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Hope calls things off with Rafe on Days of our Lives
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"Turn around" -- will these be the last words Chad ever speaks to his beloved "Abigail"? Friday left DAYS fans with a classic soap opera cliffhanger. Now we have to wait all weekend to find out how Chad will respond to what he has just seen. And will his presence bring Abigail back, or did Stefan and Gabby really get rid of Abigail?.

Note: This week's column was written by one of Laurisa's alternate personalities. Okay, it's her sister, Bethany -- but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting. Bethany made her first appearance way back in 2012, when we learned that Laurisa once put Bethany in the washing machine!

Two's Company, Three's a Stefan's Bedroom

I will never understand why characters never answer their phones in the most dire situations. After Chad finally listened to Kate's voicemail, we all knew what he would find once he made it back to the mansion. The only positive aspect about Chad actually seeing Gabby's face (for us DAYS fans, that is) is that we are surely in for heavy drama this week!

Three's Company in the DiMera Tunnels

One episode of Marlena, Kate, and Vivian locked in the tunnels together is not enough! I'm glad to see Kate playing a bigger role in this storyline now. The comedic relief these three provided to a dark, drama-filled storyline was entertaining, to say the least.

The New Face of Bella

It seems that this contest has caused a lot of drama and mixed emotions for the 20-somethings in Salem, as well as for Brady and Eve. Will these two really work out now that Eve has seemingly let her guard down again and has accepted Brady back into her life? I'm not sold. I do enjoy the scenes with Eric Martsolf and Kassie DePaiva together, but I'm fine with the scenes revolving around business ventures as opposed to romantic outings. I would actually like to see more of a real friendship between these two, anyway. For a long time, Brady had a true friend in Nicole, and he hasn't had that since falling in love with Nicole and then forcing her out of town. Come to think of it, since Daniel's death and Brady's vendetta against Eric, he really doesn't have many friends. Maybe he really does just need a pal.


I'm surprised John is just hanging out, talking to Paul about Doc being missing. Marlena not coming home would normally send John into full-on ISA mode!

Sonny still seems much too vulnerable with Leo as his personal assistant.

I thought Paul would be a better P.I. than one who gets caught his third day on a case.


I liked the scenes with J.J. and Lani in the hospital. J.J.'s character showed that even though he was hurt, he couldn't judge or be bitter. He gave Lani and the baby support when he easily could have lashed out.

The flashback of Claire running into Wyatt after Theo said he couldn't help her!? Claire's sly grin brought up nostalgic Sami Brady flashbacks for me.


Whoever is targeting Lucas...why does he always have to be the punching bag of a storyline??


"Oh, you men are such weak creatures. It's a pity we can't find another way to propagate the species!" -- Vivian, looking at Stefano's portrait


It seems like work is the only way to bring a broken couple back together. Does anyone else see a trend happening? Brady and Eve, Rafe and Hope, Sonny and Leo...

It will be interesting to see how Will's reporter/investigator skills come into play when he interviews Clyde. With Will investigating the miraculous drug that saved him, will he also discover that the same drug was used to save E.J. after Clyde killed him on that snowy night in the park?

I'd like to see some scenes with Chloe, Lucas, and Parker!


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