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Jason reeled from the news that Franco was his twin, and the results of Sam's second paternity test. Meanwhile, Lulu courted danger, as she dug into the possibility that Ronnie was responsible for the attacks on the dancers. It's time to dive into this week's Two Scoops to find out what else has been happening around Port Charles.

So, did Heather tamper with Sam's paternity test, or didn't she? That is the $20,000.00 question, my friends. Yes, Heather is crazy, and yes, she made it clear to Sam that she was hoping that Franco turned out to be the father of Sam's baby, and yes, the lab at General Hospital is about as reliable as one of Sonny's condoms, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Sam's second paternity test was changed.

Heather appeared to be looking for the results of the paternity test when Maggie busted her at the nurses' station, so that indicates to me that Heather didn't know who the baby daddy was. Sure Heather could have been checking to confirm that they had been changed, but that begs the question of how she had managed to change them in the first place.

Granted, Heather was able to use a phone at Ferncliff that wasn't plugged into anything to call Steve on his cell phone a couple of weeks back, but I doubt that they are teaching the inmates at Ferncliff computer hacking skills. Plus, let's face it, it's not like Heather would be flush with cash after spending eight years in an institution for the criminally insane.

Heather could have offered sexual favors -- and I certainly wouldn't put it past those shady lab techs at GH to take her up on that -- but it's more likely that Heather just let fate take its course with Sam, because Heather appears to have more important things to do at the moment, like trying to convince her son that she's not crazy.

Poor Maggie learned firsthand that crazy is not a word that Heather takes too kindly. Like Marty McFly in Back To the Future, who always lost it when someone called him "chicken," Heather's eyes practically popped out of her head when Maggie had the audacity to question Heather's sanity after Heather refused to turn over the patient file. I'm not sure why Steve still has doubts about Heather's mental instability when the evidence that Heather is certifiable continually smacks him in the face.

Heather holding that patient file out of Maggie's reach, while Maggie called for security, was a huge red flag. I nearly fell off my comfy couch when Steve bought Heather's feeble excuse that she was driven to read the patient file because she was proud of him, and therefore, wanted to get to know his work better. What?

Then again, Ewen did not help matters by accepting Heather's idiotic lie, too, and then later informed Steve that Heather would need to have a few more sessions in order for Ewen to properly determine if Heather had left Ferncliff a few decades too soon. It's a good thing that Ewen is easy on the eyes, because he's proving to be quite the incompetent psychiatrist, what with Cassandra easily wrapping him around her little finger, Heather pulling the wool over his eyes, and Connie running amok.

Back to the results of Sam's paternity test, I know that Jasam fans are really hoping that Heather did mess with those results, because they want the baby to be Jason and Sam's. I get that. However, from an actor's standpoint, the twist that the baby is Franco's has much more meat to it, and will provide Steve and Kelly oodles of storyline.

Happily-ever-after tends to be a death knell for a soap couple, because the couple becomes stagnant, the viewers eventually get bored, and the actors aren't challenged. I know that many fans feel that a child legitimizes and connects the couple forever, but I disagree. Carly and A.J. had a child, and we see how that ended up. Some of the best couples never had children together. Example: Robin and Stone, Sonny and Brenda, and Nikolas and Emily.

Now that we know that Sam is able to conceive, and carry a baby to term, she could always have Jason's baby down the road. However, for right now, this baby being Franco's has some very interesting possibilities, not the least of which will be whether or not Sam and Jason can love and accept a child of rape.

I understand why Jason feels somewhat betrayed by Sam for her choice to not tell him sooner about what was going on. She claims that she was motivated by a desire to protect him from unnecessary pain, so she wanted to get the paternity results before she broke the news that Franco was his twin brother. However, by doing that, she sent Jason the message that she doesn't trust in his love for her, or their commitment to each other.

Her lack of faith in Jason does appear to have some merit, because at the moment, Jason is more focused on what she did, not on what happened to her. As hurt as he is about her keeping the news from him until she had the test results, it doesn't compare to what she went through when she realized that Franco had indeed raped her.

That bothers me in a major way. I realize that the writers want to pull Jason and Sam apart, to test their love, and to possibly open them up to new relationships, but that could have been more organically achieved by showing Sam having intimacy issues, as she struggled with fallout from the rape. It would have made so much more sense that she would feel more drawn to someone who doesn't pose a sexual threat to her, like John, because he's married, than a husband who wants to be intimate with her.

Jason and Sam's concern about the baby perhaps being like Franco also bothers me. Why do soap characters always assume that a child only takes after its father? There are two contributors to a child's DNA, so a child is just as likely to be like its mother.

I don't know why Franco was damaged, but just because he was does not mean that a child of his would be.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Lulu is doing everything that she can to be a detective, except actually joining the police academy. Perhaps that's why she seems more like Barney Fife than Pepper Anderson. I want her to either organize the evidence room -- like she was hired to do, go to cop school, or get a job at Sam and Spinelli's detective agency. However, I do not want to see her playing policewoman, as if it were her new hobby du jour. I find it extremely unprofessional of everyone, especially Dante, to let Lulu insert herself into an investigation that has already resulted in an innocent man being falsely accused because of Lulu's assumptions.

I'm referring, of course, to Delores' delicious husband, Eddie. This week, we finally got a face to put with the name, and wow, what a face it is. It was worth the wait. It took one single scene, when Eddie reminded Delores that he'd never hit her, and then assured her that he'd never hit any woman, to convince me of his innocence.

As much as it pains me to admit it, I suspect that Lulu is right about Ronnie. Ronnie has always been a shifty, unlikable character that has been a woman-hater from the start. I don't ever recall Ronnie addressing anyone of the female persuasion with a smidgen of respect or courtesy. He also fits the profile that Ewen developed of the suspect who was assaulting the dancers.

To refresh your memories, Ewen said that the cops should be looking for a Caucasian man between the ages of 25 and 40, who had difficulty forming relationships with women, and who preferred to take his anger out on strangers rather than the women close to him. Ewen also said that the suspect was cunning, and would easily be able to hide in their midst without anyone realizing it.

It's nice to know that Ewen got something right.

If you recall, Ronnie scoffed at Ewen's profile, dismissing it as hogwash, and then stormed off in a huff. Ronnie was also quick to want to point the finger at Donofrio, their first suspect, and Ronnie was present when the pictures of the dancers had been found in Eddie's closet. Ronnie had easy access to Dante's phone, so he could have deleted those incriminating pictures without anyone questioning why Ronnie was hanging around Dante's desk.

Naturally, Lulu playing cop is going to land her in a heap of trouble, because at the close of Friday's show, it was clear that Ronnie knew exactly what Lulu was up to. I don't want Lulu killed, but frankly, I think it would teach her a valuable lesson if Ronnie were to rough her up because she decided to handle things on her own.

Moving on, I like Kristen Alderson, but I am so sick of Starr's refusal to believe that anyone other than Sonny caused that crash. I was completely unmoved by her confrontation in the courtroom with Sonny after the verdict was read. The only scene that really made an impression on me was the one between Alexis and Johnny, because it was downright hilarious.

Alexis passes by Johnny, as she leaves the courtroom
Johnny: You must be proud of yourself, huh?
Alexis. I did my job. Why don't you get back to doing Sonny's ex and spare me the moralizing?

I love you Alexis. Note to Ron and Frank: Find Alexis a man, STAT!

Perhaps Alexis can hook up with Steve? I have a feeling that he will soon find himself unattached, because Olivia is begging for some payback from Heather. Honestly, I'm actually hoping that Heather gives it to her.

Olivia was, without a doubt, the most frustrating character to watch this week, as she stomped her way through town like Godzilla on a rampage, storming into people's homes and offices, as if she had the golden key to the city, and shamelessly trying to steal a bite of Sonny's birthday cannoli. How rude.

I was completely turned off by Olivia's confrontation with Kate in Sonny's parlor, as Kate struggled to keep Connie at bay. Olivia came off as coldhearted when she snidely asked if Kate had a headache, while Kate furiously rubbed her temples and grimaced in pain. Olivia's jealousy of Kate has blinded Olivia to the fact that Kate is clearly in crisis. How many times does Olivia have to walk in on Kate and Ewen in session, while Kate is on the verge of tears, and be witness to Kate's erratic behavior, before Olivia realizes that Kate is in deep trouble?

Olivia was downright heartless sounding, as she stood there, berating and badgering Kate in Sonny's home, repeatedly pushing Kate's buttons by calling Kate "Connie," because she thinks that Kate made a pass at Steve. Get over it, Olivia. It's not like they slept together. Olivia is like a rabid dog with a bone in regards to reminding Kate of Kate's origins, and frankly, it makes me wonder if perhaps Olivia's constant harping about Connie might have contributed to the alter personality being created in the first place.

By the way, explain to me how a girl of 15, who got pregnant by her boyfriend, was considered chaste, while the older girl, who ran away to make a name for herself, instead of tying herself down to a criminal, was a slut? I honestly don't get how Olivia can point fingers at Kate for stealing Sonny. Sonny never once professed to have been in love with Olivia during their days in Bensonhurst, so it seems to me that Olivia's relationship with Sonny was more of a sexual liaison. He always made it clear that Kate was his first love, not Olivia.

Admittedly, my heart is bleeding for Kate right now. I was not a fan of the DID storyline when it began, but it is being written extremely well. The scenes in Sonny's bedroom, when Kate ended up trapped in the mirror, while Connie took control, were downright chilling, and perfectly illustrated the struggle that Kate is going through. Kate banging on the mirror and desperately calling out Sonny's name when he entered the room gave me goose bumps.

I like Connie, but I hated how she callously took a knife to that delicious cake. What in the world did that cake ever do to Connie, except look scrumptious? Connie would have scored more points with me if she had used that knife to cut out her viper cousin's tongue. Then perhaps we would all be spared hearing Olivia's sanctimonious preaching, even though she doesn't seem to have a problem going to Sonny for help with her little Johnny problem.

Speaking of which, I'm sorry to say that it appears that Johnny's days are numbered. It's looking more and more like he is the one who arranged for Anthony's tires to be shot out, which had led to Hope and Cole's deaths. Johnny has also embarked on a black market organ-selling ring, which is just completely despicable. That's something that I expected Anthony to, not Johnny. Johnny is quickly sinking into the depths of unredeemable.

It's a shame, because I had hoped that perhaps Johnny and NuKristina could become an item when she returns to Port Charles.

Before I sign off, I just want to say that I am so thrilled that GH has been renewed for another year and that The Revolution was cancelled.

I've heard some people say that the renewal doesn't really mean anything, because it's only one year, but it's important to know that GH has always been on a year-to-year renewal basis. However, we cannot afford to become complacent. Everyone needs to keep tuning in, and to get our friends and family to do the same. As long as there is buzz for GH, and an interest in the show, it will remain on the air.

Reader Spotlight

  • Former OLTL fan here, SICK of John and Sam already. And I watched Port Charles during the last couple of months just to see how outrageous they'd get with the vampire story -- but it was so long ago that I remember almost nothing. But I did discover something interesting about Kate/Connie. I have the Halloween episode on DVR for the song at the end -- they've been setting this up since at least then. Kate dressed as Connie for the day, and had a strange expression at the end. --- Meryl

  • Liz -- just read you two scoops. I agree that Sam's rape has been mishandled and her keeping the latest horror from Jason is not in character. And yet again, Jason is the wounded party. Recent spoilers say that the baby is Franco's. I am so sickened by this that I can't even watch anymore. So Jason will accept the child? What about Sam? Carrying her rapist's baby is okay with everyone? Will she get to deal wit
  • h this or will we be treated to more of poor Jason his wife didn't tell him? Sam's [Sam] gets to be the villain once again. Where is the distain for the writers in this mess? There is no serious handling of rape in this storyline or its consequences. Instead Sam is being thrown under the bus, again. The Jason and Sam fans have waited a long time for them to get some happiness and this is what we get? I've watched this show since 1963, I'm done. --- S. Lovell

  • I hate the way they have changed Sam from being a strong, direct character who shared burdens with Jason. I am very unhappy to hear rumors that Johnny may be killed. He has such great presence. I find myself rooting for more Zacchara time & less annoying Sonny. As for NuKate, I am enjoying her story line. Hats off to "Patrick" for his heart wrenching, nuanced & totally believable performance. --- Marcia

  • Don't even get me started on how stupid Sam is being. It's like she went to Hawaii and lost all of her street smarts and common sense. Everything from showering after the rape to talking to a vampire cop. ;) -- Barbara

  • Re: Heather. I think she is being portrayed as a psychopath...severe personality disorder, rather than seriously mentally ill (insane). They are actually unrelated disorders. Thanks for super columns. -- Tommy

  • Am I the only one who's noticed how FUN our beloved soap has gotten lately? Thank you Ron Carlivati, for getting us back on track, bringing back legacy characters, balancing the darker aspects of the storylines with some much-needed comic relief, and keeping us guessing at every turn! --- Donna L.
I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who took the time to email me with your thoughts. I enjoyed reading all of your emails, so please keep them coming.

Liz Masters
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