Matthew Ashford's DAYS return comes with a bump
Posted Wednesday, January 2, 2019 7:18:45 AM
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Matthew Ashford is back in the role of Days of our Lives' Jack Deveraux, but his return to the screen came with a small bump, as evidenced by a blooper clip showing his smashing return to Salem.

Days of our Lives fans are ecstatic that 2019 is beginning with Matthew Ashford permanently planting himself back on the scene as Jack Deveraux. And speaking of plants, one almost foiled -- or shall we say foliaged? -- his return to Salem.

Ashford's costar Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) posted a clip on Twitter that illuminates an off-screen blooper in which the newly returned star smacks his head into a planter pot in Horton Square. The video shows Archey barely being able to control his laughter while Sal Stowers (Lani Price) looks on in genuine shock and concern.

"Matthew Ashford runs into the planter!!! Unfortunately it's off camera, but you can see how rude I am and how sweet Sal Stowers is," Archey jokes in the caption for the behind-the-scenes blooper clip.

Thankfully, Ashford also saw the humor in his accidental bump and relayed in the video that he was perfectly fine.

DAYS confirmed Ashford's return as Jack in an action-packed winter preview video shown at the show's November fan event. The actor -- known also as General Hospital's Tom Hardy, One Life to Live's Drew Ralston, and The Bay's Steve Jensen -- has since teased that DAYS' head writer Ron Carlivati and the show's writing team have penned a fantastic story for Jack's big return to Salem, which kicked off this Monday.

"[The storyline] is going to be really good," Ashford previews. "In fact, probably better for me -- and hopefully better for you -- than it has been in years and years and years. It's really good stuff."

Jack's return in flesh form is a welcome change for viewers who have mourned the character since he fell down an elevator shaft and died back in 2012. Though he has returned to Salem in spiritual form a few times since then (when J.J. was contemplating suicide, when Abigail was locked in a mental institution, and when Jennifer was battling a pill addiction), Jack's return from the dead starts DAYS' 2019 season off with a bang -- and not just the bumping into a planter kind.

What are your thoughts on Matthew Ashford's return as Jack Deveraux? What do you hope the powers that be have written for his return? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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