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It was a tough week for some couples as one pair found happiness only for a secret to shatter it, another received devastating news, and yet another was over before they even started. As the heartbroken pick up the pieces, others moved ahead with wedding plans and cheap dates.

Cupid must be low on arrows because few were feeling the love as the week drew to a close.

While Jason and Sam are happily planning their wedding to kick off their new life together with their son and baby, Alexis is spiraling like a squashed bug in a tornado -- evidence that Helena's curse is working like a charm on her at least.

The only person who seems to care is Diane, Alexis' attorney and one true friend.

I don't blame Sam because she's got her miracle baby and the wedding on her brain, and Alexis is trying to put on a brave front around her because Alexis wants Sam to enjoy the moment and not stress. However, Sam's two little wicked half-sisters are another matter entirely.

Molly sends Sam over to check on Alexis without giving Sam the heads-up that on top of Alexis' marriage being in ruins, Alexis has been suspended from the New York Bar Association and is unemployed. Instead, she tells Sam to ask Alexis about the previous evening.

Molly is apparently in a snit because Alexis hadn't handled Kristina's lapse in sanity well when Alexis grabbed the screaming harpy's hand after Kristina viciously shredded Alexis apart and tried to flounce out of the restaurant to chase after someone who doesn't want Kristina.

I honestly can't blame Parker for not being interested in Kristina. Kristina acts like a spoiled teenager rather than a mature adult who's approaching her mid-twenties and buried a husband. The fact that Kristina drove through the night to catch Parker during her morning jog on a favorite trail borders on stalking and would turn me off even more if I had been in Parker's shoes.

Therefore, I chuckled when Parker looked at Kristina with confusion and then realized that it had been a butt-dial. Sadly, even then Kristina was unwilling to accept that Parker hadn't called her deliberately.

I hope I can get back to liking Kristina again now that she's made peace with Alexis. Kristina was far more tolerable and mature when she was dating Aaron, which is why I liked that relationship more than the fleeting affair she had with Parker. Despite Parker's tears and pretty words, I never bought that Parker wasn't stringing Kristina along for her own amusement. Parker was bored in her marriage and used Kristina as an ego boost.

I was also annoyed by Jordan's insensitivity when she confronted Alexis about the salacious picture of Alexis grabbing Kristina's hand. I seem to recall Jordan having done the very same thing on multiple occasions during her various heated conversations with T.J. If anyone should understand Alexis' situation, it should have been Jordan. Instead, Jordan seemed to only be concerned about sending Julian to jail, regardless of the cost to Alexis.

It especially bothered me when Jordan explained to Andre that she was determined to send Julian to jail because she blamed Julian for her strained relationship with T.J. However, Julian had nothing to do with Jordan cheating on her husband with Shawn, lying about T.J.'s paternity, or her decision to work undercover for the Drug Enforcement Agency and sending T.J. to live with Shawn. That was all on Jordan. Infiltrating the Jerome organization was the assignment she was given once she started her work for the DEA, and it turned out that Julian wasn't even calling the shots -- Dark Luke was.

Perhaps T.J. has a hard time forgiving Jordan because she continually tries mitigating her lies by painting herself the martyr. Someone else is always partially to blame for her poor decisions.

After facing off with Jordan, Alexis went home and had to deal with Sonny, who heartlessly told her that she didn't have the luxury of falling apart because she had to testify against Julian and send the man she once loved to prison for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, Alexis wasn't the only one dealing with emotional blows.

Dante and Lulu received the crushing news that their frozen embryo is no longer viable. Lulu was heartbroken because her dreams of carrying a baby that she and Dante had created were now dashed. It was a deep yearning that she's carried with her for years and one she believed would be the final step to repairing her broken marriage.

After weeks of hormone treatments, a brush with death at the hands of a lunatic Cassadine, and the loss of a brother and possibly a father, Lulu broke -- and I can't blame her.

However, I was downright shocked when she looked up at Dante, desperate hope glimmering in her tear-filled eyes, and wondered if perhaps the frozen embryo that Stavros had created with the stolen eggs he'd harvested from her had somehow miraculously survived the blast that leveled Crichton-Clark.


Don't get me wrong. I get that Lulu is desperate to carry a child, but the child of the man who kidnapped her? The man who was fully prepared to rape her? The same man who had kidnapped and tormented her mother for years? Never mind that the baby would be Lulu's brother's half-sibling, but it would also be her son's aunt or uncle.

Let's all take a moment to wrap our minds around that little nugget for a minute.

There's also the fact that if a highly protected frozen embryo hadn't survived in the labs at GH and the World Security Bureau, then what are the chances that a canister buried in the ground under dust and rubble wouldn't have been compromised?

I hope Dante gently explains to Lulu that they have other options than trying to dig up her embryo with Stavros or hunt it down in an evidence locker at the WSB. Women donate eggs all the time, so they could always go that route. At least this way the baby would be her husband's, and it wouldn't have a creepy double biological link to half the people in town.

Also, Stavros was nuttier than a jar of Nutella -- a trait that is very strong in the Cassadines as evidenced by the embryo's uncle Valentin.

Ideally, if Dante and Lulu go on this quest, they will find a cylinder with her unfertilized eggs and have the daughter that Grandma Olivia foresaw.

I've received a lot of feedback about how much Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) looks like a Spencer and that she must be related to Carly in some way -- perhaps a daughter she never told anyone about?

It wouldn't be the first time that something like that has happened, but I don't think the writers are headed in that direction, mainly because it appears that Nelle is destined to be Michael's next love interest based on how Michael and Nelle clicked right away, Josslyn's matchmaking efforts, and Carly's constant praise about Michael when Nelle is around.

I suspect viewers see such a striking similarity between Nelle and Carly because Chloe Lanier originally appeared on the show as a young Patricia Spencer opposite Laura Wright's Lena Spencer during the gripping episode when Luke relived the horrific night that he killed his parents.

We see the mother/daughter dynamic between Carly and Nelle because we saw it in an alternate universe when they were Lena and Patricia Spencer. Those were powerful scenes that left an indelible mark on many viewers.

That said, I do think there is more to Nelle than meets the eye. It was that scene when she was standing at the top of the stairs, watching Carly and Sonny talk -- her expression unreadable -- that set off my soapy-senses and had me wondering what was lurking beneath the surface.

I want Nelle to have layers, but I don't want those layers to lead to a rotten core. I really like her and think she's a great addition to the cast, so, while I definitely want her to be spunky and direct, I don't want her to be another Claudette, Hayden, Naomi, or Ava.

The most disappointing development this week was the morning after when Laura woke up in Kevin's bed after a night of lovemaking and assured him that she didn't have any regrets, only to break things off an hour later when she found the manuscript he'd written.

I really felt bad for poor Kevin as he desperately tried to talk to Laura because it's clear that he feels awful that he hurt her. I also completely believed him when he assured her that he'd never intended to submit the manuscript until he'd gotten her approval. Kevin is one of the good guys and has a lot of integrity. He would never lie to her about that.

I also don't think Laura bothered to read the manuscript beyond the outline because I find it very unlikely that Kevin would write about Laura in anything less than glowing terms, even in a fiction novel, because he's totally head over heels for her.

That's why I couldn't understand why Laura flew off the handle like that and wouldn't even take the time to read the manuscript before breaking things off and storming out. It makes me wonder if Laura was just latching on to the excuse because she's afraid of her feelings for Kevin and the idea that she might actually have the healthy and loving relationship that she's always dreamed of.

I hope when Laura returns from dropping Spencer off at France's version of Hogwarts, she returns to Wyndemere and gives Kevin a second chance. She'd be a fool not to. Kevin is a wonderful man and someone who already proved that he's willing to take a bullet for her.

I imagine that Franco is willing to do the same for Liz.

I applauded Franco when he put everything on the line and pushed the issue with Liz to decide whether or not she wanted a relationship with him because it hurt him too much to keep going back and forth with her. I have to admit that I was getting a bit frustrated with it, too, because it felt as if the writers were merely teasing us with the possibility of a relationship between the two but had no real intention of going through with it.

I understand that Liz's reservations have a lot to do with Jason's edict that Franco was not to be around Jake at any time for any reason, but I was surprised when she told Franco that her rape had played into her indecisiveness too. I hadn't expected the writers to go there, but I'm glad they did because it made the scenes that much more interesting and fascinating to watch. Franco's reaction and how he restrained himself from touching her because he realized the significance it would have on their future and Liz agreeing to give them a chance and kissing Franco made those some of my favorite scenes of the week.

I want Liz to have someone who loves her and her children because she's been so incredibly unlucky in that department since before Aiden's birth.

I get that Jason is worried about Franco because of the past, but Jake clearly responds to Franco, and so far, Jason's body count is far higher than Franco's has been since both men turned their lives around. Jason isn't really in a position to judge.

If Liz and Sam can accept each other after all the crap they've put each other through, then Jason should at least be able take a step back and give Liz some space to find happiness. He can keep a watchful eye on Franco, but it's really not his place to dictate who Liz dates or has around her children.

Liz loves her boys and will always put them first. Jason should trust and remember that he has a relationship with his son because Liz allowed it to happen. Lucky is still Jake's legal father, and Liz has sole custody of her son. Liz would never stop Jason from seeing Jake because she knows it's best for her son, but she could, and Jason needs to remember that.

Also this week, Naomi reluctantly paid Heather a visit when Heather discovered that Naomi hasn't been keeping up with the hush-money payments. Unfortunately, Naomi doesn't understand that Heather is not a reasonable person, and if she gets a burr under her, she's going to use whatever information she has to create maximum damage.

After all, Heather has nothing to lose, since she's locked up in the most secure facility for the criminally insane in the state.

Naomi is about to learn that lesson because at the end of Friday's show, Heather let Franco know that there is a connection between Naomi, Jeff, and Hayden, which means there is also a connection to his new lady love, Liz. No way will Franco let that go.

More and more, it appears that Liz and Hayden are sisters. Naturally, the acrimony between the two grows with each passing day, especially now that Hayden has gotten wind that Liz has the diamonds and intends to turn them over to the authorities.

As if Hayden doesn't have enough problems with being penniless and facing jail, she was rejected by Finn in the most cruel and heartless way. She has no idea that he did it because he didn't want her to have to watch him die -- despite his oddly encouraging notes when he chats to "Reiko" and the recorder. It was noble of Finn to try to send Hayden on her way, but it was pointless. Hayden may say she's leaving town, but she'll find an excuse to stay because deep down inside, that is what she wants.

I like Finn and Hayden -- he makes her likeable -- so I have no problem with Hayden sticking around and getting to know her sister.

Random observations and things that tickled my fancy
I'm thrilled that Robert Scorpio is back in town, but I'm with Laura. A lot of what he's been doing could have been handled with a phone call. There's clearly more going on, and I bet it has to do with Valentin.

Has anyone else noticed how comfortable Heather is getting at D'Archam? I remember a time when she was brought into the visitor's room in shackles and accompanied by two guards, and now she's got her feet propped up on the table and is working on crossword puzzles as she waits for her visitors to stop by.

This was a few weeks ago, but my, Rick Hearst makes silver hair look good.

Molly deals with a reporter from a celebrity gossip site who is hassling Alexis
: "How about you go focus on somebody who wants the attention. Maybe one of the Kardashians changed their nail color."

Franco comes up with a new nickname for Monica that I find quite amusing
: "Demon Monica -- Demonica!"

Naomi is irritated that Heather called her
: "I told you not to call."
: "Sorry, no Snapchat here."

Reader feedback
Here is an idea on how to explain away Julian's recent crazy -- some mysterious "drug" that Helena coated the dagger with got into him after he held it when Alexis brought it home. It did not affect her because Evil Genius Helena had it specifically designed to not affect anyone with Cassadine DNA. -- norblomst

It's a good thing Valentheo isn't being charged with any crimes in THIS country, because Dante just trampled all over his Constitutional Rights (even though he's not a citizen), and violated all kinds of police procedure by allowing his own wife, a private citizen and a witness against Val, to question him about his involvement in other possible crimes, including a potential murder, without his lawyer present. WTF is the Defective Detective thinking? -- Scrimmage

I also like Nelle. Interesting how one new character can come on to a show and many viewers instantly like her while another new character (Amy) comes on the show and many viewers immediately can't stand her. -- Toni Leskovar

Now, I turn the spotlight on you, dear readers. Please, share your thoughts about the show in the comments section below. I love reading what everyone has to say.

Until next time, take care.
Liz Masters

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