GH recasts Kristina Davis

Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2012 6:27:07 PM
GH recasts Kristina Davis

Kristina Davis will be headed back to Port Charles after a brief stint at Yale -- but when the character returns, a new actress will be playing the role. Newcomer Lindsey Morgan has been hired and will first air in May. Emmy nom Lexi Ainsworth previously appeared in the role.

Insiders have hinted for several weeks that General Hospital has been exploring ways to bring Kristina Davis back into the fold for several weeks. Those reports have turned out to be true -- but the show will not, as many fans had hoped, be rehiring Emmy-nominated Lexi Ainsworth

TV|Line is reporting that General Hospital has cast Lindsey Morgan as its new Kristina -- and that the character's face won't be the only thing that's new.

"Sonny and Alexis' daughter returns to Port Charles in not the best of moods, having learned that there was much more to her admission to Yale than she originally thought," TV|Line's Matt Mitovich wrote.

In October 2011, Ainsworth confirmed that she'd been let go from General Hospital. There was concern by the show's executive producer and head writer that Ainsworth was too young to be able to play the sort of stories that they had planned for the character.

Somewhat ironically, Ainsworth joined General Hospital in June 2009 when the show decided to "age" the character of Kristina. Ainsworth earned an Outstanding Younger Actress Daytime Emmy nomination last year, and is again pre-nominated this year.

General Hospital will be Morgan's first daytime role, but the actress' recent primetime credits include stops on Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, and Happy Endings.

Morgan makes her GH debut the week of May 21.

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