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On a week of giving thanks, another person came back from the dead, an evil villain supposedly died, and Jason reclaimed his real name. Why aren't the people in Port Charles throwing a parade? Let's discuss in this week's two Scoops.

Readers, I am going to judge the denizens of Port Charles. I think they are less thankful than they ought to be considering the Biblical grade miracles they have experienced this year.

They have had no fewer than four people rise from the dead -- Ava, Jason, L'il Jake, and Carlos. But here's the weird thing -- there has not been, in my humble opinion, significant fanfare for such miracles!

In the past decade I have lost both of my parents and my sister and several other dear friends and family members. If any one of them turned up at my door alive, I would not go about my day-to-day life like nothing happened. I would take off all my vacation and sick time. I would have parties and invite anyone who knew and loved them, everyone who mourned them; I'd launch a freaking parade to celebrate their return.

But the people of Port Charles are nonchalant about the resurrected. For instance, "So glad you're alive, Carlos, but I have to go to the Q's for Thanksgiving now. See ya!" "Hey, L'il Jake, I'm glad you aren't dead, but Mommy has to go to her shift at the hospital, so you stay here with your Grandma Laura." Or "Hey, Jake, so cool that you are Jason, but only Sam and Carly are actually excited about that fact, since a bunch of us already knew it and hid it from you." Geez. I am hoping if Duke also turns out to be among the living that Anna will celebrate his return a little more enthusiastically.

Of course, right now, Anna is a bit preoccupied with trying to figure out whether or not she is a murderer. She shot Carlos, but then she saw Carlos, and as she pointed out, "Ghosts don't drop necklaces." I am glad Carlos is alive because I didn't want Anna to be a murderer. In fact, if Dr. Andre digs around in her brain long enough, perhaps he will realize the whole thing was a figment of her imagination and some PTSD response to Duke's murder. Maybe she just imagined shooting Carlos!

Readers, I must confess that I would fake a mental illness to hang out with Dr. Andre for an hour, so if Anna keeps booking appointments after she is cured, I will not judge her. He's a honey. Better yet, he can act, and I find him to be a believable character. He is a welcome addition to the Port Charles landscape.

Andre is much needed right now as we unravel Morgan's diagnosis, and to be frank, most of Port Charles needs a session with him. We went for so long with no mention of it, I thought the new writers had just dropped the "Morgan is bipolar" storyline when they took over, but I am happy to see they have not. This week's scenes have really given Bryan Craig a chance to shine. The intensity he portrayed this week was spot on, and I really want him to get an Emmy nomination for his work this year. I have a couple of close friends who struggle to maintain balance with their bipolar disorder, and Mr. Craig is doing a great job portraying the "manic" side of this disorder.

This disorder is a struggle for many people. One of my bipolar friends is a musical genius. In his manic state, I have seen him compose, sing, and perform for thousands of people. He is classically trained and sings in a big rich voice like Josh Groban. But on the down side of this roller coaster ride, he withdraws, locks himself in his house, refuses to answer the phone, doesn't get out of pajamas for days, and cannot function. When he takes meds to try to level things out, he says it makes him feel like a zombie, and not only does he not experience the extreme highs and lows, but he says he feels nothing.

How will the writers handle this choice with Morgan? Will he take the meds he is prescribed like Sonny has chosen to do, or will he rebel and refuse to take the pills and be a loose cannon? I'm anxious to see what the writers decide to do with this.

In other news from the Corinthos clan, Sonny is wheelchair-bound but under the care of one Epiphany Johnson as his physical therapist, so there is no way he won't be walking again by the New Year. I dearly love ddy, and any scene she is in is a great scene. I have seen her in several other shows lately. I both love and hate this because once the rest of the world discovers her awesomeness, we may lose her on GH. While I root for her and want her to have the widespread success she deserves, I'd miss seeing her in Port Charles.

Besides, with Patrick leaving, we are running out of medical personnel at GH. Bobbie, Monica, and Gram are retired; Sabrina was fired; Britt is in hiding; Brad and Lucas have vanished; Felix works about two days a month; Liz is too busy trying to cover her tracks with her Jake lies to focus on nursing; Ellie moved to Portland; Lisa Niles is in an institution; Steve is in jail; and Matt is in jail. (But Dr. Obrecht is not in jail. Go figure!) -- Seriously, we need to do some medical recruiting, pronto.

I would start with having Dr. O offer Christmas forgiveness for Sabrina. Put her back in the hospital where she belongs. You can write Sabrina out of the corner of trying to make Ava lose her baby if you can write Ava out of the corner of being an actual murderer! We've already fixed Kiki's drunken hit-and-run by having Carly drop the charges, and Nina's kidnapping charges by declaring her insane, so what's one more whitewash?

Another thing the writers will have to fix soon -- is making Helena undead again. I absolutely do not believe that Helena is actually dead! She is like an evil Phoenix that continues to rise. I think faking her death was all part of her amusing herself -- letting Nikolas think she might spill his secrets, letting Jake think she might tell him the truth -- it's all part of her game. I predict when whatever pill Robin gave Helena to fake her death wears off, she will be stirring up trouble again in no time.

I'm also very curious to see what is up with Li'l Jake. He dropped that crystal when he heard Helena had died -- seemingly in shock. But why? Does he love her like a Grandma, since he was with her for so many years, or is he afraid because his programmer is gone and he won't know what to do next?

For the moment, everyone is content. Sam has gone back to Patrick and told him she wants to be with him and that Jason is just her "buddy." Liz is clinging to Jason and hoping he never finds out that she has lied to him for months. But this has to all blow up soon because Patrick is leaving the show, so clearly Sam isn't going to end up with him. Robin is coming back, conceivably to give Scrubs a happy ending. The sad part of this is that we will either have to lose Emma, or Patrick and Robin will have to pull a Robert and Anna and dump their kid on Anna or Mac to raise. What would Spencer do without Emma? We must find a way to keep her!

Hard to say who will be raising baby Rocco, since Lulu and Dante are most likely in for a custody fight. I keep hoping that Lulu is already pregnant, but my hopes haven't been realized yet. Readers, I am angry with Dante right now. He said that he wanted to fix things with Lulu, but he keeps spending time alone with Valerie. That makes me question his sincerity.

Why wouldn't he go to the chief of police and say, "I can't be partnered with my wife's cousin that I cheated with because I want my wife to trust me again." Or, "No Valerie, you can't come in when my wife isn't home just in case she stops by because I don't want to give her the wrong idea." The fact that he isn't setting any boundaries to regain Lulu's trust tells me he isn't that committed to fixing his marriage. He has a say in this and instead he says, "Come on in," every single time.

And, I think Valerie is faking liking football. I think that because I faked liking golf in junior high to worm my way into a boy's heart. I even joined an after-school golf group and borrowed my Grandpa's golf clubs just to be in his orbit. I am well acquainted with sneaky girl maneuvers, and that football thing was clearly one of them. Yes, I know some girls truly like football, but since we have never previously seen Valerie betting in the office fantasy football league or walking around town in her Buffalo Bills jersey, I'm not buying it!

Laura advised Lulu to give Dante another chance, and I am already dreading Monday's episode when Lulu shows up at the door to find her skanky cousin in her bed. Seriously, if Lulu and Dante ever do reconcile, they need to move out of that skeevy apartment. As to Laura, she needs a love match, too -- but we need some fresh options for her, going back to Scott for the 40th time is boring. Maybe they should bring back Dr. Noah Drake and let Bobbie and Laura fight over him.

The Thanksgiving portion of the week was delightful all around. The Corinthos Thanksgiving in Morgan's hospital room, the Julexis Thanksgiving with Ava and Olivia was hilarious, and the traditional Quartermaine pizza Thanksgiving complete with "We Gather Together" was what I needed to make my heart happy.

I told my husband that I it sounds crazy, but with both of my own parents gone, so many of my personal family traditions died with them that being able to celebrate with the Q's feels a little like home to me. I have been celebrating holidays with the people of Port Charles since 1977, and it matters to me that those soapy holiday traditions keep going. I am thankful for GH, for my Soap Central family, and for all of you who read this column and write to me about GH. I love you all!

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will we see Kristina again before Christmas? Will Ava get pregnant with Paul's baby and give Avery a sister? Will junior fashion editor Maxie wow her baby Georgie with her stylish outfits? Will Spinelli come to visit for Christmas and stay forever? (Please?) Will Dillon try to take over ELQ now that he's giving up filmmaking?

Will Santa find any nice people to add to his Christmas list or only very naughty ones? Will we ever see baby Leo's face, since we hear he looks so much like Julian? Will Dante change the sheets again after Valerie leaves? Will Robin come home for Christmas and put Emma in a snowy tree again? Will Carly be the one to find out Liz lied to Jason? (Please?) Will Josslyn still be 14 next time we see her, or will they make her the age of the other kids again? (If I were ABC, I'd cast Josslyn as Lizzy Greene

Will Luke come home for Christmas and let those ghosts give him a happier ending this time?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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