DAYS fires Dattilo without warning
Posted Sunday, February 18, 2001 5:44:00 PM
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Photo of Bryan Dattilo

Reports from behind the Days Of Our Lives cameras state that eight-year veteran Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) has been fired.

The news of Dattilo's firing came as a surprise to Dattilo's co-stars and the behind-the-scenes crew. Apparently, no one saw the ouster coming.

There is growing speculation that Dattilo's release may be just the first in a series of firings. As advertising revenue shrinks, the networks are having to trim down their soaps' casts. It is also possible that some seldom used contract players may be bumped down to recurring roles.

For Dattilo, things have gone from bad to worse. Last month, the actor and his wife of just over a year, Jessica, decided to split up. Together, the pair has a son, one-year-old Gabriel.

Dattilo's final on-screen appearance is scheduled for this spring.

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