TODAY: Marci Miller takes her final bow as DAYS' Abby
Posted Monday, November 19, 2018 11:44:00 AM
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Grab some tissues and get ready to say a final goodbye to Days of our Lives' Marci Miller, who makes her last appearance as Abigail Deveraux today.

The curtains are drawing on Marci Miller's version of Days of our Lives' Abigail Deveraux today, bringing two years of an unforgettable interpretation of the character to a close.

Miller first announced her decision to walk away from the NBC soap opera back in May and filmed her last episode that same month. The actress took to social media over the weekend to note that today is her last on-screen appearance, sighing over the fact that "Monday is so soon."

Miller describes her last week filming for the NBC soap opera as lovely, telling Soap Opera Digest: "I was very intentional about the way I was walking in there and sitting in the makeup chair, knowing I was only going to do it for a handful of times more. I tried to spend as much time and pay as much attention to the people as I could. People were amazing my last day. Missy [Reeves, Jennifer] even said to me, 'I've never seen a goodbye like that, ever, in all my time here.' Every single person that was there was on the set. People came in on their days off. People brought me presents. Fans sent me things that were amazing . . . lots of flowers."

As Soap Central previously reported, shortly after news broke that Miller was leaving DAYS, Abigail's former portrayer Kate Mansi stepped back into the role -- which Miller finds incredibly serendipitous.

"When I decided I was leaving, I thought to myself in my head, 'The best thing [the show] could possibly do for me and this character is to reach out and see if Kate Mansi would come back,'" she reveals, adding that she's thrilled the show handed the role "back to somebody that cared about it as much as I did."

As for what viewers can expect from Abigail after Miller departs the role today, Mansi is reportedly scheduled to begin airing on November 29. To see a sneak peek preview of Mansi back in the role she played from 2011 to 2016, check out this explosive DAYS winter teaser trailer.

And as for what fans can expect from Miller now that she's no longer under contract with a soap opera, she teases that she began work as a lead character on a new TV series in July. She's unable to divulge more information at this time, but rumor has it the show might be Gods of Medicine, which follows the best doctors around the globe as they're called upon to perform the most difficult surgeries on earth. Keep checking back to Soap Central for updates as they come.

How do you feel about today being Miller's final day as Abigail? How much will you miss the actress in the role? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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