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As the 2019 Nurses Ball kicked off with an explosive bang and lots of fanfare, Sam flirted with danger of the worst kind, while Ava enjoyed a similar dance with another devil. Can Jason and Spinelli safeguard Sam from Shiloh's lecherous intentions? Will Ryan rear his diabolical one-handed head? Brace yourselves, because what happens next is anyone's guess.

It's time for the annual Nurses Ball, and this year is shaping up to be one of the more exciting ones.

It started with the red carpet arrivals, easily one of my favorite parts of the festivities because I love seeing all the latest fashions and beautiful people -- of which there are plenty on GH. All of the ladies looked elegant in flowing gowns, sparkling in jewel-toned hues, and seemingly designer-made to complement each figure to perfection. It was a truly fabulous year for fashions. There wasn't one ensemble that I didn't like, but if I had to critique one, it would be Maxie's rather somber outfit. Maxie is a young, beautiful, vibrant woman who works in the fashion industry, so why are they dressing her like Queen Victoria rather than Victoria Beckham?

I really enjoyed the antics and banter on the red carpet. Scott was freaking hilarious, answering Nina's questions, and I cracked up at Nina and Sydney Val Jean's reactions to meeting Shiloh, the sleazy cult leader who clearly feels threatened at the mention of Jason's name. It was glorious!

Chandra Wilson is an absolute delight, and she and Michelle Stafford are magic together.

Also, kudos to the writers for having several people mention Stone Cates. It sucks that Robin isn't around to make an appearance, but I'm happy that Stone is on the minds of several because he was the inspiration for the annual event. I love that GH isn't just about the glitz and glamor. There's a real cause here, too, and the show tries to make a difference each year.

Naturally, tongues wagged when Sam -- a goddess in gold -- showed up with Shiloh. Sam is still very much determined to get those pledges, and in particular, her sister's. Why she thinks that getting a tape of Shiloh drugging her, tattooing her, and sexually violating her is the best way to go about that is a bit beyond me.

I have an issue with Sam's little plan. I think it borders on insanity.

First, we know that the pledges aren't at the DOD house in Port Charles -- more importantly, the three Tweedles Dumb know it. If the purpose is to get the pledges, then how does going through the initiation and recording it get Sam closer to them? Does she think that she can somehow skip over the drugging and sex part of the initiation (which I'm sure are what Shank looks forward to most), become a member of the Trust, then ask Shiloh for her sister's pledge? Or is the plan to bust Shiloh before he violates Sam and blackmail him with the tape of him not actually committing any crimes?

It doesn't take a brain trust to figure out where those pledges are. Shiloh most likely stashed them at the DOD house in Beechers Corners under Harmony's watchful eye. A better plan would be to simply break in -- Sonny has an army of criminals at his disposal, each with special skills -- and steal the pledges. That is where I would start, not sacrificing myself to a sexual predator.

Second, I'm not sure why Sam is worried about Kristina's pledge because it's not a legal document. Taking that piece of paper to the police would not result in criminal charges because it's not a notarized statement. If anything, it's proof of blackmail. The power in the document lies in the shame that it inspires. But the writer can always claim that it was a lie to gain access to the Trust.

True, Sam has no idea what Kristina's pledge is about, but does anyone really think that Kristina actually has any incriminating information about anyone in the family that can be backed up with anything resembling proof? Of course not. Kristina has always been shielded from that stuff, in part because she's always been a loose cannon, and her entire family recognizes that. Kristina may have her theories, but she has absolutely no evidence. Sonny and Jason have always made sure of that.

That brings me to the pledge itself. From what we saw, it was about the accident that killed Kiefer. Kristina claimed that the accident wasn't an accident -- except that it was. I know this because I saw it unfold with my very own eyes. It wasn't a flashback or someone's accounting of what had transpired. The events played out in real time for all of us to witness, and I clearly recall that it was not intentional. Kiefer was walking along the road in the dark, and he stepped into the street to wave Alexis down as she was racing to the hospital. Whatever Kristina says about that accident is just her opinion. She was in the backseat, badly beaten and traumatized. Her memory is not the least bit reliable.

It's silly to suggest that the pledge is in any way damaging to Alexis. The accident was investigated, and Alexis was charged with the hit-and-run. On May 13, 2010, Alexis faced a judge who suspended the sentence and ordered her to community service, so legally, the matter was settled. Additionally, the Bauers filed a civil suit against Alexis, so all the lurid details about the case ended up plastered all over the news. It was tabloid fodder for months, which means it's all old news.

The pledge and whatever nonsense Kristina divulged are as damaging to Alexis as a broken nail. She's survived far worse.

Sam putting herself in the path of a sexual predator makes zero sense to me because this is a woman who had suffered post-traumatic stress from her ordeal with Franco when he made her believe that he had sexually violated her. She went through hell, thinking that she had been raped and that her unborn child might be the product of that awful night. And later, when Sam learned that it had all been a lie, the damage didn't magically go away. She still carried those scars -- or so I had thought.

Why would someone who had suffered like that willingly put herself in a situation to be drugged and physically marked by a rapist? And what exactly does Sam plan to do with the video and audio recordings? All they will confirm is that she put herself in that situation, knowing what would happen. I know it sounds crazy, but it's like Sam is determined to be in harm's way, no matter the cost.

If it was about justice, Sam would march Willow and Kristina to the police with their stories. Jason still has the cup to prove that Kristina had been drugged, and Neil can confirm that Kristina had been under the influence of a narcotic. And not for nothing, but that cup could also be used as an effective blackmail tool to get Kristina's pledge back.

Sam is not the only one who will be responsible for the mess that's about to rain down on her head. Her two idiot enablers, Jason and Spinelli, will bear some of the blame, too. They know that this has disaster written all over it, but they are doing nothing to stop Sam from throwing herself into the path of an oncoming train that's barreling down the tracks right at her. Even kidnapping Shiloh to torture the pledges out of him is a better option than Sam's doomed scheme. And doomed it is because, unless Sam walks into that room, packing heat, she's is not going to have any control over the situation when Shiloh begins the ceremony.

It's not like Jason and Spinelli will be camped out on the other side of the attic door. It's going to take them time to get to Sam when things go sideways. And that precious time might be the difference between attempted assault and rape.

Also, where are all the cult followers? Do they have to leave when Shiloh isn't home? I don't understand why no one is ever around to catch Jason kicking in doors and abducting members or Sam skulking around the file room and attic when she has no business being there. And for a guy who is obsessed with children, I find it odd that we haven't seen a single child there. Ever.

Meanwhile, Molly has taken life by the horns and approached Peter for a job. At least, I think that's what happened when she pitched her storyline idea to expose Dawn of Day as a cult, and he gave her his card and the thumbs-up. Suddenly, Lulu has some competition. Frankly, I think that ace reporter is the perfect profession for Molly. She's always been one to stick her nose in other people's beeswax, and she has a very strong sense of right from wrong.

Things are certainly looking up for Peter, too. His newspaper is growing, and he and Maxie have finally gone from liking each other to really liking each other.

As much as I adore Peter and Maxie, I was pretty disappointed by their love scene. I couldn't understand why they were so nervous when the whole point of jetting off to Paris was to kick things off with a big, romantic gesture. Then, suddenly, they were in Toronto and sitting out a snowstorm, playing board games with Curtis and Laura, who had been on the hunt for Ryan until the snow hit. It was all so random and strange.

I appreciated the shout-out to Fraternity Row, but I would have preferred romance over chuckles.

It was not endearing to see Peter act like a timid teenager on his first date rather than a reformed bad boy who had traveled the world and hung out with supervillains. I want someone suave and debonair for Maxie, not a man-child who was afraid to make the first move even though Maxie had made it very clear that she wanted more than hand-holding and chaste kisses.

Maxie has a child to take care of; she doesn't need another one. She needs someone strong, confident, supportive, and passionate.

Speaking of passion, Robert needs to reign his in and pull himself together because he's starting to look like a fool.

I love Robert, and I'm sad to hear that things didn't work out for him and Holly, but keeping Finn from proposing to Anna is not the way to nurse a broken heart or to deal with his loneliness, which is what I presume is driving his resistance to Finn taking the next step with Anna.

I realize that Robert didn't intentionally lose the engagement ring. How was he to know that Mike would see it and just walk off with it? However, Robert should have taken much better care of it, and he certainly shouldn't be compounding the problem by running out with Mac and finding a pale imitation to replace it. Not only is that disrespectful, but Robert has absolutely no idea what Finn paid for it or if there was a significance to the ring, which, it turns out, there was. The ring is a rare Monaco blue sapphire, which is a nod to where it all started for Anna and Finn.

And that is precisely why Anna is in love with Finn. He's sweet and thoughtful, and he understands what she needs. Robert is a wonderful guy, but Anna is at a different place in life than he is. Robert is still about the adventure, and there is nothing wrong with that. Anna enjoys it, too, but she has put roots down in Port Charles, and she's built a life with friends and family that she loves. Finn is in the same place, which is why they are happy together.

Robert doesn't even want Anna. This isn't about Robert pining for the one who got away. If it were, then he would have been fighting for Anna long ago. I think Robert is just afraid there won't be a place for him in Anna's life if she has Finn. That's why he was careless with the ring.

Robert wasn't the only one who was blasť about the ring. Sonny, too, showed a decided lack of concern, which surprised me. That's not a cheap ring, and Mike certainly doesn't have access to the kind of money needed to buy such an extravagant gift -- if he does, then Sonny is a moron. Clearly, Mike took something that doesn't belong to him, and someone is going to notice that expensive piece of jewelry missing. Sonny and Carly should have taken that ring to the police. It's not like they can't afford to buy a replacement for Mike. I also question the wisdom of allowing two Alzheimer's patients to have something that expensive in a group home where it can be easily lost or stolen.

The idea that Sonny and Carly would shrug at Mike giving Yvonne a huge bauble like that without a clue where it came from is absolutely preposterous, but I'm willing to cut Carly some slack, since she has pregnancy brain right now. Seriously, it's a real thing.

So, are Sonny and Carly having a boy or a girl? I think it's a girl because their reaction was delightful surprise. Rightfully so, but if it had been a boy, I would imagine that there would also have been an edge of sadness as well because it would have made them think of the son they had lost.

I like the idea of Sonny being surrounded by a bunch of daughters. I can't wait until they talk daddy into letting them paint his nails and try out shades of eye shadow and lipstick on him. Josslyn is going to need some laughter in her life because she's in the throes of dealing with Oscar's passing.

The memorial service was beautiful. A field of flowers is such a beautiful tribute to a young life lost far too soon.

Josslyn gave a touching eulogy, but Cam was the one who had me reaching for the tissues. It was from the heart, and another reminder that William Lipton is going places. I'm enjoying him for as long as we have him. Eden McCoy, too. I can tell that they are both destined for the big screen. Until then, I can't wait to see what the writers have in store for them. The possibilities are endless.

My satellite had a little hiccup at the beginning of the show on Monday, but why exactly was Monica the only person with sunglasses on? Don't get me wrong, I found nothing wrong with her wearing sunglasses outdoors. Quite the opposite, in fact, but why weren't others sporting shades, too? And who exactly cleaned up that mess when they all left for the park?

I'm also curious how Nina could not know who the infamous Jasper Jacks is? He's a town icon, international playboy, and businessman, and she's supposed to be up on these things as the editor of Crimson. It was odd, but I was quite amused by how flummoxed Nina became when Jax was near, and he practically glowed like a god as he made his way down the red carpet. Valentin has some competition, and not a minute too soon, as far as I'm concerned.

I don't want Nina to marry Valentin. He's not worthy of her, and Sasha needs to stop lying, too, because it's time for Nina to know the truth. I'm hoping, after the dust settles, that Nina and Sasha can be friends and that Sasha and Michael can be more than friends with benefits. I love their chemistry, and Michael deserves a little happiness.

That brings me to Ava, who appears to be just hours (days to you and me) away from her showdown with Ryan. At least, that's what I suspect is afoot now that Laura and Curtis can confirm that Ryan is alive and very much up to no good.

Finally! The wait is over.

I have no doubt that Ryan will meet his much-deserved demise. First, because it's long overdue, and there won't be any point in bringing back the one-handed killer now that it's easy to tell him and Kevin apart. Second, because Kevin was a donor match for Jordan except for that pesky pre-diabetes issue that made a transplant impossible.

How much do you want to bet that Ryan doesn't have pre-diabetes? Granted, people can donate a kidney without having to die, but it's very unlikely that Ryan would volunteer to donate a kidney before being carted off to D'Archam.

I want Ava to be the one to deliver Ryan's death sentence. She gets a free pass on this one from me because what Ryan did to her was downright sick and twisted.

I know that Ava has murdered people in cold blood, and she doesn't have any room to point fingers, but Ava is a different person than the cold-blooded murderer who snuffed out Connie's life and manipulated Sonny into murdering A.J. I'll never forget those things, but I can put it in the past and move on. Over the past couple of years, Ava has changed for the better. She's not perfect, and there have been some slips, but she's definitely not as flawed. I will admit that my feelings have a lot to do with Maura West. I think she's a wonderful actress, and she makes me want to root for Ava.

If Ryan does give Jordan the gift of life, I'm curious to see how it will play out. Will Jordan be told? Would it matter? It's an interesting question to explore.

Once Ryan is dealt with, and Jordan is on the road to recovery, I hope that Laura finds a place for Curtis on her staff. They made a really fun team, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing them work together more often.

Finally, Hayden is poised to return. When last we saw her, she was very pregnant even though she had told Finn in the letter that she had miscarried their baby.

Obviously, Hayden's return is going to impact Finn and Anna, but I hope it's only a minor bump in the road for the two lovebirds because I don't want Finn and Hayden to be the endgame. Hayden lied to Finn about their child, and she continued to lie even though Finn did nothing wrong. He is a good and decent man, whose only sin was in trusting Hayden.

Don't get me wrong. I like Hayden, but she wronged Finn in the worst way possible. She doesn't deserve a happily ever after with him.

If Hayden is here to stay, I want to see a little remorse and redemption. Make things right with Finn and wish him well, then focus on reconnecting with Liz and the boys. There are plenty of eligible bachelors around to help Hayden mend a broken heart. Hayden was wasted the last time around, so I don't want to see that happen again. She's an interesting character with vixen tendencies and a phenomenal actress portraying her.

Perhaps Hayden can enlist an eligible bachelor to help her track down a presumed-deceased husband so that, together, they can kick Valentin out of Wyndemere!

Random observations

Is it me or did Sam wear the same frilly white blouse for several days in a row? I noticed it first when she was in the attic with Shiloh because Sam is not the high-neck flowy type. She tends to lean more toward dark, form-fitting styles. Next, she appeared at the Quartermaine mansion, wearing the same top, when she offered Drew her condolences. Finally, Sam had the same Anne of Green Gables blouse on when she showed up at Oscar's memorial service. Clearly, it's a new favorite -- unless Oscar died, was cremated, and his ashes returned to his family within hours. That seems rather fast, even by soap standards.

Oscar wants Jason and Drew to build a treehouse for Danny, Scout, and Leo, which is sweet, but what about Jake? He's a Quartermaine, too, and Danny's brother!

Why do Mike and Yvonne remember things and recognize the people around them except for Marcus, and Yvonne's marriage to him?

Reader feedback

I am expecting Michael and Willow to eventually be paired up, and Chase to be Michael's nemesis at some point. I don't understand why Willow hasn't asked Michael to intervene with Brad and DOD. -- Kim LaSota

If Liz and Franco ever go their separate ways, I think it might be Drew that steps in rather than Jason as many "Liason" fans would still like to see. I think that ship has sailed," just as I would like to see Robert and Anna find their way back to each other, but I realize that " ship has also sailed." Oh Well. -- Dreyne Smythe

Slimoh almost seemed likable when he was consoling Kim but then he started fishing for info on Drew. Must be one heck of a secret he doesn't want revealed. -- JDF

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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