Cook, Storms extend stays with DAYS
Posted Thursday, April 22, 2004 9:42:10 PM
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Cook, Storms extend stays with DAYS

Just one month ago, it was looking like the Days of our Lives cast was going to lose two of its most popular younger performers. Now, things have taken a surprising turn and it's looking more and more like neither one of those performers will be leaving the show any time soon.

Jason Cook (Shawn Douglas Brady) had opted not to exercise an "out clause" in his contract that would have allowed him to tackle a role in the feature film Dirty Deeds. It is unclear why Cook decided against taking time off from DAYS. According to inside sources, DAYS had already found an actor to substitute for Cook during his time away from the show.

Kirsten Storms (Belle Black) has been expected to exit Days of our Lives this summer to begin work on a primetime series for CBS called "The Clubhouse." The status of the series in not yet clear - CBS has not yet revealed its fall lineup - and sources say that Storms has extended her contract through the fall.

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