DAYS' Jen Lilley returns to television
Posted Monday, January 16, 2017 4:12:40 AM
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DAYS' Jen Lilley returns to television
Days of our Lives' Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa Donovan) is back on television with the premiere of her new movie, A Dash of Love.

Former Days of our Lives star Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa Donovan) will be on television just in time for Valentine's Day. The actress' new movie, A Dash of Love, is set to premiere on Tuesday, February 14.

The Hallmark film follows the character of Nikki Turner (Lilley), an aspiring chef who lands a job as assistant to a famed chef and restaurateur. Her joy becomes short-lived, however, when her boss steals her recipes, passes them off as her own, and then fires both Nikki and the handsome executive chef (Brendan Penny) Nikki has befriended in order to protect her horrible secret. Left without jobs, Nikki and the executive chef set out to create their own pop-up restaurant and discover their most important ingredient is... love.

Lilley played the role of DAYS' mischievous Theresa for three years, having landed the part in 2013. Her exit came as quite a shock for fans that had become attached to both her and her love-to-hate Salem alter ego. However, she says it was her decision to leave the NBC series.

"Days of our Lives and I are parting company on the best of terms," she said at the time. "It came down to time and the sacrifices required to keep Theresa on the front burner. Given the demanding production schedule a soap requires, that just wasn't possible with the other commitments and opportunities I wanted to pursue. As we all know in the world of soaps, good bye for now isn't always good bye forever, who knows what the future has in store for Theresa."

According to Hallmark, the premiere of Lilley's film, A Dash of Love, is set for Tuesday, February 14, at 4PM ET/PT. The film will air again on Saturday, February 18, at 7PM ET/PT, and once more on Sunday, February 19, at 1PM ET/PT.

What do you think about the premise for A Dash of Love? How much would you like to see Lilley return to DAYS? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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