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Mirror Mirror on the wall... Oh wait, the mirror isn't on the wall anymore since Kate and Connie had a fight with themselves and broke it. Whose reflection won -- and how do you want to see this storyline play out? We'll take a look in this week's Two Scoops.

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If I had an alternate personality, I'd like to think I'd be able to get along with my own damn self, but Kate and Connie, who loudly bicker with each other in mirrors, can't seem to get along.

The funniest part of this fight was that when Sonny woke up, went downstairs, and saw his wall-sized mirror shattered in pieces on the floor, he didn't jump to the immediate (logical) conclusion that it was his middle-of-the-night-disappearing-crazy-split-personality lover who broke it, and instead wondered if perhaps random pranksters had broken into his house, broken his mirror, and fled... C'mon Sonny.

Sonny must have the world's most potent sexual technique because as soon as he nails either Kate or Connie, they turn into the other personality. That must be some hot mobster-loving going on in Sonny's satin-sheeted bed.

So Connie turned into Kate, but then back into Connie, and Sonny doesn't know which one he is sleeping with, and now Connie wants revenge because he cheated with her by sleeping with...the same exact body. Talk about a hot mess.

In other odd triangles, Scotty is engaged to Laura, whom he was once married to until she dumped him to marry her rapist, who of course is her one true love. So now, Scotty is hoping he can get Laura to the altar before she discovers Luke is indeed single again, although he's probably too old and tired now to rape anyone appeal?

Personally, I'm waiting for Scotty and Lucy to run into one another because that's a far more interesting match-up in my opinion. "Doc" is a nice guy, but...kind of a snooze from a soap standpoint. Oh the good old days when he had an evil twin, too! Scotty is being manipulative, dishonest, and downright weaselly, but it's all in vain. Laura will find out Luke is single again, and they will reunite because he is the magnet and she is the steel.

Love triangles come in all age groups, and Molly is navigating her feelings for Rafe and T.J. somewhat unsuccessfully. I feel bad for T.J. because he's solid and decent, but very right in noting that Molly liked him better when he was a project to fix up, and now she has moved on to another person who needs fixing in Rafe. I laughed at this because I was a victim of that brand of dating for most of my young life. "Oh, look! Someone broken who needs my help! My powerful love can save him!" Which never, ever works. Will Molly dump the already fixed T.J. to take on still-broken Rafe? Probably. But then T.J. is free to hit on the newly single Kristina.

I was rooting for the Johnny Z/Kristina pairing, but then I heard the sad news that Brandon Barash will be leaving General Hospital, so that will not be happening. The day Johnny shot Anthony, I kind of felt his days were numbered. It's hard to write a character into that solid of a corner and get them back out again. I truly hate to see him go; he's always been one of my favorites. Have you noticed that the only member of "Port Chuck" that's left on canvas is Spinelli?

This concerns me, seeing as how Spinelli just crossed the line into bad guy-dom yesterday by stealing from his crippled girlfriend. I mean, seriously, Damien, what were you thinking? So what if Tracy pulled your lease, do you really think Sam and Danny would let you live out on the street? Or Maxie? You didn't have to resort to theft to keep a roof over your head. Besides, you have a baby on the way! (Or a jackal puppy.)

Or at least that's what we think from Dr. Westbourne's sloppy medical diagnosis. Dante and Lulu will be changing soon, since Julie Marie Berman is flying the coop and Lulu is being recast. That's bad news, but the immediate good news is that she has been recast with the delightful Marcy Rylan. If we have to have a new Lulu, at least it's one who can act.

Speaking of the evil doctor, apparently her latest act of spite and hatefulness was making it look like our unkempt heroine Sabrina cheated on her nursing exam. Seriously, can't Britt just find another doctor to hit on? Life's too short to chase after a man who is no longer interested.

Sabrina is trying to work up the nerve to let Patrick know she has feelings for him, and I have a very strong opinion of this -- I want Patrick to fall for her before the makeover, before the Cinderella transformation, before, before, before. I want him to love her soul and not just her hot body finally out of scrubs.

As to other nurse romances, the budding relationship between A.J. and Elizabeth is perfect. They have a history, they have a foundation -- their families are Port Charles pillars, and their families have regarded them both as black sheep over the years. But rumor has it that archenemies Carly and A.J. will team up to make Todd jealous, and Liz will see it and become discouraged. I pray it's just a momentary speed bump.

For me, the truest connection of any couple on GH right now is Todd and Carly. Sure, he lied to her and she is furious, but this thing they have -- the foundation beneath this momentary wall that's between them -- is so incredibly honest and moving. Carly and Todd are messed up people. They have issues, and they have for the most part handled them badly. They have each done despicable, unforgivable things, but somehow, they accept that about one another. "I'm a mess, you're a mess, let's be messed up together." Works for me. It's really the only hope any of us have at genuine love and happiness.

We have to find someone with whom our own madness is compatible with his or hers. We have to look at someone not as a project, or see someone as having "potential," but to say, "If this is how you are forever, and you never grow or change, I am okay with that." And Carly and Todd were on their way to that until he thought she would not be able to accept one more sin and lied to her. And the thing I love most about Carly, and the characteristic I share with her, is that she truly could have accepted his sin. All of it.

Of all the ladies in Port Charles, the one with the hardest choice right now is Felicia. Mac or Frisco. Seriously, how would you make that sort of a choice? I am rooting for Mac -- after all, he waited patiently for her and raised her kids when she flaked on motherhood. But Frisco is so...Frisco-ish. And they have all those flashback scenes and all that sweet history. I can see why she is torn and tempted to reach back into her past and recapture youthful romance -- but it's not as real as what she has with Mac. If I were her, I'd pick real, honest love over a resurrected and failed teenage fantasy.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will McBain adopt the son of his dead vampire doppelgänger? Will Todd break Heather out of jail to thank her for lying for him under oath and springing him to sin another day? Will Ellie and Starr start eating spoonfuls of relish for snacks instead of ice cream? Will Jeff Weber show up to MacGyver Steve out of prison? Will Maxie see the new Lulu and say, "There's something different about you today"? Will Anna forgive Duke for still being the exact same criminal he's always been, or pretend to be disappointed and shocked? Will Sonny buy a new mirror or opt for a safer reflective surface?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in as long as there are tomorrows.

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