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Morgan Hollingsworth
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Actor History
Kristen Renton


Intern in Chicago

Former intern at DiMera Advertising

Resides At

Somewhere in Chicago

Formerly at the Alpha Chi Theta Sorority house on Salem U Campus (during the school year)

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Paul Hollingsworth (father)



Flings & Affairs

Max Brady (dated)

Phillip Kiriakis (dated)

Crimes Committed

Drugged Ford Decker which contributed to his accidental death (December 2007)

Hid Ford Decker's dead body (December 2007)

Brief Character History

Morgan is the daughter of divorced parents; a wealthy southern mother and a hard luck northern father. Morgan speaks what is on her mind and is not one to hold back her opinions.

Morgan came to Salem as the president of Alpha Chi Theta, the sorority house that Chelsea and Stephanie joined in the fall of 2007. Shortly after joining the sorority, the three became best friends and bonded together when a Ford Decker, the campus rapist, began attacking members of Alpha Chi Theta, including Morgan. With the help of Billie, the girls tried to turn Ford into the dean. But, when the dead failed to find adequate evidence to arrest Ford, the girls too matters into their own hands. The girls lured Ford to the sorority where they drugged Ford's drink. The intent was to embarrass Ford, but the night turned violent when Ford drugged Chelsea's drink and tried to rape her. When a drugged Chelsea tried to run upstairs, a drugged Ford fell down the stairs while chasing her. Ford died from the fall. The sorority sisters decided to hide the body.

During the summer of 2008, Morgan took as job as an intern at DiMera publishing. While working, she met and became friendly with Phillip Kiriakis, one of the agency's clients. The friendship proved to be valuable when Morgan's father, Paul, got himself caught in the middle of the Kiriakis/DiMera feud, a move that lead to his disappearance. After her father's disappearance, Morgan turned to Phillip for comfort and protection, much to the dismay of Phillip's current "friend with benefits", Chloe.

Frustrated that the police could not find her father, Morgan decided to confront the man she believed to be responsible, John Black DiMera. Phillip rushed to the DiMera mansion to stop Morgan. During the altercation, Morgan reached into her purse. Eddie Vitali (Ava's cousin) thought that Morgan was reaching for a gun, so he fired at Morgan. Phillip jumped in front of her and was shot and wounded. Morgan stayed by his bedside while Phillip recovered in the hospital. While there, Morgan confessed that she was falling in love with Phillip. But, their love affair was short lived. When Morgan learned that Philip had threatened her father, things became rough between them. When Morgan caught Philip kissing Chloe, she broke things off completely. Morgan left Salem to take a two-year internship in Chicago.

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Who's Who in Salem

DAYS Actor biographies
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