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The con people hate being conned, the untrustworthy hate not being trusted, and everyone's stuck with a case of righteous indignation that can't be cured. Is anyone right or is everyone a little bit wrong? Step into the goings-on in Genoa City with our Two Scoops writer as she tries to figure it all out.

You become what you're fighting against if all you're doing is fighting against something and not choosing what you're fighting for. Adam has become Victor, and oddly, without as much warmth (let that sink in for a minute).

Victor tried to assure Adam that "there's always a way back." But is there? Is there really always a way back? God knows Victor isn't ever going to find his way back into Phyllis' heart, and I get that. Victor hired a psycho doppelgänger of Jack to have sex with her (and take over Jack's life, but the sex was the big thing), and I don't think there's a bouquet of flowers or a singing telegram big enough to get past that, even though the anger isn't doing her any favors.

Victor also told Adam that "it is up to you to be who you want to be. You're in control of your own behavior." I agree. We have reasons for everything we do, even if we don't want to think about what the reasons are. Adam is a plotter, but his plots stem from pain. He's sad that his daddy didn't raise him in a dysfunctional home like he did the other kids (except perhaps Abby, who doesn't hold that against Victor). How dare Victor let Hope make what she felt was the best choice for her child (which probably was the best choice for her child)?

Adam sees he makes it all about winning and losing, yet he doesn't seem to want to act on that. He is in control of his own behavior enough to make choices that hurt him, Connor, and Victor (and those connected to them). Adam admitted, "I failed to pass the bar of basic human decency," and Victor even confessed, "I've done some terrible things in my life, too." Wow, it was a good thing I was sitting down when I heard that.

Adam admitted he just wanted daddy to respect him. And he asked for forgiveness. But when Victor looked up, I wondered if it was all imaginary. Like, until the next day, I didn't know if Victor had had a really good vision that had inside information that only Adam could know.

I guess apology means there's no need to face charges. Oops, sorry I killed your whole family with an axe. My bad. Or maybe Sorry I burned your house down with that blast of dynamite. I don't think we let people get away with crimes just because they're sorry. Do we want them to feel sorry? Absolutely! But is it enough? Only for God, I suspect.

In that vein, I think that Adam should be arrested. It's not like he or anyone would do real time in jail. Nobody does on soaps. Phyllis should be held accountable for breaking into the tablet, because the police have to know Adam lacked the tools to do that himself. But apparently, all will be forgiven like it always is. Except the resentment remains. And festers.

There are a bunch of people who seem to have their panties in a bunch in Genoa City. I'm going to start by asking a big question: how many of us have a family member who faked death? That's a good starting point, because everything that stems from it will be a little nuts because that itself is a little crazy.

However, even though that's crazy, in the Newman scheme rationale, it was apparently the way to keep Victor safe and make Adam feel so very bad that he would... break down? Confess? Make things right? Not sure what they thought would come if it, but Adam is like a cornered animal and just lashes out, in this case, framing his sister in a very obvious manner. Billy Boy might have been right when he pointed out that the clever little scheme hurt everyone but Adam.

Acknowledging this, I think that everyone with righteous indignation should take a step back. The writers have painted no saints on this canvas (with the possible exception of Saint Lola of Society). I would never tell Sharon anything I didn't want Adam to know, and I get not telling Summer and Chelsea. Summer would tell Phyllis, who is Adam's pal, and Chelsea would just feel so bad for Adam that she'd have to let him know. Or she'd tell Connor, so he wouldn't feel sad, and Connor would tell his dad not to feel so bad because Victor isn't really dead.

I think this was one of those situations where the information could only be shared on a need to know basis. Again, absurd situation, but the more people who know a secret plot, the less the chance of success.

Nick knows that a lot of people are upset with him and admits that their points are valid. Nate isn't pleased with having had to do it (and Elena, absolutely no need to know, is mad at him for not telling her, as if she had any significant connection to or history with Victor). Rey is mad at Paul for not disclosing it (but Sharon might have dragged it out of Rey and sent it back to Adam). But from what I see, Victor made the plot, and the family (and Nate and Paul) went along (not sure how willingly).

Apparently, Newman business is a little rough. I can't imagine being an investor (I could stop the sentence here) who would feel safe putting my money into a company with an ailing CEO who publicly fakes his death to entrap someone who gets away. That doesn't seem like a good risk to me.

In the righteous indignation club, I had to laugh at Phyllis talking to people about hypocrisy. Not to suggest she's ever been guilty of it, but... maybe she has. Maybe. Everyone in Genoa City has been guilty of it a time or two (or more).

One of the best moments of the week for me was when Phyllis was trying to call Adam and heard the phone ring in Crimson Lights. And there sat Michael with Adam's phone. "You wanna find out what happens when you aid and abet a fugitive?" he asked. Michael is a little more fun when he's got some snark.

Does Adam deserve more of Victor than his other children do just because Victor was there for the others when they were little, when Adam was with a loving mother and good stepfather? Or would all of them do well to have a little less Victor in their lives? The whole family picks favorites and shuns people at one time or another, infighting, bickering, not talking to each other. It's a mess. They're kind of like a how-to manual on ways to not do family. They're all fighting against something, often each other, without having anything they're really fighting for. It's the fodder for soap plots but not for enduring familial love.

This Weird Grey Area:

Chelsea is definitely full of righteous indignation. How dare you keep things from me (don't look behind me at the suitcases filled with millions in illegal cash)? Chloe figured that the couple would make it work if they loved one another enough, but otherwise, Chelsea would have some serious getaway money. Again. Chelsea defends Adam like Sharon does. Although she is concerned for Connor, so there's that.

When Chelsea complained to Nick about his lies, on more than one occasion, Luke, who watches with me, said, "Then get the [bleep] out, [bleep]." Chelsea is so upset, she's not sure she can get through this. She's complaining while living for free with Nick. She's also determining when the right time is for Connor to see Victor, even though Connor wanted to do it right away

As retaliation for being kept out of the loop, Chelsea offered Chloe a job as marketing director. Then, when she got him alone, she asked Kevin about laundering money -- in the hotel lobby? Yes, yes, just where I'd do it. The point is, Nick isn't the only one who has secrets or had secrets.

So, Chelsea can tell Nick he lost her trust, when she came to Genoa City as a con and stole money from Fenmore's and left Nick high and dry. Sometimes it seems that Chelsea is a better fit for Adam. I'm not sure I want her with Nick. She's still supposed to be grieving her husband, isn't she?

Summer is also upset. She says Kyle is there for her, not like Theo. She says she and Connor are in a left-out club, declaring, "It really sucks being jerked around by the people that supposedly love you." Summer is mad at her both her parents. She blew off the Newman family dinner to hang with Phyllis, who really wants to be needed, but Phyllis is not attentive to how her ranting about the Newmans upsets Summer. And how "being in Adam's lair" is uncomfortable for Summer.

Here's the thing, though. Victor specifically wanted Summer to not know. She can blame Nick, but he was just obeying the mighty Victor Newman's orders. However, Summer seems to be more upset about not being included in Victor's plan than that Adam attempted to kill Victor.

Summer identified that there's a weird grey area the Newmans (and probably everyone else in Genoa City) have, where they can't tell (or don't care about) right from wrong, and the weird grey area is all about what they can get away with. That might sum up the plot of The Young and the Restless!

Take a Chance on Me:

I'm struggling to think of a reason a lawyer would take a case where the alleged documents haven't been seen in person yet. Mishael Morgan is back, but part of me thinks she's too much like Hilary and is very arrogant. I would have liked to see her come in with a completely different personality, because I assume the actress can handle it well.

When Devon pulled out Amanda's business card, it had only a picture of the scales of justice, Amanda Sinclair, Attorney at Law, and a phone number. And nothing else. That made me feel more skeptical about her claims to be a serious attorney. No address? Not even a state where she worked? It feels suspicious.

I laughed when Cane asked Jill, "Who would know that I have a knack for ex-cons?" Well... based on your family history, I'd say a lot of us.

Cane accompanied Jill for moral support, and I said out loud, "Moral support indeed." But he got to be there when Amanda read that half of Katherine's estate was to go to Cane Ashby. Cue the dramatic music. I was a little baffled when Devon agreed to let Cane "help find" Chance.

Cane is going to Vegas. And I wonder, why are we trusting the new alleged beneficiary to investigate the will fraud? I suspect he is behind the will scam, and I do believe it is a scam. Is he doing it to exact revenge on Devon for failing to stop Lily from going to jail and the resultant loss of Cane's marriage? I am guessing that Chance has a hand in it because it feels like, despite his sterling reputation, something went wrong there because he was associating with Spider (a.k.a. Adam) before Spider returned to Genoa City. I also wouldn't be surprised if Colin had a hand in the scam. Since his marriage ended, it might be revenge on Jill, who does seem to be supporting Devon.

Anyway, it's a mess, and I guess we have to wait and see how it all plays out, but I don't think Cane is innocent, and I do think Katherine wanted Devon to receive half of her estate. I hope Devon is astute enough to have someone following Cane and isn't leaving Cane to his own devices.

Lines of the Week:

Mariah to Sharon: "The universe can bite me."

Summer to Lola after Lola checked in on her: You know how us Newmans are. Someone's always coming back from the dead.

Exchange of the Week:

Paul: Look, I am as frustrated as you are
Rey: Somehow, I doubt that

Random Observations:

Nikki seemed to have met with a Bedazzler this week. She wore a sequined skirt, a gold jacket with Bedazzled pocket flaps, and a full glittered dress for the failed family dinner. She wore sparkle and glitter on days that did not call for sparkle, but then again, I guess any day could be a day to shine.

There is a lot of garnish in Chloe and Kevin's drinks at the Grand Phoenix.

Poor Victoria has been arrested twice in one year for murders that didn't happen. I hate when that happens.

Devon suggested Nick could run for office because he's a Newman and an everyman. But could Nick really be elected? Think they'll ever take a storyline there?

Lots of people are pushing Rey and Sharon back together -- well, at least Mariah and Lola. I'm up for it if they do it right. I can't think of who else on-screen I'd put either of them with.

I was pleased but surprised that Billy told Jack the truth.

The Young and the Restless may have a good marketing opportunity if they really publish the Abbott family story. Soap Central has some good information in the archives!

Coming up next week:

It looks like Vegas is going to see some play with chips that are not for money. And Theo's ego and ambition might just be too much liability for Devon (not a surprise). The biggest surprise in the previews was Victoria throwing a knife or letter opener at Victor's portrait (and it stuck!). Looks like somebody isn't happy with Daddy Dearest.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, that's it for this week. Will we find out what's going on with the will, or will it just be more fallout from the faked death? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Until we meet again in this space, happy viewing, and know I'll be right here watching with you.

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