Who is Santo?
Posted Wednesday, February 08, 2012 11:49:36 PM
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DAYS makes last-minute Celeste recast
Days of our Lives has released a casting call for a character named Santo. Though no storyline specifics have been offered, there's enough information to get fans speculating.

Days of our Lives is looking to cast the role on Santo, a character described as a 30something "gorgeous Italian male, who is a strong man rooted in protecting his family at any cost."

Of note is that actors trying out for the role most be 6'0" or taller, and be able to speak with an "authentic Italian accent."

The role is a principal role, but will only appear on-screen for two episodes. There is, however, the possibility of more shows in the future.

's Dan J Kroll weighs in with his thoughts on AMC's current executive producer.
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