Goodbye Grammy, Hella!

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Goodbye Grammy, Hella!
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Did you blink? I hope not, because if you did, then you missed Helena's return. Oh, but it was delicious while it lasted.

Hello dear readers. Tamilu asked me to fill in for her this week while she's on vacation.

Did you blink? I hope not, because if you did, then you missed Helena's return. Oh, but it was delicious while it lasted.

Helena - bless her evil little black heart - wrecked a little havoc at Wyndemere then sashayed herself down to the Haunted Star. After she held a knife to Ethan's jugular - did anyone else shout, "DO IT!" - she sat down at the bar and watched, with keen interest, as Luke and Ethan bantered back-and-forth. Of course, like us, she immediately suspected that Ethan was Luke's son.

Not to be outdone, Luke turned the tables on Helena and wrapped his hands around her throat. That scene of them, just a breath away from kissing, was classic Luke and Helena!

Not surprisingly, Luke admitted that he liked the idea of Ethan being his son.

What did surprise me was the nanosecond when I actually found myself liking Ethan. Even more surprising, I liked Lulu too! Their interaction at the apartment was really quite charming. Ethan wasn't being his annoying kleptomaniac self and Lulu, for once, wasn't screeching about something. I want more of that. I used to enjoy Lulu once upon a time and I miss those days.

Back to Helena, though.

The plot thickens...Before Grammy Hella climbed on her Nimbus 2009, she was seen eyeballing a birth certificate hidden in that hideous St. Gregori painting. Now who's could it be? Alexis'? Ethan's? Rebecca's? There are rumors that both Rebecca and Ethan are connected to Helena.

There seems to be merit to these rumors. Not only did Helena share scenes with Ethan and Rebecca, but this week Alexis discovered Rebeccily's plastic surgery scar. Naturally, Rebeccily had an explanation for the scar. As Alexis recently pointed out, Rebeccily always has an answer.

For once Nikolas seemed to doubt Rebecca's story. How could he not when Grammy Hella is still circling overhead?

If Rebecca is a plant then she's playing Nikolas like a fiddle. Her date with Lucky is a perfect example. If her intention had been to cut Nikolas out of her life then going out with his brother was not the way to go. What's going on with Lucky is beyond me. I think it's kind of creepy, and somewhat mean, for Lucky to pursue a woman who looks exactly like Nikolas' dead wife. A woman Nikolas clearly has feelings for.

If I didn't know better, I'd say Helena has whipped out her handy-dandy Ice Princess and dusted it off. That would certainly explain Lucky's almost belligerent attitude.

For that reason, I'm not going to feel all that sorry for Lucky when he witnesses a passionate kiss between Nikolas and Elizabeth.

Yup, you read that right. Nikolas and Elizabeth are going to lock lips. Of course, they are going to do it to teach Lucky a lesson since words don't seem to get through his blockhead.

My hope is that the kiss leads to more. I've always liked the idea of Nikolas and Elizabeth. Remember when Nikolas fell in love with Elizabeth and Helena ordered Nikolas to kill Elizabeth to prove to that he had a dark side? The way Nikolas would look at Elizabeth back then made me melt!

If it's okay for Lucky to date Rebeccily, then it's okay for Nikolas to date Elizabeth. I'm also hoping Jason gets a glimpse of Nikolas and Elizabeth smooching. I'm still angry that Jason is actually walking away from the woman he loves and his child for a life as Sonny's bitch. It just boggles my mind. He deserves to be miserable.

Another character who deserves to be miserable is Claudia. Nothing about this character, not even her brief moments of pseudo-vulnerability endear her to me. As far as I'm concerned, Claudia's picture should be plastered in every post office and day care center around the world warning children to run if they see her.

Not only is she responsible for Michael's shooting, but now she's dragging an innocent child into the mess that is her life.

Claudia's lies can't be exposed soon enough. I want Sonny out of this farce of a marriage and for him to stop looking like such a fool. I know they can't kill off Claudia because Sarah J Brown is on contract, but they could make Claudia suffer. A miscarriage, Johnny's death, or both would be a good start. Please don't' misunderstand, I would never wish the death of a real living human, but these are fictional characters. If I'm forced to watch a character who has done the despicable things that Claudia has, I want there to be some kind of justice for those actions.

I like Johnny, but he's important to Claudia. She needs to know what Sonny and Carly have suffered.

By the way, I'm happy that they finally unveiled the new Michael Corinthos. I was tired of the hand shots. I will always miss Dylan Cash, but I'm willing to give Drew Garrett a shot. Spoilers suggest when Michael wakes up, he's going to push his parents away. I hope they don't go the Jason route and make Michael forget his love for them. That would be a cop out. I'd much rather Michael wake up pissed that their choices had cost him so much.

That would be a powerful storyline.

Carly's latest pregnancy crisis is not. While I think Laura would do a phenomenal job with the storyline, the story has been done to death. We need fresh ideas, not rehashed ones.

Robin threw out her pills and thinks she can fake recovery despite holding Emma like she was biohazard material. Yeah, um, no one is going to notice that, are they Robin?

According to spoilers, Patrick is going to suspect Robin of intentionally pushing Emma down those steps even though we had a scene to establish that these things happen.

In case you missed it, it was that head scratching scene of Elizabeth pushing a wheelchair down the same steps that Emma later flew down. The wheelchair crashed to the lobby floor when Elizabeth lost control of it.

I have to admit, I can't blame Patrick for thinking the worst. Robin hasn't been the most honest or trustworthy person of late. Plus, she stopped taking the antidepressants. No doubt, Kelly is going to tell Patrick about it. I can't blame Kelly, especially if Emma is hurt.

So all in all, there's a pretty strong case against Robin.

What happens next is going to be Robin's rock bottom. Unfortunately, we must go there in order for Robin to start climbing her way out of the hole that she was written into. I have faith that Robin will be stronger for it.

Luckily, Robin will have company; her cousin, Maxie, has hit rock bottom too. Maxie has lost Spinelli's affections.

For someone like Maxie, who has a major, well justified, abandonment issue, that's catastrophic. As hard as it is, I think it's really for the best because Maxie was leading Spinelli on. She was never going to return Spinelli's feelings the way that he wanted her to.

According to Maxie, Spinelli is her essential person. I totally believe that. However, essential doesn't necessarily equate to love of your life.

This week, Maxie told Jason:

"Being honest with Spinelli is how we wound up here in the first place. I mean, if I had just let Spinelli go on believing that I was as hot for him as I was for Johnny Zacchara, then Spinelli and I would be fine. So maybe that's what I need to do. Maybe I need to let Spinelli think that I am."

"I love Spinelli and I need him in my life, so I'll just fake the physical part."

Maxie loves Spinelli because he worships her and is completely devoted to her. Maxie needs that; it's as crucial as breathing. She loves Spinelli, but as a friend, not a lover.

Frankly, I think friendship can often be much more lasting than romance. Look at Jason and Carly. Their romance fizzled years ago, but their friendship has stood the test of time.

I like Maxie and Spinelli together, but not as a romantic pair. I think it's time for Spinelli to stop obsessing over a woman and start growing up a little. Maxie, meanwhile, needs to seize Crimson in a hostile takeover. She's the only one who seems to run that place anyway. Now that would be fun to see!

Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion. I love to hear from you, so please feel free to drop me a line about your thoughts of General Hospital. Until next time, take care!

Liz Masters
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