Lions, Packers, and Bears, oh my!

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Lions, Packers, and Bears, oh my!
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Dr. Anderson delivered Sharon's baby to her -- and it was the child formerly known as Christian! Which conniving culprit was pulling the dastardly doctor's strings and just who was the target? A bigger question: did anyone in Genoa City watch football on Thanksgiving, since the Green Bay Packers played? Prepare to overindulge on turkey, football, and Two Scoops during this week after Thanksgiving.

Yes, my friends, it was another Thanksgiving in Genoa City, and somehow I just couldn't picture another happy, warm, and fuzzy dinner taking place at the Winterses' this year. Are you kidding? With all the back-stabbing going on, if Neil and company had gathered together, the turkey wouldn't have been the only thing carved up. Oh, yes, the way Devon has felt toward Neil lately, Lily would surely need to hide the knives. And things between Lily and Cane weren't much better, since Lily refused to believe that Joe had knocked Cane out during the fire to eliminate the competition. Would Joe really resort to murder, just so he could have Lily all to himself?

I have an even bigger question, though. Did anyone in Genoa City watch football on Thanksgiving Day? Since Genoa City is supposed to be located in Wisconsin, wouldn't that make its citizens Green Bay Packers fans? The Packers have dominated their division for years. That fact should especially tug at Victor's heartstrings. There's nothing Victor likes more than a winner, and he would have a group of them in the Packers.

So, why isn't Victor a devoted Packers fan like most everyone else in Wisconsin? I mean, if Genoa City was located in Michigan, I could certainly understand why he would avoid the television on Turkey Day. The lowly Lions have been pretty pathetic most years, and this year has been no exception. They were always the real turkeys. When he was still with us, my dad was the biggest Detroit Lions fan, but even he knew their limitations. Anytime they messed up, my father would yell that the Detroit players were "a bunch of pukes." He yelled that a lot. Ah, the good old days. I get misty just thinking about it.

But, come on, the Green Bay Packers consistently win, thanks to the leadership of Aaron Rodgers. You would think Victor would sing the praises of the team. I can almost hear him spelling out, "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y." Well, knowing Victor, he would probably leave off the "Y." He couldn't help himself. Oh, but wait. I just learned the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving. Never mind.

Maybe the Newman family will gather together as a family to give thanks, since they are not currently bickering and plotting against each other. Well, not at the moment anyway. Sure, Nick may still resent that his father has practically pushed him out of the family business. And if Adam gets out of jail in time, he shouldn't get too comfortable about his dear old dad's faith in him. Victor has been swaying with the wind in his loyalty to Adam. Consistently has not been Victor's virtue lately, if ever.

First, Victor believed in Adam and wanted his son to help him rebuild Newman Enterprises -- while they stuck it to the Abbotts. Then Victor thought Adam had saved Ian in the fire, so the two of them could sic Paragon Project on Newman Enterprises again. But then Chelsea convinced Victor that Adam would not have rescued his loved ones and then saved Ian, when it would have jeopardized his future with the Newman family, so Victor flip-flopped again. Make up your mind, Victor! Did you ever see a lassie go this way and that? That's how it's been with Adam and Victor -- go this way and that way, go this way and that way. Wow, I hadn't thought of that nursery rhyme in years.

Maybe Adam should just go "cold turkey" with Victor and stay far, far away from his dad, since loyalty doesn't seem to be a huge priority with Victor. Of course, the mighty Victor expects -- no, demands loyalty from everyone. But he doesn't seem to be too bothered if his loyalty wavers as much as Newman Towers' walls and ceilings did during the fire. I loved it when Victor told Faith, "Family will always take care of you, no matter what happens." I am sure Adam would have appreciated that sentiment as he sat in jail.

But with Victor's change of heart, Adam was back "in," and Nick was "out" of Newman Enterprises. Of course, first, Victor had to get Adam out of jail, so he placed a call to Judge Moxley. Boy, the poor judge probably regretted her affair all those many years ago, and now she is being haunted by it again. She will never live her affair with Victor down. He will not let her. Judge Moxley has become another tool for Victor to use in order to get what he wants. And what he wanted, at that time, was for his son to be out of jail. Who knows how long it will be before Victor turns on Adam again. Adam probably has a chance to catch his breath though. Victor needs a partner who thinks the same way he does -- his wayward son, the very son Victor sometimes loves and hates at the same time.

Yes, Victor and Adam were on the warpath to take down Billy Boy Abbott and Phyllis. It's always Billy Boy Abbott these days, not just Billy. Victor's bugs must be very much alive, since he knew Phyllis was involved too. Or Victor was just psychic. Shoot, if Victor deduced that one all on his own, he should join Paul and Dylan in cracking police cases. That would be some amazing sleuthing skills, and the GCPD desperately needs help.

Okay, who didn't know that Dr. Anderson would be handing little, very-much-alive Christian over to a still delusional Sharon, thanks to the bad doctor's concoctions of meds? But who is behind Dr. Anderson's actions and why? I mean, we all know Victor is the grand puppet master, but there would be no rhyme or reason for Victor to be behind such a scheme. Even if he secretly hated Sage, he would never hand his grandchild off to a woman he had, at one time, despised, or to the son of Victor's wife -- the mother of a child that Victor had not fathered. In other words, there is no way Victor would ever allow Sharon and Dylan to raise his grandson. It wouldn't matter who the biological father was -- Nick or Adam.

I suspected before that Ian was pulling Dr. Anderson's strings, and that is still a strong possibility. And after the way Dr. Anderson trashed the Newman family to Nick and Sage, Ian remains a likely candidate. I am sure Ian is still chomping at the bit to get the ultimate revenge on Nikki and her clan. If only Ian knew that Adam, not Nick, was Christian's biological father. Just think of all the damage he could cause the Newman family. Giving the child of one of Nikki's sons to the other would give a poetic sense of justice to Ian. Okay, let's talk turkey about yesterday's mashed potatoes. At one time, Ian thought Dylan was his son, but that was ripped away from him when Paul was determined to be Dylan's biological father. Ian could be using Christian and covering up his identity to cause pain to Nick's and Dylan's loved ones. It is very tragic for two families who love the baby so dearly.

But, then again, after hearing Dr. Anderson remark to Sharon that the baby was "the spitting image of his father," it almost sounded personal for her. And her tone indicated the doctor may know Adam was Christian's dad after all. If Ian was the one in control, wouldn't he know that also? Or could Dr. Anderson be someone from Adam's past who was intent on revenge? She's been sneaky about everything she has done so far. Maybe her target was the Newmans due to one of Adam's past mistakes. Adam is an expert on lying and deceit. Adam may have done the doctor, or someone close to her, wrong, which could have followed Adam into the life he cherished with Chelsea and Connor.

Didn't Sharon look deliriously happy with the wee one in her arms? Just imagine how devastated she will feel once the infant is ripped away. Sharon already hangs onto the very edge of stability, possibly even more so when being ridiculously dosed by the nasty doc's meds. Losing the child will send her teetering right over. I guess Sharon could always turn to Ashley for comfort, since Ashley knows exactly how it feels to lose a child she once thought was hers. It's pretty much the same scenario, only this time, Sharon will be on the receiving end of the loss. Sharon and Ashley did nothing to deserve that horrific kind of pain, but for some reason, they are the ones to pay the price. How fair is that?

And just think how overjoyed Nick and Sage will be once they learn their precious Christian is still alive. Well, Nick will be thrilled and thankful, until he eventually finds out that Adam is really Christian's biological father. Nick was always a terrific dad to Cassie, though, so I am sure he won't let the truth about Christian's paternity destroy his marriage, especially since it was not Sage's lie. Nick can put all of that on Adam's shoulders, and I suspect this will not bond the two brothers.

I wonder if Dylan will be surprised to learn Sharon had thought she'd miscarried but then hadn't. Or, at least, that is what Dr. Anderson claimed to Mariah and Sharon. Will that finally be the red flag that gets Dylan's attention? He was already suspicious about the dear doctor, but he needs to focus his crime-fighting skills on Dr. Anderson and her motives instead of on every other crime in Genoa City. Does Dylan need a black-and-white-striped football referee waving a red flag in front of his face, as a matador would do to a bull, in order for him to finally check out the doctor and her connections?

But Dylan was off chasing Dr. Simon Neville -- and he caught him. You could almost admire Simon when he insisted he didn't care about money, only about his passion, which was to save lives. How gallant! This character is truly complex, and the writers could just about take him in any direction. We know that his mother's death and the fact he couldn't save her has made him the man he has become, but is there more to this story? I can't wait to find out. However, Dylan won't find out anytime soon, since Simon injected our superhero into unconsciousness, which gave our doctor the chance to vanish.

It was crazy that, for Dylan, all was forgotten once he saw the baby in Sharon's arms. All of his past suspicions about Dr. Anderson -- everything -- gone. Maybe there was more to Simon's concoctions than just medication to knock the Boy Wonder out. Dylan seemed a little dopey and disoriented. Surely, Simon is not in cahoots with Dr. Anderson. That would be a diabolical duo -- or a conniving couple. If there is a connection, could it be of a romantic nature?

You would think after the sad nightmare he had gone through with Chelsea and Connor, Dylan would have been a little wiser and more on his guard. Sullivan McAvoy. Wasn't it sweet that Sharon wanted to name the lad after Dylan's hero, Sully. Oh, well. At least she didn't want to name the baby after Dylan's dad, Terrence. Been there, done that. Maybe the name Terry would have reminded Dylan of how he had already lost one son, once he discovered the lad wasn't his biologically. When he learns the truth about Sullivan, at least Dylan will be able to take comfort in the fact that Sharon had not tried to deceive him. Not like Chelsea had.

Faith must be psychic. Forget Victor. The police should be pounding on Nick's door to convince Faith to enter the police academy when she comes of age. When Mariah made the grand announcement that Sharon's baby had been born, Faith immediately cheered she had a new baby brother. Mariah never said Sharon's baby was a boy. Faith's sadness over the loss of Christian was instantly replaced by her joy over Sharon's new little one. It was as if Faith had replaced one younger brother with another. Little did she know just how true that really was.

Hey, maybe Sage will go into a deep depression over Christian's supposed death and kidnap Sharon's son, like Chloe did with Connor. In fact, Sage would be stealing back her own son. Wouldn't that be wild? I think Sage will recognize her precious boy the moment she lays eyes on him. Will Nick see that Sully is actually Christian also? Dr. Anderson would insist Sage's depression caused her to be mistaken about the infant's identity. Sage would need Nick to back her up on her claim.

Talk about irony, Neil finally got what he had searched and craved for since his wife cheated on him with his son -- revenge. But Neil no longer wanted it. Devon realized Neil had kept quiet about Hilary for all those months while Devon grieved over the loss of the wife he had loved so much. Devon was right. Neil was more concerned about saving himself than about any pain his son was going through. No, there will be no Thanksgiving celebration for the Winterses. The path was open for Hilary to finally have her happily ever after with Neil, though. Yeah, right.

Hilary claimed she regained her memories but not her feelings of love for Devon, but I have to question that. I think it's more that she hates and regrets the way she treated Neil when she cheated with Devon, and she doesn't want to go back to loving Devon. Hilary seemed to want to stay in love with Neil, as if to make up for what she did to him in the past. But her feelings appeared to be sneaking their way back into her heart, as much as she tried to fight them. Hilary definitely overdid seeing Neil as the victim though. Neil never once let the love of his son deter him in his plans for revenge. Neil did not forgive and forget as he carried out his need for vengeance.

Even when Neil's thirst for payback was gone, he still made some horrible decisions, such as keeping Hilary hidden away in the boathouse until she recovered from her fall. She could have died in there. But Neil only cared about Hilary's recovery so she could clear his name. I laughed when Neil talked at the police station about how he had to step up, face the music, and be a man. Where was that attitude all those many months ago? Then, it would have been the manly thing to do. Now, it just comes across as being wimpy and cowardly.

But somehow, Neil and Devon called a truce and made amends, and all was right in the Winterses' world. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. I guess there won't be a duel now, but I can't see them all gathering together in peace, love, and harmony either. It just won't be the same without the usual, boring Winters Thanksgiving dinner. No matter how we might feel about the Neil/Hilary/Devon threesome, their story hasn't been boring -- and it brought Dr. Simon Neville into our lives. That alone has made all of their angst worth it.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

Simon is proving to be as great with the one-liners as Adam is. The disgraced doctor stated he did not appreciate Dylan kicking his way in "like some kind of cowboy on steroids." What a writers' treasure to pen for characters such as these two.

I had anointed Paul and Dylan as Genoa City's own version of Batman and Robin, so I found it especially ironic when Dylan told Simon that Dr. Neville wouldn't want to see Dylan when he got angry. Dylan sounded just like Bill Bixby's Dr. David Banner before he would turn into the Incredible Hulk. Eerie.

Cane finally had evidence -- the hoodie -- to prove Joe was trying to get rid of him, first, by setting him up for the extortion and then, by having Cane die in the fire. I had almost forgotten about the extortion thing. Sometimes these stories do drag out.

But Cane's suspicion about Joe's motives brought back Colin, who returned with this funny quip: "No good deed goes unpunished, or so I'm told. I wouldn't know. I've never done one."

I hope everyone had a terrific turkey holiday. Until next time, please stay tuned.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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