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The most unbelievable moment on GH this week: Skye was invited to shower with Lorenzo and

The most unbelievable moment on GH this week: Skye was invited to shower with Lorenzo and Good heavens, what is the world coming to when a soap babe like Skye would pass up the chance to scrub Lorenzo's back? I almost fell off my giant bed in utter and absolute shock. Luke, whom she is waiting and pining for is married to "Spanky Buns" Tracy, and in my mind, that gives Skye full license to foam up and Mr. Bubble with Alcazar. By the way, what sort of security does he have where Skye can bust into his place twice in one day and skulk around looking in his cupboards? Skye is a stunning redheaded fireball - I seriously doubt she gets missed very often, not like she's a mousy sort who could slip by undetected. Lorenzo and Sonny need to consult with a security expert methinks, as pretty much anyone can slide in and out of their respective "secure compounds."

Following as a close second is this oddity - why does Dr. Meadows still get to practice medicine? First off, she must be the only OB-GYN for 40 miles as EVERYONE goes to her and bump into one another in the hallways waiting for her. I have a bunch of girlfriends, and I have never bumped into any of them while at my OB-GYN, we have a thing here called HMO's which means you get whatever sucky doctor they assign you and you can't get together with your pals and all decide to go to one certain doctor. But more on topic- she told Courtney she would never be able to have babies again, and alas, Courtney is pregnant. So since she told Liz she could get pregnant again, I predict when Liz and Lucky try to have a baby, Liz won't actually be able to get pregnant. Dr. Meadows is like Bizarro Doctor, whatever she tells you; expect the opposite.

Courtney is pregnant and is wondering if the baby belongs to Jax or Nikolas. If my math serves me well, (I got D's in math, so it probably doesn't) but didn't she discover she was pregnant about 4 days after she started sleeping with Nikolas? You don't sleep with a guy and wake up the next day with morning sickness. And with all of Courtney's loot, you'd think she wouldn't have to get the Wal-Mart Brand variety of PRE-NATAL VITAMINS printed in giant letters on the side. I am hoping Jax and Courtney reunite. I feel cheated by that whole storyline- we suffered through weeks of "The Bet", then a slew of misunderstandings and delays before they finally got married, and then as soon as they finally got married and we were gearing up for a little "Happy Ending" - they threw in the surrogacy and the relationship we had followed and watched blossom for months went kaput in the flash of an eye.

Rumor has is that Tyler Christopher requested that Nik and Emily break up as he and Natalia broke up in real life - well, dear Tyler, that IS the hazard of office romance. The fans are invested in Emily and Nikolas and to pull the plug on one of the few solid love stories on the canvas because the two of them dumped each other seems a little selfish to me. Mind you, this is merely a rumor and I don't wish to judge anyone unfairly - I think Mr. Christopher is a fabulous actor and anyone who reads this column often can attest to the fact I think so, as I have said it often enough. I mention this only as a plea to the writers not to change a perfectly good storyline because your cast mates can't play nice together. All of us who work know there is always someone in the office you wouldn't hang out with if not forced to, and sadly, it's just part of being a grown up.

Emily and Sonny? Not buying it. What are they paying Leticia for anyway? First, what school does Michael attend that begins in mid October? Shouldn't "Back to school night" have been a month ago? Or maybe Emily was home-schooling him right before that rusty blade plunged into her abdomen. You'd think if your Dad was Chief of Staff at the hospital, you'd get to stay more than one day with a stab wound, uh? But, she had to rush "home" to poor little Michael. He's actually more embarrassed about his Mom having a mental breakdown than about the fact that his father is a Mobster. I predict he'll need a bit of therapy when he grows up. One session alone will most likely be devoted to "My vanishing sister Kristina." Sonny was SO intent on having shared custody of her, and he hasn't seen her once in 4 months now. Maybe she had to be enrolled in some remedial school to teach zombie-like kids how to talk.

Emily and Nik on the other hand - Wow. What touching scenes we were treated to when Emily was injured this week! The scenes in the park and in the hospital were tender and moving and brilliant. Those two have real on-screen chemistry together. And I am inclined to buy those scenes because that's the kind of love I believe in and hope for in this life. They have had many obstacles in their way; there has been prison time, cancer, a rape, infidelity, Helena the Insane-A, and various other roadblocks to this love of theirs. But the love is strong and true and keeps hanging on no matter what the universe throws at it. Even when it seems like it's a flame that's been extinguished, when it seems it can't possibly go on - the moment the need arises, the fire jumps to life and burns brightly again. It's always there, smoldering beneath their skin no matter what they do day to day, or who they are with, or how far apart they are, that Love for one another exists in them and always will.

I wish I could get all intrigued by the "Teen Stalker" storyline, but I only have one thought every time it's on. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" I don't care who is taking sleazy photos of the girls in the college dorm. I was a lush in college and someone may have taken sleazy photos of me when I passed out one night, but hey, back then it wasn't a crime, it was just your average college hi-jinks. So, undercover Jessie is flunking his classes. Let me get this straight... they actually have a class about "Why Men and Women Are Different"? Man, I sure would have signed up for that one in my college if they had had such a thing. Instead I signed up for "Popular Culture" which required me to watch soaps and other TV shows and comment on them, and we all see how that turned out. Easiest 'A' I ever got.

So Mac is pre-screening dates for Georgie now and she went to Homecoming with some dude her Dad picked out. My parents NEVER picked out cool guys for me; the guys my Mom wanted me to date were always Uber Nerds with the personality of a flag pole. I was never so shallow as to judge a guy on looks, but mentally, they at least had to be able to keep up. If you were incapable of forming a coherent sentence, you're out of the running. Mac apparently did better than my folks, Georgie's date is cute and seems to be nice enough to spend an evening with, but I'll be bummed if they break up her and Dillon. They're so cute together and seriously dorky and I LOVE that. Their relationship is a Treasure that I want to keep opening.

Jason and Sam seem to have a good thing going in Hawaii, and now that Danny (Who looks an awful lot like Gilligan all of a sudden) has come to see Sam, I can only imagine he'll get kidnapped by the goons who want to hunt down Jason. It must be hell to be an amnesiac hit man. Of course, he did have a wad of cash about a foot thick to wave around in the bar - what sort of pocket does that fit it? He must have his jeans custom made.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Courtney put guard rails on her bed as she has no room in her dinky place for a crib? Will Alexis ever get a storyline of her own again instead of just running about town warning people about Sonny? Will Carly think her nurse at Rose Lawn is Faith and strangle her with the string ties of her hospital gown? Will anyone ever ask why Sonny had a sickle in his garage? Will Sam start a "Dancing With the Stars" Hula Contest at her new bar? Will Lucas ask Diego to go steady?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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