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Mary Anderson
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Actor History
Brigid Bazlen
Karin Wolfe
1972 to 1975
Nancy Stephens
Carla Borelli
Kim Durso
1975 to 1976
Barbara Stanger
1975 to 1981
Melinda Fee
1981 to 1982


Died in 1982

Cause of Death

Murdered by the Salem Strangler


CEO of Anderson Manufacturing

Worked for Anderson Manufacturing

Resides At

Somewhere in Salem

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Alex Marshall (divorced)


Robert Anderson (father; deceased)

Phyllis Anderson (mother)

Brooke Hamilton (half-sister; deceased)

Robert Anderson Jr. (half-brother; deceased)

Nathan Curtis (half-brother; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

William Horton

Neil Curtis

Chris Kositchek

Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

Mary Anderson was the daughter of Bob and Phyllis Anderson. In 1974 when Mary's mother Phyllis tried to murder Julie Olson Banning Anderson, Mary was hit by mistake, but lived. In 1977 Mary had a brief affair with her mother's husband Neil Curtis. Later that year Mary began seeing Chris Kositchek. When Chris quit Anderson to form his own company Mary supported him, but they both returned to Anderson when Bob personally asked them back. Later that year after Linda and Stephanie Woodruff began dirty dealings in the company Mary confronted her father about Linda and Neil, and Bob quickly investigated the alleged affair and took away Linda's power at the company. Chris asked Mary to marry him, but when she turned him down they broke up. Later when Chris moved in with Amanda Howard Peters, Mary re-thought her actions and decided to fight for Chris. One day while arguing with Chris she was accidentally hit by his car when he attempted to drive off.

By the end of 1979 Mary became involved with Alex Marshall, and in March of 1980 she and Alex married. At their wedding Mary's father Bob Anderson suffered a heart attack and died. Later that year Mary learned that Alex had only married her because he was helping two different men to take over Anderson Manufacturing, and she divorced him and kicked him out of the business. She also learned David Banning was in on the takeover and told him to leave town as well. In 1981 Mary was jealous of Marie and Alex's relationship, and she set out to sabotage it. In 1982 Mary was murdered by the Salem Strangler, and she left Anderson to Melissa and Phyllis Anderson.

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Who's Who in Salem

DAYS Actor biographies
DAYS Cast and Credits

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