The storm that binds

by Nel
For the Week of March 9, 2020
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A deadly ice storm has everyone hunkering down to wait out this dangerous storm; Jack and Ashley worry about Dina; Sharon deals with chemo aftereffects; Adam and Victor try to come to terms about the CEO position; the rivalry between Kyle and Theo continues; and Nate, Elena, and Devon decide on the location of their new clinic. Let's dig into the lingering action and clean up from the storm left behind after February sweeps.

Well February sweeps are over so let's have a look at what happened last week. That was quite the ice storm that hit Genoa City, but it turned out to be a real snooze. With such a huge storm, I expected a lot of drama, such as someone crashing their vehicle and winding up in a ditch and in critical condition, or cross-country skiers who got caught in the storm and had to find shelter where they could be safe to wait out the storm, or any other kind of emergency that could happen in a storm such as this, but the only emergency appeared to be Sharon's distress after her chemo treatment. It certainly had people scrambling for shelter. This storm had some friends hunkering down together and some not so friendly people gathered together to wait out the storm. Let's flesh out what happened between the good and the no-so-great friendships.

Let's start with Sharon. She has been handling her chemo treatments quite well -- until this last session. Sharon had been at the coffeehouse and feeling fine when she was suddenly hit with a case of extreme fatigue, and she could barely move. Rey arrived in time to rescue Sharon. He drove her home and made her comfortable before duty called. He didn't want to leave Sharon, but Faith assured him that she could take care of her mother. Rey trusted that she could, and he left. Because every teen has the tools to care for a mother who is sick from chemo, right?

I felt sorry for Sharon. She had quite a setback after the last chemo session. She was nauseated, cold, and exhausted. Mariah arrived at that moment, and in spite of how Sharon felt, she took the time to listen to Mariah lament about her situation with Tessa. It appeared that Mariah wanted someone to tell her what to do when she already knew what needed to be done. Sharon said that Mariah already knew what she needed to do. Sharon said she was exhausted, so, Faith and Mariah helped Sharon get to bed.

When they were alone, Faith confessed to Mariah that she is terrified about Sharon's cancer, and she is even more terrified that Sharon might die. Faith admitted that she hasn't been able to get answers to all her questions. She is worried the treatment won't work. In spite of her own dilemma, Mariah tried to quell Faith's anxieties. Now, that's the Mariah we have known and loved. She put her troubles aside to help someone.

A short time later, Sharon returned in obvious distress. Sharon claimed that her symptoms had worsened and she needed to get to the ER. Mariah asked how anyone could get her to the ER in that raging ice storm. This was Sharon's first insight of what her new reality really looked like. What a scary situation for Mariah and Faith to be in. They both tried to make Sharon as comfortable as they could in the hope that Sharon would be able to hold on until the storm died down.

Mariah has been her own worst enemy in recent months. After Mariah asked Tessa if she'd slept with Tanner, Tessa took too long to respond. Impatient, Mariah disconnected the video chat. Had she waited; Tessa would have told her that she hadn't slept with Tanner. Now, Tessa is gone, and Mariah is wringing her hands. She's upset because Tessa hasn't answered her text messages or her phone calls. I don't blame Tessa. Mariah cheated on her.

When did Mariah become such a wimp? When she arrived in Genoa City, she was a strong and self-possessed person and wouldn't take crap from anyone. Maybe it's just me, but lately, I see that Mariah seems to have lost her self-confidence and her edge. She appears needy, clingy, and indecisive. Is this what Mariah's relationship with Tessa has done? If that's the case, then I'm not so sure I want them to reunite. Mariah and Lindsay seem to have an easy relationship without all the drama that Tessa brings to the table. I applauded Lindsay for admitting to Mariah that she knew it had been a one-night stand between them, and she understood why Mariah had lied to Tessa. Good for her! Well, it left me wondering if Lindsay was a better match for Mariah than Tessa.

In other parts of Genoa City, Billy's love and concern for the love of his life, Victoria, has been short lived. He's too busy looking for his authentic self. Has he checked under the bed or in the freezer? Billy appears to be regressing to that irresponsible, fun-loving rogue he used to be. I'm curious, what is your authentic self? I always believed that you are your authentic self until you start trying to be someone you are not. So, is Billy trying to tell everyone that he hasn't been his real self all these years?

Billy seems to be borderline paranoid. He doesn't seem to recognize that others have problems, as well. Instead of hearing that someone has a problem and wants to go to a "meeting" (like Alcoholics or Gamblers Anonymous, etc.), because it made them feel better, Billy interprets that as their way of telling him it's time for him to attend a meeting and get straightened out. So, when Jack said he wanted to go to a meeting because he always felt better after attending one, Billy interpreted that as a dig at him. He became angry and left abruptly. He seems to be fixated with the idea that everyone is trying to "fix" him. I have to wonder if Billy will ever find his "authentic" self and fit in.

Billy keeps inserting himself into Amanda's life, even though she has told him to leave her alone, but during the storm, he checked on her -- twice. The second time, he convinced Amanda that he was there to comfort her as a friend and put her at ease during the storm. Billy asked Amanda why they had been so drawn to each other at the bar. Well, I wondered the same thing, only my evil mind went to Billy being on the prowl again and seeing his new mark.

My feeling was that Billy had found a new pickup line. He said Amanda made him happy. How many times had he said that to Victoria? I'm waiting for Billy to tell Amanda she is the love of his life. I feel that Billy is still spiraling, and I wonder when he will spend a few dollars to buy a clue or two. How sweet of Billy to cuddled up to Amanda in her bed after she'd been on edge and had a nightmare! Hmph, I wonder if this is Billy's new approach for seduction? I'm not a fan of them becoming a couple, but who knows? As a couple, they just might make it work.

What is going to happen when Victoria discovers that Victor lied to her and Reed about Billy having an affair with Amanda and that Billy arrived with Amanda to the gala, uninvited? Victoria has decided that she doesn't want to see Billy at all. She claims she wants Billy to visit with the kids away from the Newman ranch. I find it amazing how one person can change the course of your life with a little lie or two. Victor is determined to keep Billy out of Victoria's life. In a way, I can't blame him. He is protecting her, but she is a grown woman. It has to be her decision to make, not his.

Victor also knows that Adam is the best person to run Newman because of Adam's business acumen, but he is questioning Adam's maturity, and Victor needs to trust him. How is Victoria going to react if (and that's a big if) Victor decides that Adam should run Newman in her absence? As it turns out, because of the ice storm, Adam, Chelsea, and Connor had to spend the night at the ranch. That gave Adam and Victor a chance to discuss the pros and cons of Adam being the temporary CEO of Newman. If Victor decides to put Adam into the CEO position, I believe Victoria will be beyond furious, but a miracle might happen. Adam might do a great job, and he might then step down when Victoria is ready to return. We will have to wait and see if Victor will actually choose Adam to run Newman Enterprises.

Here's a point I have been pondering. If Victor does choose Adam as temporary CEO of Newman, does anyone see a possibility that Adam and Kyle could become the next Victor and Jack? It's a possibility, but I'm really hoping that Adam honors his promise to Victor and will step down once Victoria is ready to return -- if Victor gives him the job.

The scenes with Jack and Dina and then with Ashley and Dina were quite poignant. Dina almost had me in tears. Jack has been very anxious about Dina being alone and about how much he missed her, but Dina reassured him that she knew how much he has missed her. She assured Jack that she would feel him beside her. Dina told Jack to always look to John for guidance. Well, we all know Jack never fails to talk to John, but it was sage advice, nonetheless.

When Ashley lamented that just when she and Dina had begun to mend their fences, Alzheimer's had taken Dina from her, Dina told Ashley that no matter who Ashley's father was, Ashley would always be an Abbott. Dina advised Ashley to always lean on Jack and Traci. After their separate encounters with Dina, I loved how Jack and Ashley bonded over Dina, especially when Ashley said she missed her family. Jack told her there was a solution to that problem, and Ashley just smiled. I think a lot of fans would love to see her come back on a permanent basis. I have always been an Ashley fan.

So, Phyllis has won her battle with Abby for the hotel, but she certainly hasn't won the war. Abby still has the upper hand because she is going to build a bigger and better hotel across the street, and the noise from the construction will impede Phyllis' bookings at the Grand Phoenix. I think Phyllis, like many people, has underestimated Abby's business prowess. Yes, she was the Naked Heiress -- and a bit of an airhead -- in her younger days, but Abby has matured, and she has learned a lot. Let's face it, with parents like Victor and Ashley, Abby had to develop some business smarts. She has opened and runs Society successfully, and in my opinion, I believe she would have made the Grand Phoenix a success if it weren't for Phyllis' constant efforts to put Abby out of business and get Abby to sell her share of the hotel to Phyllis.

Phyllis is a schemer, and she will always go after what she wants by any means available. I have said this before, and I will say it again, as much as I love Phyllis, she needs to be knocked down ten pegs or so. It's time for Phyllis to get a taste of her own medicine. I think Phyllis is aware that she has lost the war, but she is still trying to outsmart Abby. I'm wondering why she asked Nick about the companies she had returned to him after Adam had taken over Dark Horse. What evil scheme is brewing in her witch's cauldron against Abby now? When will Phyllis ever learn that she hasn't been on the winning end of any of her plots? Yet she keeps making more enemies with her ill-founded plans.

Is Phyllis trying to reunite with Nick? I would hate to see that happen. When Phyllis and Nick were together previously, Nick either walked on eggshells around her, or he was constantly keeping her in check or cleaning up her messes. Their union has been volatile and unhealthy and always filled with drama. I would love to see Nick with someone new who would support and love him for who he is and without all the drama that Phyllis brings. If Nick had agreed to step in for Victoria as CEO until her return, Phyllis would have either argued him to death over it, or she would find a way to sabotage Newman Enterprises. This is what Phyllis does. She just keeps dancing to the beat of her own drum, a drum that needs a major tune-up.

While at Nick's during the ice storm, Nick told Phyllis that a union between them was a really bad idea because, in the past, all they'd done had been to hurt each other. Phyllis chose that moment to recount all of Nick's endearing qualities and the things she loved about him. She said she found him really sexy and that he could seduce her without even trying. But Phyllis agreed they were wrong for each other, and she couldn't understand how two people who loved each other so much could hurt each other so much.

Well, obviously everything Phyllis said struck a chord with Nick. She activated his "gooey" button, and he caved. He said they understood each other like no one else did, and he agreed that they were on the same page -- just friends. Please tell me why they wound up doing their horizontal dance. They had just agreed it wouldn't be a good idea. Oh, well, someday they will learn. I just hope this isn't going to be a permanent situation.

Holy cow, that was a close call with Chloe. Those contractions turned out to be Braxton Hicks. Did anyone notice the panic on Kevin, Michael, and Lauren's faces when they thought she was in labor? Can you imagine what would have happened if Chloe had gone into actual labor. This would have turned into a Three Stooges comedy routine, with Kevin and Michael in panic mode, and I'm not sure about Lauren because I don't recall ever seeing Lauren being levelheaded in any panic situation, but I could be wrong.

I giggled, and I rarely ever just giggle, but after Kevin and Chloe had told Michael and Lauren to pick a bedroom, Kevin and Chloe went to bed. Michael and Lauren chose to bunk out on the living room floor in front of the fire, and they got their sexy going. Kevin and Chloe returned and caught Michael and Lauren. That was an "ewww" moment for Kevin and Chloe. Kevin demanded that Michael put the fire out and find an empty bedroom, but Michael grabbed Lauren, planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek, and told Kevin that nothing could put out the fire. While Kevin and Chloe weren't amused, they returned to their bedroom. Michael and Lauren had their own giggle session then picked up where they'd left off.

I love Chance and Abby together. I think they make an adorable couple, and they play well off each other. I loved that Abby was able to surprise Chance by providing him with the information he'd been trying to hide from her. There was no way she was going to let Chance have all the fun while searching for the audio files Phyllis had between Chance and Adam in Vegas. I loved Abby's solution to a problem.

Chance told Abby that he had to get through several firewalls that Phyllis had created, which required a high-tech solution, but Abby suggested a low-tech solution and poured a bottle of water over the keyboard. Chance laughed and said that Abby had fried Phyllis' computer. Go Abby!! What I can't understand is why Chance and Abby took a shower in Phyllis' suite, but the shower scene was sexy.

Well, there was lots of drama happening at Society. Summer and Kyle arrived at Society after Kyle hit a patch of ice and crashed the car. Lola, always classy, saw that Summer was shivering. She took Summer to the lost and found to find something warm for Summer to wear then she cooked a meal for Summer, Theo, and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Earlier in the week, Summer had advised Theo to focus on his work rather than women. Wow! Really, Summer? Who is Summer to issue such advice when she clings to Kyle like a leech and is constantly looking for the anytime delight, no matter where they happen to be? I also noticed that whenever Summer and Kyle are out in public -- and especially around Lola and Theo -- she will not detach herself from Kyle. Why is that? Is she really that insecure about her relationship with Kyle? My gut feeling tells me that Kyle and Summer's relationship is going to go the way of the dodo bird very soon. I truly believe that Kyle is still pining for Lola -- and vice versa -- and that Kyle and Lola will end up in the same orbit very soon.

The rivalry between Kyle and Theo is constant, and it's getting to be a yawn. Things were no different at Society during the storm. Lola had to break them up a number of times during the evening. When Lola and Theo found Kyle and Summer asleep together on the sofa, Theo grabbed a pillow, and he and Lola found a spot on the floor. Lola curled up against Theo, but she definitely looked longingly at Kyle.

As an aside, since Victor appears to be waffling about appointing Adam as CEO, I wonder what would happen if Victor actually chose Adam. Would Kyle and Adam then become the next Victor and Jack? This could happen, especially now that Victor and Jack have become more frenemies, but these two feel like Rivalry Lite at the moment. Let's watch and see if the Abbott/Newman rivalry continues into another generation.

After Devon, Elena, and Nate decided on the location for their clinic, Nate and Elena treated their first patient, Jared, who had been injured during the ice storm -- but not because of the storm. How cool was that? What an endorsement to confirm that this was the perfect location for the clinic. I also thought it was sweet that Devon told Jared he would replace Jared's jacket because Nate and Elena had needed to tear the sleeve of the jacket to access his wound. And for a billionaire to follow Jared and see where he lived so they could be sure they could help him? Heartwarming.

Unfortunately, because of the ice storm, Nate, Devon, and Elena had to huddle together in that cold building to weather the storm. Thank goodness they were good friends. I probably would have huddled closer than they did!

On another note, here are a few of this week's quotes that I thought were funny.

Mariah cried on Sharon's shoulder after Tessa left her.
Mariah: My entire life is a Dumpster fire, and I lit the match.

Rey plans a night at home with Sharon, popcorn, and the television.
Rey: Voila!
Sharon: Oh, my God. You made enough popcorn to feed all of Genoa City.
Rey: Well, it didn't look like that before the kernels popped.

Sharon and Phyllis were in their usual sparring mode.
Phyllis: You'd miss me if I was gone.
Sharon: I would like to test that theory.

And that's a wrap from me for this week. Until we meet again!

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