DAYS could lose two popular young stars
Posted Tuesday, March 30, 2004 9:59:54 PM
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DAYS could lose two popular young stars

It looks like Days of our Lives could be losing two more popular stars - but these exits won't be at the hands of the Salem Stalker. Jason Cook (Shawn Douglas Brady) will exit the NBC this spring -- but it's unclear if he will return -- and co-star Kirsten Storms (Belle Black) could exit as early as this summer.

Cook has landed a role in the film Dirty Deeds, which begins filming in mid April. An NBC exec confirms that Cook has an "out clause" in his contract which allows him to pursue other ventures at set times during his contract. Cook exercised one of the outs in order to take on his part in the film. Because his character is prominently figured in upcoming storylines, NBC has opted to temporarily recast the role of Shawn. There are now behind-the-scenes rumblings that Cook may not return to DAYS and that the show may be looking for a more-than-temporary recast.

Storms, on the other hand, is awaiting word on the status of a pilot for a CBS. The series, called The Clubhouse. If the network picks up the show for the fall season, filming could begin as early as July. If the series is picked up, there's no word on how DAYS would accommodate Storms potential exit.

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