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Taggert died -- or was it all a ruse to lower Cyrus' guard? Things are changing fast as Peter takes bold action to clear his name, Nelle is victorious in court, and Ned prepares to face the threat to ELQ alone. The tides are changing -- and not necessarily for the good.

Taggert is dead -- or is he? Could it be a stunt orchestrated by Sonny, Jordan, the DEA, or even Robert and the WSB to make Cyrus feel victorious and lower his guard? I hope so because I was really enjoying Réal Andrews' return as Taggert, especially when it was revealed that he was Trina's dad and now that Trina's mother has finally been cast.

The stunningly beautiful Brook Kerr was introduced this week as Dr. Portia Robinson. I'm not sure what Portia's field of medicine is, but I'm sure she's going to be working at GH in the coming days, so we'll soon find out. Now, if we just had a handsome doctor who was available for a steamy hospital romance. Oh, wait -- there's newly single Finn and his adorably precious daughter, Violet.

Let's face it, any hope that Anna might have had to resuscitate her dying relationship with Finn dwindled when she gleefully had Liesl carted away in handcuffs for crimes that Anna knows good and well Peter was responsible for. More on that later.

According to Portia, she had been away at a medical conference in Vancouver when she got the call that Trina was kidnapped and Taggert killed while rescuing their daughter. A valid excuse, but Portia doesn't get off that easy. Trina has made it very clear in the past that her parents were mostly absentee guardians who barely kept track of their daughter. Taggert gets a pass, since he didn't even live in Port Charles, but Portia is another story. Portia has been completely MIA during some pretty traumatic events in Trina's life, including that time Trina and her friends took off for Canada with a dying kid.

That's why Portia's attitude toward Ava seemed a bit misplaced. If Portia thinks that Ava is a danger to Trina, then why in blazes is Trina interning at the Jerome Gallery? Sorry, but isn't it a parent's job to protect their kids from danger? Also, why did Taggert need to warn Portia about the danger they were in if he had explained to her that he was in town because of Cyrus Renault? Wasn't that enough of a heads-up? Plus, Taggert was trying to talk to Portia, but she hadn't returned any of his calls, so she has zero room to complain about anything that Taggert did or didn't tell her.

Admittedly, I wasn't always a fan of Taggert's. Back in the day, I thought he was too closed-minded and stubborn for his own good. He often pushed the boundaries of good cop, and more often than not, he was his own worst enemy whenever he went up against Sonny and Jason. However, Taggert's softer side eventually won me over. There was a time I had even hoped Taggert and Liz might start dating, but then he started dating Dara Jensen. That was my favorite pairing of his, but of course, that was toward the end of his run on GH.

I was disappointed when Taggert was written out because I thought there was more story between him and Sonny to tell. These two men's lives had been intertwined from a young age, and I wanted them to make peace with the past and each other.

The truth is Deke Woods was a horrible human being who got exactly what he deserved. The years of abuse that he put Sonny and Adela through was a nightmare, and he should have been charged with Adela's murder. Deke had filled Taggert's mind with lies about Sonny, not only to cover the truth about the abuse that Deke had inflicted on his family, but also to use his protégé as a weapon against Sonny. I have no doubt that Deke had been grooming Taggert to take down Sonny.

Once again, I feel cheated because Taggert was written out when he had so much potential with Trina and Portia. I want to know more about their relationship and why his ex and daughter were living in a town that Taggert had left behind years earlier. I was even interested in having the writers explore Taggert's feelings for Jordan while becoming friends with Curtis. Also, what was Taggert's visit with Mike all about? Why did Taggert stop off at Turning Woods when he first got to town instead of going to see his daughter?

I really hope the powers that be will decide to resurrect Taggert. I hate the idea of Trina witnessing her father's death when he was trying to save her. What a horrible thing to have to carry around. Luckily for Trina, Cameron is stepping up to the plate for her. I'm totally shipping this pairing now. You snooze, you lose, Joss!

Jordan might not be on board with the idea of teaming up with Sonny to take down Cyrus, but Laura has proven that she's not above resorting to dirty tricks to keep her town safe. I absolutely love that about Port Charles's new mayor. A town like Port Charles needs a special kind of leader because it attracts more than its fair share of super villains out to freeze the planet and unleash all manner of biochemical warfare.

One of my favorite scenes of the week was Laura's confrontation with Cyrus about killing Taggert. She didn't flinch, she didn't show a smidgen of weakness, and she made it clear that she had the upper hand. I loved it when Laura informed Cyrus that he was headed to solitary confinement to cut him off from all communication to the outside world. Her suggestion that he file a complaint when he reminded her of his rights was perfect. You go, Laura! Genie Francis is a sheer delight to watch, and I'm so happy that she's front and center in this storyline.

It's true that Cyrus will likely target Laura's loved ones as retaliation, but it's not like Cyrus running amok in jail is keeping the streets of Port Charles any safer. The man is a drug lord who has shown a penchant for violence and killing. He has no qualms about collateral damage, which means that no one is safe, whether they are a direct target or an innocent bystander. It's better for everyone if Cyrus is neutralized quickly. Laura knows how the game is played, which is why she threw Cyrus in solitary and made it clear to Sonny that she wanted him to do what is necessary to rid the town of Cyrus.

Jordan proves yet again the most incompetent of them all. It's frustrating how she picks and choses when she'll follow the law and when she'll step outside the legal boundaries. It appears that if it benefits Jordan personally, she's willing to look the other way, but for everyone else, she insists on following the letter of the law.

I didn't take Jordan's offer to resign and confess the truth about how she and her team of DEA agents -- including Taggert -- framed Cyrus seriously. She knew that Curtis would justify her actions and twist himself into a pretzel to persuade her that confessing was the absolute worst thing to do. Curtis loves his wife and doesn't want to see her carted off to jail.

It just blows my mind that both Curtis and Jordan think it's better to stay quiet while Cyrus carries on a reign of terror in Port Charles. At the very least, they should be talking to Laura and perhaps Robert instead of waiting for the truth bomb to drop in their laps. It's inevitable because one way or another, the truth always comes out.

Sadly, I suspect Jordan is about to pay the ultimate price for her role in sending Cyrus to jail because T.J. has vanished into thin air. The only communication that anyone has had with him has been through text messages, which doesn't bode well. Anyone can type a message if they have T.J.'s phone.

Molly knew that she had broken T.J.'s heart by turning down his proposal of marriage, but it was out of character for him to not return home and talk things out. In her gut, Molly knows that something is wrong, and I agree. It's almost a certainty that Cyrus' men have T.J.

I pray that T.J. isn't dead, but I wouldn't put it past Cyrus to shoot T.J. full of drugs until T.J. is an addict. I hope I'm wrong and T.J. is off eloping in Las Vegas with some random stranger he met on the plane, but my gut tells me that T.J. is about to pay the price for his mother's sins. It sucks, not just because I like T.J., but also because he's one of the few characters who actually works at the hospital.

Speaking of which, Lucas sure made a speedy recovery. I was shocked to see him back at work when Taggert arrived with his gunshot wound. I'm not sure that I'd want my doctor who had just woken up from a lengthy coma then had his life imploded with a series of earth-shattering secrets treating me in a life-or-death situation, but I guess beggars can't be choosers when there are only a handful of doctors and nurses on staff.

So, did anyone else's head explode when Michael decided to name his son Wiley Quartermaine Corinthos, or was it just me?

Folks, I was gobsmacked that it was even a question, given the current situation in Port Charles. I understand why Michael chose to keep Wiley's first name, because that would have been confusing for Wiley. Plus, I kind of like the idea of Michael thwarting Nelle in naming their son. However, why would anyone choose Corinthos over Quartermaine? True, both are infamous, but for very different reasons. One is synonymous with organized crime, and the other is linked to a wealthy and respected family with ties to the town's founding fathers.

Who picks Gotti over Rockefeller?

Michael, that's who. I'm curious if that stupid decision will factor in when the judge determines whether or not Michael should have sole custody of Wiley. Frankly, it should, because the point of keeping Nelle away from Wiley is to keep that poor child safe from the danger that she poses. With bullets flying all around Sonny and his family, Michael is going to have a hard time assuring the judge that he can keep his son safe when Wiley's last name is Corinthos!

That said, Michael does get major points for taking a leave of absence from ELQ to spend time bonding with his son. However, trouble is brewing all around him, and I'm not referring to the mob stuff.

Willow is a mess, trying to process that her son is dead -- and that Wiley is not the child she gave birth to. Sasha is facing potential instant motherhood if she continues to live with Michael -- just as her career is taking off. And Nelle is free as a cuckoo bird.

I don't blame Sasha for being hesitant to take on a big role in Wiley's life. It's a huge commitment, and she's a young woman who just started living with Michael. I have no doubt that she loves Michael, but it's too much with Wiley. I think that's the real reason that Sasha pushed Willow to accept Michael's offer to be a part of Wiley's life. Sasha hopes that Willow will happily play the role with Wiley that Sasha is reluctant to embrace.

I'm happy that Chase was the voice of reason when he pointed out to Sasha that it might not be in Willow's best interest to continue a relationship with Wiley while she's trying to process the death of her child. I'm certain that Sasha wants only the best for Willow and Wiley, but at the same time, I think Sasha might be looking for a way to step back, which might open the door to a whole set of other problems that both Sasha and Chase might not anticipate.

Michael can give Willow what she wants, and he can give it to her with the child that she already loves. Chase admitted that he wasn't quite ready for fatherhood, even though he would embrace it if it fell into his lap. I suspect that if Willow spends time with Michael and Wiley, things are going to get complicated very quickly. Willow is maternal, and that will appeal to Michael, especially as he goes through a custody battle with Nelle.

In the end, I don't think that love with be enough for Willow and Chase any more than it will be for Michael and Sasha. Both Michael and Willow are ready to settle down and build a family, while Chase and Sasha are at a very different stage in their lives.

That brings me to Ned and his decision to keep Michael out of the loop about the trouble looming over ELQ. Big mistake. Huge. If ride-or-die Olivia is questioning your decision, you should definitely reconsider the path you're taking.

I'm curious -- does anyone know how many shares are needed to seize control of ELQ? It's very difficult to determine because all the family members have a piece of the pie, right down to the youngest. The Wards, Jimmy Lee Holt, Jason and Drew's children, Dillon, Ned, Michael, and presumably Wiley now that it's been established that he's a Quartermaine. How helpful are Brook Lynn's measly shares, even if they are combined with Nelle's contested shares and Tracy's ill-gotten ones?

Now that Valentin has been revealed to be Helena's son and he lost the woman that he loves, he has nothing to lose. Not only is he plotting to take down the Quartermaines to teach Michael a lesson, but he also arranged for Nelle's forged passports to disappear from the evidence room at the police station.

Nelle was eternally grateful and even hit on Valentin, and for one horrifying moment, I feared that he might take her up on it, but sanity prevailed, and he passed. Even Valentin can see that Nelle is nothing but trouble, especially to the men she lures into her wicked web.

I have no illusions that Valentin helped Nelle out of the goodness of his heart. He did it to cover his own tracks, but it won't matter because everyone will figure out where those forged documents came from once they learn that Nelle had sold the probated shares of ELQ to Valentin, which can't possibly be legal.

I just hope that Ned is up to the task of safeguarding ELQ, and if he isn't, that he doesn't wait until it's too late to rally the troops. I don't want Valentin to succeed in taking over ELQ, because Michael didn't wrong Valentin. Michael had been protecting Sasha, and Valentin would have done the same for Nina.

Valentin's downfall was a result of his own machinations. He hired Sasha to deceive Nina, so he doesn't get to cry foul or play victim because his scheme blew up in his face. He only has himself to blame for what happened, so if anyone needs to be punished, it's Valentin. Nina was the victim not Valentin. He doesn't get that, which is exactly why he lost her.

The same goes for Nikolas' birthright. Valentin isn't entitled to what Nikolas has just because Valentin was lied to about his parentage. Nikolas has nothing to do with that. Go dig up Helena's rotting bones and have them cremated if you need to exorcise your demons.

Valentin is supposed to be the big, bad wolf, but he behaves more like a petty bully. It's not a good look on him.

I don't really blame Nina for moving on with Jax. I imagine it's a refreshing change to be with someone who has nothing to hide. I like Nina and Jax, but I don't think they will last. I think Jax is the person that Nina needs to get over Valentin and to make her see that there is a life after him.

Anna is about to be in the same boat as Valentin, so perhaps they can commiserate together.

Poor Anna has made a complete and utter fool out of herself by allowing Peter to lead her down the path of stupidity when he framed Liesl for his crimes. Anna confronted Liesl about framing Peter then had the WSB drag Liesl away, pleased as punch that she had closed the book on Drew's murder and the attempts on Franco and Andre's lives. Even better, Anna vindicated Peter in the process.

I almost felt sorry for Anna when Robert and Finn looked at her like she had lost her mind, but then I reminded myself that both men have repeatedly warned Anna that Peter is manipulating her. Finn left Anna because she refused to see that Peter was a danger to everyone around him, including Violet.

I refuse to believe that a part of Anna doesn't see the truth. She's smarter than this, and she has got to know on some level that Peter framed Liesl. I can't understand why Anna stubbornly clings to the illusion that Peter is her son when she knows in her heart of hearts that it's not true. Not that it matters, because whether Peter is her son or her nephew, he's still the person who hired hit men to kill innocent men to keep his secret buried.

Anna can love Peter whether he's her son or her nephew, but it's wrong of her to cover up his crimes. Anna lost Finn the moment that she picked protecting Peter over protecting Violet. Finn did the right thing by walking out because he can see what Anna refuses to, and he has to put Violet first.

What irks me about the whole situation is that Peter is showing himself to be a selfish bastard with a yellow streak a mile wide. To this day, I don't understand why he's so afraid of Jason finding out that he had worked closely with Helena. It doesn't change any of Peter's actions, and everyone already knows that he was the one who had held Jason hostage. What's the big deal that Peter also collected Drew for Helena?

Peter's decision to send hit men after Drew, Andre, and Franco as well as needlessly dragging Sam into the mess were all unnecessary actions. Had he just sat back, kept his mouth shut, and bided his time, things would have worked out on their own. Who would have outed Peter as Helena's partner rather than minion? Both Helena and Faison are dead, and Shiloh was as believable as a snake oil salesman.

That's why I don't feel the least bit sorry for Peter. Like Valentin, he takes a scorched earth approach to his problems rather than exercising patience and a modicum of common sense. You can really tell that Valentin was Peter's mentor.

Random observations

Why is it that the Harbor Master is never around when there are shady goings-on right outside the door? And why isn't there a security camera on Pier 17? It's no wonder all criminals meet by the Harbor Master's office.

We need a good murder mystery, and Nelle is in a perfect position to be the victim. I can name at least five people who have a good reason to want Nelle dead.

Was it me, or did Pentonville look suspiciously like Port Charles's local jail in the scene between Laura and Cyrus?

Nina and that stupid necklace! I refuse to be on necklace watch again, so I would prefer that Nina put the thing away until the writers are actually ready to pursue this storyline.

Reader feedback

So very tired of Jason and Sam's bizarre morality. Delores is doing her job -- how bout Sam just follow a rule for a half second rather than feel all entitled that she doesn't have to? I have generally liked Sam in the past but she's a grown woman with kids and she and Jason act like stupid teens trying to avoid their parents. I know the show is trying to create conflict, but this is just dumb, both Sam and Jason look petty and idiotic. Sometimes stories just need to be wrapped up. This is one of them. -- Andrew

When Chase pulled those passports out of his inner pocket, I literally screamed out loud "Why are those not in evidence bags?!". Worse still, not only was he not wearing gloves, but he handed the evidence BACK TO THE SUSPECT and let her handle said evidence during an ACTIVE INVESTIGATION. So much wrong here involving chain of custody and procedures of how to handle evidence. -- Marci Robin

How did Cyrus's thug end up driving the limousine? Is it his regular side job because Cyrus is cheap? I figured Cam had used ride share before with a working mom and called the same #. Even if the thug had hijacked the driver, why would he have an ID and a working GPS that Jason could use to track the limo? Did I miss something? -- bikette

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below. Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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