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The wild women of Port Charles are teaming up to take down the bad guys. My money is on the girls. Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

It's Ladies' Night, and the time is right.

Dear Readers, I'm feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. I'm all vaccined up, getting my first haircut in over a year, and even the tides in Port Charles are turning.

Archenemies Ava and Carly are about to team up to stop Cyrus. The two most feisty chicks in all of upstate New York are combining their "Don't F with my family" superpowers to become an unstoppable storm. Ava said it best:

Carly: "I believe you're doing this for Avery, but if this is a double cross..."

Ava: "For once, we're on the same side, and Cyrus isn't going to know what hit him."

The idea of these two fierce, strong women coming at Cyrus together will be Must-See TV. Laura Wright and Maura West command the screen in any scene they are in. I am very excited to see what the writers and these two powerhouse performers have in store for us.

Not to mention Brooke Lynn and Maxie hesitantly teaming up with an excellent, old-fashioned, soapy baby swap! Give me the camp, show me that fake pregnancy belly, fake a baby death; I want every soap-a-licious minute of craziness you can throw at me.

This, week I tweeted out one simple thought: "I got up at 6am, worked hard all day, and am just now crashing on my bed to watch GH. I've been looking forward to this all day. General Hospital therapy." And many of you messaged me and told me you felt the same. I'm as much in love with GH as I was when I first started watching in high school. It's this constant thing. When the world is too much, I can escape to this fictional town with old family friends like the Quartemaines, the Spencers, the Scorpios, the Corinthos clan, etc. I let the worries of the day fade away. I love GH when it makes me laugh. I love it when it makes me cry. I love it even when it drives me mad. (Like now, when I just want to see Peter get what's coming to him!)

Thank you for indulging me with my little love letter to General Hospital.

Think about the cooperation and coordination right now. Anna, Valentin, Laura, Carly, Ava, Britt, Jason, Liesel, Scott, Finn, Maxie, Olivia, Brook, Lynn, seems the whole town is trying to bring down Peter and Cyrus and end their reign of terror on Port Charles.

It can't come soon enough for me. Peter's smug and smarmy look is maddening. Every time he spews vile words to Anna and Valentin about how he got away with everything, and they can't do anything about it, I fume. When Cyrus and his ponytail taunt the mobsters in Port Charles, I just want Max and Milo to pop him and drive him into the woods, never to be seen again.

The one plot point that makes me mad and makes you angry, too, if the GH Twitter feed is any indication, is Liz's storyline. Liz is wringing her hands daily, trying to decide if Jason killed Franco. Virtually everyone she knows and everyone she is close to knows that Peter is the one who killed Franco, and no one has told her. No one! Not one person has said to Liz, "Hey, girl, we know who killed your husband, and he's still walking around free as a bird while your ex-lover/baby daddy rots in prison for a murder he didn't commit."

I don't get it. Liz would absolutely, 100% help them catch Peter if she knew the truth. Liz has been with Jason and around the mob long enough to know how to keep her mouth shut. Why is no one telling her? I understand why no one informs Cam, because he has those raging teenage hormones. He would immediately go and confront Peter. But Liz is another story.

Another head-scratcher... Understandably, Cyrus is suspicious with Britt Westbourne being in Jason's room all the time. Sure, she's the chief of staff at GH, but she's also an OB/GYN, which isn't really the most logical primary care doctor for prison stab wounds. I like that they have Britt trying to be a better person and "be on the right side, for once," as she said. I hope this serves to redeem her, but I think, instead, she may end up the sacrificial lamb in this storyline. Cyrus already has spies watching her, and I have an uneasy hunch this won't end well for her.

But who's to say? Maybe when Trina finds Sonny at the Tan-O and brings Joss to see him, he will have the Simba moment and remember who he is and go home to take over the pride again. Maybe he will swoop in, guns a-blazing, and save the day. Readers, I have really enjoyed seeing Maurice Benard have the opportunity to mix it up a little and play "Mike." I adored witnessing "Mike" in a cowboy hat and barn dancing. It was beautiful to see him flash those dimples and laugh more easily.

However, I'm ready to see Sonny come home and absolutely crush all the bad guys trying to hurt his family. I have loved seeing a lighter side of him as "Mike." I liked the "what if" side of the story, a chance to see who Sonny might have been in other circumstances. But now I'm ready for him to get home to Carly and his kids and Jason.

I was hopeful when Jax showed up in Nixon Falls. I was so mad when Sonny didn't go into Jax's hospital room. I wanted that scene so much! Nina convinced Jax that his "What the hell?" moment of seeing Sonny was a hallucination. And my friends, I'm here to tell you, I am so over Nina.

I loved Nina in days past. I loved Nina with Valentin. The incomparable Michelle Stafford played Nina with such passion. And the writers wrote Nina with such fire and passion. Then when Michelle went back to The Young and the Restless, I promised myself I would give Cynthia Watros a chance when she stepped into the role. And I like Cynthia way back from Lost. This opinion is in no way disparaging her acting or speaking ill of her.

After Michelle left, the writers changed the way they wrote for Nina. Can you imagine the Nina of old holed up in the Tan-O all day, making googly eyes at amnesiac Sonny? I cannot. Can you imagine her keeping Sonny's kids from their dad when she was kept from her child? I cannot. Can you imagine the Nina of old breaking Wiley's heart by telling him that Willow wasn't his mom? Old Nina was such a fierce protector of Charlotte and wouldn't let anyone or anything hurt her. Nope. I have grown to dislike the character. I know some of you will disagree, and that's okay. We all have our opinions. But Nina is no longer on my favorites list.

Do you know who is on my favorites list? Liesl and Scott. The giddy romance of these two crazy kids makes me smile. I bet it would make Franco happy, too. I hear that Roger Howarth is coming back soon, but we don't know which character he will be playing. If he came back as Franco, and we discover that he and Jason planned this whole escapade to frame Peter, I wouldn't be mad. I mean, if Faison went for months in a Duke mask without getting caught, and Ryan masqueraded as Kevin for months, there's no reason to think the dead body under Franco's face couldn't be anyone.

Readers, math is not my strong suit, but I think Maxie has been pregnant for over a year now. She learned she was pregnant in 2020 before the hiatus, and now she's creeping up on the giraffe gestation period of 420 days. She's not quite up to elephant yet (645 days), but she may be before that baby finally hatches.

You may have heard that GH will soon do a special tribute to John Reilly (Sean Donnely). I'm looking forward to those flashbacks and seeing my beloved characters of GH's past. Rumors say a surprise guest is coming back for the episode, and it's so big, they don't even want to tease it. My heart is hoping for Tony Geary, but I am afraid to get too excited and then be disappointed. But if Robert and Luke don't mourn Sean together, it just won't be right.

Speaking of missing Spencers, Jonathan Jackson did an interview about a potential return to GH, and I am so ready for that to become a reality. Laura, Nikolas, and Lulu all need a visit from Lucky. Liz needs Lucky like she has never needed him before. The PCPD could definitely use Lucky back in uniform.

Which begs the question, who is on the PCPD these days? Dante is toying with the idea of going back but doesn't trust himself. Nathan is gone. Chase is in the hospital. Taggert left long ago. Jordan is never in her office; she's hanging out at Curtis' new nightclub or trolling around the halls of GH. No wonder Peter and Cyrus can run wild with crime. WHO IS POLICING PORT CHARLES?

Next up... Couples. Which new couples that are being floated are your favorites? (Or least favorites?) Brook Lynn and Chase? Willow and Michael? Britt and Jason? Sam and Dante? Anna and Valentin? Finn and Liz? Sasha and Brando? Scott and Liesl? Curtis and Portia? Shawn and Alexis, or Shawn and Jordan?

I absolutely love having Shawn (Sean Blakemore) back on the canvas. I had forgotten entirely that Alexis and Shawn were an item for a hot minute. What is truly hilarious is the coed prison library. I just googled it. Apparently, there is one coed prison in Illinois, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility, but it's certainly not the norm.

When Shawn walked in, I laughed. I was hoping Alexis would have a meaningful prison storyline, helping women in prison with legal issues. Still, instead, it seems they are just going to have her beaten up by prison bullies. Zzzz. Just get her out and let her start the long road back to lawyering, please. Since she pleaded guilty, I don't know how they will get her out, but since so many before her have gotten out of prison under suspicious circumstances, I am sure she can, too. Maybe if Franco turns up alive, and they realize he faked his death and whatnot, he will plead for Alexis' release, since she got caught up in their scam? I don't know. But I want her out.

I also want Shawn out. He's in there for a crime he didn't commit. Maybe Hayden can come back for Violet and tell everyone Shawn didn't shoot her. Imagine Shawn spicing up the Jordan/Taggert/Portia/Curtis quadrangle by adding another player in the mix! Imagine Cyrus getting Shawn out of Pentonville, thinking he's Team Cyrus. Then, Shawn turns on him and fights for Jason and Sonny!

You know who else I'd love to see come back right now? Ric Lansing. Imagine Ric wandering into the Tan-O, seeing his amnesiac brother, forming a bond with him as "Mike," and then getting him back home. Maybe they could restore their brotherly bonds and start fresh. Ric could help Alexis with her legal issues and support his daughter Molly. I always loved him up until he locked Carly in the panic room. I mean, she couldn't hold a grudge that long, right?

Okay, a short poll. Carly telling Brick that Spinelli was almost as good as he is? PLEASE. The jackal for the win every time. Do you agree? Whose cyber skills would you want in a pinch? Spinelli? Brick?

Readers, is it just me, or do you feel like the GH teen scene could learn something from Riverdale? Riverdale knows how to do teen drama. The Farm cult. The Black Hood serial killer. The evil private school kids. Back in Port Charles??? Missing a volleyball game and twisting your ankle is not high drama. Trina's car trouble could have led to something more. If Trina doesn't see Sonny in Nixon Falls, I'm going to lose my mind.

Trina danced around telling Joss about what Cam read in her (forged) diary, but then backed off. This has dragged out forever. Someone inform that boy that Joss didn't hate his kiss!

I adore William Lipton and his passionate portrayal of Cam. But Friday's scene with Jason made me roll my eyes a little. Does anyone remember when Cameron hated Liz with Franco because he was a serial killer? On Friday, when Cam spat out at Jason that he's a killer and Franco was a blameless art teacher saint, it was a bit of revisionist history, to say the least.

When the truth comes out, I want Cam to apologize profusely to Jake, Jason, and Josslyn. Let Cameron and Josslyn seal the apology with their second kiss. Next up, we need a new teen, so Trina can have a love match, too. Maybe Spencer? He says he won't come to the wedding, but perhaps he will if Joss invites him? He will perhaps see Trina from across the room and fall for her in the way only Cassadine men can do.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Ava host the perfect fake dinner party so Carly can help Jason escape from GH? Will Martin bring a hummingbird cake to the party? Will Laura bring Kevin to the dinner party and see if he can psychoanalyze Cyrus, since everyone else in town is trying to, but they aren't psychiatrists? Will Alexis become a whiz at the Dewey Decimal System? Will Britt remain chief of staff, or will helping a prisoner escape the hospital cost her the job?

Will Liesel go back to running the hospital and hire Epiphany and Liz back just to torment them? Will Franco be Franco, Todd, or Drew? Or will he be somebody new? (That was a little Port Charles poem for you.) Will Grandpa Ned and Granny Olivia fall in love with Maxie's baby? Will Curtis hire Phyllis and Lenny to run his new club when the creepy Elijah steals the Tan-O from them? Will T.J. get more airtime if Shawn comes home?

Only tomorrow knows dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows. - Tamilu

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