Casting calls go out for Amber and Paul
Posted Tuesday, October 05, 2010 1:50:42 AM
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Casting calls go out for Amber and Paul
Days of our Lives is looking to introduce two additional characters to its canvas. Casting calls recently went out for two singularly named characters: Amber and Paul. Exactly who these characters are remains to be seen, but the breakdowns offer interesting insight into their potential stories.

Days of our Lives is casting two newly created roles -- one contract and one recurring.

Described as a "gorgeous Caucasian," DAYS is looking for a "stunning woman who is confident, professional, and savvy" to play the role of Amber. Amber is a woman somewhere in the range of mid-20s to mid-30s. The casting notice also emphasizes that Amber can "have any man she wants and she knows it."

The NBC soap would prefer to have a recognized actress for the part, which would be a contract role.

Not to be outdone, Days of our Lives is also casting Paul, a 40ish man with "gorgeous good looks, effortless charm, and a sense of humor. He has integrity, a rugged masculinity, and an artistic side." According the character breakdown, "Guys want to be him and women want to love him."

The show reportedly will only considered "well-established" actors for the part.

Viewers should remember that the names assigned to characters in casting notices may or may not be the names that the characters go by when they make their first appearances. Occasionally, soaps will use false names to prevent viewers from knowing if a role is being recast.

There is no word yet on when these characters will make their first on-screen appearances, but Days of our Lives' tape dates have recently averaged about two-months ahead of their broadcast dates. That could mean that the characters won't debut until sometime in December.

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