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Character profiles, actor biographies, and more
Whether you are a long-time GH viewer or you just started watching last week, this is the section for you to get additional information about the show. Who plays a particular role on the show? Get the answer on our Cast and Credits page. Research characters' past crimes or affairs in our Who's Who in Port Charles section. Find out who is related to who with our Family Trees. Learn more about the actors with About the Actor biographies. Or find out where and how to drop a note or email to your favorite GH star. It's all here at your fingertips.

To get started, select any of the options from the navigation menus at the top of this page or, for more information, continue reading.

About the Actors
Learn more about past and present GH performers. In each actor profile, you can read a brief biography on that performer, review their previous acting jobs, and browse other information.

Visit the About the Actors section
Do you share the same birthday as star of General Hospital? Find out when the stars blow out candles on their birthday cakes.

Visit the Birthdays section
Cast and Credits
Review a list of the actors and the roles they play along with some of the production credits for the show. Plus, you will also have access to list of past cast members. It's an easy way to find out who plays who.

Visit the Cast and Credits section
Character Profiles
This section is a real "who's who" of Port Charles. In fact, that's why we call the section Who's Who. Review biographies of past and present characters and find out who's related to who, what crimes a character has committed, how many times they've come back from the dead and much more.

Visit the Who's Who in Port Charles section
Family Trees
With so many marriages and secret affairs, it's hard to keep tabs on who's related to who in Port Charles. We've done our best to give you up-to-the-minute diagrams of past and present families.

Visit the About the Actors section
Where to Write
Do you want to send your favorite GH a note or email? In this section you can find out if that star has an official web site or fan club. Do you want to send someone at the show your thoughts on a storyline? You can find that information here as well.

Visit the Where to Write/Fan Clubs section
Awards and Acclaim
The members of the GH cast have been honored with numerous awards over the years. We've created a Daytime Emmy archive to keep track of the wins and nominations. In addition, we have a section devoted to the awards chosen by our visitors, the Soap Central Dankies Awards.

Visit the Daytime Emmy Archives section

Visit the Dankies section
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