "Don't give me any ideas... [Actually], I've decided that, for once in your life, you can be useful -- [so], some unlucky soul can have the chance to save you, [but] I just have to figure out who..." Jan responded. "I've got it -- I know exactly who your knight in shining armor's gonna be!" Jan decided after a moment of thought.

Meanwhile, Eli realized that Philip and Chloe had been friends for a really long time. "Oh, it's more than that -- she was the first girl I ever loved...[and] maybe the only woman I've ever really loved, [period]... I let her get away, [though] -- I lost her to Brady... I thought we'd have a chance when I came back to Salem, but...Kristen was right [when] she said I blew it --" Philip admitted. "Wait -- you talked to Kristen, and you didn't tell the cops?" Eli asked incredulously. "Well, like everyone else, I thought she was Susan," Philip matter-of-factly replied. "The point is that I never got a chance to tell Chloe how I feel...and now it might be too late," Philip fretted. "If I've learned anything in the past two years, it's to never give up," Eli countered.

Eli soon stepped aside to take a phone call from someone at Statesville -- and Philip received a phone call from Jan while the coast was clear.

"Are Chloe and Claire okay?" Philip wondered. "Wow, are you out of the loop... Guess nobody cares that you once loved Claire like a daughter... [Well], I'm not calling about her, and I don't have a lot of time left on my burner phone, so somebody else is gonna have to catch you up to speed [on that...but], in the meantime, how would you like to save Chloe's life? I bet she'd be eternally grateful..." Jan responded. "I'm listening," Philip agreed. "Wunderbar! So, after spending half my life in a coma, there is no way that I am going to prison for accidentally kidnapping Chloe Lane, of all people! [Look], we're at the airstrip -- bring me a suitcase full of money, the Kiriakis jet, a pilot...oh, and a lot of gummy bears for the flight," Jan demanded. "Done," Philip promised. "And not a word to the cops -- not if you want to see this stupid cow again..." Jan warned before ending the call.

Eli returned just then and informed Philip that Belle had just called to report that Shawn had heard from Jan and was en route to Claire's location at that moment. "But no word about Chloe," Eli apologetically added. "Well, thanks for letting me know -- I gotta go," Philip responded before rushing off, leaving Eli confused.

Meanwhile, Ben entered the cabin -- and, in the process, unwittingly initiated the next phase of Jan's plan for Claire. Ben stood frozen in shock for a few seconds, processing the situation, then ripped a blanket off the bed and started beating back the flames with it until they were fully extinguished.

"Are you okay?" Ben asked after removing Claire's gag. "I am now!" Claire replied with a sigh of relief. "Where's Jan?" Ben wondered between coughs. "I don't know -- she took Chloe, and she left me here [because] she wanted me to burn to death..." Claire, who was also coughing periodically, answered.

"Damn it -- there's no signal..." Ben grumbled after producing a cell phone. "How did you find me?" Claire asked. "I [was just looking] for a place to clear my head, and I ended up here," Ben replied. "Thank God you did..." Claire muttered. "I could have killed you -- Jordan was right..." Ben fretted while removing Claire's bindings.

"This is not your fault --" Claire insisted after Ben elaborated. "Well, it sure as hell feels like it," Ben maintained. "[You only have a guilty conscience right now] because I kissed you, and you're still married to Ciara... [Look], I'm sorry, Ben -- I never should have --" Claire admitted. "I was a mess about those divorce papers, and you were just trying to comfort me," Ben acknowledged. "So, did you sign them?" Claire wondered. "No -- I've been walking around with them, hoping they'd just...disappear, I guess," Ben responded.

Changing the subject, Ben wondered why Jan had taken Claire to the cabin, of all places. "She said [it was a reminder that] I'm no better than she is," Claire explained. "Well, that's not true," Ben insisted. "I thought I'd made up for what I did to [Ciara]...but being on the other side of those flames... I just wish I could tell Ciara, one more time, how sorry I am, and that I don't blame her for hating me..." Claire fretted. "When I was looking for you, I found this..." Ben revealed, producing Claire's locket and handing it over in the hope that it would provide some comfort. "I miss when [Ciara and I] were that close..." Claire admitted while looking at the pictures inside the locket. "I know," Ben responded while grasping Claire's right hand. Ben and Claire locked eyes with each other -- but Shawn burst into the cabin just then.

Claire and Ben took turns explaining everything to Shawn. "Oh, my God... That's why she told me where you were -- she wanted me to be here to open up that door [and] be the one..." Shawn realized with a shake of the head, horrified. "Jan is really crazy -- [and] really mad at Chloe..." Claire stressed, prompting Shawn to concede that securing the crime scene wasn't the top priority -- especially since cell phones weren't working at the cabin at that moment. Claire convinced Shawn to let Ben have some time alone at the cabin, despite it being a crime scene -- and Ben produced the divorce paperwork and a pen as soon as the coast was clear. Ben fought back tears while preparing to sign the paperwork -- but ultimately found it impossible to follow through with the plan.

Shawn took Claire to Statesville for a family reunion with Belle. Meanwhile, Philip found Jan at the airstrip -- and they reached an impasse while trying to complete their deal. "There's no way I'm giving you Chloe now -- [I mean], that pilot could fly me straight to Statesville, for all I know! [So], she's coming with me -- [and] when I get where I'm going, then I'll put her on a slow boat back to Salem," Jan argued. "Not good enough," Philip countered. "Too bad, so sad -- it's your only option," Jan insisted before threatening to shoot Chloe if Philip didn't immediately pay the ransom and walk away. "Philip, just do what she says..." Chloe advised before thrusting an elbow into Jan's abdomen then trying to seize the gun -- which went off during the ensuing struggle.

Jan shoots Chloe Jan shoots Chloe

Friday, June 4, 2021

In the Horton house, Xander relaxed on the couch as he snacked on doughnuts. Julie walked in and asked Xander how long he planned to take over the couch. "Just until I get back on my feet," Xander said as he brushed doughnut powder off of his shirt. "At least you've got clothes on," Julie muttered. Julie asked Xander to eat in the kitchen in the future. As Julie glanced at the plate on the coffee table, she gasped.

"What happened to the doughnuts on that plate?" Julie asked. "I got hungry," Xander said. Furious, Julie explained that she had made a dozen doughnuts for Doug. Julie ordered Xander to pack up and leave. Confused, Xander promised to replace the doughnuts. "I wouldn't have a store-bought doughnut in this house. No, I made those doughnuts with these hands with Alice's recipe," Julie said. "Who's Alice?" Xander asked. Julie muttered under her breath.

"How can I make this up to you?" Xander asked. Julie announced that she would make another batch, and Xander could clean up the kitchen. "If you don't want me to eat something, you shouldn't leave it sitting around in my room," Xander said. "Your room? Freeloader. This is the living room!" Julie corrected. Xander argued that the coffee table was within his territory. With a furrowed brow, Julie informed Xander that he had eaten around 3,500 calories.

"You keep eating the way you're eating, you're going to lose that body you love showing off so much. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to notice a little pot belly already. You're going to hate being fat," Julie said. Julie punched Xander in the stomach, and she walked out of the room. Xander chuckled then frowned.

At the hospital, Gwen approached Dr. Snyder at the nurses' station. "I delivered your damn package," Gwen said. "Keep your voice down. You know that's between you and me," Snyder grumbled. Nearby, Tripp raised an eyebrow as he overheard Snyder with Gwen. Snyder grabbed Gwen's arm, and he pulled her into a vacant exam room.

"You'll never be finished. We'll never be finished. This is a weekly transaction. You and I will be in touch on a regular basis," Snyder said. Snyder handed Gwen another envelope. When Gwen hesitated, Snyder reiterated his threat to tell Jack and Chad the truth. Gwen grabbed the envelope and shoved it in her purse.

"How long is this going to go on?" Gwen asked. "As long as I say," Snyder said. Snyder glanced over and saw Tripp in the doorway. "How long have you been standing there?" Snyder demanded. Tripp lied and said he had needed Snyder's orders for a client. "You told me to check every move I make with you. I'm just trying to do that," Tripp said. Snyder grabbed the chart. While Snyder wrote up the orders for Tripp, Tripp introduced himself to Gwen.

"Our dads are brothers," Tripp said. Tripp asked Gwen if she was okay. Before Gwen could respond, Snyder interrupted to tell Tripp that he had been in the middle of a consult with Gwen when Tripp had entered the room. "I really need you to follow those directions to a T. I would really hate to see you backslide," Snyder said to Gwen. "So would I," Gwen countered. Gwen walked out. Tripp started to follow, but Snyder stopped him.

"Were you spying on me?" Snyder asked. "What reason would I have to spy on you?" Tripp said. Snyder demanded an answer. Tripp explained that he had followed Snyder with the chart after he'd seen Snyder walk down the hallway. "Don't do that. Look, if I want a private word with one of my patients, I have the right to find a private place to have it," Snyder said. Tripp nodded yes.

When Gwen arrived home, a shirtless Xander was doing pushups in the living room. "Do you have to do that?" Gwen asked. "After I burn off 4,000 calories, yeah," Xander said. Gwen plopped on the couch. "I don't remember inviting you into my bed," Xander said. Xander grumbled that everyone wanted to sit in the place he had to sleep.

"You don't seem sleepy to me," Gwen muttered. Xander asked Gwen to watch TV in her room, but she argued that that TV was too small. Gwen suggested that Xander find another place to work out. When Xander argued that Gwen was also a guest in the house, she reminded him that she was a relative. Gwen warned Xander that she would call her father if Xander continued to bother her. Frustrated, Xander grabbed Gwen's purse and announced that he would take it to her room for her. "You give me that!" Gwen yelled as she attempted to wrench the purse free of Xander's hand. The bag tipped upside down, and Snyder's envelope fell onto the floor.

"What have we here?" Xander said as he pulled the bag of pills out of the envelope. Gwen grabbed at the pills, but Xander pulled them out of her reach. "Looks like someone is going into a new line of work," Xander said. Gwen yelled that the pills were for her pain. "There is no way in hell [the pills] are all for you. So, what are you doing with them?" Xander asked.

After Chanel texted Allie to meet up with her, Allie thought about her kiss with Chanel. Allie texted Chanel that Chanel could visit her at Nicole's apartment. "It's late. What did you want to talk to me about?" Allie asked. "I have an idea that just might change the way you look at life," Chanel said. Chanel told Allie about her bakery.

"It's not a sure thing yet, but I have a really good feeling about it," Chanel said. Allie asked for details, and Chanel told her about the plan for the square and the subsidized rent. With a grin, Allie told Chanel that she had always made great baked goods.

"Where do I fit into all this?" Allie asked. Chanel explained that she wanted to sell Alice's doughnuts in her shop. With a shrug, Allie said she did not know if her family would want her to sell the family recipe. Chanel offered Allie a job. "I don't bake," Allie said. Chanel offered to teach Allie everything she knew about baking. When Allie hesitated, Chanel asked if she was still bothered by the kiss. Allie shook her head no.

"The recipe isn't just really hard to get. It's also super secret. Even if I was working for you, I don't know if I could get it," Allie explained. Allie told Chanel that Julie had the recipe. "[Julie] and my mom didn't exactly hit it off. She'll never give you the recipe if she knows it's for me," Chanel said. Chanel insisted that she still wanted to offer Allie a job. "Don't give up hope," Allie said.

After Allie made a phone call to Julie, Julie rushed over to see Allie. Allie introduced Julie to Chanel. "You must be Paulina's daughter. The one that was dating Theo?" Julie said. "Guilty," Chanel said. Julie said she knew that Chanel had attempted to use Theo. "Dupree and I are old friends. We knew each other in London," Allie said. Allie explained that Chanel planned to start her own bakery.

"And we were thinking that it would be a good idea to have my great-grandmother Alice's doughnuts in the bakery," Allie said. "I don't even want to hear the word doughnuts today," Julie muttered. When Allie asked why, Julie told Allie and Chanel about the incident with Xander. Chanel admitted that she had married Xander.

"You married Xander? And now you want my great-grandmother's recipe for your bakery? Forget it," Julie said. Julie explained that she did not want her family recipe to be associated with Xander. "I was only married to him for a couple of days," Chanel pleaded. When Julie said she wanted to avoid a scandal, Allie reminded Julie that the doughnuts had already been linked to a scandal. Allie told Chanel the story about when J.J. had put marijuana in the doughnuts.

As Allie continued with the story, Julie interrupted to stop the tale. Julie said that Alice would want everyone in Salem to eat her doughnuts. Julie shook Chanel's hand, and she wished her luck. "I'll deal with you later," Julie growled at Allie.

After Julie left, Allie and Chanel celebrated their win. Chanel thanked Allie for standing up for her. "If you take this job, I promise you won't regret it," Chanel said. "I can't wait to help make your bakery a success," Allie said. Chanel noted that with Allie's backing, she felt like a part of the community. Chanel and Allie hugged, and then they stared into one another's eyes.

At the airfield, Jan ordered Philip to drop the bag of money, but she refused to hand over Chloe. "That wasn't the deal," Philip said. "It is now," Jan countered. Jan said she would not release Chloe until the plane flew her where she wanted to go. When Philip hesitated, Jan threatened to shoot Chloe. Chloe asked Philip to do what Jan wanted, but then she elbowed Jan in the stomach. Chloe and Jan wrestled for control of the gun until it fired.

"Chloe!" Philip shouted. Shot in the arm, Chloe started to fall, and Philip raced over and caught her. Philip took off his tie to make a tourniquet, but Jan warned him not to bother. "[Chloe] is a goner," Jan said. Philip refused to move out of the way of Jan's gun. "Did you really think that I was going to let you live?" Jan sneered at Chloe. As Chloe begged for her life, Philip grabbed a handful of soil and threw it into Jan's eyes. Philip tackled Jan, and he choked her until she was unconscious.

At the police station, Shawn told Brady that Claire was safe. Brady asked about Chloe. "It's not good. You know, Claire says that Jan took off with her, and she has a gun," Shawn said. Shawn explained that there was an APB out for the car and Jan. Confused, Brady asked Shawn why Jan wanted to kill Claire. Shawn explained that Jan had confessed to Claire that she had murdered Charlie and framed Belle. Shawn's phone rang. It was Philip. "[Philip] found Jan and Chloe," Shawn told Brady. Shawn added that Jan had shot Chloe, and that Philip had loaded Chloe onto an ambulance.

When Shawn arrived at the hospital, Tripp asked him about Claire. Shawn confirmed that Claire was safe but that Jan had attempted to kill her. "Claire is with her mother now. She's grateful to be alive," Shawn said. "Why would Jan do that? Claire thought they were friends," Tripp said. Shawn confirmed that Jan had only wanted to use Claire to cover up the fact that Jan had murdered Charlie.

After the doctors had examined and patched up Chloe, she woke up in a hospital room with Philip at her side. "You lost a lot of blood, but you're gonna be fine," Philip said. "You saved my life," Chloe whispered. Philip told Chloe that he would have killed Jan before he let her hurt Chloe. Brady walked in. "You all right?" Brady asked. Philip blamed Brady for Chloe's situation.

"Philip, please. This isn't Brady's fault. It's Jan's," Chloe said. Philip argued that Chloe had only run into Jan because of Kristen's actions. "[Brady] can't help what Kristen did," Chloe argued. Philip asked Brady how long he had known that Kristen had been disguised as Susan. "Not long," Brady stressed. Philip did not believe that Kristen had fooled Brady for two months.

"You saw how [Susan] was treating Chloe. That didn't strike you as odd?" Philip asked. "Yeah, it did, and I should've thought about it a lot harder. And should have figured it out a long time ago," Brady agreed. As Philip yelled at Brady, Shawn walked in and ordered Philip to stop. With Philip quieted, Shawn asked Chloe if she was ready to give him a statement. "I want to be the person who puts Jan Spears away for good," Chloe said.

Eli returned home, and he updated Lani on Claire's recovery from the cabin. "What about Chloe? I mean, any leads on her?" Lani asked. "Nothing yet," Eli said. Eli asked about Lani's day, and she told him about her conversation with Chanel. When Lani told Eli about Chanel's plan to open a bakery, Eli asked if Chanel planned to move into the bakery.

Lani admitted that she felt bad about her reaction to Chanel's comments about Eli's body. "I know that Chanel is just a kid who tends to just blurt things out and doesn't have boundaries. I just really do not like how she talks about how sexy and hot you are," Lani said. "If you didn't, that might mean that you're not crazy in love with me," Eli said with a chuckle. Eli admitted that if the roles had been reversed with a male guest in the house, he would have kicked the man out.

After Eli and Lani made love on the couch, his phone rang. Eli did not want to check his phone, but Lani noted that the call could be about Chloe. Philip called to tell Eli that he had rescued Chloe. "[Chloe] and Jan are both at the hospital," Eli said. Eli told Lani that Chloe had been shot in the arm, but she was fine.

"So, Philip must have had a lead on Chloe and kept it to himself," Eli said. "Why would he do that?" Lani asked. Eli shrugged. "Chloe is going to be okay, and that is all that matters," Lani said. Eli told Lani that he loved her positivity.

In Chloe's hospital room, Shawn informed Chloe and Philip that he would type up their statements and return them for their signatures. "I wanna get them on the D.A.'s desk first thing in the morning. Gotta get Belle out of Statesville as soon as possible," Shawn said. Chloe stressed that she and Claire could confirm that Jan had confessed to Charlie's murder. Shawn said he hoped that Chloe's statement would be the exculpatory evidence that Belle needed.

Philip asked about Jan. Shawn said that Jan had been admitted to the hospital. "If [Jan] regains consciousness, I'm going to be there to arrest her myself," Shawn said. Shawn marched out of the room and down the hallway to talk to Sndyer about Jan. "Since [Jan] managed to sneak out of here before, I want to make sure we have an officer outside her door 24/7 'til she is well enough to be transferred to a jail cell," Shawn said. Snyder informed Shawn that Jan had slipped into a coma.

In Chloe's hospital room, Philip suggested that he and Brady leave Chloe alone to sleep. "I agree. I would love to say a couple things to her. And it's kind of important," Brady said. Brady apologized, and he told Philip that he was right. With a nod at Brady, Philip stepped aside and stood in the corner.

"When I found out how Kristen had treated you, I was really sick to my stomach, because I knew that I was to blame for it," Brady said. "Don't blame yourself," Chloe said. Brady noted that Kristen's dangerous obsession had almost killed Chloe. "It kills me to think that it all could have been avoided if I would've acted differently," Brady said. As Chloe listened, Brady told her that Kristen would not return to Salem because he had told Kristen that he would never forgive her for what she had done to Chloe. "In her soul, I think [Kristen] knows it's done. It's done," Brady whispered. Brady promised to make sure Kristen never bothered Chloe again.

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