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Forever hold your peace
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The question is, will Lulu be able to hold onto this deep, dark secret to shield her brother from the pain?

The question is, will Lulu be able to hold onto this deep, dark secret to shield her brother from the pain? Right now there are four Port Charles residents who know the truth, but we all know how that works with a soap opera. Elizabeth didn't confess to Lucky before she became Mrs. Spencer AGAIN, but at week's end the new bride looked overwhelmed with guilt. Lucky could accept Cameron from a previous relationship yet this is a whole new can of worms. There is so much involved and affecting so many lives.

Hello, my name is Suellen and prior to two years ago, I wrote the Two Scoops column bi-weekly on All My Children for six years. Presently I am the backup AMC columnist -- abd this week I am also stepping in to cover for Tamilu. Through the years, I have attended many ABC soap events and got to meet various AMC/one-life-to-live/GH stars and the amazing fans. Lots of great memories !!!

A funny thing happened several years ago, not only have I watched AMC since Day One in 1970, but also I have kept up with GH since the Luke/Laura days 25 years ago, just not watching daily. I got pulled into the Michael kidnapping (by AJ) thanks to Soap Net, and before you know it, have been hooked once again. I have always thought GH has very consistent writing and interesting storylines overall. The characters are very rich and the actors are superb. Anthony Geary has always been a marvel. Yet, the entire cast holds their own and a true ensemble to behold on a weekly basis. February Sweeps blew us away literally with the Metro Court drama. Thus, when I did start watching more regularly, I checked out Two Scoops here and loved reading Tami's column. We agree on so much and she always makes me laugh. We all like to have a good chuckle and get tickled, so it is nothing but a great experience when that happens weekly. I am sure you will all agree and is why you read her commentaries faithfully. She should be back next week to put a smile on your face!!!!

Since I have never written about GH, I sat down and wondered where to begin. You have no idea what I think of different scenarios, characters, etc to allow me to jump on board and share my thoughts about the past week and nothing prior to that. I will try to touch on the happenings and see where it takes us. I can give you a quick breakdown of my faves: I have been a big Laura Wright (Carly) fan since Loving/The City days, so of course I enjoy watching her juggle two men and deal with her daily drama. Maurice Benard (Sonny) used to be on AMC, I liked him then and of course, love him now. He is amazing and now that they threw in comedy bits, even more entertaining. I have been so hooked on the Patrick/Robin love affair. It is refreshing and fun/sad to watch at different times. Steve Burton (Jason) is a gem and never ceases to amaze me. Alexis' cancer storyline has touched close to home, so I am enthralled and blown away with her acting. Imagine my surprise when she appeared bald this past week as Jax accidentally removed the towel from her head. I felt her pain and humiliation, but he was very sweet. I do adore the deep friendships they have between males and females on this show. Jason/Carly, Jax/Alexis, etc. I have been blessed with a few male friends who are that loyal, caring, and we are always there for each other no matter what too. When it comes to comedy relief, what a wonderful addition to have The Jackal/Spinnelli. He really cracks me up. As I keep going through the list of characters and the actors portraying them, I honestly can't think of too many that I don't like. Tyler Christopher as Nikolas is so soulful, Ted King (Alcazar) was also a favorite from Loving days and the Skye transfer AMC and OLTL has been fantastic. Now that I have established how much I respect the cast, let's chat about the past week's happenings. I usually take notes while watching the tapes the week I am writing, but I didn't know I was jumping onboard until Friday morning and here it is Sunday as I just watched my last episode. Relying on my memory should be a challenge but will do my best.

There were many subplots with the focus being on Lucky and Elizabeth's quickie wedding in Laura's childhood home. A great setting, nice family gathering, but lots of hidden anger and sadness as Lulu and Jason dealt with the true paternity of Liz's baby-to-be. Maxie did what she does best, snuck around, and let everyone know how Lucky deserves better than he was getting. Unfortunately, this time she could be closer to the truth. The ceremony did manage to get off without a hitch, except when Spinnelli spoke now so that Lulu would forever hold her peace. His diversion worked and his ego was boosted when she called him her "boyfriend". He's just such a cute nerd and has great loyalty to Stone Cold, Sam, and The Blonde One. With Lulu having four men (adding Logan) interested in her, seems like she should use her brother's nickname of LUCKY.

Meanwhile, Emily did not attend the wedding or participate as maid of honor due to work obligations. Lucky break for Nikolas. He has been shielding her from the current events at his castle by alienating her. Mr. Craig shone during his scary reign at Carly and Jax's hotel, so this is an interesting way to keep him in the mix. Alexis dropped by to see her nephew and was charmed by the new houseguest. Did you feel a connection? Maybe a few sparks? It wouldn't be the first bad boy she was attracted to. Yet, how could they redeem this character after the way he terrorized so many and enjoyed doing so???

Carly continued to give Jason a headache with her dilemma. She is in love with two men, has recently slept with them to complicate it more, and has no idea what to do. He advised her to stop complaining and stop complicating her life. Simple but sound advice. I see her connection and co-dependency with her ex-now-present husband, but personally would prefer to see her in a more mature, stable relationship like she started to have with Jax. Sonny is busy with his "coffee business" and has become aware of Coop's connection to the Metro Court disaster. He has a plan for this young man.

Alan returning as a ghost to taunt Tracy is hysterical. They always had a great sibling connection, like so many where from the outside it appears you hate your sibling but between the two, they know they are solid and truly care. Tracy just deals with true emotions differently, as she did when she lost her mother.

Laura had a lot of visitors this week sharing their problems, sorrows, and confessions. Lulu, Luke, but the most poignant moment was when Scotty shared his secret. He confessed to murdering Rick to protect her, his regret that she had to take the blame for it and end up this way, and that he has always loved her. It's really too bad that the Baldwin family isn't still around to help Scotty with all the bullets he is dodging with Lulu, Luke, and now the mysterious Logan. I feel as TamiLu does, all clues point to Logan being Scotty's son from someone in the past. Surely they aren't going the direction of the mother being Laura, he was given up for adoption, and now that he is interested in will turn out to be his sister. Far-fetched, but not always in soap land. I am not sure if he mentioned to Coop about his mother or any past connections that would shoot that theory down.

Finally, I had to watch Patrick be pushed away from his beloved. Not to spoil what is down the road as a speed bump, I will just say it will be very sad for me to view. I have enjoyed watching this love affair flourish and admire both actors. For being new to a soap opera, I think Jason Thompson (Dr McDreamy) has done an amazing job. He is so convincing in the role, conveys such depth, and melts your heart with his smile. My oldest daughter has always been a Rick Springfield fan and met him many times, so imagine her glee when he returned to GH and gained a son. I even did something wild (different music tastes and era) and attended a concert with her a few years ago (before his return as Dr Drake) here in Las Vegas, and could feel his charisma. It's too bad he isn't on the show more often.

Now we will see what Elizabeth has to say to Lucky on their wedding night. How will Robin react to seeing the man who caused her pain and anguish? Will Lulu be able to suppress the urge to scream out about her niece/nephew? Did they ever verbalize why Elizabeth decided not to find out the sex of the baby, I seemed to have missed that scene? Can Carly make it through a week without flip-flopping between her beaus? It should be an interesting adventure for us die-hard GH fans........enjoy the ride and I hope to be back again in the future whenever Tami needs coverage,

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