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The stars aligned to shed light on a mystery, and secrets are ready to shine bright for those stranded in the dark. Some will fall, while others will break free from the shackles of deception. It's time for an illuminating Two Scoops.

After much angst, dire test results, and promises of challenges ahead, Carly gave birth to a baby girl who -- miracle of miracles -- just needed a little nip and tuck to be healthy and whole. Really, that's it? I feel a little deceived and a whole lot let down.

I had huge issues with this storyline from the start because Carly just going off the pill without telling her husband, with whom she remained sexually active, struck me as reckless at best and deceptive at worst. Carly claimed that it was because she didn't think that she could get pregnant, but that's hogwash. It's unlikely that any doctor, even soap opera ones, would take a woman off birth control without warning her of the possibility of pregnancy even with intermittent periods. I also took issue with such a fundamental lack of communication between a married couple who are supposed to be the other half of each other.

However, I let my frustration go when it became clear that there was a bigger plan afoot than giving Sonny and Carly more children than Old Mother Hubbard. The baby, we learned, would be born with spina bifida. Admittedly, this hit close to home because we have a baby in my family who was born with spina bifida six months ago. She went through several surgeries and faces a few more challenges than Donna, but she is home, and she is thriving.

I didn't think that I would be able to watch Donna's story unfold, but I reminded myself that the writers wouldn't give her insurmountable challenges because Sonny and Carly had already suffered the devastating loss of a child.

Once I got used to the idea, I was pretty proud of GH for tackling this issue and hopefully showing that, challenges aside, people with disabilities can grow up to have enriched, happy lives filled with adventure, love, and joy. What better show than a soap opera built around a hospital to showcase it? Not for a second did I think or want Donna to be a worst-case scenario, but I also didn't think that her only issue would be one minor corrective surgery.

I don't know if Chet showing up behind the bar at the Floating Rib a few days later was a coincidence or an effort to remind us that the show had disabled characters on the canvas, but it just illustrated to me that there was still a long way to go. Until Chet has a real storyline with a leading lady, he's just a sweet background character pining for Maxie. Also, what happened to Zahra Amir (Maysoon Zayid), Shiloh's attorney during the custody hearing? I was under the impression that she had joined the cast. Is she the invisible woman?

Despite my dissatisfaction with how Donna's disability -- or lack thereof -- was handled, it was a touching gesture to name her after GH's beloved makeup artist Donna Messina, who had passed away from cancer. You could tell, when Sonny talked about Donna, that he spoke from the heart rather than a script. I also loved the nod to Sonny's sister. It was made all the sweeter by how overcome with emotion Mike was when Sonny and Carly told him that Donna's middle name was Courtney.

Folks, did I miss something? Wasn't Nelle convicted of murder-for-hire, attempted murder, and the murder of her first fiancÚ, thanks to that confession during the car ride from hell? How in the world is she eligible for parole less than two years after her conviction? Not even on soap operas does that make sense. I don't care how good Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) is or how well-behaved Nelle has been; she shouldn't be getting out of jail in this decade or the next.

I was a huge All My Children fan, and I loved Tad "the cad" Martin, so I'm thrilled to have MEK join the cast because I know that he's going to be a great addition. He's a brilliant actor with great comedic timing. He also had chemistry with each of his leading ladies, so I can't wait to see him share scenes with Alexis, Ava, and Anna -- especially Anna. Finola Hughes and MEK know each other from their days on AMC.

I suspect that Kim is going to hire Martin to represent Franco, since Alexis and Diane have already turned Franco down. Too bad Liz's grandfather, Martin, died when she was a little girl because that would have been an awesome twist. Even though Martin doesn't have a connection to Liz, I do believe that he has a connection to someone else in town. Newcomers always do.

As for Kim, I read the most fascinating take on what might be motivating her that made everything fall into place for me. It was suggested that Kim's fascination with Franco stems from jealousy because Liz has healthy sons, a happy marriage, and a loving husband -- all things that Kim was denied when Drew rejected her and Oscar got sick.

Frankly, it's a much better story, and one that I can understand far more than Kim deluding herself that Franco is the Drew who had loved her. It also explains how Kim can so easily betray someone that she called a friend and why Kim is always so quick to twist the knife by insisting to Liz that Franco is gone -- and Liz should accept it. Ironic when you consider that it took Kim 15 years to let go of a guy who, for all intents and purposes, had ghosted her when he was deployed overseas.

I know there are some who feel that what Liz is doing is wrong, but if I were in her shoes, I'd be fighting just as hard for my husband. So far, Liz has only had Franco admitted to Shadybrook, which I believe is actually for the best. If nothing else, Franco needs to get things straight in his head. He might have Drew's memories, but he is not Drew. He did not father Kim's son, and he did not fight in Afghanistan. When Drew went through this very same thing -- only Drew's memories of being Jason were far more intense -- he acknowledged that he wasn't Jason, and he made peace with that. In contrast, Franco seems to have this "too bad, so sad" attitude and no desire to forge his own identity apart from Drew or Franco.

That said, I do believe that Franco's true nature shines through like a beacon in the night. FranDrew is very manipulative, which Drew never was. Not as Jake Doe, not as Jason Morgan, and not as Drew Cain. Drew would never have used a grieving mother's dead son to get her to keep talking to him so that he could wear down her defenses. Franco, on the other hand, definitely would have. Franco was a master manipulator who believed that the end always justified the means. It was one of the hurdles that he and Liz had to clear before they got married, and it's why I believe that Liz's husband is far closer than she realizes.

Okay, I'm more certain than ever that Nikolas is alive. Yes, the psychic hinted at it, but this week, all doubt was eradicated when Laura talked to Kevin about the codicil. Despite what Laura believes, I am certain that Spencer would have told her if he'd known about a codicil instead of enlisting Hayden and Jax's help. Also, both Hayden and Jax would have told Laura that they were helping Spencer because he's a minor, and his guardian has a right to know.

The information about the codicil had to come from Nikolas because Helena wouldn't have confided that piece of information to just anyone. She would have made certain that Nikolas knew, in the event of her death, because she would have wanted to ensure that her progeny inherited, not any of her husband's bastard children. Jax would be motivated to help Nikolas because of Spencer. Jax loved that child as his own, and he knows that Spencer has grieved deeply for Nikolas. Not only would Jax want to reunite father and son to make Spencer happy, but he would work hard to restore Spencer's birthright to honor his promise to Courtney and to atone for keeping Nikolas and Spencer apart for the first year of Spencer's life.

However, Nikolas was facing some serious federal crimes when he vanished from Port Charles. Those legal troubles will need to be dealt with before Nikolas can rise from the ashes, or he will end up in jail before he can say, "I'm baaack!"

I don't know how much longer we are going to have to wait, but I am enjoying Laura and Kevin's latest adventure. Not only do they use actual books to research things instead of going straight to Google, but it's fun watching the mystery unfold because I know that each step brings Laura closer to her son.

As for Hayden, my guess is that she and Nikolas ran into each other somewhere overseas, and both agreed to keep each other's secrets. Is Nikolas taking care of Hayden's daughter, Honey Bun? It could be Hayden's mother, but more likely Nikolas, since Hayden is on the hunt for the codicil.

I'm with Jax. Hayden is wrong to keep Finn from his daughter, especially now that Hayden is living in Port Charles. I know that she's afraid that Finn will try to fight her for custody, but that's what she gets for telling him that their daughter was stillborn. Hayden has cheated Finn out of years of bonding time with their daughter because Hayden embezzled money to pay off her ex who took the fall for Hayden's DUI that left a young girl paralyzed. She broke the law, not Finn, but he paid the price.

Clearly, that crime has been dealt with, since no one has mentioned it or made any move to arrest Hayden for pilfering money from the hospital, so why exactly is Hayden keeping quiet? Karma, that's why. She's terrified that Finn is going to give her a great big heaping dose of it, and instead of taking her licks, she's now punishing her daughter, too, by keeping her from both of her parents. Poor Honey Bun.

Honestly, I don't think that Finn will fight Hayden for custody. Oh, he'll be furious, and he may threaten it, but he won't actually go through with it because, unlike Hayden, Finn will put his daughter's needs first. I know that I am being hard on Hayden, but that's because I hold the characters that I like to a higher standard. I want Hayden to right this wrong and to make amends. If Hayden and Finn are meant to be together, it's not going to happen until this bombshell has been dealt with.

Speaking of deep, dark secrets, Lulu is poised to tell Nina the truth about Sasha. When are people going to learn to stop talking about earth-shattering secrets in public places? It will serve both Sasha and Liesl right when Lulu spills the beans. Lulu wavered about what to do until Charlotte sealed Nina's fate by reminding Lulu that Lulu had taught Charlotte that honesty was always the best policy.

I'm not worried about Sasha. She's going to be just fine because she has Michael firmly in her corner, and Sasha is a genuinely nice person. Once Nina gets past her anger, I'm hopeful that she and Sasha will work things out. Eventually, Nina will realize that Sasha was never any match for Valentin, and she couldn't have walked away from his offer if she had wanted. Valentin would have made certain of it.

Of course, this reignites the search for Nina's true daughter. I still believe that person is Willow, especially after the heated encounter that Nina and Willow had at the spa. I'm so certain that Willow is Nina's daughter that I'm back on necklace watch! I realize that there is a possibility that Valentin discovered that Nina's daughter had died, but I doubt it. That necklace keeps getting mentioned for a reason.

Finally, Sam was arrested for Shiloh's murder when Daisy Kwan produced a recording of Sam talking about how Shiloh deserved to die. Jordan slapped the cuffs on Sam then evidently requested that bail be denied. Ouch. I see Kim has been giving Jordan lessons on friendship.

The PCPD's experts determined that the recording was authentic, but Sam insists that it's a fake. This sounds like a case for Spinelli, who undoubtedly will prove Sam right and the cops once again horribly wrong. This is why Jordan looks incompetent time and again. Sure, Sam wanted Shiloh dead, but she also wanted to keep him from bashing in Jason's brains.

It's ridiculous to accuse Sam of premediated murder, and I doubt that any prosecutor would ever move ahead with charges under these circumstances. Shiloh was an escaped felon who had killed a man, terrorized a grandmother, stolen a car, kidnapped a child, knocked out a teen, kidnapped another person, and attempted to rape a woman -- all in the span of a few hours. Oh, and he stole a ship.

Additionally, Shiloh was shot in the back with a flare gun before falling into the water, screaming in agony and very much alive, which means that he likely drowned. The flare gun did not kill Shiloh; the water did. At most, she assaulted him. The burden of proof is not on the defense -- it's on the prosecution.

That brings me to Robert. If nothing else, Jordan should have talked to him because his WSB contacts could have given the recording a closer inspection. I was shocked at how little Jordan was willing to help Sam. I get that Jordan has a job to do, but she also knows Sam on a personal level. Heck, Jordan even admitted that she believed Sam, but for reasons that I don't understand, Jordan did nothing to help clear Sam's name.

It's kind of Jordan's job to solve crimes, isn't it? Instead, it will be left up to Jason, Sam, and Spinelli. No wonder Mac made Jason his deputy.

Random observations

Alexis, if the container says vanilla and the powder makes chocolate, you should definitely be suspicious. Besides, that shake that Kendra made for Alexis looked more like putrid river water than a delicious chocolate beverage. Yuck.

Did anyone notice how curly Peter's hair has suddenly gotten? It appears that dastardly deeds make his locks kink up.

Line of the week goes to Maxie when Charlotte stood outside the church, telling Lulu that honesty was the best policy. "There's a recipe for disaster," Maxie quipped. Truth! I can't wait for Monday.

Were Willow and Chase really intending to get their groove on in a public steam room? Gross. The germaphobe in me was horrified at the thought.

Reader feedback

I'm not a Liason, Jasam or Friz fan...don't like any of those pairings...And I don't think Liz is getting what she deserves, but I Do think that she's acting a little high and mighty for someone who has acted similarly under these circumstances. That's the only thing that bothers me about this situation. -- Audrey

Franco's last words to Cam were, "Tell your mother I love her and I'll be back." IMO that means that he will do everything he can to get back to them and Liz needs to do everything she can to make that happen too. Scott was able to get a court order for Frew to be committed so the court agrees that Franco is not in his right mind. -- Daffy Sez

My son passed away at age 15. Yes, I grieved, and I still grieve, and I reached some pretty low points because of his death. Kim is past the point of grieving and is in great need of serious psychological help, if she can convince herself that the man she loved now lives in another man's body. She has become a raving lunatic. -- lovethosedimples

Lulu is supposed to be a business owner, one who was married to a cop. Has she ever heard of LOCKS? Anyone can just stroll onto the Haunted Star whenever they please! -- JDF

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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