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Sonny, Carly, and Duke were arrested for their roles in A.J.'s murder and the subsequent cover-up, Nina and Franco went on the lam with Ava's newborn, and Anna became the prime suspect in the possible murder of Cesar Faison. Meanwhile, Julian decided to bank his bone marrow for the sake of his grandson. Some families crumbled while others closed ranks as secrets and lies were exposed.

It was a rough week for several folks in Port Charles as the police arrested a slew of bad boys and girls, starting with mob boss Sonny Corinthos, who had been caught confessing on video to the fatal shooting of A.J. Quartermaine.

Naturally, this led to Anna promptly tossing Duke into the clinker because he had foolishly provided Sonny a false alibi for the time of A.J.'s shooting. I get her annoyance; she had given Duke the opportunity to come clean just hours earlier, but he had stubbornly chosen to stick with his lie. Silly man.

However, Anna lives in a glass house that is about to come crashing down around her ears in a big way, but more on that later.

Without a doubt, the most powerful scenes of the week were at the brownstone when Michael finally had the opportunity to confront Sonny about A.J.'s murder and the cover-up. It was impossible for me not to become caught up in Michael's pain, rage, and overwhelming grief at the realization that the man he had trusted most in the world -- the man Michael had called "Dad" his entire life -- had betrayed Michael in the most unimaginable way.

I got teary-eyed when Michael told Sonny how disgusted he was by the idea that he had leaned on his father's killer for comfort in his time of grief and had even asked Sonny to stand at his side during A.J.'s funeral because Michael had needed both Sonny and Carly's love and support to get him through the loss.

I also think Michael was absolutely right when he suggested that Ava had given Sonny the excuse to kill A.J. that Sonny had been waiting twenty-something years for.

Michael loved A.J., so what Sonny did goes beyond unforgiveable. Michael may move past it one day, but his relationship with Sonny is forever tainted and altered because not only did Sonny kill Michael's father, but Sonny lied then enlisted Michael's own mother in betraying her own son.

To add insult to injury, Michael then learned that both Morgan and Kiki had known the truth but had kept the secret to "protect" Michael. I loved that Michael called Kiki out on her habit of confiding to one brother when she was with another because wanting the brother she can't have provides her with the drama she desperately seeks to make herself feel important. Funny how anger can sometimes yield deeply buried truths.

I'm only surprised that Michael didn't toss Morgan and Kiki out on the street. Then again, even though Michael is mad at a large portion of his family, he still loves Lucas and his grandmother, Bobbie, so it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to allow Morgan and Kiki to live there for Bobbie's sake, whom I'm certain will move in if Lucas doesn't beat her to it.

Poor, poor deluded Bobbie. I can appreciate a mother's blind and irrational support of her child, but Bobbie got on my nerves this week. Don't get me wrong -- I am thrilled to have Jackie Zeman back and to see both Bobbie and Lucas back on my television screen -- but Bobbie just left me scratching my head. Her daughter confesses to covering up the murder of an innocent man, knowing that another innocent person is sitting in prison for the crime, and yet all Bobbie can do when she sees Scott is complain that he didn't arrest Franco. Bobbie looked even more ridiculous when she had the audacity to threaten a public official, Scott, if he dared to issue an arrest warrant for her guilty-as-sin daughter.

If Bobbie was so concerned about Carly's disappearance, pray tell, why did she hang out in the Floating Rib all night instead of ferreting out Carly's regular haunts? Why didn't Bobbie follow Franco if she thought Franco had been acting shady?

Instead, Bobbie complained to everyone about how Franco had dared to show an incriminating video of her daughter and ex-son-in-law talking about a murder then stayed at the bar even after her friends left. When Bobbie finally did leave, she went to Carly's place, having evidently exhausted the search for Carly at the Floating Rib.

I was surprised that it took Scott as long as it did to arrest Carly, but I almost wished that he hadn't, because the moment the jail cell door snapped shut, Carly began sniveling about how much she loved Sonny and believed that Michael would eventually forgive him and all would be well. Then she and Sonny proceeded to blame Franco for everything from ruining their family to global warming.

I was actually impressed when Sonny admitted that it wasn't really Franco's fault that Sonny was in jail because Sonny had been the one to shoot A.J., but then Sonny turned around and started ranting about how he should have killed Franco the second Franco had returned to Port Charles. Has it ever occurred to Sonny that perhaps his constant desire to kill people out of revenge causes him more trouble than his criminal organization?

Sonny's hit list is longer than Nina's and is growing by the day. Honestly, I've forgotten why he wants half the people on his list dead.

The only person I truly feel sorry for in all of this mess -- and have from the very beginning -- is Michael, but I have a feeling that Sonny and Carly's loss is going to be the Quartermaines' gain.

I love that Michael not only learned that Sonny was guilty of A.J.'s murder but also that Ava, not A.J., had murdered Connie. It was a boon that I hadn't expected because I had feared that the writers would use that bit of information as a bargaining chip for Sonny to get out of trouble.

Speaking of Ava, while her scenes with Julian when she told him about her daughter's abduction were compelling, I'm really hoping that her daughter turns out to be Morgan's daughter and that he raises the infant. The idea that a child was conceived in a crypt practically on top of the coffin of her parents' murder victim sounds like something off of American Horror Story, not General Hospital.

It's one thing for a child to be strange; it's another for that child to be created in such ugliness and sin.

I imagine that Julian is tickled pink that Sonny's goose appears to be good and cooked because there is no doubt that Sonny would have sent his bumbling hit man, Shawn, to kill Julian once word got out that Julian had decided to bank his lifesaving bone marrow for Danny's use if Danny should need it in the future.

I'm happy that Julian made the decision before Sonny's arrest and despite the danger to Julian's life. This is why I prefer Julian over Sonny. Yes, Julian is a mobster who has done some very bad things, but he's a reluctant mobster who only strikes when he is backed into a corner. More importantly though, I see Julian continually trying to be a better man, which makes him someone I can root for.

I'm willing to give everyone -- within reason -- a chance, but I have to see an effort on that person's part to do better and to make real strides in a positive, different direction. Yes, life happens and soap characters are notorious for making poor choices, but the good has to outweigh the bad when it comes to their core character.

I have seen that with Julian since his return to Port Charles.

Of course, there are people who are beyond redemption and so evil that they fully embrace their dark side with both flair and panache, like Jerry Jacks and Helena. I can enjoy them because there is absolutely no chance that these people will be redeemed. They do their dastardly deeds without apology and find a way to make me chuckle while they are at it.

Liesl is like that, which is why I enjoy her but not her daughter, Britt. Admittedly, I wasn't really saddened by the news that Kelly Thiebaud has decided to drop to recurring status instead of signing a contract. I never really warmed to the character of Britt, so I'm perfectly okay with her fading away. There were moments when I might have grown to like her, but she always reverted to form and ended up scheming and lying. Worse, she always had an excuse for her bad behavior, which is a pet peeve of mine.

Liesl owns it when she does bad things. She is unapologetic about the lengths that she will go to if she feels the need, but at the same time, she shows glimpses of genuine remorse for hurting those she cares about like Nathan. Yes, she firmly believes that the end justifies the means, but there is a little itty-bitty corner of her heart where love resides. Oddly, I see it for Nathan more than I do for Britt.

It kind of serves Nikolas right that as Britt fades away, "Jake" will be taking a more prominent role in Elizabeth's life.

I've received several emails about Jason's "personality" change from readers who feel that amnesia would not alter a person's personality in the drastic way that Jason's has appeared to be altered, but, sadly, I have firsthand knowledge that severe head injuries can fundamentally change a person in ways that you wouldn't think possible.

My sister was 16 years old when she drove into a tree and suffered extensive head trauma. She was in a coma for months and did experience memory loss for a while and a significant shift in her personality. I love my sister, but the person who emerged from the coma was a far different person than the sister I grew up with. Make no mistake, I love and admire my sister because she has struggled mightily to rebuild her life, but she changed.

Keep in mind that Jason's personality changed once before, a long time ago, when A.J. drove Jason into the tree. Why is it so hard to believe that it would happen again after everything that Jason went through -- shot, his half-dead body dumped into the cold harbor, stuck in a deepfreeze for nearly two years, injected with experimental drugs, jumped from a moving vehicle, fell down a ravine, and then hit by a car so violently that he required extensive facial reconstruction, which changed his appearance so drastically that even his loved ones no longer recognized him?

I like the changes that I see in this version of Jason, especially now that it appears that Michael has taken a scorched earth policy with Clan Corinthos. The time appears to be ripe for Jason and Michael to reconnect and bond as Quartermaines, which I believe A.J. would have wanted under the circumstances. I would love to watch both Jason and Michael reinvent themselves and reenergize the Quartermaine dynasty.

The Quartermaines are a legacy family and deserve to remain front and center right next to the Spencers, Webbers, Cassadines, and yes, even the Corinthos clan.

The most touching scene of the week was when Jason passed the wall of remembrance at General Hospital and spotted Alan's picture.

I got a bit misty-eyed when I saw the pictures of nurses Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining as well as doctors Steve Hardy, and -- if I'm not mistaken -- Tony Jones and Rick Webber. It was heartwarming to hear Elizabeth talk about Alan being a wonderful chief of staff and mentioning that Lila had been as sweet as Edward had been cantankerous. I also loved hearing Jason admit that the Quartermaine name somehow felt right to him.

I grew up with these characters, so I'm sentimental about them. I'm grateful that Ron Carlivati makes a point to occasionally mention them because, in real life, when loved ones pass away, you don't bury them and forget. You reminisce about them, remembering the good times, and honor their accomplishments.

The Quartermaines are going to need both Jason and Michael in the coming months to combat whatever Fluke has cooked up with Jerry Jacks, Larry Ashton, and Helena, so I am completely on board with both Jason and Michael embracing their Quartermaine roots.

However, the changes in Jason could spell trouble for Sam because, while he was certainly polite to her when they met at the hospital, I didn't sense a romantic spark between Jason and Sam like I do whenever he's around Liz. Things will only heat up now that Jason has moved in with Liz and the boys.

Jason is developing bonds that might ultimately tear him away from the life that he once shared with Sam, unless the love he felt for Sam at the time of his "death" returns with his memories. If so, then Liz will be left with a broken heart once again.

However, I suspect that Ron Carlivati won't make things quite that cut-and-dried because, even as Jason is moving in with Liz, Sam is building something quite interesting with Patrick.

I will admit that I'm biased here because I really do like the vibe between Patrick and Sam. Physically, they appear like an edgy version of Ken and Barbie with their incredible dark good looks, cute dimples, and perfect smiles. I also like the idea of Robin finding out that Patrick moved on with Sam more than if it had been someone like Liz or Sabrina because Patrick and Sam are a bit of well-deserved karma.

I know that Robin can't help that Helena kidnapped her, but ultimately, Robin repeatedly chose Jason over her own family, so I don't think Robin should continue to expect her family to remain in a holding pattern, waiting for her return. I adore Kimberly McCullough, but I am really tired of her revolving door visits.

Moving on to Anna and the troubles awaiting her... At the end of Friday's show, an Agent Sloane showed up on Nikolas' doorstep to inform Nikolas and Britt that Victor's death had triggered an investigation into the corruption at the World Security Bureau, including Victor's unsanctioned operations. Britt was stunned to learn that it appears that Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane went rogue and killed Cesar instead of returning the Joker -- I mean Cesar -- to Steinmauer.

Exactly why is the Justice Department worried about Cesar? Isn't that just one less evildoer to worry about with the likes of Jerry and Helena still running amok? I'm also baffled why anyone would enlist Britt's help, given her very dubious history.

Although it will be nice to see Anna have to eat a little crow when all of this comes to bite her in the proverbial butt, I don't really want this to be something that sends Anna to jail or makes her lose her job. My hope is that it will pave the way for a reconciliation between Anna and Duke because no way, no how do I like Duke and Lucy as a couple.

Finally, Franco found out through a smitten and talkative Liesl that Nina and Madeline had been hiding out at the Rendezvous Motel -- in room 106 -- with the baby they had kidnapped. Franco immediately hightailed it over to the motel in time to prevent Nina from beating Madeline to death with that ugly 1970s lamp.

Franco then spirited Nina and the baby to Canada, where he had a secret hideout that he had managed to retain ownership of despite losing his entire fortune.

I'm beginning to wonder if the loss of his fortune was a scam because not only did that little house look nice, but it clearly had electricity and running water. It also appeared as neat as a pin, indicating that there has been housekeeping going on.

Granted, Franco could be renting the place, but I didn't think Liesl had paid him that well. Then again, Nina could be footing the bill, but I doubt it because at this point, she can't risk any kind of paper trail, especially a financial one, which I'm sure the police are closely monitoring.

Unfortunately, I don't think Franco quite counted on Nina being the crazy little bedbug that she is. To say that Nina has had a break with reality is like saying that a tsunami is a little ripple of a wave.

I get why Franco helped Nina -- she's his friend -- but in helping her, he did break the law because that baby doesn't belong to her. That said, how scary is it that the child will be depending on Franco to protect her? I think Franco's love for Kiki will ensure that he doesn't let anything happen to Kiki's little sister, but it's still a frightening thought that Franco is going to be juggling crazy Nina and infant care.

Random observations

What on earth would possess Dante to take a call from Lulu while he and Nathan were in the middle of searching Sonny's warehouse for a homicidal maniac who had escaped from a mental institution and might have killed someone?

While we are on the subject, why wouldn't Shawn know a way out of a room in his boss's warehouse? Isn't there always an emergency exit for a mobster on his own turf? This is why I refer to Shawn as a bumbling enforcer. At the very least, he should have known how to pick the lock.

Was it me, or did Dante play a little fast and loose with the law by giving Shawn a free pass on breaking Heather out of Ferncliff and holding her hostage?

Seriously, where are all the twenty-something women in Port Charles? It's no wonder Michael thinks Rosalie is an improvement over Kiki when Rosalie is his only option.

Things that tickled my fancy

Larry assumes Patrick is Tracy's lover
Tracy: "Well, I still need to know what happened to Luke."
Patrick: "I'm invested in that information, as well."
Larry: "Ooh. Another country heard from. Which one are you? Are -- are you little Jason all grown up? How's the tennis game?"
Patrick: "No. My name is Patrick Drake. I'm not related to the Quartermaines."
Larry: "Oh. Oh! A young stud rustled up for the old mare. I say, Tracy, you are a magnificent minx. You still got it."

Is Carly part parrot? Franco seems to think so, and I tend to agree
Carly: "You've already done that, you freak."
Franco: "Okay, speaking of originality, you have to come up with a new insult."

Heather bound to a chair with shrink-wrap was hilarious, but this exchange made me howl with laughter
Nathan: "I'll call it in to the commissioner."
Dante: "Yeah, you do that. Hey, let her know that Ferncliff has one of their favorite people right here, strapped to a chair, all ready to go."

Michael coldly dismisses Kiki when she walks in on him and Rosalie having sex
Kiki: "What the hell are you doing?"
Michael: "What does it look like? Rosalie and I are in my bed, in my apartment, having sex -- again. Now, we'd like to get back to what we were doing before you interrupted, so if you don't mind..." [Michael leans in to nuzzle Rosalie's neck]
Kiki: "Michael, Michael."
Michael: "Can you close the door on your way out? Thanks."

A minute with Nina's special brand of crazy
Nina: "Did you really think that I was gonna give up all control of my money to you? Poor, gullible, desperate mommy. Did you really think that you would see one dime of my money?"
Madeline: "Nina --"
Nina: "You injected me with a drug that could have caused me to miscarry. It said it right on the label. I could have lost that beautiful, beautiful baby. Clearly my daughter isn't safe around you. You know what? Not that you know -- not that you know, but a mother protects her young!" [Nina bashes Madeline over the head with a tacky motel lamp]
Nina: "That's how it's done, baby girl. Your wicked grandmother won't ever bother us again. Soon our handsome prince will gather us up and take us to our new life together. One happy family. It'll be incredible. Come on, Silas. Come on. Don't keep us waiting."

Until next time, dear readers, take care.
Liz Masters

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